It’s amazing and heartbreaking to realize how quickly time passes. Although it seemed like yesterday when your pet was new and small and growing like a weed, their life spans don’t match our own, and all too soon, we’ve reached the end. 

It’s bittersweet. We’ve loved them through training. We did our best to provide the best health care. We watched these wonderful creatures take their places in our family, and now, we need to let them go.

As life begins, so it ends. Thanks to you, your companion animal had a home and a family; and your lives were both the better for it. After a long history of love and respect, we’re faced with their final rest. Like everything else we’ve done along this journey, we want to do it right. Your pet lived and played and loved life here in south-central Pennsylvania, and there’s no need to look further to arrange for their final rest.

All of our services take place here in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Your companion animal is privately transported and cremated here on our grounds. We do not utilize third-party brokers, and we maintain an unbroken chain of custody from start to finish.