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Abby Cannon

We were lucky enough to have our yellow lab, Abby, in our lives for 15 years. We got her when she was 8 weeks old. She was mischievous in her younger years chewing her toys to bits, surfing the kitchen counter and had a love for paper products. Her greatest joy was spending time with us. She loved to go for walks right up until the day she died. She knew if you were sick and would lay right by your side. We bought her a plush bed with her name embroidered on it but she enjoyed the finer things in life like our bed. As she got older and her joints hurt and she could no longer go upstairs, we took turns sleeping on the couch to be near her. We had to make the painful decision to say good bye to her on 9/22/21. We did not want to see her in pain anymore. It was a very hard day and our house will no longer be the same. The only good thing about Covid is that we got to spend her final 2 years with Abby when we worked at home. The house is quiet. No one comes running when I get the cheese out of the refrigerator. No one comes to greet us at the door and we no longer get to feel her silken ears. She was the best dog we could ever ask for and she will forever remain in our hearts. We thank Peaceful Pet Passage for making a hard day just a little bit easier but it’s never easy to say good bye to someone you loved so much ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜ช๐Ÿฆฎ.

Isabella Westgate

I want to say thank you for taking great care and compassion for my Isabella. You have shown us through the years the love and dedication you have for animals. Isabella is our 5th cat you have shown respect and love while we grieve for our loss. Isabella was the twin of Abigail. Our Abigail passed last year. Isabella was loving and adventurous. She was my sleeping buddy and loved to cuddle. Isabella always thought her mama needed a bath so she would lick me till I was clean. She loved ice cream and whipped cream. She was a joy to raise. Isabella was my baby girl who loved life. She will be missed but forever in our heart. Thank you for all you do for those who truly believe our pets are our children.



Tackle Valente

Our dog was always happy.






Tia Sweigart

Our family was so lucky when Tia came into our lives. At the time, she was only 8 months old - a rescue from down south, endured a difficult start. She loved spending time outside and playing with her fur sisters. She was loving and loyal to all of her family. I believe Tia came into our lives when we needed her - she helped my daughter thru some stressful medical issues. Always shared a kiss & her forehead to press against. She loved belly rubs, sunshine, snow and her humans. Her nickname was T-bird & sometimes just birdy - she could be comical & playful at any time. Tia has brought us such love & loyalty & companionship! We loved her so very much. Our hearts are breaking





Maddie Steinmeier

Our dear companion Maddie (14), lost her battle with thyroid disease and kidney disease. We inherited her 8-9 years ago and she quickly became a cherished member of the family. She used to love watching bunnies and chipmunks from the enclosed patio. She never liked being touched but she always wanted to be in the same room with us. We miss her terribly!





Sweet Daisy Girl Anderson

Daisy made our home complete once she arrived in December of 2014. We rescued her from Lonestar Akita rescue and drove to Columbus, OH and back in one day to bring her home. Our sweet Akita angel took a little while to warm up to us, but once she did her love never stopped. She loved rides on the boat, long walks on the beach, big hungries and big belly rubs. She enjoyed her funky time with Brody, their races around the islands on the river, and car rides. Over the years she acquired many nicknames: Daisy Girl, Akita Angel, Pookie, and Princess Buttercup. She would answer them all! Sweet Daisy - Mommy, Daddy and Brody miss you so much and we know you will be by our side.



Tasha Matukonis

Here's a picture of our beloved "Tasha" who with your compassionate assistance passed to that big doggie spa in the sky. No definitive proof but by every external detail she was a "Toller" and a paradigmatic example of her breed. In a near 17-yr. lifespan she walked thousands of well-sniffed miles, never made a mistake indoors, loved children to bits, got along with all animals and even let just about all share her food. A little bit stingy with the licks, especially at the end, but after a brief hiatus when she saw you again that tail almost wagged off her body. Oh yes, and a little thief--stole our hearts.



Bailey Rollman

This boy is still my whole ♥๏ธ. He gave us 15 glorious years, So many smiles for everyone & plenty of kisses too! He is missed so much, I love you Bail♥๏ธ












Lily Wyland

My sweet Lily who have gave all & asked for so little in return.









Ahna McCormick

Thanks again for all your caring support. We miss her terribly. Ahna was more than a family pet. She went everywhere with us. She loved to travel in the camper and would get excited when we started to load up. She loved rides on the lawn mower, wheel barrow, 4 wheeler, car you name it. We will forever miss her doing burnouts with all 4 paws and that Ahna famous howl.





Punkin Adams

Punkin was a feisty, dominant, demanding love bug who took great delight in becoming the “world champion table top knocker offer” of literally anything. She particularly enjoyed pulling over cups or glasses of liquid and dash away to squeal with joy as we scrambled to clean up the mess. One time, she managed to knock over a glass of soda, directly onto my work iPad and keyboard, resulting in the need of a replacement. ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜‚ I will forever miss how she would rub her cheek against mine over and over while purring and kneading my robe. I’m waiting for the pieces of my heart to come back together. I miss her every second of every waking hour. Dr. Mary was such a calming presence in the firestorm of our grief while she cared so gently for our Punkin while euthanizing her. I will recommend your services to anybody who struggles with that awful decision. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ’”




Noah Young

Our most precious Noah passed away on October 28th(2021). We were fortunate to rescue him when he was 7 months old and blessed to love and be loved by him for 14 yrs. Noah was our baby. He was funny, incredibly smart, persistent, curious, loving, loyal, playful, full of life and energy and the most communicative dog we have ever known. Noah loved to play catch with his tennis balls, andplay hide and seek and tug of war with his favorite blanket. He helped his dad in the garden and couldn’t wait for his nightly walks. He always let us know when he wanted to go in or out or if someone or something was coming to the door. Noah always had to carry something in his mouth when he went out or was excited. Bones and slippers were his favorite. Noah was also an opportunist when it came to food and Kleenex. He searched pockets and laundry and backtracked when people left their dining. His favorite food was yogurt which he licked out of hollow bones. He “trained” us to say “yogurt” when we wanted him to come inside. He also loved rubs and massages on his tummy and face and let us know with his paw if he wanted us to continue. We couldn’t say “no” to Noah with his beautiful brown and blue eyes and/or his sweet face on our laps. We were heartbroken when Noah had to pass away, although we knew we had to end his pain and suffering. It has taken several months to be able to relive the joy and love given to us by this sweet, most wonderful dog. Noah will always be in our hearts and we will always be grateful. Thank you to Peaceful Pet Passage for giving Noah, at his life’s end, the opportunity to be with his family that he cherished, in the home that he loved.

Tyson Keough

Time is so precious and I’m devastated I’ve run out. I’ve Run out of time. How is it possible? I’m having a hard time comprehending it and putting it into words. Tomorrow I will be saying goodbye to Tyson. Let me introduce Tyson. Sept 4th 2012-Nov 23rd 2021 He was brought to me with his umbilical cord still attached and not eating for the lady that found him. So I thought I would see if I could work my magic and he thrived. My mom ended up naming him since he was a fighter and I had zero plans of adopting him. I was just fostering him like I had so many others. When it came time to put him in the pet store he ended up bashing his face in till he bled and stopped eating-so I got the call to come pick him up. When he was healed up I tried a different store and got the call again to come get him. Once home, I sat him down and he decided to eat right then and there as if he was waiting for me to eat again. So I just took it as his way of picking me to be his mom. He was the most troublesome cat I’ve ever met. If you weren’t guarding your food it was free game. At one point we had to change our door knobs since he decided he should have access to everything at all times and would just let himself into the pantry. He loved to carry around socks. If you ever visited u knew you would see socks everywhere courtesy of Tyson. But the thing I will miss the most is his instant happiness at seeing me come home and yelling at me till I rub his belly. He gave me unconditional love that I’m forever grateful for. I’m honored he chose me to be his mom and so heartbroken at having to make this decision. Our time together has come to an end and I’m not ready. So please be patient with me in these upcoming days for my heart is shattering and I’m trying to pick up all the little pieces. Thank you Peaceful Pet Passage for coming to care for him in his last moments in his home surrounded by love.

Rugby Valente

Rugby had to go on 10/26/2021, He was my nap buddy. Whenever I wanted to take a nap on the couch, I would ask him and he would join me. Either at my feet of against my chest.







Porter Lehr

This is my beautiful kitty "Porter". Originally named "Bentley" for a day or two but changed during football season. After putting my Rottweiler down, I vowed to never get another pet again because the pain was unbearable. Almost to the date, a year later while working in an office, someone walked in with a small kitten in each hand and asked me if I knew anyone that would take them, that they had been abandoned. My heart melted. I took her and her sister "Maddox" home with me and have been in love with them ever since. Porter was 17 years old when she started to look ill. I could see a change in her bubbly personality and made the dreaded vet appointment. I have never been able to have children and this has been a void in my heart and soul for most of my life. When I adopted Porter and her sister, they provided me with a role of Caretaker. They have been my first priority and mean the world to me. Porter (and her sister) moved with me to Delaware in 2008. We then moved across the ocean to Hawaii, made a 3rd move to Myrtle Beach and a final 4th move back to PA. She has been my little sidekick for 17 years. This is the cat that followed me around the house everywhere and got into EVERYTHING! She loved playing in the sink and chasing droplets from the faucet. She actually used to jump IN my bath water. She liked to headbutt things and for some reason loved to balance herself on the tiniest little ledges. I found her IN the Christmas Tree on several occasions. She was the one who tried to dodge out every open door, but loved laying out on her screened in porch. I could not open the refrigerator door without her peeking in with me. She is the one who dug through grocery bags, was first in line for food and always the one to greet me at the front door when I came home. What I miss the most is our time watching movies and having her cuddling on my lap to where I would not move (as to not disturb her). My heart is breaking. Her sister Maddox is very sad and I am not sure how to tell her what is happening. Thank you for allowing my sweet girl to rest in dignity.

Wally Burns

We remember the day we went to the rescue to see you. You were literally bouncing off walls with excitement to meet us. It was love at fist sight. You belonged to us and we belonged to you. You were perfect in every way. These last few weeks have been horrible without you. You will always be in our hearts. Love you always Wally Gator.





Allie Cromleigh

I was so sorry to have to say goodbye to the best friend I could ever ask for. For 13 1/2 years she’s been by my side through the good and comforted me through the bad. Her unconditional love and companionship (even as the years finally caught up to her), is something I will always cherish and forever be grateful for. Though she was only here for a moment in my life, she’s made an impact that will last a lifetime. Thank you for being my friend to the very end. You were loved by so many. You can rest easy now.




Romeo Rollason

We got Romeo (aka Baby) a couple of years ago, (he was a rescue)..but he was such a loverboy. He loved his cuddles all the time. If you were sitting, he was on you, or laying beside you with his paws wrapped around your arm so you couldn’t leave. When it was bedtime..he would race back to get his rubdown before snuggling in tight against you. If you were standing he would stand at your feet and look at you, meow silently and when you looked at him he would flop (with a thud) onto his side so you could rub his belly! He loved his belly rubs..and just being around people. We will never have another one like him and miss him (and his smile) greatly. Thank you for being so compassionate and understanding when the dreadful day came. I would recommend your services to anyone facing the most difficult decision to help their loved pets to transition to the rainbow bridge.


Cooper Swope

08-04-07 to 06-11-21






Lucy Cline

Lucy was so fun and full of life. She loved being with her sister Bella and walks, sunshine and giving lots of kisses. She will always hold a special place in our heart.







Scruffy Tate

My beloved Scruffy. You were my constant faithful companion. We did everything together. We traveled, hiked swam, kayaked, boating, sat on couch and watched TV, we talked, we cried together, we shared everything. I was so very blessed to have had you by my side for 16 years. You did your work with me as my Registered Emotional Support Animal. You lived up to that position and completed your work flawlessly. You were a huge part of my heart for those years and I am so thankful for your love. I miss you "Boss Man". Rest in peace my beloved Scruffy Meister.




Maggie Mohan

Maggie was such a sweet girl with a crazy wiggle butt, she one time knocked a piece of drywall off the wall with her wiggle butt. She was the biggest couch potato, that was her favorite, lazing on the couch. She was a big lover and so gentle. She loved to cuddle on the couch and was a great fur baby and we will always love her. We miss her every day. I also included a picture of Maggie with Tiger, they grew up together and were the best of friends. We had to put Tiger to sleep on March 2nd 2021 and Maggie on August 27th 2021. It was a rough 6 months and miss them so very much.




Coco Boal

In loving memory of our Coco and a great shout out to Peaceful Pet Passage that helped Coco crossing the Rainbow Bridge with dignity.







Ruby Heisey

In Loving Memory of Ruby, my forever soul cat
Ruby came to me in 2015 after being surrendered to a local veterinary office in Lancaster for euthanasia. She had a slew of medical issues as well as behavioral issues that were deemed “unadoptable” by her breeder. I was contacted by a friend of mine asking if I’d like a Bengal because she knew of one in need of immediate placement. At the time, I lived in Utah and was unsure of how I’d get her to me but I immediately said “yes, I’ll take her!” — Shortly after, she was transported to me and we began our journey together. A rather rough journey filled with an uncountable amount of vet visits, specialty visits, animal communicator sessions, and behavioral consults. But none of that mattered because from the day she stepped into my home, I knew she was my soul cat. She held true to that deep seeded feeling and six years later, she’s taken that part of me with her. I’ve loved animals my entire life and I’ve had a plethora walk in and out of my life but Ruby was something special — a bond and love not everyone gets to experience in an animal. Her presence is missed beyond measure and my memories with her will be cherished for eternity. I am beyond grateful for the services Peaceful Pet Passage provides. To know that my beautiful little girl was treated with dignity, respect, and love provides me with peace. To everyone at Peaceful Pet Passage, please know that everything you’ve done for me never goes unnoticed and you are appreciated. โค๏ธ

Bella Gates

Bella was a big part of our life, she loved to go in the car (we called it the dog box), always had to sit next to us wherever we sat. The chipmunks never had a chance to get away. She has a piece of our hearts. Thank you Peaceful Passage for helping us through this. You made the journey peaceful.






Simba Krug

In memory of Simba Krug











Nala Heldibridle

Nala was a big part of our family. From taking our socks to rolling onto her back for loving she was always there with us. We will always love and remember our Nala Bug. Thank you for your help and caring.






Sammy Evans

They say “it’s just a cat”, but what they don’t understand is when that cat is your entire world. To explain the bond I had with this man is near impossible, but I’ll try. My cousin found Sammy under the wheel well of her car one winter meowing and cold. She tried to keep him, but her dogs didn’t like him. My other cousin tried, again, again dogs didn’t like him and allergies. So he became mine approx. 10 years ago. This man went through college, boyfriends, break ups, travel, me turning 21 and becoming an adult. Tons of moves, apartment after apartment. He put up with me and my craziness. New cats came and went (fosters/relationships), but he always stayed with me. He listened to me and didn’t say a word back (besides the meow here and there if I didn’t give him treats or if I wouldn’t stop cuddling him on his terms). He was always my #1 man. From date nights together to just every night together. I sat or laid down and he was right there next to me. He always had to be touching me. โค๏ธ And now we say see you later, and it hurts. A lot. But I know he is no longer in pain.

Cupcake Gartzke-Negley

Our dearest Cupcake, your soul was tired and ready but we were not. Your love of food kept you pushing through life. It was so hard to make that choice to let you rest. We will forever remember the howling when you smelled a rabbit, and your tail going crazy as you would sniff all around looking for it. The howling at mommy while she cooked food in the kitchen. The way you would wait around people with food, just incase they would drop something. We will forever miss watching the cats rub against you, and you just standing there letting it happen. Your sisters (cats) miss you dearly and still will place their cat toys where you used to be. Our kitchen is quiet now, and so is the yard, but we are at comfort knowing you are at peace and no longer in pain. We hope you are enjoying the biggest buffet in pet heaven, and know we love you so very much! Mommy misses her cooking partner and you being her kitchen vacuum so very much! ♥๏ธ Love mommy & daddy!




Cyrus Yuninger

Cyrus, you were the best present daddy ever gave me. I loved playing ball with you even though you never brought it back. I love you forever little bear.








Hailey Rennoll

Even though she only weighed five pounds, Hailey was a chow hound! She always stole her sister’s treats and it was impossible to eat something next to her without sharing, especially chicken! She stayed in shape with lots of pond walks, playing with her favorite squeaky balls, and always getting extra excited when her people came home. She was the perfect puppy shadow. Love you, Hailey girl.





Zsa Zsa Rock

Zsa Zsa was a faithful family friend. She loved to snuggle with my daughter every night, and when my daughter went to college, she snuggled with me. My daughter and Zsa Zsa were very close throughout her high school years. Zsa Zsa was even in my daughter's high school musical when she played Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. Throughout my daughter's college years, Zsa befriended my dad and mom. She went out in the yard when my mom tended to her flowers and sat next to my dad as he watched TV or took a quick nap. When my daughter got married and got her own home, Zsa Zsa went to live with her. Zsa Zsa dutifully stood by my daughter during her pregnancy and once again snuggled with her every night. She was very patient after the baby was born and didn't even mind being chased when the baby got big enough to walk. We miss you Zsa Zsa and thank you for the years of friendship you shared with our family.

Duncan Longwell

Duncan left us today (10/8/2021), helped along by a loving vet who came to our house, allowing him to quit this world in a home and with people he loved, lying on my lap eating bacon, sausages and ice-cream. He died of anal carcinoma, spinal problems and canine dementia. He was mostly blind and deaf and had trouble walking. But still he tried to follow me around everywhere - because Duncan was all about devotion.
He came into our lives 16 years ago, after he was found in West Virginia weighing 3 pounds, abandoned by someone who didn’t know the joy they tossed away that day. Their loss, our great happiness.
He weighed 20 pounds most of his life, although he acted like his feistiness was backed by 200 pounds. He was indomitable, smelly and territorial. If I never left his sight and he never had to share us with another dog it was AOK with him. He was exceeded in canine longevity only by Christopher Robin (19).
Fanciful though it may be, we hope he has been restored to vibrant health and has found the other Longwell animals, all together, waiting to greet him: Sophie, Sadie, Winston, Geronimo, Chris, Oreo, Yoda, Rags, Pooh, Tigger 1 and Tigger 2, Patches, Piglet 2, Pandora, Piglet 2, all sitting around swapping stories of how much they loved being part of the Longwell family.
He leaves a gaping hole in our broken hearts and will be greatly missed - except, perhaps by Wicket, his surviving but always jealous brother. Free of his failing mind and body, may he find endless eternal fields to run through. We will never forget him.

Louie Krimes

In memory of Louie








Isabella Bannister

The photo of my son and her face to face was literally the very first time they met because he was born in Dominican Republic and once his mom and him came here. Luckiest picture ever, and it is so befitting of all her patience and love for him.






Smudge Shimmel

In Memory of Smudge.
You entered our life as an abandoned one year old on a cold winter day. We took you in and as soon as you joined our home you made it your own. Ten years have passed, and health issues caused us to part. There's a bare area on the back of the sofa and on our bed where you rested. Rest in peace, Smudge.



Socks Keebaugh

Socks Keebaugh, my spoiled kitty, who loved to play fetch with a blue cloth mouse that he had since he was small enough to sleep inside my moccasins. My Son and I snatched him up from under a deck at a home that placed a sign out advertising free kittens. We had a special bond. He was not always fond of other family members but he sure loved me. He would often hop up on the window sill in the kitchen and attempt to chase squirrels and birds through the glass. Anytime the kitchen door opened to the back yard he took advantage and charged out like he was going to destroy any critter invading his home but then decided that chowing on some grass was more appealing. We would spend time talking to each other in the privacy of the bedroom, because we couldn’t be seen speaking in his language while others were around, his choice, not mine. I would speak to him and he always answered back. The attached photo shows him sitting on the chair beside me with his “I love you” look. This was the way he told me that he wanted to hop on my lap. He brought me much happiness, even when was naughty. He was my best friend and is missed greatly.




Remy Decker

In memory of Remy P Fudge








Pearlie Smeltzer

Pearl was imported as a young puppy, from the Lex Luthor Kennel, located in Buenos Aires Argentina. She was a grand-daughter to Am/Brz/Chl/Mex/Urg Ch Arg GRCh Nello's Lex Luthor owned by Norberto Diaz. Her AKC registered name was De Lex Luthor's Quatar Zamp Black Pearl Just as she was old enough to really begin showing herself, Pearlie picked up MRSA, which took almost a year to finally get rid of. By then, it had caused skin issues that ended her show career. Pearlie was retired after her 2nd litter and lived her life sunning herself in my living room bay window. She would climb over the back of the couch that sat in front of the window and look out into the yard. Pearl would bark and alert us if someone was coming in the driveway, but more notably found sleeping, ( not to mention snoring like a freight train ) with one of her bones or toys in her favorite window. I still expect to see her there, with her head propped up on the back of the sofa, in that bay window. Pearlie was 11 years old when she went to Rainbow Bridge."


Lucy Lehr

If love could have saved my girls they would have lived forever♥๏ธ
Lucy 9/25/2021 - Desi 10/14/2019







Deuce Oehme

4-20-09 ~ 9-18-21
Deuce was pure German,120 lbs. He wouldn't hurt a fly. He was the most well behaved, obedient, smartest, and loving animal I've ever known. I will miss him always.






Bailey Tracey

Bailey was our family dog for 10 years until he fell ill. We will miss him dearly.





Tucker Keeler

In loving memory of our best buddy, Tucker, March 2007 - October 2021. Tucker was a feisty little bundle of energy and brought so much happiness and joy into our lives. We had lots of crazy adventures and fun together; from traveling to the beach, the dog park, or the golf course with John, he was always up for a ride (except to the vet!) He loved ice cream, snacks, and Nana's coffee when she visited. In his younger years, chasing bunnies in the backyard and going to the dog park were his favorite things. He didn't much care for baths, but he always loved snuggles on the couch. He was much loved, and now, he's much missed. You'll be in our hearts forever, Tuckie! Mom, Dad, and Evan



Frankie Santell

In memory of Frankie ๐Ÿฑ♥๏ธ
My baby gained his wings 9/28/21. The past 16 years I've been blessed to have his unconditional love. Anyone that knows me, knows I'm always Frankie this and Frankie that. From little up our bond has always been special. I'm going to miss him like crazy. If you're looking down from kitty heaven, don't mind the tears you see falling. My heart misses you but I'm so grateful you are in a better place, free from pain, free from all the endless meds, free from needles and free from all the stressful vet visits. I will always carry you with me sweet boy. Have a blast with Ruger, I know he's happy to see you. Until we meet again ♥๏ธ I Love you more than I could ever put into words Frankie ๐Ÿ’• For 16 years Frankie was my soul kitty, my constant companion, my snuggle bunny. Any time I was in the house, Frankie was always near. There wasn't anything I wouldn't do for my boy. We fought kidney disease as hard as we could, he was my little fighter but in the end he is no longer in pain. Rest in peace my sweet boy, my heart breaks without you but I was so blessed to have you for the time I did. Until we meet again ♥๏ธ

Jax Huff

In loving memory of Jax
May 18,2014- September 15,2021
We only had you for a short 7 years but you brought us so much joy and made us laugh everyday. We miss you and Sophie misses her cuddle buddy. RIP Jaxโค๏ธ๐ŸŒˆ






Muffin Shenberger

Our sweet Muffin was a shy but sweet lady. She loved scratch pads and anything food related. We found her in our garage with her siblings when they were just a few days old. She's been through everything with us and she's help us through really hard times. She was never really into being picked up but she loved to snuggle on occasion. We loved her dearly and we'll never forget the lovely memories we have of her.





Buttercup Deithorn

Buttercup was our beautiful yellow Butterfly Koi. She came to us in 2008 as a tiny Koi no more than about 2 inches long. Over the years as the kids came to our house for trick or treat the kids would say "there's Buttercup" even the adults had to see her. Some might say she was just a fish but kids and adults knew her name even when they didn't know our names. She will always have a place in our hearts and she will always be missed.




Lucy Busch

Lucy was the perfect dog. My husband says that she would do anything for me. The picture with the face mask was taken during the covid peak. She wore it into the vet. He laughed his butt off. Thank you for what you do.






Opie Thomas

Opie Thomas was found as a kitten strolling alongside a Pennsylvania highway in early 2010 and taken to the York SPCA where we met and adopted him a few months later. Opie enjoyed chirping at the birds and squirrels through the screen door, running into the laundry room, escaping out the front door, wiggling his tail, kneading his bed, chasing a red laser pointer, generally going “nuts,” and occasionally sitting in the clean wok. He left us much too soon, leaving behind four “sisters’ (Saffron, Poppy, Artemis, and Persephone), a “brother,” Sasha, and a very empty space in our hearts. We will miss him forever.


Mandy Combs

Mandy Combs
6/26/06 - 8/14/21
Mandy was peacefully laid to rest on August 14, 2021 at her home. She was surrounded by her loving family and we miss her greatly everyday. We were so blessed to have spent 15 years with such a loyal, loving companion. In those 15 years she welcomed her two sisters into the world and loved them so much! I know she is running and playing pain free with her fur brother, Fletcher in heaven. Mandy enjoyed playing fetch, going on walks, for car rides, FOOD and loved camping with her family. Until we meet again, sweet girl…we love you and miss you!! Thank You Peaceful Pet Passage!





Chandler Taylor

Chandler Taylor
We lost our little guy Chandler 9/15/2021 at the age of 21. He was rescued along with his brother and sister from a farm stand. They were in a rusted old cage with no food or water, covered in fleas on a hot July day. The cage had a sign on it “Free”. I could not get these kittens out of my mind and went back for them the next day. One kitten was in such bad shape he passed away 5 days later. Chandler and his sister had a very rough start but with food, veterinary care and love they survived. Chandler was shy at first but eventually came out of his shell. He loved cozy places and until about a year before he passed ran around the house playing like he was a crazy kitten. He started going down hill and took up residence on my kitchen counter. We gave him blankets, a little box and his food and water, all on the counter. He only left to use his box. We miss him terribly. It hurts to look at the counter where he used to be. He lived a long, good life but it seems that no amount of time we have with them is ever enough. RIP Chandler. We love you.

Faccia Bella Ginnetti

Faccia Bella was my Sassy, sweet shih tzu. She was a week shy of her 12th birthday. Bella loved fetching her ducky, taking rides in the rv and convertible, eating, playing with the grandkids, and being the best lap dog ever! She will be forever in our hearts. โค๏ธ








Storm Rudy

The best cat we ever owned, always loyal, she is greatly missed and always will be.








Peach Poe

It is 1 year (9/21/2020) since Peach passed away. I miss her every single day. She was a gentle & loving soul. Not a mean bone in her body. She was one of a kind; a unique blended breed with a happy disposition. She loved to be snuggled & kissed, food, digging holes, going for walks, laying in the sun, her stuffed toy chicken and her best buddy Pepper Jack Poe. She was her Daddy's girl and I know he is taking care of her & rubbing her feet until we all meet again. I love you my cotton candy baby girl and miss you! ๐Ÿพโค




Reflection Rapp

“My Reflection”
It seems like it was just yesterday that we lost our friend of nearly 14 years Destiny. My wife and I were praying that God would give us another to fill the hole in our hearts, and that he did. As I raised the 1-week-old pup to my chest and his heartbeat against mine I knew this was the one. It was then he received the name Reflection because he looked so much like Destiny. It was just before Christmas we went to pick the puppy up. It’s been 8 weeks now. I remember an Amish boy reached inside a cardboard box and lifted him out. I picked a few ticks off his mother (Betsy) and promised I would take good care of her baby and that she was a good mother. As time went by, we had a special bond with one another. Sometimes I called him names like Bonehead but most of the time was simply “friend”. My wife called him ReRe. He would watch hours for my wife Sharon to come home from work. Reflection loved to cuddle up close, playball, play and eat the snow, but mostly eat jerky. He would do what I called a happy dance. Jump up into the air with all 4’s off the ground. He was so happy at Christmas time opening his presents and sometimes ours also. He enjoyed birthday surprises and simply having his ears scratched. He made me laugh a lot. He saved several baby bunny nests from being mowed over. He never made a whimper with getting shots or being badly bitten by another dog. He took life as it came and as it went. Toward the end he would lay staring at me for long period of time, especially at evening. I would thank him for being my friend today. And tell him he was beautiful inside and out. I would say be with me in the morning friend I will see you in the morning. Sometimes I would sing the chorus to the song “Come Morning” to him, I believe he understood what I was saying. The last day we hugged a lot, ate jerky of course and I read to him Ecclesiastes 3; a time to be born and a time to die. Explaining there is also a time to live again, forever. I told Destiny to meet him and show him around his new home. Keep an eye out for old dad because “weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning” (Psalm 30:5). Think of me once in a while and meet me at the rainbow bridge. We will do a happy dance then. From a cardboard box to a cedar box and all that was in between, I am extremely grateful. Reflection and Destiny you are both loved and greatly missed. Special thanks to Peaceful Pet Passage in the respect, kindness, and handling of our friend’s passage. It was greatly appreciated. It meant so much to me and Sharon. Thank you, your friend David

Rueger Harman

Rueger was obsessed with all things lamb chop…especially the color pink!









Rocco Valdez

04-10-2006 - 09/03/2021
Rocco was born in NC and adopted by my two young soldiers. In September 2006, one soldier deployed and in March 2007, his other soldier deployed. In February of 2007, I drove to NC to pick him up for a 6 month deployment. That deployment lasted until his passing or 14 years. He thought everyone should pet him and was afraid of nothing. Everyone on my street knew him and walks could take forever with all the petting stops. He was my shadow. He was my elderly neighbor’s companion while I worked. They were growing old together and she misses her little blanket buddy. His passing was a difficult decision, but he was surrounded by those who loved him most. Peaceful Pet Passages was there and brought comfort and compassion in a most difficult situation.

Cooper Gilgore

Cooper was an old soul even as a little puppy. He quietly entered our lives and that is how he left it. I had many dogs over the years and loved them all dearly. Cooper however was my soul puppy. His life purpose was just to love everything and everybody in a very soft, easy and unobtrusive way. He was always just there. He didn’t ever play but liked to watch every other pup play. He didn’t run but would speed wiggle walk when he needed to pick up the pace. He didn’t beg but knew how to raise his paw with a single scratch on the cabinet door to where his favorite treat was stored. He barked one time in his whole life and it had to coaxed out of him. After he did it, he must have decided it was not worth the effort and we could never coax another one out of him ever again! He was just a reliable steady caring companion who remained by your side constantly without ever really being in your way! He had patience and seemed to mentor any new family members in that same quiet way. He would lead by example. Cooper was a gentleman. We were blessed to have such a sweet, kind, patient and loving old soul guide our family through the last 13 years. Happy trails “Goop”! We love you on this side of the rainbow and over it!

Zeus & Aspen Jones

This is Zeus and Aspen, our beloved shepherds, who went to puppy heaven last Tuesday (8/31/2021). They were litter mates and were suffering from a spinal disease similar to ALS. We would like to thank you for your caring services. We were blessed to have them in our family. They were our children.






Dixie Smith

Dixie was a very special dog. She was a very active Australian Shepard who loved to go to the cabin and just enjoyed being outside. She blessed our family for 14 yes with many wonderful times. She will be sadly missed. RIP sweet girl....






Philly Girl Kaufmann

Philly was a rescue. I wasn't really looking for a pet when I heard about several puppies that were in a bad situation and needed homes. I went to look and my sweetheart wasn't one of the puppies but a few years old and cowering in the back of a cage. I asked if I could take her, he said take any of them, so I picked her up and put her in my truck and that was the beginning of our journey together. I'm not sure who rescued who. I can't even imagine what life would have been like had I not found her that day. As time goes by, the tears are turning into more smiles as I think of her. She is missed terribly. RIP my sweet girl.


Pooh Bear Kemper

Since the day she(Pooh Bear) came here with her sister from Tennessee, she has been such a Joy. She loved camping and being in our back yard. What's funny is, at home she had always been penned in our yard. But when we took her camping in Wardensville WV she was always allowed to run free and we didn't have to worry about her running away. It seems so fitting that now she is just that, free. Mike, my mom Sally and son Michael Jr. Loved her from the day we met her. She will always be in our hearts. Until we meet again Pooh. Love mom.




Adilaide Elsa McClurg

Adilaide Elsa McClurg

6.5 yr old German Shepherd

She was the most gentle giant who barked at everyone and seemed scary at first but was more afraid of you than you were of her. Loved kids and even allowed them to crawl all over her. She loved peanut butter and vanilla ice cream






Barnaby Kostelich

He had such a sweet soul and gentle eyes. Loved by all of our friends and big brother to Shelly who he now joins on the other side of the rainbow bridge. Miss them both so much!






Abby Seidel

Our sweet Abigail
Abby was born January 11, 2006. As a newly married couple, my husband and I rescued her and instantly fell in love. Abby was the sweetest, smartest most lovable dog. She was our 1st baby and went with us everywhere- on vacations, on hikes, on bike rides (sometimes pulled from behind in a baby buggy when she got tired or hot), RV trips, boat rides, to visit family and friends and everywhere in between. We were a package deal. Our family grew and we welcomed 4 children throughout her life. She greeted each child with love and excitement. Although she wasn't a huge fan of the infant stage, she anxiously awaited the toddler and active phases so she could run and play and "share" snacks with her kids. With 4 children- she always had someone to play with, to snack with, to walk or run with and to nap with. Each night Abby checked on her children, religiously. She walked room to room to make sure all were sleeping soundly- even when it became so difficult for her to walk. She never left our side. Abby crossed the rainbow bridge on August 7,2021. She was 15 years old and if our love could have kept her alive, she would have lived forever. She was such a huge part of our daily lives- our morning drop off to school, greeting her kids when they came off the bus and laying in front of her daddy's parking spot so he had to get out of his car to give her a scratch before pulling in. Her loss is felt by everyone, our hearts are broken but her kind soul has taught us so much about unconditional love, compassion and the immense value of the time we had to spend together. I had the privilege of watching her grow into our hearts and into our family. Although time heals, she will never be forgotten.

Rip Gross

Rip was born on August the 14, 2007 and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on June the 14, 2021. Rip was a beautiful purebred American Bulldog. He was a very active dog and loved to be outdoors where he could run and jump and play with his ball. He loved to run through the water at Codorus Lake, fetching sticks and anything I would throw in the water. Rip's favorite toy was his orange rubber bone, and he would dare you to try and get it from him. The whole family had a lot of fun playing Tug of War with that bone. Rip just loved to go for a ride. It made his day, and I loved taking him along. We had a lot of long rides to Potter County and back. Rip was a very good passenger. I'll always remember the time Rip and I were walking around the hunting camp in Potter County. All of a sudden Rip jumped in the air, and there was a rattlesnake coiled up and ready to strike. Rip saw the rattler but I didn't. That was a close one! Rip loved his family and was loved by his family, and by his buddy, Jasper, our cat. Rip and Jasper took a lot of naps together on Rip's bed. Rip's family was me, my wife Jane, my son Ethan, and my daughter Rachel. Rip had a special place in his heart for Rachel, and just loved it every time she would visit. And Rachel loved Rip with all her heart. The last few years of Rip's life, he battled DM disease and was slowly losing his mobility. Rip was a real trooper. He never gave up. He fought hard to keep himself going and passed with dignity, while he could still walk and had a sharp mind. I miss Rip and think about him every day. We were joined at the hip. I don't believe that Rip's passing is the end of the story. I believe that sometime in a perfect place Rip and I will be reunited, and we'll both have perfect bodies and our spirits will be together again. If God marks the fall of a sparrow, how much more does he mark the passing of a beloved dog. No one knows everything that awaits us on the other side. I think there will be a lot of surprises, and seeing Rip again will be the icing on the cake. I love you, Rip, and thanks for loving me.

Hank Johnson

I was going through a rough time in 2014, a friend posted Hank’s picture on my Facebook and wrote I should go meet him. When I met him at the shelter he immediately leaned against me for cuddles. Cuddles is all he ever wanted. I tried teaching him to play with toys or to play catch, nope, just walks and cuddles. He was estimated to be 9 years old but the Veterinarian I took him to said he was a few years younger. He didn’t know what stairs were and in the beginning I carried his big Coonhound body up and down stairs until he became confident. He began to realize he was in his forever home…and promptly took over my sons beanbag chair. He was a sweetheart who loved children and smaller dogs. The several times he ran out the door I found him at the bus stop getting attention from children. His only fears: our cat BooBoo and going to the doctor. I’ve had him in my life for 7 years. We cannot thank the staff and Dr. Reardon enough, she made the last hour of his life a calm and gentle experience, we were able to take our time and say final goodbyes and hold him. She was easy to talk to and comforted us. And John was so kind and gentle with our fur boy. Thank you, I miss him so much, but one day will see him at the Rainbow. โค๏ธ

Sebastian Robert Wills

Sebastian. Bastian. Sebbie. Ginger Puss. Bassy. All names for the cat who has ruined me for all others. It took me 13 months from the time he inhabited a cat shelter we put out for another kitty to the time I got him inside for good. While he was outside he would present himself every morning at 4:30 a.m. for breakfast. Then, time for his exercise! He'd follow me and the dogs on our entire walk every morning. He listened better than my dogs. I'd call him and the catdog would come running. And boy could Sebastian talk. We talked all the time. He was a terrific coworker...even if I had to keep him quiet with fish videos while I did conference calls. The bow tie kitty had a big personality and I miss him sleeping on my chest every night and giving me kitty smooches on my face. He was taken way too soon by illness, but I hope the 2.5 years he had with me were the very best of his.

Angel Ickes

Our Loving companion & faithful friend for 17 years (7/4/2004 - 8/9/2021). Words cannot express the happiness Angel brought. We raised her up right along with our two kids, she was there for everything! She was not a typical "stay at home" dog as she traveled the Grand National Cross Country race circuit, as our kids raced their quads. She had many camping trips & vacations full of adventure. She enjoyed chasing 4 wheelers and going on atv rides, opening her own Christmas presents, and having her own plate at the supper table. She never missed her birthday vanilla ice cream treat in all her 17 years. She spoiled us as much as we spoiled her. We were so blessed by God to care for her! She is greatly missed however she has given us a lifetime of Love Forever in our Hearts! Thank you so much for the gracious care you gave our Angel & us.

Zeus Lightning Shaffer


Rest in peace my friend






Athena Sky Shaffer


Will be truly missed






Dusty Miller

This was my dad’s dog Dusty. He was a very important part of our family. Dusty was there for my dad after my mom’s passing in September 2014. He got my dad through very difficult times and will be missed by our family. My daughter in this picture was with my mom and dad when they brought Dusty home and was there for him on his final ride. Rest in peace and keep mom company!! Thank you for everything I can't say enough about the care that was given to Dusty and the end!!







Whiskers Mullins

We were blessed to have Whiskers with us for 16 wonderful years. Bruiser as he was affectionately known was a gentle guy who loved in his later years to just snuggle up against you. He was a wonderful part of our family since we got him as a tiny kitten that fit in the palm of our hands to becoming the gentle giant that enjoyed snuggles and snacks.





Maizey Eugenia Wills

Maizey was found as a stray in July 2010 at Fuller Lake. The finder made a post on Find Toby in PA and then turned her over to the dog warden. She was promptly booked into Adams County SPCA for her stray hold. When I saw that post, it was love at first sight for me and I applied to adopt her before she was even available. I just knew she'd be perfect for my little family that already consisted of my male Yellow Lab. Maizey walked right in to this house and immediately showed us who's the boss. She loved to eat, chew bones, play with her toys, ride in the car, go swimming and snuggle with her grandma. Maizey was an Olympic caliber napper. She wasn't much in to going for walks, but if she went, you'd best believe she was dictating the route. Maizey, aka Porkchop, was so loved and very much missed.






Heinz McCabe

We lost an amazing dog, Heinz, was a 13 yrs. old golden retriever, we are so fortunate to have had him as a member of our family, he loved to catch the ball, and definitely his rawhide, and when we would come home, his tail would go and he’d greet us, always happy, Heinz wanted to be wherever we were, inside or out, as long as he was with us. We miss him so much and will never forget him, he can never be replaced.







Casey Baggett

Casey, A Tribute to My Loving Boy and Forever Fury Friend
Casey Baggett, Shih Tzu, age 14 years and eight months entered his eternal forever sleep after a short illness with kidney and heart disease on Sunday, August 8, 2021. Casey was born December 1, 2006 and became a perfect addition to me and Coach on November 28, 2007. Casey, adopted from a local rescue, was a wonderful fit with our family. Casey came home with me, but his name was “Chunky” (named after Ben & Jerry’s, Chunky Monkey Ice Cream), which was not very fitting for my cute little boy. I changed his name to Casey, because of my love of sports and my favorite poem, Casey At The Bat, written in 1888, by Ernest Lawrence Thayer. Also, honoring sports legend Casey Stengel, NY Yankees Manager of the 1950’s baseball dynasty. Unlike the Mighty Casey in Mudville that day, Casey Baggett did not strike out, he struck gold as most of our family and friends would say when he joined our family. His charismatic personality and spontaneous happy bark lured neighborhood children to ask to pet him and Coach as we walked through the neighborhood. Casey had beautiful, brown, and black colors throughout his lush white soft coat. He was very proud of his magnificent silky tail that drew attention whenever he wagged it. He would also love to roll around in the grass and jiggle around as he danced on his back in the grass. Early on, he earned two nicknames. Casey “Doodle” and “Mr. Mischief”. His hair naturally center- parted on top of his head like the famous and extremely talented late entertainer/ actor James Cagney. Every day Casey would make his entrance romping down the steps of house, like Cagney danced down the White House steps in the 1942 classic movie “Yankee Doodle Dandy”. Casey took it one step further, sliding across the hard wood floor like he stuck an Olympic landing. Always a perfect “10”. Mr. Mischief was fitting, if he didn’t find some trouble to get into, it found him. He was Coach’s wingman, but on certain days Coach would back off wanting no part of his latest capper. Casey was very flexible and could climb to the top of his crate or tables in his early days. He was like a flying squirrel or a limber cat on his dismount. The “Adventures of Mr. Mischief” turned into wonderful l children’s stories that I would share with my nieces and nephews when they were young. I didn’t have to embellish, too much. not even when he jumped on the kitchen table and put his tail into a plate of spaghetti! Although, I did tell the kids that it landed on his head, making it a favorite tale. Casey would challenge me and keep me on my toes. On occasion, I would buy stuffed animals for friend’s baby showers and use them as a gift wrap accessory. Casey would somehow figure out it was staged on the dining room table, climb up and knock the present to the floor until it became his toy. Usually destroying the entire wrapping. He did this with children’s Christmas gifts that were hidden in closets, and he somehow found an opportunity to get to them before I could wrap them. One of his pilfered favorites was a 24-inch Santa Snoopy that played the Charlie Brown theme. I always knew when he was playing with it because the music would start to play. It was almost like he knew how to turn it on. Always entertaining, my boy would rummage through his toy box, with his butt showing in midair and his head buried to find the one perfect toy to play with that day. Usually, a green tennis ball that he proudly carried around in his mighty mouth. One Friday in October 2013, I got a call from my parents while I was at work; usually my parents or dog walkers would let the boys out of their crates every day. On this day, he was extremely mischievous, and had put his head through the crate bars trying to retrieve a small stuffed football outside of the crate. He was dragging the crate into other areas of the kitchen, and my parents could not get his head out of the bars. I left work immediately. I thought if he was able to bend the bars, I could get him out. That didn’t happen. Lucky for me I had wire cutters and was able to cut him out. He was unharmed. Meanwhile Coach just put his paws over his eyes in disbelief. Since I am a seasonal decorator; a cross between Martha Stewart and Clark Griswold, I had to scale back on some animated decor over the years. Casey decided he was king of the Pumpkin Porch People that lined the front door and he assaulted them while I wasn’t home. Three times the size of him dragged throughout the house. Unfortunately, I found their straw remains in the kitchen, they didn’t make it. He would take Christmas ornaments and hide them under the Christmas tree. He claimed ownership and added to his toy ball collection. He would torment Coach by taking his treats and put them under the tree because he knew Coach was the more obedient boy and would not disturb the illuminated masterpiece. Casey, like Coach, loved being outside either poolside in the summer, or running through the snow in the winter. He loved sitting on a chase lounge or on someone’s lap who took over his cherish spot. He was a loving lap dog in his years. Casey could fall into a deep sleep anywhere he set his head down. He snored very loudly, like Fred Flintstone, and would keep it going through most of the night while he murmured animated yip, yip, yip noises during his happy dreams. Casey didn’t mind traveling. He, like Coach, would get very happy and excited when he was told he was going to visit Sue, the dog whispering groomer at Petco for his spa appointment, or to the vet to see his favorite staff and Dr. Stake at the Capital Area Animal Medical Center in Harrisburg. He went tail wagging every time. Casey along with his brother Coach loved our Baggett/St. Ledger family events around the holidays. They were both good sports when I dressed them in the seasonally appropriate clothes and accessories such as a logo bandanna, Rufferee shirt for Notre Dame football games, Yankee jackets or shirts and of course the ugly holiday sweater. They were quite proud of their winter coats because when they put them on, they knew it was time for their walk! A favorite daily event for Casey was sitting on the top of Coach’s crate. His alfa position at times. Casey later had to learn to share this coveted spot with his new brother Yogi who joined him in October 2020. Yogi followed Casey everywhere and kept Casey feeling young this past year but, Casey always reminded him who was the boss! Over the years his beautiful silky coat changed colors of white and black and a little bit of gray. He had some dental extractions which made his pink tongue stick out of his mouth even more, which created a very silly smile. The unconditional love and companionship that Casey has brought me, Coach, Yogi, my family, and friends over the years was heartfelt, extreme comfort and memorable. I will miss his snoring, and his excitement in greeting me each time I got home. As I finished writing this tribute last evening after the thunderstorm, I got up to stretch and I saw a faint rainbow out my front door. A comforting reminder that Casey has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He is happy being Coach’s wingman again, playing together with AJ and creating the Disney movie scenes they would act out in my backyard. I would like to express my deepest appreciation for all the medical care and compassion to The Capital Area Animal Medical Center (Harrisburg, PA) excellent doctors and staff, especially: Dr. Stake, Vicki, & Kimmy. The Shores Emergency Veterinary Hospital Doctors, Techs, and Staff in Harrisburg PA for helping me put Casey into his forever sleep since I could not do it at home. A sincere thank you to Peaceful Pet Passage of Mechanicsburg, for their quick response and especially for his peaceful and respectful cremation.

Bailey Smeltz

I rescued my Bailey when she was 5 years old. She gave me 11 years of her sweetness. She loved her younger but much bigger brother Beckman . They were together all the time. She tolerated all the cats in the house as well! Her favorite thing to do was lay in the sun in her back yard! A sweeter girl you could not have asked for. Beckman and I miss her so much. Thank you all for helping her on her way to the bridge to wait for us. I know she found her other brothers and sisters that went before her.






Jackson Reeder

Our hearts are broken. Our sweet boy crossed the rainbow bridge. Jackson fought hard through two battles of cancer. The vet didn’t think he would survive after the second cancer surgery in 2019 but we were blessed to spend almost two more years with him due to chemotherapy and his incredible will to live. The sweetest soul you’d ever meet, Jackson loved life even though he was traumatized prior to his rescue. Thank you Double Dog Dare Rescue (especially Lori, Susan, and Rebecca) for saving him and for trusting us to give him the life he deserved. Our lives have been so blessed by his love over the past five years. “Jackson, we know that your Papa was waiting for you in heaven as you crossed the bridge. We will never be the same without you and we will love you forever. Goodbye, sweet boy.”

Champ Rutledge

On June 14, 2021, we had to say goodbye to our fur baby and best friend, Champ. He will always be known for his love of naps and going on walks (if it wasn’t too hot) and always preferred a larger dog (especially female) to be friends with. Despite him failing his obedience class with flying colors and being high maintenance from day one, we loved him unconditionally just as he did with us. He brought us so much joy over his almost 16 years, and we will forever miss him.
Butch, Pam and Emily Rutledge




Bria Topash

In 2009 my daughter's friend, Brianna, at the mere age of 10 lost her battle to inoperable brain cancer. Feeling incredibly helpless, and wanting to honor her memory, I decided I would "save" a shelter dog's life and name her in remembrance of Brianna. It was the least I could do. On my visit to the York SPCA, I wasn't sure what to expect. So many beautiful dogs in need of a "forever" home. As I rounded the last corner in the shelter, my eyes caught sight of a completely emaciated, full grown, white and tiger striped pittie with the most beautiful golden eyes I have ever seen. She looked at me with those mesmerizing eyes and I knew within an instant I had found my little girl... Bria, thank you for blessing us with 12 years of your life. Thank you for providing us with countless smiles and laughs through the years. Thank you for being the most patient and kind big "sister" to Winston. Thank you for your unconditional and unwavering love and affection. You are loved and missed by so many. There will never be another "Bree Bree". Never. Until we meet again...

Oatmeal Maisch

Oatmeal Clementine Maisch (October 16, 2014- August 2, 2021) was the actual sweetest, happiest, most adorable, best girl in the whole world! This amazing dog put up with more in her short 6 years of life than most people because of her kidney disease/renal dysplasia (she was born with kidneys that were over 75% scar tissue) but she didn’t let any of it slow her down- her tail was always wagging and she was always happy. We’re so grateful we’re the ones who were lucky enough to have her! She loved her family, getting new collars (her “fashion”), trying to get our dachshunds, Hansel & Schnitzel, to wrestle with her, car rides where she stuck her head out the window with ears flapping the whole time, squeezing her 74lb body onto small dog beds, sleeping under chairs and on the couch, her walkies, getting a treat every time she went to the bathroom, swimming excessively and fetching water toys at the lake, being held in the water while resting her head on a pool noodle, shaking water from her body right next to dry people, licking hands, busting in on people when they were using the bathroom, having company over, her little pink ball, and most especially her vast plethora of toys, and she adorably always had a favorite toy ready for anyone who came to our house, which she presented to them while wiggling a million miles a minute. She also loved her new baby sister, Emmy, snuggling on the couch with her family (flipping the pillows off with her nose so there was more space), going through doors ahead of everyone else (“ladies first!”), running with the four-wheelers through the fall leaves, getting the mail, especially when there were packages in there for her, running through snow and taking big bites of it, acting like the mayor during her many vet visits, and chasing bunnies in the backyard. We could all stand to be a little more like Oatmeal! We love you forever and ever, Oatmeal Clementine/ Brownie Coco/ Brown Bear/ Baby Oats/ Oatie/ Monny/ MonMon/ Monna/ Mama/Nanna/ Princess!

Chew Walker

Thank you for all your kindness and support with walking us through our first fur baby loss. Chew was our middle dog. He has an older half brother, shiz tu who is 15. And a younger brother Newfoundland who is 5 and just completed lymphoma cancer treatment. So to lose our Little Rock Chew was an extreme shock. We loved him so much and miss him dearly. Before picking up his remains I walked your grounds. It gives me great comfort knowing how many animals were loved by people. Your grounds are beautiful and peaceful. Out of all this sadness, just know you have given us some comfort. And when the time comes for our other boys, your facility is the only one we will choose. Again, thank you for your compassion.
The Walker Family


Zippy Hoover

Zippy came into our family 7 years ago. We have a black lab named Rosie and the bond that they formed was instant, they ate beside each other, went outside together, chewed bones together...they did everything together. We always felt so blessed that he was part of our family, and the relationship that he and Rosie shared was amazing. We would always pick him up and just love on him and tell him how cute he was, and so Rosie wouldn't ever feel slighted we would just bend down and hug her and tell her she was cute too. There are many found memories, but the one that always makes us laugh is this one time in particular that we were outside, it was in the summer, and there was a squirrel in the back yard. Rosie ran after the squirrel, the squirrel ran up the tree, Rosie lost interest, the squirrel came down the tree, and Zippy ran after the squirrel and chased him into the wood pile and my husband, David had to pull Zippy out. Needless to say Zippy had a hold of the squirrels tail. Happy ending, the squirrel got away. We miss him terribly, but are so very thankful for the time we had him. I can't thank you guys enough for the compassion you showed us during our most difficult time and the utmost care you gave to Zippy.
Laurie Hoover

JoJo Small

On October 1, 2003, I stopped at the Harrisburg Humane Society after work. A tiny fluffy kitten insisted I take him home. Two days later, my 22-year-old son, Joseph, was killed in a motorcycle accident. I was devastated. That little kitten from two days earlier now became my savior. It was as if God knew I would need a reason to get out of bed, a reason to live. He knew I would need a purpose when He called son Home, so He sent me JoJo. For the next 18 years JoJo was on a mission to provide whatever love and comfort this grieving mom needed. He far exceeded his goal. JoJo literally saved my life and kept me from self-destruction and full-blown depression. I thank God every day for blessing me with JoJo's constant love and companionship. As he passed peacefully in my arms, I whispered, "I love you", told him what a good boy he had been, and gave him one final kiss and a loving hug. I hope he felt my heart pour into his.

Charger MacDonald

Charger MacDonald
3/26/06 - 5/24/21
This is our pretty girl. We were so blessed to have 15 wonderful years. As much as our hearts felt empty from losing her, they feel just as full from all of the wonderful memories of our bike rides, kayaking, camping, watching her clear the yard of all birds and bunnies and keeping the goats in line, perching herself on the rock to keep watch over the neighborhood, of her yelling at Larry to stop and give her treats, and the list goes on. Thank you for loving us unconditionally. Thank you for being the best dog for our boys to grow up with. Thank you for filling our hearts. "Watch 'em!" Love you always, pretty girl. ๐Ÿ’›
Dondi, Tammy, Sean & Drew MacDonald

Hiro Sipkoff

This is my sweet Aikta boy Hiro. I rescued him from a shelter in Houston, TX. He was a senior neglect/abuse case with a lot of medical conditions so he had to stay in Texas for another month until his medical needs were met. He was transported to Pennsylvania a month later and I`ve had him for 3 1/2 years. He was the sweetest, gentlest Akita I have ever owned. Never even chased a squirrel. He loved to be vacuumed and would come running when he heard me turn it on. He didn`t like a lot of affection but always had to be right beside me whatever room I was in. I never heard him bark or growl in the 3 1/2 years I had him. I love and miss my boy so much. He passed very peacefully on Saturday July 31, 2021. I thank you all at Peaceful Pet Passage for your caring and your help.

Cody Hartman

Cody “Danger” Hartman
We miss you, we love you. Until we meet again ๐Ÿพโค๏ธ๐Ÿพ
Derek & Amanda Hartman






Sterling Foley

Sterling spent his time on this earth believing he was anything but a rabbit. He was the ruler of all his eye could could see. He was the surly old man who wanted his guinea pig neighbors to quiet down. He was a spoiled little boy who knew he could do no wrong. He was the little angel who hopped right into my arms as soon the shelter cage door opened. To the fluffy little rabbit who believed he was everything, I hope you know, to me, you were.



Toby White

Toby was rescued from a puppy mill and was adopted by us from the HOPE Program. He was a wonderful dog and provided our family with lots of love and friendship.











Sonny Hudson

This is Sonny. He lived for 13 years -- being born on April 30, 2008 and passing away on April 30, 2021. He was very much loved and we are still adjusting to his absence. He loved his family and home and protected them both his entire life. We miss you, Sonny, but you will live on forever in our hearts. Until we meet again, sweet Sonny boy...






Leo Hamberger

Our dearest Leo rest In Peace our sweet angel 2/24/2007-7/24/2021. You are now in heaven with God and your fur brother Ali watching over us. You are no longer in pain and with all your illnesses we have battled over the last two year’s cancer won. Your Jack and Piper miss you and Piper keeps looking for you on your favorite chair. One thing that I am grateful for is that we could allow you to pass peacefully in your home and in my arms. Dear Leo, I didn’t grow up with animals but you for sure made me a cat lover for life. You are the sweetest angel and were so perfect. I miss you and how you were the only cat in the house to greet me every day when I got home from work and flop down on the rug for belly rubs. You were my baby and I love and miss you so much. Love your Daddy. My dearest Leo, I love you and miss you with all my heart. You were my soul kitty and the love of my life. I miss our routine, our daily talks because you were such a vocal guy and would yell at me often. I miss your stage five clinger of always being my shadow and even visiting me in the shower. I miss our lap time and our snuggles. I really miss looking over at you in your favorite chair while I am at the kitchen counter because if you weren’t napping you were staring at me. I miss holding you close and feeling your purrs rumble against me because they have been my therapy. You are irreplaceable and my heart aches so bad without you here with me. Love your Mommy. You are mommy and daddy’s baby, and you will be missed forever. We will never forget you and are so blessed to have had you in our lives. I pray that our hearts will hurt a little less with time and the pit in my stomach will go away. Until we meet in heaven again my love, my booboo. Rest peacefully without pain and run around in heaven and play with Ali and watch over us please.

Guinness Dorsheimer

“Guinness” crossed the rainbow bridge on June 9, 2021 surrounded by his family as he left a world he spent 16 years living a life full of so many adventures! A few of his nick names are Guinny, G-Baby, Ol’ Boy, Buster and Bubbas. He loved car rides, “going to work (aka his dad’s office)”, camp, the beach, his boat and visiting his family and friends. Guinness LOVED people. Playing fetch with a tennis ball at his favorite neighborhood park and running into the creek were his favorite. If he wasn’t chasing his ball, he went after plenty of bears, deer, squirrels, rabbits and his all-time favorite: ducks! He was: FEARLESS! Guinness’ job was to “greet” (some might say ‘scare’ haha) delivery trucks and sometimes even hop onto the UPS driver’s seat while he wasn’t looking! But G’s favorite (and most important) purpose in life was to be his dad’s shadow. He was his person. Guinness had a slight obsession with chicken, cheeseburgers, pizza, yogurt, ice cream, steak and whatever yummy crumbs fell on the kitchen floor! He always, always got the “last bite.” In May of 2019, Guinness fell paralyzed with what doctors believed to be bacterial meningitis. He spent a week in the Intensive Care Unit at The University of Pennsylvania’s Matthew J. Ryan Veterinarian Hospital. Every vet, neurologist & specialist who saw Guinness’ condition made it clear that his case was extremely “guarded” and to expect the worst outcome based on how sick he was. Once he was stable enough to go home, it became imperative that he undergo teeth surgery to eliminate the source of the infection. After a scary 5 hour surgery (he was 14 at the time), Guinny came out of it singing to the nurses! G was a fighter to say the least. After months of therapy and only the best foods, medicines and veterinarian care, Guinness was back on all 4’s and back to his fun self again, miraculously. He was the strongest, funniest, sweetest boy his people will ever know. He leaves his beautiful girlfriend Reese (a chocolate lab G grew up playing and adventuring with for 13 years) who he kissed one last time the day he crossed the rainbow bridge. Guinness is and will continue to be sorely missed by everyone who was lucky enough to know and love his crazy, fun and always youthful demeanor. Everyone who saw him in his senior years thought for sure he was a puppy! One of Guinny’s favorite things to do was sunbathe and we know, we just know, he is running, playing and soaking in the sunshine forever now. “You be da good boy!”, Guinny Boy. You are our sunshine. “We be right back.”

Lucy Walls

This baby girl picked us, she picked us to be her family. From a pet store going out of business to her new home where she had us wrapped around her little paw from day one! She was such a fun puppy, enjoying car rides sitting in the palm of my hand looking out the window, dressed in her best for holidays, and nights spent cuddling on her pink blanket. She was the leader of the pack, to her brothers; Cooper, Buoy, Oliver, Tucker and her best friend, Oshie. As Lucy aged, she went deaf and partially blind from diabetes, but her best bud, Oshie, was by her side making sure she got back into the house as she wandered around the yard unsure of how to navigate back inside. He was her little guardian angel for the last 3 years as he helped her keep her pep in her step by making her play, everyday, whether she wanted to play or not. He always thought it was playing but sometimes she was just annoyed! She loved Oshie as much as he loved her. Lucy loved car rides, beach walks, doggie beach, OCNJ, cheese and doggie treats! Scruff, we miss you but know that you were our little woo and you will forever be in our hearts. Love you bunches and miss you like crazy. To our girl, Lucy Lou. โค๏ธ

Jackson Ludwig

'Into the Great Wide Open – 17 years, 9 months ago this little guy literally climbed into our lives. After being rescued outside a blind woman’s house on a cold wet late October evening, he made his way to our home in a dog cage for temporary residence. The next morning as we lay in bed we heard the thump, jump, scratch and claw as he had escaped by climbing to the top of the cage and leaping 30” to the ground and was now attempting to climb the uncarpeted flight of stairs. Each step almost 2x his height. Eventually he got to our room and used his claws to climb between the comforter and sheet navigating around my feet and working his way in the dark valley between Kathy and me. His head emerged from under the comforter, and he tucked in for a nap. He not only climbed into the bed, but into our hearts. He grew to be a feisty fella, but also a lap kitty (every night at 9 PM). Hard for those who felt his wrath to believe. It was a great run, and he has been my work companion since I started working from home 8 years ago. Kathy got to enjoy his company during the workday while she worked from home during the pandemic. It was with great sadness we had to let him go this AM as kidney failure and age caught up to him. Once 18 lbs., his 9 pounds defining his end. As we sat on the back deck, Jackson on my lap, and the vet from Peaceful Pet Passage prepared for the first shot, he lifted his head from the lethargy, to watch the squirrels and birds that he had watched for years through the door next to him. We said our goodbyes as he slipped ‘Into the Great Wide Open.’ Goodbye my buddy, we will miss you.' Thank you for your compassion on Saturday, July 24 at 9 AM. (I don't recall who assisted, but both were very compassionate.)

Stinky Weaver

Stinky was sweet and loved to cuddle. Everyone who met her commented on how unique her personality was. She will be missed greatly.







Tucker Chaisson

We are saying goodbye to this faithful, loving friend, Tucker, of nearly 16 years. My โค๏ธ is breaking in so many ways for my little love. He was placed and fit in my hand as an abandoned 4 week old puppy and has been a constant and faithful companion all these years. God gives us the love to share with these precious pets and the grace and courage to release them from their pain and suffering. Be still my heart, for he has forever changed mine.๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ˜ข๐ŸŒˆ A heartfelt thank you from us to Peaceful Pets. You could not ease my heartache, but you did allow us to ease him into heaven without more pain, with dignity and respect and were beyond patient and kind to all who had gathered in his final moments with him that day.



Andie Helfrich

Andie, from your coal pile rescue in the rain you turned into our loving Princess.










Mr. Lucky Helfrich

Mr. Lucky, from your dumpster rescue as a kitten you turned into our handsome boy.






Tigger Degroft

Tigger got her name from Winnie the Pooh because she enjoyed jumping. She enjoyed long walks. She enjoyed car rides to see her brothers and sisters. She enjoyed camping. She loved to lick and give kisses.








Tachi Pizarro

Gone but not forgotten.








MaxidineMutMut Nance

Today 7-17-2021 was a very sad goodbye to our companion and best friend Maxidine (MutMut). She was a free spirit at heart. She always knew how to make you bad day good. Max as we called her came to us in 2015 after my other half's uncle past away along with her sister Lily which has also passed over the rainbow Bridge and Little sis Meggy Moo. I will never forget the time I met you. I left my tea sitting on the steps and I turned around and you drank it all. You stole my heart then and always will. My precious girl run free and until we meet again. You are greatly missed all ready. The house is so empty. We loved you with all our hearts. ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’”





Ajax Williams

Thank you for today (7/15/2021) and helping me bring my furbaby the peace he deserves. Ajax will forever be missed, remembered and loved.








Haley Eyster

Haley was dealt quite a bad hand. She was found as a stray on July 4, 2016. She hated loud noises, so we assume the fireworks prompted her to run. She had retinal damage and Lymes disease. We assume they went together. She had limping issues ever since I brought her home. BUT...she had the sweetest nature! When we met she came and put her head tight against my belly for ear rubs. She loved them. She’d lean so hard she oft fell over. As the years progressed her joints only got worse and she developed cataracts, leading to total blindness. Her pain was apparent as she struggled to even lie down. So, I played her favorite song on the piano, she oft sang along!!! We had cheese for snacks... she fell asleep with her head in my lap. My sweet Haley girl will be missed and never forgotten.


Sadie Konrad

Thank you so much for the Service you provided for our dear Sadie. It was a difficult decision to make, and Dr. Riordan made the process so much easier for us. Sadie was one of a kind. I found Sadie living in a foster home 14 years ago, she had just birthed 15 puppies, and had lost her front leg due to a car accident. We were not sure of her age, but she was young. After years of training, she continued to run off every chance she got. And I chased her around the neighborhood many times, Kept me in shape! She never saw a bowl of food or a person that she did not like. She was ok with other dogs, but loved people more. Sadie also loved to travel, and we took her with us in our RV all over the US and Canada. She barked to go out, barked to come in and barked for attention. We just loved our Sadie girl. She filled life with her sweetness. The last year was hard, she lost her ability to walk, and I assisted her using a harness. She never gave up, but would be very ill for days and then recover for a while. We are so thankful for Peaceful Pet Passage. They made the transition so easy for us, even though we miss her now. Thank you for helping make the passage for Sadie a painless one.

Cooper Ramsey

Cooper Ramsey








Layla Reese

Layla Wenner Reese, She was the best! Loving, energetic, independent, and affectionate. Lover of running after a ball and swimming for hours. Layla liked to curl up on the couch with anyone who had a blanket. She is missed and loved dearly by all of her family!








Casper Umholtz

We were so fortunate to have you Casper in our lives for almost 14 years. You will live in our hearts forever. Saying goodbye to you was one of the hardest things that we have done, but we knew it was time. Thank you for all the companionship, love and comfort you gave us. We love you so much. Until we are together again. โคโคโค








Snickerdoodle Stevens

Our beloved Snickerdoodle came to us through an animal rescue shelter. He was our miracle dog x 2 as our vet put it. We miss his tricks like ringing the bells to go outside only to stand on the porch a few seconds and think he should be rewarded with a treat. He loved to play with toys that squeeked, especially chickens. He would play with them for a few days sometimes weeks and all of a sudden he would chew their feet off. We have a supply of chicken feet to remember him by, lol. Snickerdoodle suffered from fear aggression but we never gave up on him and in return he was a wonderful family member and protector. RIP Snickers.





Tex Williamson

Tex was a great companion; always, always by my side! He was one of the best kitties up till his final minute of living. I was grateful for every day Tex and I spent together, especially during COVID! I miss his cute good morning expressions and a love of being held like a baby! Thank you for your tremendous compassion and utmost professionalism from initial phone call to our departing second. It is a wonderful gift of a special memory.





Riley Durf

Our Riley was one of the best dogs we had. From wearing his sister's shirt to singing along to Cake by the Ocean. He even gave each of us hugs when we would get home from work and when we were just watching TV. He took good care of his little brother, Augie, who now sniffs his collar that we have sitting next to his box. We love and miss him every day and make sure to involve him in all the fun we have each day.





Hunter Matthew Kreamer

He was a 13 year old Dachshund/Yorkie aka a Dorkie. The most playful and loving little man. Words can't describe how much he meant to us and he will be forever missed. We couldn't have asked for a better fur baby. Love and kisses to you Hunter man. โค๏ธ For ever and always. Thank you, Peaceful Pet Passage, for being so wonderful during this time. I could not have asked for a more personalized experience and what you all do to remember our beloved animals is more than I ever could have imagined. You are doing wonder things and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.




Athena Mae Konrad

Athena Mae will be truly missed.











Tasha Smeltz

Tasha is truly missed.











Kobi Nick Vogel

Kobi Nick passed 4/14/2020 and is truly missed








Maizie Dudzinski

We had 11 wonderful years with Maizie, she was the sweetest most loyal companion.








Buddy Fowler

Buddy (6/24/14-6/25/21) was an amazing part of our family and our business. He was the head of entertainment at our wedding venue and the life of every party. Our hearts are so heavy as we grieve the loss of this incredible English Lab. He was diagnosed with an aggressive osteosarcoma and was laid to rest at our home peacefully like he deserved. We will find joy in his memory and comfort as we reflect on his life and the amount of joy he brought to hundreds of people. Thank you to everyone single person that met him and loved on him. He is irreplaceable.




Dream Lipinski

Dream Lipinski passed away on 6/21/2021. She was 14 years old and left 2 furry sister's behind, Raven and Jade. She was a joy to have around. When she was in her prime, she used to steal all their toys, but the last few years she spent all her time just relaxing in bed.








Lincoln Miller

Together again. Chance, (Chocolate Lab) and Lincoln (Jack Russell). June 22, 2021








Neko Buller

We were honored to have Neko in our lives for nearly 13 years. Her estimated birthdate was 2004. She was a purebred Japanese bobtail, and was used for breeding. Apparently that didn’t work out, and she was left at the Humane Society with a litter of kittens. The kittens were adopted, but Neko spent over a year in a shelter. I spotted her on, and we happily made the 350 mile round trip to adopt her in September 2008. She immediately made herself at home. On June 24, 2021 we had to say goodbye to the sweetest cleverest cat. We had been anticipating this day for months, and now it was clearly time to let her go. Neko has savored life, given unconditional love to people, and lorded it over her feline companions. She spent her last day nibbling on her favorite treat, a Costco rotisserie chicken. After all the joy she brought, the least we could do is fill her last day with her favorite things. Neko’s end was peaceful, and we are grateful to Peaceful Pet Passage for being so compassionate and professional.

Troubles Transue

Thank you for the opportunity to memorialize our cat, Troubles, on your social media. The service you provided was perfect as a way to say goodbye with dignity.
In memory of Troubles. You were a most unique cat who consistently lived up to your name. You will be missed, even your 2AM wake up calls. We always joked that you lived so long (20 years!) because God wasn't brave enough to take you on! As our niece said, "Troubles will never be an "angel" but she will always be loved just as she is!". We love you and miss you and can only hope you are causing as much 'trouble' up there as you did down here!


Jasper Stamey

Thank you so much for making this process easier on our family. Jasper was one of kind and will be missed. Thank you







Lil Bit Mix

Lil Bit was only in our lives for a couple of weeks, but their sweet face and tiny stature quickly filled our hearts. We will always remember you.









Bailey Brown

My sweet Bailey Brown. You picked me 16.5 years ago to be your person. Saying goodbye to you was one of the hardest things that I have ever done, but we knew you were ready. We did almost everything together from going to the creek, weekends at the beach, friend/family gatherings…. We were inseparable. You will be forever missed my sweet girl. ๐Ÿพโค๏ธ





Molly Helt

Molly spent her 16 years as a pampered pup lounging in the sun, scavenging for cheese, and enjoying belly rubs. She watched her human sisters grow up from elementary school to college graduations and beyond. Molly could often be found perched on her dad's shoulder or nestled in her stroller while her mom pushed her around the block. She could be stubborn and sometimes opinionated, but she always knew how to make you feel loved. To say she was a beloved member of the family is an understatement. Molly made us fall in love with her by a wink of her eye and made sure she gave each and every one of us a proper goodbye. Molly was the most special dog and when we look out into the yard, we will remember she is always close by.




Bonnie Evitts

In memory of our fun and adventurous Bonnie. We love and miss you so much!








Bear Ritsick

In memory of Bear.








Misty Godboldte

We were so blessed to have Misty for 15+ years. She was our little girl and she completed our family. The house is so empty without her sitting in her chair or running around the backyard trying to carry a ball and a stick in her mouth and she always made sure to let me know when it was time to make dinner. We miss and love you so much Misty, our little angel.





Joe Paw Kessler

Joe Paw Kessler
(2000 to 2019)
Gone but never forgotten





Biscuit Kessler

Biscuit Kessler
(2010 to 4/16/20)
Gone but never forgotten.







Bella, Cricket, Booker, Louie Cavanagh

In memory of... We love you and miss you.








Sarah Rhodes

We miss you, Sarah. You’re now in heaven. We will see you when we get there.











Kendra Vega

Kendra she past away June 19 2021 at 9:40 AM in the memory you love and we miss you, our house is empty without you. We love you.







Gunner Repman Gross

We miss our boy Gunny so much. We had 14 wonderful years with him but it wasn’t enough!












Skip Nies

Skip was the most amazing, special, and loving dog we have ever known. Whether it was playing with his favorite toy, giving us one of his unique looks, burrowing himself in his blankets and bed, or just double checking to make sure we were still there….he kept us laughing even until we had to say goodbye. Everyone who met him fell in love with him but for us, his family, we were the luckiest ones because we got to share his love for 16.5 years. While we are lost right now without him, our hearts are forever full because we spent so much of our lives with our dear Skip. We love and miss you so much little buddy.



Lili Adams Dalton

We were so very fortunate to have our beautiful Lili in our lives and a big part of our family for 12+ years. She left us with a lifetime of memories and will live in our hearts forever. We miss you Lil Lil






Olga Mae Herndon

This little love came into our hearts 10 years ago… and we are forever changed & thankful for our time spent with her…she devolved a cancerous tumor under her left eye that was so aggressive, that it consumed most of the left side of her little face and neck, in just 3 months. Surgery to remove it would involve removing her eye ear part of her neck… Just not fair to our little angel-your service was absolutely amazing nothing short of beautiful- Thank you for making this horribly difficult decision a little bit easier for us… We are comforted in knowing that she was with us and her sister and she cross the rainbow bridge right here in our home๐Ÿฅฐ




Rascal & Samantha Koontz

Thank you for your kind and gentle assistance in helping us with two of our feline friends over the past months.
Samantha, Sammy was the most gentlest loving cat. She was always nearby and only began to cuddle against us in the latter part of her 23 +/- years. She was very vocal and like to have conversations with us.
Rascal, certainly so aptly named. He liked to wander his homestead never going off his property. He always came home when summoned. He liked to tantalize his feline family members. He was always so proud bringing home garter snakes. We miss you both!
Jim and Connie Koontz

Chopper McHugh

Thank you for being my best friend for 10 years. I wish you could live forever. You were my life line when life was tough. You never wavered from me and kept me going. I miss you so much. Until we meet again my friend. I love you.





Ottis Carney

Sweet but sassy! If Ottis felt it was feeding time, or just wanted some of your food, he would fake sneeze, growl, bark and throw a tantrum! He was known to throw things across the room for your attention! If it fit in his mouth, he would throw it! ๐Ÿ˜Š If you were washing the dishes, he would walk behind you and give a quick lick on the back of each leg! Cutest thing ever! We referred to them as drive by lickings! We miss you sweet boy and can’t wait to see you again! ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•





Squeakie Wasserman

Squeakie, my baby girl and her brother Snowie. Snowie died 5 years ago, but they were both together with me since they were 1 year old. He was 14 and she was 19 when they died. I miss them both so much. Thank you for your care and kindness during that difficult time with Squeakie.






Kadi Rigney

Kadi was always busy, never had a mean bone in her body and wouldn't hurt anyone. That is anyone on the inside of our home, she protected the outside visiously in our fenced in yard! She was the best dog anyone could ever have and will always be in our hearts!








Archer Townsend

In memory of Archer








Buddy & Beanie Poole

In memory of Buddy & Beanie
Our sweet Buddy boy came into our lives 16 years ago and was such a blessing to our family. He was so gentle, so loving and so loyal to all of us. Our Beanie girl joined our family 14 years ago. Although she was small, she was ferocious and our great protector. Unlike Buddy, Beanie did not like too many people and definitely didn’t like other animals, except for her Buddy, but she sure loved us. The two of them were inseparable from the time they first met each other. They were always together in life, they were together when they passed on May 29, 2021 and they will be together forever in Heaven. Our hearts are still broken and we miss them terribly, but we have some comfort in knowing they are together forever and we will see them again one day.
Thank you again,
The Poole family


Oliver Anderson

We were lucky enough for Oliver to pick us for his family! We lost our sweet boy to CHF on June 1, 2021. 13 years wasn't long enough to spend with him. We couldn't have asked for a better companion, he always knew when we needed him the most. He loved snuggles, walks, treats and was just so gentle and kind. He was my shadow, my best friend, even more now that my kids grew up and moved out. I always said I enjoyed being home alone, didn't realize until I lost Ollie that I wasn't ever alone, he was always by my side to keep me company. It's quiet and lonely without him but I know he's not in pain or suffering anymore. I hope he knew how much he was loved because we felt his unconditional love for us all. Until we meet again buddy! We will love you forever and remember you alwaysโค๏ธ


Trixie Stover

Trixie, I got you when you where just a few years old. Your family was going to put you down because they deemed you as "mean". I took you in and gave you all the love and safety and could ever ask for. Within a few months you became comfortable with me and would sleep next to my pillow. Over time, you would roll over and let me pet your belly. You would relax in my arms when I picked you up, and you'd come when I would call your name. I knew what your meows meant, even though I didn't always do what you wanted (because 1. I'm not your slave, and 2. you did not always need more food when you still had food left in your bowl!). You learned to sit when I asked, and you'd go to the door when I said "outside". You would pop up and start purring whenever I entered the room. And you never, ever missed the chance to be in the bathroom with me, even when I tried to shut the door. You let me dress you up occasionally, and thoroughly enjoyed your daily brushing. You were the most vocal cat I've ever met. I miss having our fake little conversations, and the way you would announce yourself when you came back in from doing whatever you do outside. I miss the way you would so rudely grab my hand and pull it toward you when I was eating something that you wanted. I miss being woken up by you licking my face. I miss the smug look you had when sitting up high, and the way you would glare at the roomba. I tried getting you so many toys, but you were most happy with a simple shoe lace... and cat nip. You loved cat nip! We had such a good life together. I was always so proud of the good and loving kitty you turned out to be after your first family had given up on you. I'm so thankful I was able to save you and bond with you and give you the best life. Your nuzzles and purrs and interactions showed me how much you loved me back. I'll never forget you my little girl.

Carmella Borda Braund

Here's the story behind this little gal. Thirteen years ago this dear cute pup dog came across my computer. Her and siblings were found on the side of the road in a box and she was the only one that survived and was looking for her forever home. I decided I wanted to adopt her however she had already found a home.. I was telling my friend about this pup dog and she said, my son adopted her. I knew she had found a good home. Fast forward twelve years and sadly, my friend's son lost his life and this pup dog came to live with me. Isn't that bizarre that after twelve years the dog that I was going to adopt was now a part of my family. I was blessed to have Carmella for a little over a year and she sure left paw prints on my heart. She was a warrior till the end and I know while it is hard to say good bye and I miss her so, her daddy was waiting for her and they are together running free.


Bentley Druckenmiller

From the day we got you we were so much in love with you, you gave us so much pleasure and laughs for 17 years. We couldn’t have asked for a better boy! You will always be in our hearts, run free baby boy, until we meet again.





Gizmo Cote

Gizmo was my independent loving boy who conquered everything and anything life threw his way. A loving companion that will be dearly missed.






Baylee Eshleman

In memory of Baylee
๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ•Š2006 โค๏ธ 2021 ๐Ÿ•Š๐Ÿพ.
My forever loving, faithful and loyal companion. Crossed the Rainbow Bridge peacefully and with dignity 5/27/21. Forever in my heart and thoughts daily. Till we meet again run and play pain free. โค๏ธ











Sandi Quarantiello

Sandi was just 9 days old when we met her on January 31, 2006 and we were in love ever since. Her white patch of fur on her chest and one white toe was just the cutest on her tiny sandy colored body. Sandi was the best dog and best friend anyone could ever have. Sandi loved her walks and wasn't afraid to let the whole neighborhood know when she was ready to come into the house after playing in the yard, lol. We are going to miss her deeply, especially seeing those big brown eyes at the door to greet us every time we came home. We love you Sandi.


Lexi Santoyo

Lexi, Thank you for 11 wonderful years and being the best dog! You will forever be missed I love you.







Kruiser Livingston

Kruiser is surely missed.









Dixie Waltersdorff

She was a tough girl, but very loyal and loved her family very much. Dixie will be greatly missed and remembered.







Jib Reed

From the moment I first saw him, I knew Jib would be my baby forever. He had the sweetest puppy dog eyes, which he used to get everything he wanted. Cuddles and kisses, belly rubs and hiney scratches, and treats... So many treats! Jib was the kind of dog you wish humans could be like. My handsome Jib, not a moment goes by that I don't think of you. You know you will always be my favorite man, my bubby, my Jibby. Sailor and Harbour have been taking care of me since you've been gone. Sleeping up against me at night like you used to do. They still line up for treats in the same order as when you were here. And I know that it's because you're still here. I feel you in my heart, and in the hearts of everyone in our family. I'm comforted knowing you are at peace, with no pain, no itchies, bouffin at other dogs, eating too many boney's and running free. I love you forever, my Jibby. Always have, always will. โค๏ธ






Tyson Willow

In memory of Tyson
10/21/10~ 5/21/21
Forever in our hearts.








Keelee Park

I am forever grateful for the 12 wonderful years that I got to spend with sweet Keelee. Every pet is special, but sometimes one comes along that bonds with you in a way that’s undeniably different, and that was what I had with Keelee. Our paths were brought together 12 years ago while I was out for a walk and heard a tiny cry coming from some tall grass on the side of the road. I looked and saw a little kitten looking back at me, and it was immediately obvious that she was sick and needed help. It was just like she was calling out to me to come help her. I believe she understood that I rescued her that day, and that was the foundation of our beautiful relationship. All her life, she just wanted to be near me- she’d lay on my desk as I worked and used my hand as a pillow, she’d follow me from room to room as I went around the house and every night, she’d sleep by my side. She had adorably huge eyes and the way she’d look at me, full of such love, will always be one of my favorite memories of her. Goodbye, sweet baby Keelee. Thank you for 12 years of beautiful companionship, comfort and love. I gave you the title, “Best Kitty Ever”, and you earned that title 100 times over. I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter, gentler, more loving cat. You were absolutely perfect for me and I am so thankful that you were mine. I hope you know just how much you were loved and adored. I truly believe we were meant to find each other that day, all those years ago.๐Ÿ’•

Mollie Emory

Mollie was the sweetest, most loving and caring dog you could ever meet. She loved kids and kids loved her. She would play football and wrestle around with our son and she would snuggle up and cuddle with our daughter. I run an in home daycare and Mollie always loved all the little kids. They would love on her, give her treats and play with her. She would even sleep with them at naptime. We all miss her so much and she will forever hold a special place in all of our hearts


Rocky Evans

Our little boy came into our lives at 9 weeks old. He immediately stole all of our hearts. As the years went by, everything our family did revolved around him. He was 100% a family member, not just a pet. Every holiday was special with him, and every birthday was celebrated with him. Our love for him never stopped growing. When he left us, he took a chunk of each of our hearts with him. We will miss you, Rocky. You will forever be our "buddy."






Pandora Sandefur

Pandora was the perfect example of a gentle giant. From the moment we brought her home to the moment she passed she knew what we needed. She always took care of her humans, whether it be getting them back to their vehicle on a hike or protecting them by laying in front of the door.She had given us a few scares over the years; eating four bags of chocolate, having a hotspot that turned into an abscess, and eventually her inability to walk on her own.While she was never a dog that liked to play, the snow always brought out the puppy in her.She loved playing in it with her kids and knocking them over.There was nothing she loved more than getting into human food that everyone thought was out of reach.She was the perfect example of the Saint Bernard characteristics that were showed in Beethoven and was the opposite of Cujo.We were lucky to have her for ten amazing years and she will forever be missed.


Bella McDowell

In Loving Memory of Bella McDowell 2013-2021 Our hearts are sad. We love and miss you. Our time together was way too short. Go find your brother and run wild and free.







Isabelle Crowe

In memory of Isabelle
Also known as Izzy, Izzpurr, Purr Box, Mama, Mama Bear
Isabelle joined our family when she was abandoned near our condo at just 6 months old. We instantly fell in love with her sweet demeanor, silky soft fur, round whiskers, cartoon paws, and big eyes. She spent the next 14 years sleeping, playing with her big brother and little sister, eating lots of tuna, and trying to capture the strange red laser bugs that randomly came and went out of nowhere. As a healer, Izzy helped her Mom through several traumas and tragedies with patient hugs, gentle purrs, and lots of love. Across the Rainbow Bridge, Izzy joins her feline brother, Curly Joe, and her mouse sisters, Frolic and Yuna. She is survived by her human parents, Jessica and Greg, and her feline siblings, Luna, Apollo, Artemis, and Nana. We love you so much, baby girl. We can feel you watching over us. Until we meet again, enjoy playing in the Fields with your brother and sisters.


Cali Stibitz

Cali came to us as a stray 15 years ago as a kitten. The neighbor children named him “Coco Cali”. When temperatures dropped, it broke our hearts and we took him in, gave him a home & shortened his name to “Cali”. He was never left outside again and was very happy with his friends inside. He was always very loving, not a lap cat but liked to sit next to my husband mostly. He slept with us and purred so loud he would sometimes keep us awake. He begged at the dinner table and although we didn’t give in, he never gave up. When I lost my husband, we both felt the loss. I know now he is spending time with “daddy” again as I will someday too. Miss you so much Cali...








Bonds Miley

Cancer gave you a run, thunderstorms tried your anxiety, fencing was no match for you, relocating and adding brothers never stopped you from being who you were. No matter if we were away for 30 minutes or 7 days you greeted us the same every single day. You were all bark and no bite just a big teddy bear who loved his older brother (Duke). Your stubbornness was unmatched, if you didn’t want to walk one direction it was not happening you would just flip down and spread out, your strength walking in the snow was unparalleled, could have been a sled dog with your power. When I first got you, 14 years ago, I needed you more than anything, that final year all you needed was me. Kidney disease was the final test and I don’t see it as you failing but more of your a healthy pup again for eternity and that itself is the ultimate A+. Mommy Crystal, Daddy Corey, brothers Duke and Scout all miss you buddy and hey guess what!? Just like I promised you, that bone you hid on your final night with us is exactly where you left it and we will always leave that for you to dig up when you come to visit soon to be baby Reese. We all love you Bonds, please keep that smile shining down on us. We will see you again some day and we can sit by the grill once more.


Bentley Daniels

A few memories are boating at the lake. Throwing Frisbee everyday was his favorite thing to do. Everywhere Bentley went so did the Frisbee and everywhere we went Bentley went or we did not go. He was so full of love and life even after he became a tripawd we thought the cancer would be gone but just 16 days as a tripawd cancer won. I miss his big kisses, holding my hand, seeing me off to work and greeting me at the door when getting home. Following me everywhere around the house and sleeping in my bed. Bentley was my best friend by far. We miss him deeply, he was the best. He will always be in our hearts.



Shiloh Hare

Shiloh January 9, 2009 to May 14, 2021.
Shiloh, my sweet boy. He's all tuckered out from a day of playing and running, Shiloh loved to run and play, smell flowers and go for rides in the car. After a Vet visit, we would take him to Arby's for a roast beef slider which he enjoyed. He liked sleeping with us on our bed. Nights my husband fell asleep in his recliner Shiloh would sleep part of the knight in the bedroom with me and then I would hear him go into the living room to sleep next to my husband's chair. He always liked going to get the mail with my husband. He loved us as much as we loved him. I will miss him greeting us when we come home, resting his head on my foot and his gentle, kind, and loving soul.It broke our hearts when he crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but he won't be in pain any more.Shiloh you are loved and missed.
Arthur and Linda Hare



Max Von Beamer

My Maxy boy loved all the pets and then some he could get out of you, he loved to lay in the sun, his little nub moved quicker than anything and gave kisses all the time until he didn’t. I miss him so much my heart hurts so much without him!








Junior Grimm

Believe it or not, we only had him for a year. We adopted him as a senior dog, knowing he had some mobility issues. We didn’t know the extent however and by the time he passed, he was completely immobile. He was, even in the last weeks, the sweetest and most loving boy. In just a year he brought so much joy to us. We got him all sorts of treatments to improve his condition when it could be improved. He LOVED going to the vet and they loved him - really everyone he met loved him except maybe our cats ๐Ÿ˜Š. He came on vacation with us last summer and was able to even eat at restaurants with us on the patio. He loved people and attention and would let you know if he wasn’t getting enough. He had a special bond with my husband who didn’t grow up with dogs and didn’t consider himself a “dog person.” However whenever Junior needed some extra love, my husband was there to provide it. Junior is our second senior dog we’ve adopted. Though he and Gertrude (with us till 2019) we’re only with us a short time, we really hope they left happy, and knowing how loved they are. I will always advocate for adopting seniors. Thank you for the service you provide. Your team is kind, compassionate, and respectful. Shannon

Pokey Lawson

She was a stray who the Humane Society named Fantastic. We renamed her Pokey because she looked like Pokey the horse in Gumby, all skinny wobbly stick legs. In her younger years we said she belonged on a farm or in the wild. She wanted to hunt. We could never get an electric fence because we knew it wouldn’t stop her. If she wanted to chase something, she would. We quickly learned that she wouldn’t have lasted long in the wild at all, because that dog needed couches, and blankets, and pillows. Never one to be content on the floor, she owned the couch and our bed and was very precise about how her nests needed to be. We could always count on her for a cuddle. 13+ years is a long time. She’s been with my husband and I for most of our relationship. Our entire life in this house was spent with her. Every floor, door and window frame bears her mark in some way. We’ll miss you so much Pokey, but we are completely at peace knowing you no longer reside in a rapidly deteriorating body. You are, once again, Fantastic.

Sophie Thomas

We lost our Sophie on February 25, 2021. I miss her every day. Morning, noon, and night. She was 10 1/2 years old. She was a blessing to our family. When my son moved out and my daughter went off to college. Her and I became even closer. She was always there for me. She knew when I was having a bad day and would stay by my side. The house is empty without her. And my heart is broken. She took a big piece of my heart with her. She was such a sweet girl. But it didn't start out that way. She thought she had to be boss. So we had to get through that and we did. And I couldn't ask for a better friend. We went on walks. She was a people dog. She loved everyone she met. And she thought they all had to stop and talk to her and they did. She was so excited to learn new tricks. We learned how to shake, sit, stay, crawl and speak. She loved to play ball. Play with all her toys. Sophie was a Golden Retriever. But she thought she was a lapdog. And that was fine with us. And she loved the UPS guy. She always got her treat. Even if I wasn't getting a package. I could go on and on. But it hurts too much. And I can't see through all the tears. Sophie, I miss you dearly. And this is not good bye. I will see you again. I'm just glad you are not in pain anymore. And you still are" My Sunshine". I love you. Until we are together again. โคโคโคโค


Twix Weiser

In memory of my sweet Twix. She showed up at my back door about 13 years ago. Brought her in because I made an appointment at the SPCA to have her fixed before she got pregnant not knowing that I was too late. She gave birth to six kittens, found homes for 3 of them and kept her and the other 3 kittens which we named Snickers, Biscuit, and Zimmy. She has just been a wonderful addition to our family and we will greatly miss her. I want to thank Peaceful Pet Passage for making it a little easier.





Hank Noll

We wanted to say thank you for the kindness shown to us while having our sweet boy Hank cross the rainbow bridge. It was such a difficult decision as he was not even three years old. The vet that came to our house was calming, thoughtful and so kind. Peaceful Pet passage was the best decision for us as Hank was laying in the yard with our son when he crossed. He had seizure after seizure while on 4 different medications. We know he is at peace now, no more seizure and all of that medication. We hope he has made new friends and is running, playing, and having so much fun. Hank was fun, sweet, love his people and loved playing with other dogs. He had so many friends in our neighborhood and would lay down when he met a little dog so that they wouldn’t be afraid of him. He was such an amazing friend, and we miss him so much every day.


Mojo Houtz

Mojo was not just a dog, not just a companion, he was part of our family. He gave so much more than he took. He loved unconditionally. He was such a happy boy right up to the end as cancer took him from us. He loved going for rides, eating the last bite of whatever I was eating, playing fetch, swimming in any water he could find but what he loved most was belly rubs and being with his family. I will always love and remember him. If love could have saved him, he would have lived forever. I would like to thank Peaceful Pet Passages for making one of our hardest days a little easier. I know that my boy’s pain is over, and he passed peacefully at home in familiar surroundings with the people that he loved and that loved him.
Thank you,
The Houtz Family


Chubs Hoyle

Exactly one week ago today(5/4/2021) Dr. R and Joe helped us assist our sweet little gray girl, Chubs, onto her next journey. Everything from the appointment set-up, actual day of saying goodbye, and the follow up was seamless and really peaceful. We had beautiful weather on the deck, her favorite place, with her cat and dog sisters: Seymour & Daisy present. I couldn't imagine doing this really difficult thing any other way. We miss Chubs SO MUCH but find so much comfort in knowing we did things the best way possible with the best help from PPP.
Thank you,
Jamie and Justin Hoyle





Abbey Runkel

Abbey came to us when she was about 4 years old and lived to be almost 11 years old. While that’s incredible for a giant breed, it still was not long enough for us. Abbey was the sweetest soul you ever met. She was happy and affectionate. She had a high tolerance and patience, even with our new rescue and our puppy when they sometimes played too roughly with her. Abbey loved people and everyone absolutely adored her. We had many people say they wanted to take our sweet girl home with them. Abbey was the epitome of a gentle giant. She was generally quiet, but she had the biggest presence. We are left with huge, gaping holes in our hearts from her passing. This photo was taken of Abbey in front of the Mother’s Day dogwood tree from her and her fur brother and fur sister.






Milo Griffith

Milo 9/2/2006 - 5/4/2021
I got Milo when I was 12 years old. I had just read the book "Shiloh" for a school report and desperately wanted a canine friend like the boy in the novel. I begged and pleaded with my dad every day until he finally said yes to getting a puppy. Milo wasn't always the easiest dog to train, he was a typical terrier, stubborn and sometimes even spiteful. However, he was there through it all with me - middle school, high school, even college - he would always be there, the same spunky energy when I would come home on weekends during college. After college I moved out of my parent's house and Milo came along for the ride and was my apartment buddy for the whole journey. He loved to hang on the couch and go for long walks until the two of us couldn't walk anymore. His last few years were tough with his many medical needs, but he always stuck by my side through thick and thin, and I stuck by his. I find comfort in knowing he is safe and healthy across the rainbow bridge and his ailments no longer cause him suffering. I am forever grateful for his companionship through over half of my lifetime. until we meet again some day. โค Thank you Peaceful Pet Passage for making this very hard situation a lot more peaceful and easy to work through.
Sara Griffith


Molly Fleming

This girl LOVED every one, either human or animal. Molly was the sweetest girl, very well behaved. She was happiest just being close to her family. She rarely gave kisses but you knew she loved you. I was her person. She would follow me everywhere. The ache I have missing her is unbearable but I am thankful she is no longer hurting. Thank you for the care and compassion you showed us during and after her passing. We know she is resting in peace. Kindly, Deb Fleming and Herb Webb





Kava Bream

Kava came to us from a rescue center in Alabama. She had been treated and recovered from stage 4 heart worm disease. She was severely underweight when we rescued her. A friend gave us a recipe for homemade dog food made out of venison burger. Kava thrived and gained weight until she was 100 pounds. Kava was a daddy’s girl and was by his side at all times. If she wasn’t she left you know she wasn’t happy. ๐Ÿ˜€ She loved to go for walks, car rides and just be in the outdoors. She was afraid of loud noises but not much else. The most important thing about our beloved Kava was the love and joy she brought to this family. The Wayne Bream Family







Junior Kiner

We have so many memories about Junior that we can’t pick just one. He was a very good cat. He may have been very protective of his mom, but he was always a good cat. One memory I have of Junior is that 2 years ago, I was in a car accident. He knew his mom wasn’t feeling well and he was by my side the whole time until I recovered. He was comfort cat. He laid beside me on my chair. He was by my side back in bed. He kept himself close to me letting me know that he wasn’t going anywhere. Anytime I would come home from work, as soon as he heard my car, he was on my chair sitting and waiting for me to walk into the door to greet him. Sean and Abby had him ever since he was a kitten. Sean always remembered him as when they would go to bed, he would have his paws wrapped around Sean’s arm all through the night. That is how he slept. They would always play. Junior would chase Sean back and forth in the house. We would get him cat nip toys and watch him go insane. Junior would sleep in Abby’s bassinet when she was baby. That was his sister and he was protecting her. More times than we could count, as Abby got older, he wanted his attention from his sister. She would lay on the floor and he would head butt her and paw at her hair. We will miss Junior so much because he was a part of the family. Mom, Dad and Sissy miss you buddy and will always keep you close to our hearts โค๏ธ

Luke Stambaugh

You gave us 14 years of unconditional love and protection. One of the hardest things was saying goodbye, but I know you are finally running free with your son Noah. We will miss you always. Until we meet again our baby Luke ๐Ÿ’™






Harley Knabe

12/28/2015- 04/30/2021
Harley I don't even know where to begin. When we picked you out you were only 1 week old, then at only 4 weeks old we picked you up because your Mom had to many puppies to feed and you were the runt. Your Dad bottle fed you until you started eating enough solids. You were our empty nest relief, with our children gone out of the house raising their own family you were just what we needed to fill that void. You were so full of energy and always on guard protecting us. You loved to hang out on the deck chasing squirrels and bird watching. You also loved to go to the camper. Your love for the grandchildren "the kids" will never be forgotten. I pray for the day we meet again. RIP our honey boy!!!!!


Mr. Edward Kittens Crane

Mr. Edward Kittens 12/23/2015 ~ 03/31/2021
Mr. Kittens was a stray. A cat that was neutered, declawed and abandoned. We don't know where he came from or who he belonged to but we do know that Mr. Kittens had chosen us. He wondered onto our property and boldly introduced himself to our dogs. After some due diligence and failure of finding any owners, we accepted him into our home. His hard journey was over. He started coming into the house when he was ready. You could tell he had been out wondering for a long time. He slowly started adjusting to everyday routines and family noises. As the years passed he continued to re-domesticate himself. He had found his forever home. No matter the why’s or the how’s, Mr. Kittens became a part of our family. In life and death he is surrounded in love and will always have a home. Just as suddenly as he appeared so has he departed. Mr. Kittens, You have found your forever home. We love and miss you so very much. We will meet again when the time is right. Until then, be at peace KittyCat. Love, Mommy, Daddy and Riley



Koda Rudacille

Koda was found at a dump on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, where someone had left her. I adopted her and named her Koda, which means "friend" in Sioux. She needed me and I needed her. The vet said she looked like she was about 4 when I adopted her and I was blessed to have her by my side many more years after that. I got married, had kids, and she was with me through it all...some of the best times and the worst times, she was my quiet companion always near. I could never repay her for the loyalty and love she gave me and my family. I miss her so much...good bye my old friend.


Bella Paulukow

13 Years ago, Bella was "snuck" into our lives. Our daughter was offered a kitten and said Yes without really checking. She was hidden in my daughter's room for a couple of days. Anyway, we grew to Love Bella, of course. As a kitten she was so much fun! As she got older, being a Tortie, it was all on her terms attentionwise. She was a good indoor cat though, she did make the Great Escape a couple of times throughout our years with us. Bella gave us Great Joy and Entertainment and our Hearts hurt without her in our lives.




Zoey McDonald

We had Zoey for 17 wonderful years. We adopted her when she was a year old. The day I brought her home from the shelter, she was not in a good mood. Plus we had a long car ride home. My husband was not in favor of getting another cat, but I brought her home anyway. I put her in the spare bathroom to calm down (she was fighting mad). My husband wanted to meet her – but I didn’t want him to since she was so upset and I was afraid she would be mean and he would not like her. He went in to the bathroom to meet her anyway, and she immediately jumped on the counter and put her paws right on his shoulders! It was love at first sight – for both of them! From that moment on, she was his cat. It was always a test of wills between her and me – she always tried to outsmart me. She could be a troublemaker as well. She loved stealing rags (from anywhere) and would sometimes grab the end of a paper towel roll and drag paper towels through the whole house! My husband said she was smartest cat he ever met. She was always by his side when he felt bad. She was definitely a nurse cat! RIP Zoey – you will be deeply missed. We loved you so much.


Bun Bun Williams

Our dear Bun Bun. You were a special rabbit who will always be in our hearts ♥๏ธ













Tiger Mohan

Tiger was a super smart boy, he knew his toys by name and would bring what you asked him for. He had a funny personality, if he was doing something he knew was wrong and you caught him and yelled at him he would turn away and yawn to play it off. He was always a happy boy with his nubby wagging and bouncing across the floor with all four legs off the ground at the same time when he was super excited. He loved everyone to pay attention to him and was very vocal about it. He had a smile he would sometimes show and he lived to lay on and stick his face in his daddy’s sneakers. He was such a special boy and we will always love him. We miss him everyday.



Squirrel Fullam

After almost 16 years of memories and adventures, I had to say goodbye to my Squirrel. From day one he was an absolute presence in my life. He made sure to be an active part of every aspect of my day, and always had to have the last word in our many conversations. I saw his health declining, but part of me denied it because my heart couldn’t handle the thought of being without him. He was the meow-thiest cat with the biggest personality and making the decision to say goodbye to him was one of the hardest I’ve ever made. I’m so grateful for the years we had, and I will always miss my furry old man.



Oliver Rickards

Oliver was a rescue from the streets of Harrisburg. He was the sweetest most curious cat. He was always by my side quite literally. No matter where I was, he was right there in the same room watching what I was doing, if not laying on me or pressed against me on the couch each night. For twelve years Oliver was there for me no matter what was happening in my life both good and bad. And at the end I had to make the hard decision to do what was right for him. I still think of him every day and half expect him to jump up on my desk and lay on top of all the papers I am working on, and maybe he still is. Oliver left a lasting mark on me that I will never forget.



Gidget Geda

Our sweet girl Gidget who we had to let go of after 14 years. We do appreciate the kindness and comfort provided by PPP in this difficult time. Thanks, Lauren Geda





Sofie Spidle

Our Precious Sofie girl...what a privilege to be your pet parents!! In spite of all the life-long health issues you dealt with you still gave us unconditional love, tons of snuggles and laughs to last a lifetime. You were our travel buddy and you loved to go on Harley trike rides with us. You loved to take walks with us and always greeted the neighbors and their fur kids. You loved getting belly rubs and scratches behind your ears. Our hearts are aching and your passing has left a huge emptiness in our lives but we know you’re resting now. So we’re holding on to all those wonderful memories you gave us for 14-1/2 years our Sofie Angel. We’re so appreciative of the service provided by Peaceful Pet Passing for giving you the respect and dignity you deserved. We will love you always! โค๏ธโค๏ธ Mom and Dad



Sophie Fullerton

I deeply miss my little girl, Sophie, she was almost 14 years old and her health was declining. She gave me many years of happiness, joy and filled me with love and laughter, and when I held her all the stress of the day melted away. She was a perfect pet and everything I could have wished for in a dog! You are always in my heart...




Applehead "Appy" Pertusio

Oh, Applehead... Where should I begin and how could I conclude? You were born on Tuesday, April 19th, 2005 and blessed all who crossed your path until your last breath on Thursday, April 15th, 2021 (just 4 days shy of what would have been your 16th birthday). In your short time walking this Earth, you and I have conquered many mountains together, haven't we? You stood beside me when I would often feel alone. You even walked with me through my childhood abuse, taking some of that on your own shoulders so I wouldn't have to. Seeing you for the first time made me a believer in love at first sight. Gosh, Applehead... You were so tiny. You actually fought and won the battle of kennel cough just before we met. Although you almost died at just a mere few weeks old, you were already stronger than I'd ever comprehend. I owe you so much for being my sidekick exterminator. I'd be yelling at the bugs and you'd reluctantly be standing there next to me, after I'd wake you from your nap to help me. I don't really know what I was expecting you to do, but your company made me braver against those scary bugs. I'll miss your whining grunts and stomping paws when I didn't get up early enough to take you outside. I'll miss seeing you fall so peacefully asleep in the sunshine, or in front of our fireplace. I'll miss blow drying your fur when you'd get wet from the rain. I'll miss the way your tail looked like an unmanned fire hose when you'd swim. I'll miss the instant drool at the thought that you'd get a crumb of table scraps and how you'd literally finish your scoop of vanilla ice cream in just one gulp. I'll miss your streamlined jumps from the bed. I'll miss your hopping, statue-like stance whenever you thought someone was at the door. I'll miss spoiling you with your vacuum cleaner massages. I'll miss your teeth chattering whenever you'd smell something strong. I'll miss your "corn-on-the-cobbing" (nibbling on your legs). I'll miss cradling you in my arms so tightly while you slept. I'll miss how you'd sleep under the covers all night long. I'll miss taking you to Pawsabilities and watching you win 1st place in contests for eating and leaving treats. I'll miss the "poop shop" and "lemonade stand" days. I'll miss your many tricks, including the one that most dazzled everyone (you would ring a bell every time you wanted to go outside, which was practically every 5 minutes!). I'll miss gazing into your big, beautiful, chocolate brown eyes. One of my fondest memories is of us, sleeping side by side in bed. We went to bed like any other night, only this time, we woke up in such a special way. I was laying on my right side with my right arm out. You were right in front of me, snuggled up so close/tight and I was spooning you. Your head laid right on the pillow in front of mine with my left arm wrapped around you. Honestly, I'll never forget that moment when I woke up in pure love and amazement. You and I truly were connected on a deeper level, weren't we? One memory that will haunt me is during our last moments together, I swear you knew what was about to happen. The way you tried to get up and save yourself, the crying/howling of absolute helplessness and hopelessness, all the while not wanting to leave me. And then you laid back down and allowed me to hold your head in my hands. You allowed me to be with you when you took your final breath. I looked you in your beautiful eyes and then became the last thing you ever saw. Oh, how I wish I could look into your big brown eyes just one more time... That will haunt me forever. But even so, I loved you enough to let you go, not that I ever wanted or planned to. I wish that it could have been different, but I'm just so thankful that I could be there with you. Baby boy, I am so sorry that there was not enough time allotted so that we could be together and I could spoil you you even longer. I'm sorry you didn't live to see your 16th birthday. I'm sorry for every time I had to leave you home to run an errand. I'm sorry for any extra walk you wanted to take and didn't get to. I'm sorry Hannah and Noah didn't get the chance to know and love you the way I did. I'm sorry for all the times in your life, when I'd try to put your best interests in heart, if they ever hurt your heart in some way. I am so, so, so sorry to have had to let you go and hope you can forgive me... ๐Ÿ’” Applehead, as I told you every chance I could, as well as during our first and last times together... Thank you for blessing my life with yours. Thank you for loving me even when I lost my way. Thank you for hanging on as long as you did (I'm pretty sure you lived more lives than a cat). You were my protector, my blanket of miracles. I always believed that if there was one dog that could figure out a way to beat death, it would have been you. Your uniqueness, your spunk, your strength... Your unconditional love, your loyalty, your intelligence... I don't know if any other dog could ever be half the dog/best friend you were/are, but what I do know for sure is that I am forever grateful for your existence. Hannah (age 5) wants to tell you: "I love you, Applehead." Noah (age 3) wants to tell you: "I love you, Applehead. I wish I could pet you really nice. I want to snuggle with you and play with you when you're a real person when you come." Grandmom (age 56) wants to tell you: "Applehead, My Dearest Grand-Doggie: I remember that wonderful day in Florida when I met eyes with you for the first time in the Pet Shop when I was looking to get you for my Cassandra for her Graduation gift. She wanted you so bad. Seeing you trying to walk, as you were such a tiny lil' thing in that cage was so adorable I had tears in my eyes. We purchased you as it was love at first sight. We took you home and you became so very sick that night and I laid on the floor and slept by your side. You had kennel cough. You over-came that and every other issue in your life from that point forward. You were always a fighter and you are now with God and at the Rainbow Bridge running and playing with Fredrick and all the other pets. Grandmommy misses you so much my sweetie. You will be loved and missed forever. Let your wings soar. Love, Grandmom XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO" The last thing I need to say is that I love you and will always miss you. While it's disappointing to not have you anymore, you never once disappointed me and if there ever was a time that I was upset with something you did, I forgave you long ago. I will make sure I tell the story of you within my life story. You may be physically gone, but you'll always be very present in my life and if what they say is true and there is a Rainbow Bridge, then I pray you'll wait for me there (with Fredrick) so I can be with and never have to separate from you again. I pray that you rest in the sweetest love, happiness, health, harmony, freedom and peace you so deserve. God bless you, Applehead. Someday, our paths will cross again, but until that day comes, I am forced to say goodbye for now, my first true love... *kiss* I will always love and miss you more than yesterday, but forever less than tomorrow, Applehead, Mommy Cassandra (& Hannah | Noah | Grandmom) ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผโค๏ธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผโค๏ธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผโค๏ธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผโค๏ธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

Liberty Meek

Where do I begin...I don't even know. As Peaceful Pet Passage knows, we lost my beloved Cira in November to osteosarcoma. Diagnosis in August and our final goodbye on her birthday, the day before mine in November. We had time to plan and say goodbye, as hard as it was. My very good friend Marta was having a beautiful litter. She came to me and said she had decided we were getting pick of the litter. When I say to you I've never experienced anything more beautiful. I have not spoken more true words. I was able to watch momma grow, and ultimately able to deliver my own baby... We were blessed beyond measure with Liberty. When she was born and not to long after, she had a few minor issues with eating. No big deal. We loved her and would do whatever it took. As she got to 8 weeks she presented swallowing issues. Without getting too technical, she was treated and seen and watched closely. Liberty had to be on a liquid diet and watched constantly for aspiration. To come to the conclusion of PRAA. Which is a heart condition. We searched and researched and found a heart surgeon in state college. The tentative bill was 6k...ok we'll deal with it. When I tell you a whole village of people rallied around Liberty for months..I don't exaggerate. 100s if not 1000s of people learned her story. Wept with me, for me, for us. People donated...people I've never met. People who's hearts were melted by her story. Well wishes, prayers, messages, donations.....these people moved mountains. Marta was there every step, helping, supporting and praying. When we went for surgery...we were told there was a secondary issue of Larengeal Paralysis. It was critical we addressed it first. Liberty went for surgery Thursday and things did not go well. She vomited and aspirated several times. The last time she became unresponsive and had no brain activity. We had to say goodbye...never seeing her again. We drove two hours to pick her up, she wasn't going any where except Peaceful Pet Passage. I drove 350+ miles that day to do what I felt honored and respected our bond. I'll never regret that. My heart is broken without her and I'll miss her forever. My heart is at peace knowing she was lovingly respected and she is now home with us where she belongs. Thank you thank you...with every bit of my soul. Amanda

Deuce Hubbard

Deuce, an American Bulldog with a giant head & paws, was given to me at a local dogpark when he was about 2yrs. old. I already had an aging dog, Lemoyne, a Chocolate Lab PitBull mix, who was a bit overwhelmed at first but, with my help, learned to assert his seniority over the rambunctious Deuce & Oh Boy was Deuce a handful for a few years. Two weeks after he was given to me, for free, Deuce ran up to me at that same dog park w/something in his mouth, stared me down & made his famous monster noise which was his version of a bark. I said "drop it" & Deuce gulped, swallowing the object. I took him in for X-rays which revealed a mini, hollow, rubber football that had re-expanded to fill the entirety of the inside of his stomach. It had to be surgically removed for about $3,000. Not exactly a free dog anymore but, I'm glad I saw him swallow it. Otherwise, a serious issue would have ensued later. Deuce would go on to chew one of each pair of my sneakers & eventually come into his own as a freelance champion frisbee player who mastered the laws of physics & aeronautics. People would come to the park just to watch his spectacular leaping frisbee catches. He then tore his Cruciate Ligament doing this & received more surgery leaving him with some hardware in his knee so, I had to bench him from his favorite activity. Once healed, his new activity became shredding any toy in the park into tiny pieces. Around that time my boy Lemoyne, known as The Mayor of The Dog park, was diagnosed with advanced cancer & shortly after I had to end his suffering. I was devastated. Deuce had never seen me like this & was a little freaked at first but, then came around to comfort me with his sweet & gentle alternate personality. It was a total contrast from his macho fly-boy dog park personality. Deuce was very dependent on me, like a child. Whereas Lemoyne was an independent maverick. Deuce got me through this with his loyalty, love & "Let's go, I'll make you proud Dad!" attitude. Before Deuce was too old to go in the fenced in, loose dog area of the park anymore, I had found he couldn't destroy Kong sticks so fast. This became his thing. Laying down & chewing or shaking his Kong at me & others while making monster noises. He even held his Kong upright, between his paws as he drank from a water bowl so no other dogs would take it. That was adorable! He was all about his toy and would ignore other dogs. When certain dogs were to persistent he'd either make a monster noise or get up walk away & lay down somewhere else. A couple times dogs attacked him for this & I'd have to bail him out as, at first he didn't want to drop his toy to defend himself. He'd just stand there enduring the attack, clenching the toy in his mouth & making monster noises until I reached him to pull off the other dog. Third time that happened he fought back immediately & I'd have to break up both of them unless someone was there to help. After a few of those incidents I no longer took him inside that area & began walking him elsewhere. He always trotted like a proud horse when he walked until his sports career caught up with him. As Deuce approached 15 yrs old he had terrible arthritis & maybe some senility. This was a heartbreaking process but, he was such a trooper. He thrived in every way until he fell apart & let me know it was his time to cross over. In his final moments he again reassured me with his licks & soulful gaze that I was doing the right by him & my Champion Deuce passed in my arms on 4/1/21 with absolute serenity. I couldn't have asked for a better boy than you Deuce. I love you & will never forget you. Thank you for your help Peaceful Pet Passage.

Linc Robison

Linc was a great boy. He was always a momma’s boy wherever she was he was. Buster & Linc were the best of friends.










Zena Francis

Zena, Z, Z girl was the love of my life. Best dog ever. I rescued her 7 years ago from New spirit4Aussie rescue, she had been found on the streets of NC with a flea allergy and no hair on her backend at all. She pretty much loved most humans . She loved boating, paddleboarding, fishing, swimming and hiking. She traveled with me from Canada to the Keys. She expected 2 walks a day, everyday. She is missed and will be missed every single day.




Tucker Hessler

John and I got Tucker from a kill-shelter in South Carolina. I saw his picture online and immediately knew that was the pup that I wanted. He was delivered to us at 3am on a snowy night in January. Since those first minutes with him, he has been part of the family. Everyone would comment on how handsome and friendly he was. Even when he got ill, he would still wag his tail and lift his head to give kisses - especially to his ‘uncle’ Tyler. John works weekends and I am fairly new to PA - so my true companion every weekend was Tuck. We walked the trails, gazed at the bald eagle’s nest waiting to catch a peek. We would go on endless car rides through the beautiful PA hills. I will miss him these times the most. Talking to him as if he was my child. I could go on and on - but he was loved and he loved back. Our hearts are broken. Beth, John and Tyler Hessler


Kal Daniels

We adopted Kal in February 2008. (Kal is short for Kalamazoo) To say I loved this boy is an understatement. My husband deployed to Iraq 9 months after we adopted Kal. I do not have any children, so Kal was like my child. He slept next to me every night for the past 13 years. He was a beagle/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix. He needed to have bodily contact with his humans at all times. A Velcro dog. Everyone that pet him commented on how soft his fur was! It was so soft. And his big brown eyes just melted my heart. He was a true beagle in that he loved food and treats. Several years ago, he had knee surgery. A year later, he needed surgery on the other knee. We got him a dog stroller and he loved it. He was used to long walks and I wanted him to be able to go out for the walks. The neighbors always smiled when they would see his stroller coming. He was the most handsome boy. He loved all people and his tail was always wagging. He loved car rides and loved bath time! He would jump in the tub. Kal loved pillows and was the King of Comfort. He was loyal and loving and we will miss him so much. In February 2020, they found a tumor. I prayed to God and asked for more time. Kal had the surgery to remove the tumor. We were so happy. God gave us one year. By February 2021, the tumor had returned and it was around his liver. The doctors said he might have 5-6 months. Sadly, we had to say goodbye on April 3, 2021. Until we see you again buddy….We love you, Mommy, Daddy, Milo and Pumpkin


Merlin Roy

Merlin arrived at my house on August 8, 2005 as a small gray fuzz-ball of a kitten. I adopted him shortly after losing my 18 year old tabby. I found him at the Mechanicsburg Humane Society and immediately fell in love with the gray ball of fur. He loved sleeping in the sun on our screened porch or by the fireplace warming his belly. His favorite toy was a purple and orange mouse with a long and he had a crotched blanket (“Ganky”) that he would drag around the house. I will miss seeing him drag that blanket down the steps (without tripping) to be next to me. Merlin enjoyed holding his brush with his paws and brushing himself. He was so photogenic that Pet Depot featured him as part of their advertising campaign in 2012. He was also selected as the Dillsburg Veterinary Center’s first Pet of the Month. Everyone always remarked about his fuzzy tail and extremely long whiskers. Merlin was my companion through the death of several family members and friends in the last few years. He was my buddy through this pandemic as well. He would have been 16 years old in August. He is deeply missed and I have a huge hole in my heart now. I am sure he is with my Mom now. I am thankful for Peaceful Pet Passages for allowing Merlin’s spirit to pass at our home. We all love you Merlin


Napoleon Deitz

Napoleon Deitz was the most kind patient fluffy and loyal puppy. We love you so much and will miss you forever . Until we meet again.






Sadie Harrison

We lost our precious Sadie on Saturday 4-3-21 to congestive heart failure and kidney failure. We adopted Sadie through Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center in Westminster, MD when she was 5 years old in 2012. She had been a tie-out in Baltimore City. She was not spayed so whenever she went into heat, every male dog from every county would come and fight over her. A neighbor reported the owner to Animal Control and the owner agreed to surrender her. She was taken to BARCS who contacted Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center. I volunteer with CSAC and offered to foster her. Well! I went to pick her up at Advanced Animal Hospital and found her with 5 drains in and around her neck and shoulders from all the bite wounds she endured. We spent 2 hours in a private room before she would even sit in my lap but even then I knew we would be foster failures. We officially adopted her that September and the rest is history. She was the best girl ever - never complaining about anything. She outlived two other dogs we had but in the last few months she had developed congestive heart failure. Over the months we had to increase her Lasix that put too much of a strain on her kidneys. The last week she spent 2 days in and out of oxygen at the vet and ER. When we finally brought her home, she refused to eat and her legs had become so very weak. We tried to syringe feed her but she wouldn't even open her mouth - I think she was telling us she was ready and asking us to help ease her transition. On 4-3-21, we granted her wish. She passed quietly as we promised her there would be no more pills in Heaven. Our lives and home are empty and we miss her terribly. Run free and healthy at the Bridge, dear Sadiebug. Until we meet again, mommy and daddy love and miss you.

Hunnie Blouse

She was born on 1-6-2011 to 4-4-2021… Hunnie was the sweetest and best dog. She will never be replaced.







Buster & Dixie Navas

Buster and Dixie sweet loving beautiful souls touched so many people. Thank you for the amazing memories and unconditional love you gave everyone. Forever in my heart.







Laney Wokulich

Laney spent most of her life as a stray or in an animal shelter until my former husband adopted her. When he passed away, we brought her home to live with us. She was feisty and cranky at first, but she softened and soon she was my favorite cat. When she wanted attention, she would look at me and softly extend her front paw and touch my hand. We had "meow conversations" where she would look at me and meow and I would meow back at her - this would go on for minutes at a time! I miss her more than I can say and I am so thankful to Peaceful Pet Passages for helping me make sure she knew she was loved until her last breath. โค



Bruiser Koppenhaver

It's been 5 days (4/1/2021) since Bruiser has passed and not a second goes by where we do not think of him. He was our best friend for a little over 15 years. We miss his bark, his cry, his snore, his love and affection! We miss hearing the chains on his color rattle, we miss hearing his footsteps on the hardwood. We miss laying on the grass in the hot sun with him. We just miss him so much. Our other pup Barkley misses Bruiser as well, we find him laying on Bruisers favorite spots throughout the house! Bruiser, you will always be thought of and loved.





Kaya Polinka

We have had Kaya since she was a puppy and were so excited to bring her home. We knew right away she was a happy, sweet, and goofy girl. She loved people especially kids and was so very gentle. She would just follow us around and loved being near us. She had a front leg that was bothersome to her sometimes, but she never let that stop her from chasing a squirrel or running across our yard at top speed. Her presence is deeply missed. Her time with us was shorter than we had hoped but we were blessed beyond measure to have her in our lives for the 9 years we did. We love you sweet girl! Until we meet again…




Leo Hawk

Leo was our first baby - a birthday gift to me from my husband, best gift ever. He was a quirky little thing, anxious and sweet, gave the best kisses. Had one true love - a squeaky green ball - once his little dog brother popped it, he was never the same! I must’ve bought 70 balls over the course of his lifetime. Nothing compared! Loved a good bully stick and scratch behind the ear. Once our toddler arrived - Leo became the top food stealer - helping him finish the meals he didn’t care for. So tolerant to a rough and tumble little boy. Never one to growl or bite. The sweetest companion we could ask for. Will miss him.





Louie Matias

Louie you there it’s Mason. I want to tell you it’s hard with out you but I know your not in pain anymore and your in heaven and are looking over me and dad mom and Marcie. We miss you so much. I hope I will se you in heaven one day. I love you Louie and I always will love you bye PS. I love you and you were my guardian and I need to thank you for guarding me. Love you so much Louie. If you were my Guardian on earth so plz be my Guardian angel.




Milo Mitten

We will always miss our sweet Milo. We rescued him when he was 4 weeks old. He was very sick with an upper respiratory and covered in fleas. We got him cleaned up and healthy and he immediately was adopted in to the family of three other cats. All of our other cats loved him immediately. He was so small that even a plate was too big, we gave him a shoe box to snuggle in.....thank you for your kindness during this difficult time. We truly appreciate it.




Hoagie Murphy

We adopted Hoagie at age 8 and in the 6 1/2 years we had him, he gave us unconditional love, barked every day 3-4 hours non-stop, ate countless pairs of socks, stole any human food items he could get his paws on, and gave as many kisses as he could. He was our best beagle boy and best friend. We will love and miss him forever. Lisa, Ashley, and Pigpen







Boo Pugh

Boo Pugh was a miniature wire haired dachshund that looked more like a little terrier as you can see by his coloring. He was with me for over 16 years and was my constant companion and even went to work with me every day. Boo was the most sweet and gentle dog and loved everyone. He didn't like to play with toys, but he loved to play hide and seek with me. He saw me though the most difficult times and was my best friend and the love of my life. Boo taught me to be a less selfish person and he gave me unconditional love. He now is one of my guardian angels and is watching over me until we meet again.



Squeaky Rohrer-Varner

A great cat he was! โค๏ธ May everyone be reminded, a week too early is better than an hour too late.








Pookie Tookie Kopp

Pookie Tookie was my friend of 16 years. She was cremated March 18th, 2021. Thank you for giving her a good place to rest.







Roxy Boss-Ruch

Roxy loved sunshine, running in the woods, stealing food, and lots of snuggling.






Ginger Marie Gumpper

This is my beautiful girl Ginger Marie Gumpper. The bright light in my day, my sweet baby girl. Always on alert to bark at passers by or an errant squirrel who would dare to come on our patio. She loved to go for walks, bark her greeting to everyone and stalk the rabbits and squirrels in our neighborhood. She loved to have her stuffed squeaky toys thrown to retrieve. Always waiting for her little ice cubes to be given every time the refrigerator door opened. You have a special place in our hearts and will be missed forever.




River Phillips

In memory of River Phillips






Pancake Witt

Pancake we miss and love you so much. We especially miss your "happy dance" when it was time for walks. You will forever be in our hearts. We love you, Kristi, Chris and Jason







Lucious Johnson

At just a year old Lucious was found on the side of the road protecting a 9 month old kitten. Someone had picked them up and made a post of Facebook marketplace about adopting both together. The comments on the post were awful. Talking about keeping the white cat and just getting rid of the kitten. I already had 3 cats so I was unsure. But it was the best choice I ever made. Lucious aka Lewshy Boiiiiii was funny. He played with his toy mice with his back legs. Always stuck a leg out if he was hiding behind a curtain, greeted me when I'd come home from work with what I'd call a "honk" (his excited meow), watched me cook every single meal but wanted nothing to do with my food since I'm a vegetarian. He loved sleeping, eating, and climbing. He had a tie while my black cat has a bow tie. My little businessmen!! Most of all he helped me through the toughest part of my life. My fiance passed away in 2018 from Leukemia. I got Lewshy and Beatrix several months later. I would only go in my room to change out of my work clothes. Lewshy somehow got in the room when I was changing and jumped right on the bed. Started meowing. From then on every night after work we had "Mommy Lewshy time". It was nice because my eldest cat typically gets a lot of my attention and I could really spend some one on one time with him. I was able to lay in my bed again because of that. He turned something that brought me so much pain, so much comfort and joy. Something I looked forward to every night. Lewshy had a heart of gold.

Baby Searfoss

" Baby " She was the most intelligent and smartest non-animal/animal I have ever been around. She was the Queen of my Cats. She thought she was better than the other cats and saw herself as a non-cat. Very devoted and trusting!






Bella Robenseifner

“Bella” Robenseifner died on Friday, March 12, 2021, due to complications from a rare inherited genetic disease. Only three years and four months old, Bella was God’s gift to us. While in the process of adopting Bella‘s brother, Binx, we found out that he had a sister recovering from injuries that she sustained prior to her rescue. Needless to say, we went from “just visiting“ the rescue shelter to adopting the brother and sister duo. Binx and Bella quickly became inseparable, like twins. You’d often find them playing together in the tub or bathroom, cuddling together, or napping closely to one another—many times difficult to see where one started and the other ended. Following nap time you could always catch them cleaning/bathing each other. If you weren’t a frequent visitor to the house, you probably didn’t get to meet Bella in person. She was extremely shy and cautious, most likely due to the loss of vision in her one eye. Bella’s trusted family, however, got to experience her true personality and watched her grow into a curious, lovable, affectionate, and at times a talkative young lady, who early-on earned the nicknames “baby girl” and “our little princess.” Bella continued to gain confidence as the months passed by, but then her incurable and uncomfortable medical issue surfaced, leading to two surgeries, yet only to have the issue return a third time in less than a year. With deep love and commitment to our baby girl Bella, we let her go to comfortable, final rest. Words cannot describe the emptiness, sadness and pain that we (especially Binx) are currently experiencing. Our hearts broken but lives better having spent precious time with her. Bella is now at peace in heaven, running and playing with the rest of her family and friends, waiting patiently to greet us at heaven’s gates when our time arrives.

Doc Witmer

Doc, aka “Mister” was an intelligent boy. He taught me how to understand his needs, to keep an open mind to possibilities and to trust my instincts. Although he wasn’t a lap kitty and didn’t like to be held, he did love affection and especially loved his grooming sessions. Doc loved to play with his boa teaser toy and especially loved catching the laser dot. He and his brother would chase each other around the house, wrestle with each other, and then settle into their tree hammocks in the window to soak up some sun. He taught himself how to open doors, literally and would roll over on his back stretching out to show is belly. He knew this always made me laugh. Although he was in my life a short time, it was very fulfilling. He was incredibly special to me and taught me to open my mind and heart to love beyond what I could have imagined. He was always a gentle soul who gave me more than I could have ever hoped for in the first true kitty love of my life. He is dearly missed and will always be in my heart. Frances

Midas Thompson

Our Golden Midas was the best. She was the only dog our family has ever had (cat people here). But fourteen years ago, a neighbor’s dog had a litter of pups and a friend adopted a brother, another went to a neighbor down the street, the next door neighbor took a brother so how could we say no. We decided on the blondest of the bunch and named her Midas, Miss Midas. Her retriever gene wasn’t the best nor could she catch a tater tot if her life depended on it, but she brought our family immense joy and millions of smiles through the years. She came into our lives when the kids were in elementary & middle school, she saw them off to college and now out on their own but she’d always heard the car door slam when they came home for a visit and was at the door, tail wagging. She endured four-hour trips to the beach up until just a few months ago because she knew chasing waves and seagulls were in her very near future. Midas, you were the best pup ever and as loyal as they come. Our hearts are aching and the house isn’t the same. Thank you girl, for everything.

Pip Emerick

It was just you and me for so long Pippy. You saw me get married and bring home my hairless, human baby, whose crib you sometimes sneakily slept in. I didn't know how much I'd miss you. Even Charles and "little Chaz" miss you...but me most of all. Love Mom.




Sayco Mathers

I knew you were going to be our girl the day we found you in the road. We gave you a better life. You had some pretty serious health issues, but we got them fixed. You became your Daddy's sweet girl and Pippi's best friend. RIP with Daddy and Pippi - missing all of you.






Chase Brenneman

Chase took great care of his family & never got very far away from them. Loved ball, riding in the golf cart, feeding time for his barn animals, plowing snow and playing in the sprinkler/garden hose. He was loved more than could ever have known.







Cocoa Stanley

In loving memory of Cocoa September 28,2006-February 19,2021

Cocoa you were an early Christmas present for our girls. For 14.5 years you were a great companion and best friend. You picked us that day in mid November 2006, you weren't just our dog you were a part of our family. Filling our home with so much joy and love and happy memories. When it was your time to leave us you let us know. Up until the day you took your last breath you brought us so much happiness, comfort and joy. Cocoa you are missed every day. Thank you for all the years you gave us. Run, jump and play until we meet again sweet bubba. Forever in our hearts...



Alis Anstine

Alis was the Queen of Beacon Hill from 2007 until her recent passing. Her daily walks made her well-known throughout the Heights, Creekview, Maplewood, and the Falls, and all who came to know her commented on her beauty and sweet demeanor. She rarely barked and got on well with people of all ages and other dogs. She was a true "Velcro dog" and a loyal companion for more than 13 years, and I will miss her dearly. "There is a land of the living and a land of the dead and the bridge is love, the only survival, the only meaning."--Thornton WIlder, The Bridge of San Luis Rey




Bear Shuey

OBITUARY FOR OUR FRIEND… “Bear” was born sometime near Thanksgiving of November 2009 on a farm in Annville. In March of 2010 three little boys, ages 7, 10 and 13 found their best friend. Bear was the last one in the litter and the farmer’s wife wished us luck as we paid the $100 for the 6-month-old yellow lab that wouldn’t stop nipping at her apron strings. Everyone in the neighborhood knew Bear since he loved escaping and swimming in the creek. He met his doggie best friend in 2012. Bear’s lady “Scarlott” moved in the Summer of 2013 and our family was completed. He loved walks and the going to Treasure Lake and would throw ball all day until the end when his old hips wouldn’t allow anymore. He brought us so much love and comfort when we all needed it the most. When Scarlott died suddenly of cancer in May 2020 Bear seemed to lose a lot of his spunkiness. It broke our heart to see him in pain. We made a painful decision to say goodbye to our buddy and on Saturday, February 28th 2021 Peaceful Pet Passages made him comfortable in our home so we could be with him as he moved to a place where he’s not in pain anymore. We love you so much, Bear. You were a great listener, friend, companion and had the silkiest ears ever. We will miss you forever!


Chloe Collins

In loving memory of Chloe - 8/04 - 3/21. We picked you out from our local humane society - such a sweet pup who loved to run. Now you are able to run again with Molly and chase all of the rabbits and deer to your heart's content! We love you and miss you. Thank you Peaceful Pet Passage for making this a painless crossing for Chloe. Your kindness and compassion are greatly appreciated!





Reur Papamarkakis

Chloe “Reur” Papamarkakis (11/1999 - 2/27/2021)...Dearest Reur, 21yrs ago, when you chose us to be your family, we had no idea how much you would change our lives. Your willingness to go along with just about anything yet maintaining your sense of individuality and assertiveness never ceased to amaze us. Your distinct personality was something neither your father nor I had ever experienced and couldn’t be more grateful for. There were times we weren’t sure you were truly a cat...your enjoyment of chilling out on the deck as we grilled, playing in the snow, or making friends with the dogs that came for visits, made us question what we got ourselves into! On your 2nd birthday, you welcomed your sister into our may not have been thrilled at first, but in no time, you were watching over her and being the best big sister ever. Your silly antics certainly kept us in stitches...from putting on your favorite lobster cape and strutting across the room like the bell of the ball, to being a strong supporter of the “catch and release” program of the mouse that came upon your path and your excitement to show us how it was done. We loved watching your mind at work as you picked up on some of our “human” traits like washing your paws, cheering on your favorite football & hockey team, or requesting turn-down service at bedtime. You kept us on a tight schedule and were quick to let us know when we were not on time. Your enjoyment and excitement as spring came around each year made us giggle. Your excited yells to us as the sun was rising and the birds were made us wonder if you were maybe part rooster. And who knew you were part therapy cat providing just the right amount of pressure therapy and keeping our laps nice and warm. You certainly made it clear that we belonged to you and you felt it was your responsibility to look after us...and for that, we are beyond grateful for you and the time you spent with us. Our home is not the same since you made your crossing, but the love you shared with us and the memories made, have gotten us through the toughest of days. We love and miss you beyond words! ~ Mommy & Daddy

Oreo McGee

Oreo was a quiet companion kitty. He wasn’t a snuggly lap cat, but he did love to be near people, constantly following his “mom” from room to room. When visitors arrived, he would often place himself in the middle of the room or would claim and curl up on a bag or tote that they had placed on the floor. He spent his days peering out the front storm door and would verbally remind his “mom” if he was waiting to look out. Neighbors walking down the street would notice him and in this way, he greeted anyone coming to the door. His little face at the door will be missed.




Shadow Castillo

For 16 years we enjoyed your love, your purrs, your sassiness and attitude. We are so sad to see you go but we are so glad you are no longer in pain. We miss you so much. Now you can run and play with your brother Midnight and your Sister Mia Bella. We love you so much my sweet girl!





Delilah Grove

Delilah was my almost 14-year-old German shepherd mix up. She’s been with me since she was eight weeks old, just a little ball of fluff that could fit in the palm of your hand. Throughout her whole life Delilah loved chasing sticks, especially in the water. She had no fear of the ocean or the waves. Her favorite thing to do was swim and she wouldn’t stop until you made her rest. Any time you were in the kitchen, cooking she sat patiently and watched because she knew but we would always give her a little something. She was there when I got married, when we built our home and for the birth and first five years of our son’s life.


Chevy Eberhart

Chevy, we will miss so much about you. Your love for you kids, your loyalty, your gentleness, your stubbornness, your cute wrinkly face. You were our first family dog, and we could not be more grateful for the almost 11 years we had with you. You by far exceeded our expectations for a family dog. You loved your family and your kids so much. You let them climb on you, put headbands on you, make you play Doctor with them. Everyone who met you loved you. We will miss our vacations and camping with you. Packing the camper will never be the same, we will miss you following us around waiting to get put into the truck. We know you are now pain free and running around with every single big stick you can find. We will never forget all the good times with you, we will love you forever and always! Peaceful Pet Passages, although this was the most difficult thing we had to decide to do, Thank You for your compassion and kindness. You treated our family, and Chevy with such dignity and that was all we wanted for him, that was what he deserved. 

Doobie McClearn

Doobie was a present to me from my Dad. He is the only pet my husband and I have had as adults. My son was 8 when we got him so him and Doobie grew up together. He was so smart! After house training with a crate for 3 or 4 days he just walked over to the door, scratched at it, then turned around and looked at us as if to say, "hey mom! Dad! I need to go out!". He must of had 100 different toys over the years and we gave them all names. He knew each and every one! We could say."go get Tiger" and he'd dump his toy bin and root around til he found the exact one! He loved to sit at the front window and bark at every dog that went by. HE was the big dog on our block! He was my baby but my husband Josh's best friend. If Josh would start to roughhouse with me or my son Doobie would come running and try to bite US in the butt. He was always on Daddy's side lol. He loved walks especially at the creek where there was so many different things to smell. He loved his ice cream and would stare at you if you were eating cereal because you were expected to give him your milk. He was always a furball of love and was the best cuddler ever. Actually, the best dog. We loved him so much and miss him terribly. Thank you for all you did. 

Belle Kockler

Belle was part of our family for 13 years, joining us at Christmastime 2007. While originally a gift for our young daughters, she held the hearts of the entire family. Belle was a quiet and comforting presence in our home. We will always miss her but are so grateful for our many happy years together.








Gracie Nelson Savidge

In loving memory of Gracie Nelson, this sweet girl was a rescue from a high-kill shelter in West VA. She was 2-3 years old and pregnant. After she weaned her pups, we adopted her and she became my Mom’s faithful lapdog for 3 years, until Mom died from dementia. Gracie then took care of my Dad for 9 years until he had to go into a nursing home. She then moved in with me, the daughter, and she continued to serve her purpose as my comfort dealing with my Dad’s struggle with dementia for over 2 ½ years. She was part of our family for almost 15 years and at the age of 17+, it was her time to cross the Rainbow bridge. She will be forever loved, and we were so blessed to have her part of our lives. Rest in Peace. Thank you to Peaceful Pet Passage for their kindness and compassion.




Lucy Fauth

We were blessed to have her in our lives for 16 years. She brought us many laughs, much love, and an abundance of happy memories. She certainly had her own unique personality. There will never be another Lucy. There will be a void in our hearts and lives for a very long time. We still miss her so very much but are thankful for the long, happy life she had. Thank you for all you do and for honoring her memory.



Sylvester Ingram

Hello, My name is Sylvester. Well, Sylvester is my birth name, but my nickname is Murr. I crossed over on February 19th, but please don’t feel sad for me. I had a wonderful life and was very loved. See, my fur brother and I were days away from being transferred to a kill shelter because no one would adopt us, but a human family of three took us both in over 15 years ago. Their home became MY home shortly after that. My second chance at life was a great one! I started each day by waking my human mom before her alarm. I would allow her a quick bathroom break once she was up, but I would then demand to be held, so I could receive my morning cheek kisses. Cheek kisses were my favorite; I would squint my eyes with pleasure as she gave me kiss after kiss! I would then get my morning dollop of organic Greek yogurt and my breakfast. Then, it was time for playing, which consisted of me meowing until my mom would chase me around the house. She was SO slow despite having those long legs because I ran faster than her every time! After some morning cardio, a nice session of brushing would lull me into a short morning nap. After my morning nap, I would announce that I was awake with more meowing (I really liked to talk). I would see what was happening around the neighborhood from all of my favorite doors and windows. Sometimes it would be snowing, and I would watch the snowflakes with a smile on my face. Or if it was sunny, I would sun my belly. When I became bored with watching the outdoor world, I would usually find some sort of important piece of paper, toilet paper roll, or book to destroy until my mother played hide-n-go seek, play chased with me again, threw my favorite two balls, or threw my favorite mouse. At nighttime, after even more play and dinner that I may or may not have eaten, it was time to sit with my human dad on the couch and watch some TV. I had my pillow and blanket, and my dad was so warm; I snuggled right up to him. As soon as it was 9:00 p.m., I would magically know and insist that it was time for everyone to head to bed. At night, I slept with my mom. But, if I woke her up too much in the middle of the night, I would sleep in my very own big wash basket full of soft blankets and towels. I was picky about my cat food, but when it came to human food, I had SO many favorites! My favorite human foods, which I did not get often enough in my opinion, were cheeses, plain yogurt, cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, half and half, and vanilla ice cream. I also liked scrambled eggs that my human sister would make. But my most favorite dish was homemade pasta served with extra virgin olive oil! When my dad made pasta, I never left his side in the kitchen, and I always got my own warm noodle with olive oil on it to enjoy with my family at dinner time. So like I said in the beginning, please don’t feel sad that I have crossed over. My life, the second time around, was full of loving people, lots of playing, and great food! I was a very happy and very loved tuxedo cat! 

Max Lauver

Max was born July 19, 2003 in Albuquerque N.M. and came to live with us in October of 2003, we were stationed at Kirtland AFB. I remember your first experience with a Christmas tree, I caught you a few times in the tree and had to get you out, one day I came home the tree was on the floor, decorations everywhere the artificial tree broke. (laugh) well it must have been a terrifying experience for him, he never went near another Christmas tree again. Max took a plane ride from N.M. to P.A. in 2005 to his new house, he had a yard to wander neighbors to meet. In the winter time he would sit on my lap while I was crocheting an afghan as if to say it will keep you warm Mom. In Max's 17 yrs he saw my son grow from 7 years old to 25, and my daughter from 10 to 27. he saw me run through my 40s well into my 50s. The last two months of Max's life he spent a month sleeping in each of their rooms, and every night he made his way out to the couch to sit on my lap to get his nightly loving. Max, since your passing on February 23, 2021 you are thought of daily and missed so very much!


Luke Ford

Luke was a big part of our family. He was loyal, he was gentle, and he was friendly with everyone he met, whether they be dogs, cats, or people. He always made me happy just by being around him. Luke was my best friend. I love you Luke and I will never forget you.






Kalli Rosul

Kalli was a shy girl when we adopted her, but she soon became so devoted and loyal to us, and us to her.  She loved to chase squirrels, deer, and chipmunks, and especially loved to tell her pappy when it was time for her snacks!  She was my shadow, my confidant, my best friend.  She helped me in so many ways, and when she was older and needed help, I carried her, and loved her enough to say goodbye.    She was just so special, and our hearts will forever feel the loss of our “baby”, our “peanuts”, our “Kalli girl”.


Snickers Shepler

We had to say goodbye to handsome our boy on 2/13/2021. For almost 12 years, he was a happy, friendly, stubborn, and caring family member who loved chasing after deer, squirrels, skunks, and even porcupines. We miss him terribly, but we find comfort knowing the love we shared with him. No amount of words can describe how much he means to us. Although he is not physically here, his presence will always be in our hearts. Thank you to all the staff at Peaceful Pet Passage for making us and more importantly Snickers, as comfortable as possible. Everyone was very respectful, professional, and understanding during this difficult time. We love you, Nick! โค๏ธ๏ธ


Belle Oberdick

Eulogy for Belle. While our time together seemed to short, the memories you left us will last a lifetime! You filled our hearts with a lifetime of love, and we will always cherish and remember that. The imprint you left on our lives will never fade or go away...




Bud Bevan

What an amazing little guy you were you overcame being treated mean with kids coming into the pet shop and poking at you and then the owner of the shop would cover you and put you in a room by yourself because you screamed. Maybe the reason you screamed was that you were afraid. Then you went to another home where the owner thought you were one of those parrots who would do tricks and stand on their shoulder, so what he did he would try to get you out with a glove which only scared you more and made you not trust. Finally, we rescued you and brought you Home. At the time it was confusing for all. We had two cats at the time, but they did not bother you, so I went and bought you a new cage and got you out of the cage and started petting you, and eventually, you started to trust. At that point, I was able to hand feed you and you always wanted your neck rubbed and petted on the head, in fact, the night of your passing. you wanted me to rub your neck and I did for the longest time, I even said to you Boy you sure want a lot of loving tonight I just wonder if it was your way of saying good-bye, but I will never know. I do know that I miss you and singing your favorite song for you to go to bed and you would always say “NIghty NIght Night” in that sweet voice of yours. Fly free Buddiecup until I see you again. Love always

Thor Faust

Thor was one of the best big dogs we’ve ever had. he was always there to be a companion and as a protector. He was everyone’s first love when they first saw him. Will forever be in our hearts. Thor always looked out the window whenever i would go to school, best memory i’ve had.







Diego Secord

Diego, motivational support pal that I got after major back surgery, cause I picked “the big fat one”. He really enjoyed his human pack and hanging out in the snow. Glad he got one last snowy winter before he passed at 13 years old.





Murphy Kozerski

Our dog Murphy was one of the sweetest dogs you could ever have.  He was playful and our best friend.  He followed you around wherever you would go.  He loved to eat the snow and catch snowballs in the winter and loved to sun himself on the back porch in the spring.  We will miss him dearly.  Fly high Murphy!  We love you always.





Peachy Lucas

I want to say thank you for taking care of our Peachy. She was very special to us and a joy to be around. She was so timid and shy but yet so full of life. She loved siblings and was like a mama to our deaf cat Oliver. The 15 years we had with her was such a blessing. Her playful spirit and her unconditional love will remain in our hearts forever.





Gauge Anstadt

Please see the attached pictures of our sweet boy Gauge. He was one of a kind...the most gentle, talkative and lazy labs ever. He was truly loved and will be truly missed.

Thank you for your compassion and assistance with this difficult decision. My hope is to share, through the pictures attached, the wonderful life we shared with him. I can only assume that it must be hard sharing their final moments? I just wanted you to know how much we appreciated the way you treated us and our pup.

Pete, Ursula and Cole Anstadt


Hope Houck

In loving memory of Hope. She was born on April 6, 2006 and passed on Dec. 5, 2020. She was a laid back spoiled companion whom loved to eat ice cream and cuddle. Her favorite things were walks, sitting in the sun, and Christmas. This bundle of comfort will be missed.





Molly Jensen

In loving memory of Molly. Or as she was colloquially known: "a big puddle of fur with a face on it"  Jan. 2003 - Jan. 2021

She was so loyal I believe she might have been part dog. The opening & closing of the garage door had a Pavlovian effect, and she would greet me at the door every single time, without fail.

She also loved our other cat, Liza, and would regularly plop herself down in front of Liza to get her head licked. Even if Liza was sound asleep!

She was a big fan of snuggling on the couch. And in the afternoons she would perch herself on top of the couch and look out the window at the birds in the garden. And when it was time for treats, she could really talk your ear off!


Sweetpea Morelock

We lost our beloved Sweetpea on February 8, 2021 just 4 days after her 14th birthday.   She was a tiny dog with a big personality.  She always had a lot to say.  We miss her presence in our life and our home.    Thanks to Peaceful Pet Passage for their compassion and kindness.






Beau Stern

Beau appeared in the Spring of 2010 in our garden alone in the same area we had buried our son's 21 year old cat Patrick. Beau loved being outside but enjoyed the comforts of being indoors with his favorite dog Conan and his human buddy Brian.

Beau will be missed.





Cody Martin

Our boy Cody was often called a goofball, or the ‘clown’ because of his silly, playful nature. He sure liked to bark, particularly at squirrels! He was so gentle with people, and insisted on sleeping with at least one body part touching us at all times during the night. We are so thankful that he was able to be at our home with us at the end. He will be greatly missed.



McKinley Boardman

McKinley left us on January 21st, 2021. For eleven years, she made us laugh and drove us nuts. We’ve owned a lot of dogs but this beautiful girl didn’t realize that she was a dog. She was always with us and the lack of the sound of her toenails hitting the hard wood are really tough on us. She loved walks, playing fetch, hoarding toys, sleeping on the couch and eating food...all food. She loved to have her neck and belly scratched and she would hold onto your neck with her paws if you got close to her face. She will be forever missed.

Thank you for helping us through this time.

John and Heather Boardman


Katie Snyder

Dr. Mary came Friday February 12, 2021 to ease my precious 14 year old Katie into eternity... my heart is broken and the only thing keeping me going is picturing her in Heaven with my parents for she was their dog and when they died I took care of her and treated her like a princess that she was...
My parents had 6 pugs and Katie was the last one... she was such a sweet little doggie and she loved her daily walks to the mountain and her daily Jeep rides to go get the mail and her dried duck treats and sleeping in bed beside me and sleeping beside me in the mornings on the couch when I drank my coffee...the void is almost unbearable at times here in the empty farm house... I washed all her blankets and beds and I am donating all her creature comforts to mostly mutts in Sunbury pa and this is gonna be hard to let go of all her things BUT knowing they will be put to good use helps... hey thanks again and please let me know when her name will be available to see on your memorial wall and I will come to honor her... I have told many folks already of your wonderful service and will continue to going forward. Take good care,
God bless,
Amy Snyder

Abby Brown

We adopted Abby in June of 2005, just two weeks after we got married. From the moment we saw her at our meet and greet at the Harrisburg Humane Society, we were in love with her. She was the happiest dog we'd ever met (her name at the Humane Society was actually "Happy"!). Abby never met a human she didn't love! When we'd take her to the dog park, she was more interested in getting pets from the humans than playing with the other dogs. Abby was a snuggler. She would love to jump up on the couch or recliner and fall asleep with whoever she was with. In July of 2008, our daughter, Sophia, was born. Abby welcomed her new baby sister and was always a sweet, gentle dog sister to Sophia. Abby was Sophia's sidekick as she grew up.

As the years went by and Abby began to lose her vision and hearing, she was always that same sweet dog that we adopted back in 2005. It was heartbreaking when we realized Abby's life was nearing an end. She had given us so many years of unconditional love. Saying goodbye was one of the hardest things we've ever had to do. Peaceful Pet Passage helped make that moment a bit easier with the caring and compassion they showed to both our family and Abby.

Our hearts still hurt and we will always miss our sweet, loving girl, but we imagine her running and playing like she used to, always stopping to get pets from whomever she can โค

The Brown family

Strider Durbin

Thank you for your kind service.  You only get to see your clients as they lay in pain and dying.  This was Strider in his prime.  He was happiest when he was running, especially in water.  The first is my favorite photo of him.  We plucked him from the pound as a scared and lonely puppy when he was 8 weeks old. We adopted another puppy at the same time and they were best friends (pictured below) until his friend passed away in 2016.  I am sure they are running together again.




Ashes Snow Hawkins

We rescued Ashes February 2007. We knew when we walked into the York County SPCA that we found each other. We would be each other’s forever! She was by myself every single day in every single way. When we had our first child in 2009, Ashes quickly claimed her and they because Instant best friends. When one of my children would be sick or wouldn’t be able to sleep and I would get up with them, Ashers was right there beside me getting up to. When I would get home from work in the morning hours Ashes was always there at the door to greet me. Ashes wasn’t sure how to walk up the back steps, so she would walk backwards, without fail, we laughed each time. She was our four legged side kick, and our hearts ache with the absence of her. Thank you to Peaceful Pet Passage, for making her transition from this world to the next gentle.
Hawkins Family


Bat Hancher

I didn’t think I would be writing this for many years, but I have a confession to make: I’ve had a secret weapon that not-so-silently kept me afloat for the past seven years, buoying me through the ocean of my life as we rode waves of experience as they crested and fell. Her sudden loss left me reeling, roiling in a sea of grief, gratitude, and wistful memories. I’m stepping out of the waters today to tell you about this haus panzer I’ve had in my arsenal, as a way to honor her.
Her name was Bat. And she was my cat. ๐Ÿ˜Š
I had always wanted a spooky little black cat for as long as I could remember. I even knew their name would be Bat. I had pictured some meek, sleek cat who would accompany me on adventures and sit pretty so I could sketch them. As it turned out, like many of the best parts of life that help you grow, the little kitten that entered into my life wasn’t exactly what I thought I wanted, but she was what I needed, more than I could have ever imagined. She was not meek, nor was she quiet, and she hated being in the car, but she was a little spooky and never ceased to surprise. Bat was a bunch of contradictions wrapped up in a coat of short, soft, silky fur the color of midnight, with brown on black stripes revealing themselves if the light was just right. She was simultaneously a lady and a savage, a regal beauty and manipulative brat. She was a sweet cuddler and a sassy queen, a languorous and domesticated house panther that still dutifully paid her rent by killing just about everything smaller than her that I didn’t like. I had never met a black void with such presence, which makes her physical absence so poignant.
Bat came into my life at a time when I was working shifts and my schedule didn’t quite match up with much else in the world. Who else sleeps during the day and is always hungry at 5am? Yet lo and behold, I had found my shiftwork soulmate. I’d get home from work and she was always there to greet me no matter the hour, yeowling as she heard my footsteps approach and jumping with excitement to headbutt my hands for the skritches she was so clearly owed. She gave all her catsitters the same treatment, inspiring many jokes and tributes along the way.
I gave her the best life that I could. I took her on walks, which mostly consisted of me dragging her on a leash for half a block and carrying her the rest of the way while onlookers exclaimed. Eventually, we ditched the leash and would walk around with a compact of trust that she always abided by. I would take her to my family home in the suburbs so she could roam freely in big houses and explore the great outdoors, while all the neighborhood cats she met quickly fell in love with her, showing up at the back door for friend/enemy-fueled playdates. Her presence literally brought all the cats to the yard.
As we grew older, my partners would come and go (or get deployed), but she was my constant companion. I trained her to shake like a proper lady, give me high fives, and do tricks for treats. She learned to (mostly) behave and would be my daily date when I took my meals. She became the queen of my casa, positioning herself in the center of everything, the life of the party or a sullen siren depending on the day. Her simple presence was its own unique type of therapy that is hard to quantify or explain. Somewhere along the way she nestled in and quietly nudged things around, making a perfectly Bat-shaped space in my heart for herself to dwell inside of.
A matched pair of feline siblings joined the family a couple years ago, much to the reigning queen’s chagrin and my partner’s happiness. To her credit, Bat made space for all of them in our life and on the couch. We officially had a squad, and apparently three cats makes you a crazy cat lady. I don’t make the rules.
As we turned to telework and COVID-19 response, I think Bat was delighted to have her human and personal chef suddenly home all the time. I never needed an alarm clock with her around, and she insisted on taking an active role in my work. My purrsonal assistant made many video teleconferencing cameos, and once managed to send my supervisor an email that just said “POOOOOOOOOOOO”, as she sat on my open laptop while I was in another room.
In the first days of the new year, we watched C-Span together as the Capitol Building was evacuated. I held her as we waited for word from my partner who was on the ground with the D.C. National Guard. She distracted me with her antics, giving the kittens rare affection and playing around. We waited with bated breath for what the Inauguration might hold. I had no idea that those breaths would be some of her last. I woke from a dream to the hard honor of holding her in my arms in her last moments as she moved on to her next adventure. I did everything I could.
As I write this, snow is blanketing the city. I have almost all of the ingredients for a perfect Sunday: I’m warm in my home, sipping tea infused with delicious spirits, cloves scent the air, candles flicker in the distance as I write and sink deeper into reverie. I love these moments of reflection that isolation can afford, as it allows quiet space to take stock of your surroundings and remember to be grateful for all that you have. I have one crucial ingredient missing, and I only need to look up from my computer to see the empty chair across me where Bat loved to doze and watch the city. She loved watching the snow.
Bat Hancher passed away in the early hours of January 7th, 2021 from sudden onset congestive heart failure. She is survived by Zig & Zag, as well as her chosen family and friends. Please feel free to celebrate the life of Bat and honor her memory by holding your loved ones close and loving them freely, as we know we will all move on someday. But for today - spoil them rotten while you got ‘em! Bat was totally food obsessed, so crack open another can, have some treats, and live your best life. Rest in Power Bat.

Toby Souser

He was that dog against whom all others are measured. A huge part of our lives and sadly cancer took him from us after 7.5 years. We really miss him, but have many wonderful memories of a fantastic friend.





Dakota Boyd

Dakota was always by her "kids" side. She would sit outside my sons bedroom door while he was doing virtual school. His birthday is only 9 days after hers. She would curl up next to my daughter on the couch while she watched TV or was playing on her iPad. One part of her I miss terribly is how she would lay at my feet in bed at night. She always kept me warm. She will be forever our littlest daughter (not the youngest haha).




Mewpurr Lex

This is our 14 year old cat, his name is Mewpurr. We had to send him over that “rainbow bridge”. He was very special, and Carl’s buddy!! He’ll be missed greatly ๐Ÿ˜ฟ







Sadie Nelson

Sadie was excited to see everyone and always wanted her belly rubbed. She loved being outside and playing in the snow. We will miss her greeting us when we get home. Until we see her again...we love you Sadie!! 







Chance Wiertel

How "Chance" obtained his name was very simple, I had to travel for work and while I was away for a week or two when I arrived home I came upon this cute little dog. We currently had a Yellow Lab “Luke” that was the family pet. I had told my kids Alyse and Michael that I didn’t want anymore dogs. So after seeing this little dog in my house I heard my daughter call out “Chance” , she said that she called him chance because she knew that I didn’t want anymore dogs and that it would be a chance in hell that I would let her keep it. Well this dog warmed my heart over as he did with everyone including all his brother Luke and all his dog cousins. We couldn’t have asked for a better, more loveable, sweet dog that we are so grateful to be a part of our family for almost 12 years. We are so blessed to of had you and now know you are up in Heaven running and playing with your big yellow Lab brother Luke. Chane we will always love you! Rest in Peace till we meet again!

Your Family Always

Eric, Donice, Alyse, Michael and Luke Wiertel

Tiki Barley

In Memory of the best girl ever....  May you finally catch those pesky bunnies and squirrels.








Bailey Baumgardner

What a wonderful life Bailey shared with us, from the day we brought him home as a pup. We knew from that day forward, that we will have a wonderful life together. Bailey shared twelve amazing years with us; years full of wonderful memories, some happy and some sad. Bailey was the center of our joy at home, and wherever we took him for a ride, people would always pet him and he loved that! Bailey is a cross between a Yellow Lab and an Australian Cattle. He loved to talk, and barking was his way of talking. Bailey was loved not only by our family, but also by our neighbors, his groomer and his vet. He was always a sweet and tender dog who feels for us when things were weary. Within those twelve years with Bailey, we have lost my father, my mother, my older brother and my mother-in-law. It was peculiar how Bailey never left my mother-in-laws side until the end. Bailey was always there to keep us company in a comforting way. He feels for us, and he senses when we’re sad and grieving. Bailey would snuggle against me and wag his tail, just to let me know that he’s around and things will get better. Bailey is s super smart and sensitive dog. He senses our moods and responds to them. Having a dog like Bailey only comes once in an owner's lifetime, and few dog lovers get to experience, but I was one of the fortunate ones.

I always had a dog growing up on a farm, and also had one, when I was in the military serving overseas in the Army. But, Bailey was unique there was something so special about him that I had never seen in any other dog in my life. I knew from the first time I picked him up there was a bond for life between us like no other. After a long day’s work, Bailey always waited for me by the door he would get so excited when he would sees me pull in the driveway. He starts to wag his tail and gets his bone to meet me. My wife and I were very fortunate to have Bailey; he made life precious and fun for us. Bailey was a blessing to our family and we consider ourselves the luckiest to have him in our lives for twelve happy years. Having Bailey was life changing and he will always be remembered. The memories of Bailey will live in us forever and we will always be grateful for those twelve amazing years with him.

A dog lover would know that a dog like Bailey comes once in a lifetime if you're truly blessed.

Bailey passed January 14, 2021. Bailey passed laying at his favorite spot by the front door where he would wait till I got home, with his favorite bone snuggled in his paws. It was a peaceful passing, thanks to the compassion and love that Dr Carney DVM of Peaceful Pet Passage showed Bailey; it made our broken hearts heal more each day knowing Bailey’s journey was a peaceful one. You will always be in our hearts, Dr Carney and Peaceful Pet Passage.

Bailey is definitely missed and will continue to be missed. Bailey may be gone, but he will never be forgotten. There will always be a special place in our hearts for Bailey and his memories will live forever. We hope you loved the pictures we shared of Bailey, looking at them surely puts a smile on our faces and we know that Bailey watches over us from dog heaven every single day. WE LOVE AND MISS YOU SO MUCH OUR DEAREST BAILEY!

Lady Corasaniti

Lady was my protector,she began from day I brought her her home at 9 weeks old till her last sweet breath at 17 years old.She loved cold and snow ,I'd worry to death ,but she would lay out in snow like she was sunbathing.I so miss not seeing her in her yard,but I know shes now pain free playing with her yard buddies that left before her. RIP my pretty Lady. ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพโคโค




Maggie Mae Ward

Missed the best puppy, had her 13 years.

She was kind to everybody.

Karen & I will never forget.

Thanks for making it easy for Maggie and us.

-Jerry & Karen


Sandy Schuck


18 years old friend, rest in peace

I'll miss watching you licking pillows in the morning,
jump around and lay down.

I'll miss feeding you in the morning, you were always the first one begging for food and wanting more and more. I'll always have the memories of you snatching family and friends food when they brought their guard down for a second. Makes me laugh. You gave us a workout for sure in your younger years thank you. Best shape of our lives.

Thank you Sandy for coming into our lives. The kids knew from day one at the petsmart adoption that you would be ours! Thank you for helping to raise the kids, we will always love you!

We will miss your "Toby" moments

Always a pleasure to care for one of St. Francis's creatures.

Thank you for 18 years of companionship.

Murphy Carbo

Nothing brought him more joy than to spend time with his people.
He was loved as much as any dog has ever been loved.
In return he brought this family as much unconditional love and pure joy he possibly could.
He will be missed more than we can put in to words.
We are incredibly thankful for the time we had.

He was family.



Milo Murray

My Milo picked me 17 years ago and from then on was my best friend and constant companion. All the years are never enough.
Milo loved attention, naps, chewies, all manner of people food and treats (he was a dachshund, of course!). He started his young life stealing hearts, bbq sandwiches, and corn on the cob. He also would help himself to Christmas cookies left under the tree or a box of glazed donuts left on the coffee table.
Ever an entertaining soul; when he would get impatient for something he would hop up and down on his front legs and let out a series of short little sneezes.
He had the best, sweetest personality all his years and seemed to accumulate "fans" anywhere he went.
We were crushed to have to say good bye to him on 1/22/21. We miss him terribly, but he will forever live in our hearts and memories.


Reggie Consiglio

Reggie 7.5.14 - 1.25.21

Reggie enjoyed playing 'bally', his walks (especially when meeting friends), car rides, and pizza night. So loved.  So missed. 







Frankie Mott Smith

I adopted Frankie when he was 5 years old. He was the sweetest, most loving dog! He brightened my home with his energy and made everyone laugh as he would chase the squirrels down towards the creek... falling in once...found out he didn't like
Water... lol. He was a character! I'd say we rescued each other and lived our best lives....together! His memories I will carry with me and my love ๐Ÿ’“ for him will never die. Til we meet again Frankie Doodles!

Mommy Loves You!!!



Merle Thunder Blizzard-Simmons

It's just a bye bye for now my friend. You were nothing but a pleasure. always. You fulfilled many hearts with yours. hence maybe why it was enlarged...the laughter you provided, Always there to give hugs needed or not. priceless memories, comfort you provided to your Gma so much appreciated. She looks at your photo and still claims THE GREATEST GREAT DANE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. i will still go for walks to the park and hop on the swing. heck you knew i was talking to  someone important. and now i get to talk to you too. i miss sharing my pillows, truck rides arent the same, i do know for a fact Tropper greeted you and introduced you to Logan, Brutus, Sophie, Gracie, Baby, & Wesley. oh geez; Don't run Pacino up a tree... If you are missing US snuggle that blanky you outgrew but was still your favorite. 



Elle Pinti

For 12 years our family had the honor of watching my son’s dog Elle grow to be a fantastic furry member of the family. She even managed to convert Dad to a dog lover. She always greeted everyone with a tail wag and a smile, she was everybody’s best pal. Dad enjoyed taking her for walks in the woods where she would delight in finding the scents of squirrels, chipmunks, turkeys and mice.  Her big bro was there when she needed a scratch, and big sis always had hugs and kisses for her when she came home for a visit. My son got her as a pup when she was small enough to fit in his hand, and she grew to be his support and best friend when times were tough for him. We will never forget you Elle Girl. Rest In Peace.



Joey Potteiger

Joey was part of our family for almost 14 yrs. We brought him and his sister home when they were 8 weeks old. He was the sweetest and best boy! Joey was the sensitive one, he looked after everyone and provided us with unconditional love. He loved swimming, going for walks, and food (he’d never pass up a meal, treats or ice cream). Joey was always by our side, involved in whatever it was we were doing. We’re grateful to have had him for so many years and take comfort that he lived his best life, he was so so so loved, spoiled and missed by all!
My handsome man there’s an empty space where you used to lay and a ache in my heart that won’t go away!
Rest easy and run free Joeyboy until we see you again! Forever in my heart. โค๏ธ

Thank you Peaceful Pet Passage for the comfort and service you provide.


Chance Simerly

In loving memory of Chance โค

We said goodbye to our Chance on January 18,2021. He will be missed so very much. We were blessed to have 11 years with him. We already miss his bark as soon as he heard our car door close and waiting for us at the door. He loved his peanut butter Oreo cookies and playing with his "Ball Ball". He absolutely loved his Sissy Chloe and our Chloe is so lost without him..
Thank you so much Peaceful Pet Passage for allowing us to say goodbye in the comfort of our home...



Sayco Mathers

2007 to 2021 - I knew you would be our girl the day we found you in the road. You were your Daddy's sweet girl and Pippi's best friend. You loved to run, cuddle, and feel secure. Rest now with your Daddy and Pippi in the heaven above.






Rosie Starling

Rest in peace my beautiful best friend Rosie 8/23/2008 to 1/13/ were the best any one in the entire world could ask for. I love you! You are with the angels now ๐Ÿ’•







Jeter Scott

Jeter was the most loyal, well behaved companion our family could have ever asked for. He brought so much joy to everyone who came into contact with, but mostly our family.







Zoe Reader

Zoe “Zo Zo” Reader was born on October 28, 2005 in Germany. She was welcomed into the Reader family on December 26, 2005. The first 4 years of her life were spent traveling Europe, getting stamps in her EU passport.

From 2009 to 2018, Zoe lived in California with her family where she enjoyed long trips down the coast, rides through Napa wine country, and weekends in Lake Tahoe. In 2018, Zoe moved to Pennsylvania, where in her final few years she enjoyed tractor rides with Daddy, visiting family and friends, chasing sheep, playing fetch, football Sundays, sleeping with her boy and cooking with Mommy.

Loved by all. Our little girl will live on in spirit.



Elvira Lightner

I have to say thank you to every person that we interacted with during the final step of our sweet kitty's life. Losing her has been so difficult, but each person at your facility was kind, compassionate, and gentle to us all through the process and it made what was an awful circumstance much more comforting.

Elvira was an incredibly special cat. I found her in the engine bay of a car when I was 16 years old. She was so tiny that she fit into the palm of my hand. I put her in my car because I was going to take her home, and when I got in I could hear this tiny little meow but didn't see her anywhere. She had climbed up behind my pedals and got into a heat duct in my dashboard! So my brother had to come help me take my steering column out and my dashboard apart so we could get her out of there.

That was in 2005, when I was 17 years old. Over the next 16 years she was there with me for so much... graduating high school, college, getting married, having a baby, getting divorced, a few different career paths, 3 houses, finding love again. She was always there to sleep next to me, purr in my ear, cuddle up next to me. She was afraid of most people and would hide but for the few people she loved she was always the sweetest cat you could imagine. She spent the last few years mostly curled up sleeping on her favorite chair in my office at home, snuggled up, purring away. She would get up in the evenings when we were home and sit behind the office gate just watching us and the dogs. When the dogs went to bed she would come out and jump up on the cough next to me so I could scratch her and when she was ready to go to sleep she would jump down and head back to her favorite chair. Now her box of ashes are sitting on a blanket on that chair. I'm not sure how long she will stay there for, but I'm finally at peace with saying goodbye to her now that she's back home with me.

Thank you, again, for everything you did for us. Attached are some photos of her life starting from the night I found her.

Molly Nigon

Molly "Moose" was an amazing "Pet Store" Puppy.  She was "rescued" from the store in November 2009 and rooted herself in my family's heart ever since.  Molly always had tremendous spirit, LOVED people and especially her Chuck It.  Unfortunately, genetics contributed to double ACL surgery and congestive heart failure which limited her fun but did not dampen her spirit.  Molly's tail wagged to the end and was surrounded by those who loved and cared for her when she peacefully passed.  We will always miss and LOVE you sweet Puppy Girl you left indelible pawprints on our hearts!



Simon Reso

Simon was the last of his litter rescued from the Humane Society in December of 2001, a Christmas present from my husband who, ironically, is allergic to cats.  He was 12 weeks old.  Simon stood out with his distinguished milk mustache and playful personality.  He quickly acclimated into our little family unit until one day we realized, Simon ran the show.  Our lives revolved around him and none of us, including him, would have it any other way.  He was one of the smartest creatures we’d ever met: knew his name, greeted us at the door, stopped in his tracks and became super unhappy when we put shoes on because he knew we’d be leaving the house.  Life was a game to our sweet boy, racing us up the steps, chasing the red laser or jumping on our other cat, Mary, when she wasn’t looking.  Simon loved to have his belly rubbed and had the coolest purr/meow hybrid we’d ever heard.  He was the heart of our family and made everything way more fun.  Saying goodbye to Simon on 1/6/21 after 19 years together was one of the most difficult things we’ve ever done.  We want to thank Peaceful Pet Passage for the care and service they provide because having those final moments with him in our home, was a gift.  We love you Simon and miss you every day, all day long.  You will always have a piece of our hearts and we know, little man, that one day we will meet again.

Daphne Greiner

Daphne was a loyal companion for 15 years. She had our hearts from the moment we met when she was 8 weeks old. From that very moment she completed our family and brought so much joy to our lives. She was so full of energy, in her younger years "zoomies" were part of her daily routine!  Daphne loved to snuggle and even gave hugs. She made even the worst days better with a simple wag of her tail and a lick to the face.  She is and will always be missed. We take comfort in knowing she is now reunited with her brothers, Cardozo and Remi.  Until we meet again, my sweet girl.




Zeus McDermitt

Zeus was a fun loving gentle giant. He loved to be snuggled and sit all 120 lbs of him on your lap. He enjoyed swimming and playing with his sister Zoey. He loved to eat... anything people food! He will be truly missed by all.
Thank you for your amazing services,
Casey and Brian McDermitt





Achilles Leduc

In loving memory of Achilles








Moss Mars

Moss Mars passed in our home with the assistance of Peaceful Pet Passage Wednesday 1/6/21.  He was a serval Savannah Chausie breed.  I took him in four years ago, when his previous owner could not handle him anymore.  He was a difficult beast and took along time to warm up.  He was very dignified and was always with us and interacting with humans.  We miss him greatly and cherish the time we had with Moss.





Mollie Oestereich

Mollie was a “tweenie” wirehair wild boar dachshund. She crossed the rainbow bridge on Jan.2 of 2021. She was 14 1/2 years old. She loved to walk everyday at least a mile or so with her buddy Maddie another mini dachshund and her Mom Margie who was a standard Doxie who left us in Nov. of 2019. As you can see in this picture she was our “doxie on the shelf”. Her favorite place to be in the kitchen where all the action was. Her other favorite thing to do was sit in the backyard in the sunshine for hours and she could stay out until the sun set. Even in the cold. This little lady will be missed. RIP Mollie.





Murphy Strawbridge

Murphy was a rescue. He ended up being my best friend and was the star of our family. He was a handful but made all of us very happy. He gave us lots of great memories (crabbing at the beach, eating all our pizza crust, chasing squirrels, hiking, sleeping in our bed for years, playing fetch, waiting for cheese or carrots to fall from the counter and the list goes on). We miss him so much.