Quality of Life Evaluation

It is one of the most difficult decisions you’ll ever make for your pet, and you want to make certain you do the right thing at the right time.  Your companion animal has always looked to you for care, comfort and love. And that love you feel may make it hard to know if it’s time to let go.

We can help.  Our veterinarians can visit with you and your pet to do a Quality of Life Evaluation.  We can answer questions, review medical records and perform a physical examination to determine the current condition of your pet. 

We know how hard this is; each and every member of our staff has experienced these same questions, frustrations and doubts.  You don’t have to do this alone. Our mission is to treat every single animal with the respect and care we’d show to our own families.

To do a self-evaluation, review the Quality of Life scale we’ll use to help in our consultation.  During a Quality of Life Evaluation, we’ll take the time to answer questions, offer suggestions for end-of-life care, and provide much needed support for you and your pet during this time.

To request an evaluation with one of our veterinarians, click here, or call us at 717-691-9214.