Video Certification

Why is Video Certified Cremation Important?

Without video certified cremation, there isn’t any proof.

Sadly, pet cremation has become a multi-million dollar business populated by folks that don’t always have your best interests in mind. It is an industry that relies on mass waste disposal facilities, incinerating both companion animals and medical waste. Video certified cremation guarantees your wishes will be honored.

Third-Party Brokers

Third party brokers offer cremation services to local veterinary hospitals. Deceased animals are frozen in plastic bags and, in many cases, transported across state lines in poorly marked vehicles. Little effort goes into treating your beloved pet with respect, and given the large numbers of animals that run through these facilities, it is unlikely that the cremains you receive are indeed those of your companion animal.

Poorly Regulated

Companion animal death care is completely unregulated in most states. Animals are classified as property and not subject to legal and civil penalties. As a pet owner, you have little recourse once a third party takes possession of the body.

What Can I Do?

Do your research. First, work with a local organization that offers you the opportunity to witness the cremation, should you choose to do so. Secondly, have the cremation video certified on DVD and given to you as proof that the service met your expectations.

How Does Video Certification Work?

There will be two cameras. One is placed directly in front of the crematory, displaying a clean and empty interior. The second camera will record the body being placed in the crematory. You will not see the cremation process inside the chamber.

The second camera records all activity in the room where the crematory is located.

There are two separate DVD recorders to ensure an accurate visual record of the process, and to provide a backup should a recorder malfunction.

There will be a long-running visual posting on the screen showing the cremation company, the time (hours, minutes, seconds) and the date the cremation is performed. The time stamp begins with visual check of the empty chamber and concludes when the cremains are removed from the crematorium. The DVD recording is finalized, which locks all information in place and prevents any alteration of the recorded information. 

A copy of the DVD is provided to the family as proof of private cremation. A second copy remains on file in the offices of Peaceful Pet Passage.

More Questions?

We know this is a stressful time for you and your family. If you have more questions, or need clarification, please contact us and we’ll do our best to provide answers.