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Echo Clouser

My sweet Echo passed on 12-21-2022. Peaceful Pet Passage was wonderful. My boy was over 20 and he had a good, long, happy life. He’s been with me through the worst times in my life and also in the best times. He was a sweet, gentle Big Boy and I’ll miss my “Bubber-Boy” terribly, but he’s at peace now. Rest well sweet boy ❤️





Darcy Lesinski

Darcy was a little pup with a lot of personality! We got to enjoy 13 wonderful years with her. She brought a smile to everyone she met and got along with every animal on our farm. She will be deeply missed.






Frankie Frey

I adopted Franklin and Eleanor in 2010 at the Delco SPCA (now Providence Animal Center) surrendered by their owner. Their owner had late stage cancer. She wanted the best for them having always lived in an apartment. My boys and I took Frankie and Ellie into our home with a backyard. Years went by and I met the man that would light up Frankie’s world, following him everywhere! When we moved to Mechanicsburg 5 years ago, Frankie drove the moving truck out with my soon to be husband. We found a apartment accepting pets and then a house. No move was ever without our four legged family members in mind. Frankie had “nine lives” having escaped several times, and survived mouth cancer. His very loud “woo wooing” when he wanted you to listen and give him a treat was impressive. We will miss him and know it was time to say goodbye. He’s in good hands, having been reunited with Ellie and his former owner.

Kodax & Kasper Hile

Kodax Azul Hile - spunky, stubborn yet full of life. My mom was my world and I was her protector. I loved going for car rides, playing tug of war, walks and of course steak and ice cream. Mom says I always talked back!
DOP 9/4/2020

Kasper Lee Hile- did someone say ball? I was known to eat sleep and poop with my ball. I loved my brother Kodax, and my mom. I enjoyed walks, ice cream and car rides. I was known to be everywhere my mom was.
DOP 12/16/2022

To both my babies, I miss you like crazy you are my heart and soul and always will be.

Misfit Keefauver

I found Misfit as a kitten. He appeared one night on July 9th 2005. Where I was living at the time in the town of Keyser WV. I was standing outside in the front yard, and my significant other at the time kept saying look there is a kitten right by your feet!! I honestly thought it was a joke, but sure enough there was this little bobble head tabby kitten standing by my feet and he began to meow at me. I never knew exactly how he just randomly appeared? There were no other strays, or other cats around. And no one in the area was missing a kitten. Somehow he decided to choose me, and I was ok with that. I picked him up and brought him home. The vet said he was around 3 months old when I found him. At first I couldn't think of a name for him, but eventually all the stuff he'd get into and things he'd knock over. I was like. Oh you're a rebel hmm a lil misfit indeed. "Misfit...from the island of the misfit toys" And even though he was known for mischievous things. He was the most sweetest and loving cat. He loved kids and other people who visited. He especially loved his human cousin Alicia. He had a big fur brother named Phantom whom he loved dearly also. He was just a friendly ham to all whom had met him. If I didn't know where he was? All's I had to do was call his name and he'd come in running. He knew his name and it always made me smile that he'd run in with such an entrance when his name was called. He also knew the words eat and treats as well. He loved playing soccer with me. I had gotten him a small soccer ball and I'd kick it around, and he'd chase it. He loved sitting by the windows. Watching the birds, and getting warmed up by the rays of the sun. He was known to chew on plastic, and break things, but he was a misfit, so he had to be in trouble sometimes of course. It became a joke that if he did anything wrong? It was just him living up to his name, and you couldn't stay mad at him for him being himself. He was just such a special and unique soul wrapped in fur with soft paws. Misfit always no matter what slept beside me at night. He'd lay his head by the pillow and his paw on my arm. Even up until his last days where he was struggling. He still walked up his ramp just to be beside me at bedtime. Misfit was my side kick and my son of 17 years. He gave me unconditional love and was here for me when I felt compelled by the loneliness of the world. I'll miss his cute face and his funny ways. He also had a nickname of Gibby or Gibs for short, because he loved turkey and giblets cat food. He went crazy as soon I opened the can. So, it was definitely an earned name. And Lil Boy because he was my West Virginia lil southern sweetheart boy. I'll miss you forever lil boy Gibs. My life will never be the same without you. I know you and your brother are together again frolicking around the universe and chasing stars.

Roo Hall

My dear sweet girl and best friend, Roo, was laid to rest on December 8th, 2022. She was the sweetest and kindest companion who loved spending time on the porch in the fresh air, snuggling on my lap, laying on plastic grocery bags and running to the treat jar every night before bed. Her companionship was something I've never experienced before and I will miss forever. Although we spent 13 wonderful years together, her time with me was cut short due to a brain tumor. But, I take some comfort in knowing that she won't have to suffer any more. I love and miss her with everything I have - until we meet again sweet angel ❤



Bella Shipp

Bella was the absolute sweetest bully. She loved her golf cart and boat rides, the beach and just snoozing on her couch. We were blessed to have her in our lives for 13 years and 7 months but a Huge piece of our hearts died along with her. Words can’t express how much we loved her. Run and play over the Rainbow Bridge sweetheart ❤️❤️





Remy Good

Remy was such a loyal pup. He loved everyone. He was born with disabilities, but we did not care. He was perfect to our family. He loved car rides, getting in the water when ever he could, go for walks and just crawling up and sitting with his dad and take a nap together. He just loved being with us as much as we loved being with him. He is greatly missed. We love and miss him.





Squeakers Greenstreet

Our dear sweet boy, Squeakers, was laid to rest Tuesday December 13th after 20 years of sharing his life with us. His intelligence, sweetness, light, warmth, companionship, and even his stubbornness will be dearly missed. Be at peace dear friend.






Marley Carter

Marley LOVED eating, going for car rides, taking naps, getting a steak dinner on his birthday, cuddling & getting loved on. He did not like exercising. LOL. Marley had a difficult start in life, but with a lot of Love & TLC he got to enjoy the rest being loved & hugged everyday! He will truly be missed.








Riley Moran

We adopted Riley from the Human Society of Harrisburg. From the time we took her home, she followed me around everywhere. I would call out for her, only to find her at my feet often. She was a loyal, affectionate companion for about 11 years. She is missed dearly.





Mali Graham

The last of my fur babies, my sweet baby Mali, has crossed over the rainbow bridge. Mommy cannot even tell you how empty our house will be without you. Sixteen and a half years was not long enough. My beautiful Bengal. A mind of her own and sass to go with it. You came into our lives like a little ball of fire and will forever hold a piece of mommy’s heart. You are running free with your brother and sisters now sweet girl. It’s so true what they say, “if love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.” Mommy loves you sweetheart, more than a heart can hold, forever and beyond.





Sox Standiford

Sox was 8 weeks when he joined our family. A puppy for my son, named after the baseball team that my son was playing for. Sox was a very hyper dog, all the way up until the end. I can remember him chewing a hole through the drywall in our hallway. We took in a 9 month old lab, Chloe, when Sox was 2. His demeanor changed and he became gray very quickly. He was petrified of her but in time, they bonded. As they both got older, he relied on her because he couldn’t see very well with his cataracts nor could he hear very well. Chloe passed in June 2022 and he declined after that. He started having doggy dementia amongst some other issues. He passed away on 12/3/2022 and at the time, I thought he was 15. I found his very first vet bill. He was 16 1/2 years old. Sox, you lived a good, long life. I miss both you and Chloe, but I’m comforted knowing you’re both together, chasing squirrels again.

Khan Mercer

Remembering Khan Cooper Mercer:
Khan Cooper Mercer had a heart of gold. He always was on guard to protect his family. Protecting little kids was his favorite. If a child spent the night in his home, he would sleep beside the child and make sure it was safe all night. Khan loved to eat anything and everything. Luckily, he was the size of a small human so most foods that he wasn’t supposed to consume, didn’t hurt him. In his younger days, he loved to escape out the front door and run around the neighborhood. Khan was a character but he was loved immensely. He is missed by his parents, his siblings, and his extended family. We feel at peace because we know he is with Bo in Heaven. Thank you again for all your support!


Obi Wilson

Obi, you were the best boy in the entire world. I am obviously biased, but think almost anyone who has met you would agree. You gave me so much joy during the last 13 years. Through every heartbreak, move, job, car, ups and downs, you were there with me for my entire adult life. I hope you have unlimited 💩s, bone bones, and carrots in doggy heaven and get to go for as many walks and swims as you can. I honestly don’t even remember what life is like without you, but I promise to cherish every memory we made together. If love alone could have kept you going, you would have lived forever 💙 see you again some day baby boy, Mom & Dad love you more than words could ever explain.



Wesson Berrier

Wesson was a sweet, gentle soul. I only had him for the last 2 years he had left, but that was not long enough. I wished we had more time. He was always at my feet through the days I worked from home. I miss him tremendously and my only comfort is he is no longer in pain. This is one of my favorite pictures. I remember that day as he was alert and listening as I talked to him as if he truly understood.







Hunter Kim

Hunter was always energetic. Even when he got older and his health declining, he never hesitated to walk and go to the park. He’s so friendly towards people that he would actively go to people, wanting pets. He would never want to leave the park. He was very close with my father as he would always go to his room and sleep with him. Every time my father would come home from work. He’s been doing that ever since he was a young pup. No matter how tired or sick he was, he would get up from his bed, and greet him at the door.




Chase Shelly

Chase was very loved and will be very missed!







Lucie Dalaperas

My little girl Lucie, we were blessed to have her in our lives for almost 16 years. She will truly be missed. We love you, your family💝






Cooper Wells

On Wednesday November 30th, my family laid to rest one of the most amazing, goofy, loving and wonderful animals I have ever known. Cooper, our beloved 12 year old Golden Lab was peacefully removed from any further pain caused by a very rapidly metastasizing tumor in his front shoulder. He was so calm and peaceful during the transition, and he is probably already chasing squirrels and rabbits as well as greeting everyone he meets with a viciously whipping tail. Those of you that had the chance to know him know that he was the perfect personality for a dog from being downright frustrating sometimes, to always being the same loving and curious dog saying Hello to everyone! We will miss you sweet Cooper, you were certainly loved by all! R.I.P. Forever you wonderful soul...Godspeed My Boy! You will forever be in our hearts! So Long-So Long...

Maddis "Stinkus" Holbrook

Maddie's/Stinkus's sassiness of spirit could only be rivaled by her stoutness of body. She enjoyed eye socket kisses, napping, being the muse for many songs created and sung for her by her loving servants, and demanding attention at 3 AM by giving you a crisp boop to the face. She was a constant companion for her doting mother, who ensured her partner in crime could have the most enjoyable and loving time on this earth as humanly possible. Her presence brought so much laughter, love, and inspiration to all that knew her. Though her leaving us has left an immense hole in our hearts, we are immeasurably grateful for the time she had with us, and are forever changed for the better because she chose us.



Lulu Sheffield

Lulu was the perfect dog and we miss her very much. She was a great cuddler and enjoyed sleeping in. She loved going for walks, playing in the snow, car rides, the dog park, the pet store, Lowes, camping, and visits to friends and family. Some of her favorite times were at doggie daycare with her grandparents. We had 15 great years with her, but it still wasn't enough. We will cherish our memories with her and keep her in our hearts forever.




Scooby Silfee

Scooby was more than our pet, he was part of our family. He was our small protector, as he would fiercely and relentlessly bark at anyone who stepped foot on our property. He was our confidant who would listen to all problems and never judge. He was our snuggle-buddy who could make your heart smile when it was breaking. He was such a special little guy and will be forever missed. Now go run free and bark as loud as you want Scooby!






Kylie Martz

Kylie Martz a.k.a (ky ky boots)
Kylie passed away on November 22, 2022 at the age of 18. She was such a little spit fire. Although, her fur brother and fur sister who were twice her size, she ruled the roost. She loved people food and her favorite was Arby’s roast beef sandwich (she would give you her paw asking for more)This was the hardest decision but Peaceful Pet Passage gave my husband and I comfort. Fly high sweet girl 💕






Bella Forbes

Bella was a very sweet miniature schnauzer that loved to be around people, especially girls. She loved her sister Sophie, her beagle companion who she would chase around. Her favorite thing in the world was her treats, she couldn’t get enough of them.






Marigot Sabatini

We were newly married and took a cruise to celebrate. We stopped in St. Marteen…while there, we had lunch in the French capitol, Marigot. It was there that we decided when we returned from our trip, we would look at puppies. We knew exactly what we were looking for and found a breeder about 2 hours in Pennsylvania from our then home in Maryland. After the litter was born, we drove out to meet them…I instantly fell in love with “yellow” as they had different colored ribbons around their neck to identify them. She was crying in the corner, still not able to get to her Mom to eat…I knew right then I wanted her. The breeder called us back a few days later to let us know, “yellow” was ours when she was ready to leave her Mom. We drove back out to pick up our new puppy who we named, “Marigot”. Marigot was the best dog anyone could ever ask for. She was playful, a good listener and beyond loyal. She always had a “wiggle butt” when meeting someone new. We are a military family, so Marigot moved all over with us…even to Hawaii! She sat next to me every day when I miscarried my 1st baby, and became an amazing fur sister when we eventually brought our daughter home. She was so protective of the new baby, and was always found hanging around nearby keeping a careful eye on her. She was with us during several deployments and always learned a new trick when daddy was away. Reunions were so special. She loved her tennis balls, she would play fetch all day if she could, she loved swimming and would give paw after paw if it meant a treat reward. She would bring us our newspaper from the end of the driveway, she would destroy it in the process, but we loved it anyway. She wasn’t fond of squirrels..or the vacuum…but, she loved peanut butter…her “baby” monkey and above all she really loved US. She brought us 14 years of joy and unconditional love and we are so honored. After 14 years of continuously moving..we ended up in Pennsylvania. Our girl had come full circle and has now found rest where she was born. We are so grateful to have been her humans, and a piece of our heart is missing without her. We will miss her forever! Until we meet again sweet girl…
Marigot “Sail away with me” Sabatini
May 18, 2008 ~ November 21, 2022

Romeo Dick

In memory of Romeo
Our sweet boy Romeo will forever be in our hearts. Always happy to greet anyone visiting just as long he was getting their attention. He always slept with us and when he was unable to get in bed himself he waited to be helped in bed where he would do his best dreaming shaking the whole bed. I will miss him meeting me at the door coming home from work. He would be so excited as I was just as excited to see him. We love our boy and will miss him terribly.





Odie Bortner

In November (2022) we said goodbye to our sweet Odie (Od) cat! He was 16! We adopted him from Tails End Farm Animal Rescue and it was a perfect match from day 1! Odie was a super social cat with a big personality! He loved everyone he met….he knew and loved all of our dogs! He also loved our Christmas tree! Things sure won’t be the same around here without him. Thanks to Tails End for allowing us to adopt Odie all those years ago and to Peaceful Pet Passage for coming to our home! We miss you Odie man!





Muggles Nevel

Muggles enjoyed going outside, although she was an indoor cat. So she agreed to be leash trained. The thing to understand about leash training a cat is that you don’t walk the cat, she walks you. And walk us she did, mostly along the tree line in the back yard. She the loved squirrels: the squirrels did not love her. In her later years, she contented herself with settling on a warm, sunny patch of dirt where she could sniff the breeze. She was an amazing cat.




Raleigh Diodato

Raleigh was an amazing companion and gave me a reason to get up in the morning :)









Lovely Krebs

Lovely Angel Krebs lived up to her name. Some of lovely’s favorite things to do were playing with her brother Jager, catch snowballs in the winter, chasing birds and squirrels, and most of all snuggling with her dad. Lovely got her name from her heart shaped color on her nose. Lovely warmed everyone’s heart she encountered. She will be deeply missed.











Stormy Weil

Stormy came to us in the spring of 2004. She was found in Baltimore near a dumpster in a feral colony. We had just lost our beloved tuxedo, Bedelia, 2 weeks prior. She was 18. We took her in. She was thin, tiny, and scared. She has been a beloved sweet girl for over 18 years. We miss her dearly. This photo was taken (2 months ago 11/2022) while she sunbathed on the front porch. RIP sweetie.






Addie Bogel

Addie was the biggest pain in the butt dog I have ever owned as she loved stealing socks out of the hamper and running around the house with them, and if you didn’t chase her, she’d come and stand in front of you with the sock in her mouth as if to say, “Hey!!! Look what I have!!” She was our built-in security system as she barked at everything and everyone. She hated thunderstorms and fireworks, heavy rain, and strong wind. She was also the sweetest, funniest, most loving dog that we rescued from the Harrisburg Humane Society when she was about a year old. She also hated the vacuum cleaner, literally attacking it to the point that I had to take her into the bedroom while my husband vacuumed the rest of the house. She was diagnosed with bone cancer just a few short weeks before she gained her wings, but I think it started several months ago when she had trouble jumping up on the bed. Our sweet little bug would have been 14 next March 10 (2023), as that was the day we brought her home. Thank you for helping her gain her wings at home on one of the worst days of our lives, and treating her with such care, grace, and dignity. We miss her more than words can ever express. She was the joy of our lives.

Meeka Hosler

Meeka was our 1st foster rescue adopted pup and opened our hearts to continue adopting rescues in need. The 1st day we brought her home from transport we gave her a bath and seen she had little dots above her beautiful brown eyes and fell in love. Meeka needed a dog sibling due to anxiety issues and helped to get her sister Mocha adopted as well as her sister Emma. (All 3 were from a kill shelter born in 2008 and we adopted them from Furry Friends Network in April, May, & Sept.2009). The 3 quickly became bonded, a pack, and have watched over each other for the last 13 yrs.Meeka overcame many challenges since a pup as she struggled with hip dysplasia, seizures, and gi issues. She was a dog in a cat's body as she loved can catfood, played with cat toys, and often lounged and smuzzled with the cats. Meeka and her cat sister Cotton had a bond like no other and were inseparable. Meeka loved to run in the snow, take walks with her sisters, jump in the creek, tug on her sister's leash, and most of all cuddling with her parents. She absolutely loved her toys and looked forward to opening new toys wrapped at Christmas. Her favorite toy was her dreidle that played music. Meeka brought so much love and joy into our lives. She taught us patience and the importance of appreciating each day. Meeka was so loved and a piece of our heart was taken when she passed away unexpectedly. Thankfully we could be with her and comfort her on her dog bed at home with her fur siblings when she took her last breath. We love and miss you Meeka and know you will be watching over us and waiting for us.💜💜

Archibald Messick

We had to say goodbye to our little Lord Archibald “Archie” McGregor. He filled our hearts with his cuddles, kisses, and snoring. He preferred to be carried like a baby in his later years and was a favorite to friends and family. He will be missed.





Carley Boll

Carley was an amazing 17 year old pug. Totally devoted to her momma. Three years ago she lost her tail to cancer. Next losing the use of her legs. I toilet tried Carley and that’s how she went to potty the rest of her life. The most pleasant fur baby you ever met. Carley spent her life watching every step I made. Her sister went to rainbow 3 years ago. Jack is her Saint Bernard brother . Choosing Peaceful pet passage was the best way for Carley to get her wings . I’m so happy I made that decision. Carley was a queen and deserved the best! Thanks for taking care of my baby the way she deserved.





Otis Selway

Otis rescued us in 2009, jumping into Tom's lap as soon as we met him, and never again after that. He was our constant companion and protector. Known as Funny Bones, Puppy, Oas and Otis, he was by far the smartest do we ever had. Every morning rain, snow, sleet or shine, he would get the paper from our long driveway and deliver it to us in the kitchen. Of course, then he waited, sometimes impatiently, for a treat. He went with us to the beach, flew in our airplane with his mutt muffs and thunder shirt. Always wanting to be wherever we were. Our hearts are broken. We are just so fortunate we had 13 wonderful years with him.




Robin Hurwitz

She always slept with us. Sleeping in my husband's face. And sat with me helping with answers on Jeopardy.








Reggie Baker

We were blessed to have Reggie as part of our family for 16 of his 18 years. He was a loving, crazy boy. Someone even described him as the “Tiny Boy with the personality of a Great Dane.”And it was true! Only 9 1/2 pounds soaking wet but you always knew when Reggie was around. We take comfort in knowing that he’s now up in Heaven and running zoomies and causing chaos wherever his little legs will take him until we get there. God bless you for the valuable service you do!







Sofia Kostoplis

In 2012 shortly after I moved to Maryland from New Jersey to start a career, I found Sofia. Since then, Sof has been by my side from when I was a single man living alone in a new place, to a married man with two children and two other dogs. The ten years she spent with me left an impression on my heart and I will never forget her, she made such a positive difference in my life. Sof came everywhere with me and loved to ride in the truck and explore new places. She was a loyal dog who would always press herself against the door waiting for me if I had to go somewhere without her. Sof was great with the kids and the other dogs and was a part of our family. She was deeply loved and will be missed greatly.



Owen Bachant

Owen's Gotcha day was 8-8-2009. He was about 5mos old. The 1st picture is the Petfinders picture I fell in love with the minute I saw him. Owen came in to a high kill shelter in Kentucky. Owen County Friends of Animals rescued him. The 2nd picture is the moment Owen would meet his big brother Dugger. As you can see it was a match made from heaven. The next 10 years Dugger would teach his best friend to be a good boy. Owen was in a kennel while we worked. The 1st day I came home and proceeded to leave Owen out of his kennel he was going crazy. Dugger came over and was growling at Owen. I was not quite sure if I should open the gate. Dugger was about 3 years old at this time and such a good boy so, I opened the door and Dugger stuck his face right into Owen's and Owen immediately calmed down. The next day I came home and went to the gate to leave Owen out, he sat right down and waited for the door to be opened. Of course, Dugger was standing beside me. So I realized Dugger had this. He went on to teach Owen many things. We traveled cross country, went to Nascar races and always took the boys. Their Daddy passed in 2012. These boys became my savior. Dugger passed in July 2019. Owen was never quite the same but continued on with their routine of sharing an apple with me every morning, a frosty paws at noon. Daily walks to meet everyone he could and many dogs as well. If I forgot anything I would be reminded with him standing in front of me with a firm bark. In March 2022 Owen was diagnosed with a mass on his spleen. He had about 3 episodes where I thought he was ready to go but would bounce back. We made every day count up until 3 days before he passed. I knew I now had to send him over the Rainbow bridge to meet his Brother and his Daddy. Now I am heartbroken with no routines and nobody to share the apple with. To think that 13+ years ago he was going to be euthanized. I was so blessed to have this amazing boy. The last picture was taken about a week prior to his passing on November 1, 2022.

Luna Laspe

My beautiful girl, Luna, loved sunshine and chasing paper balls. She had sassy attitude for days and was such a lover. Always by your side and always watching over my daughter. She was a skilled fly and stink bug exterminator lol. She made our house a home and loved everyone she met. She was truly the best friend ever.




Gunner Free

Gunner we couldn’t have asked for a more loving or loyal partner in crime for Sadie. We will forever miss your eager please personality, long walks & loving head nudges. We never expected to lose you so soon after Sadie. You knew she needed you more and that is the selfless love you gave every day since we brought you home 7 years ago. When we decided to “rescue” we never knew you would be rescuing us. You carried a piece of of our hearts with you over that rainbow bridge.
RIP Gunner 8/14/15-10/31/22




Chestnut Sommer

Chestnut and 6 other kittens all came to my home in the last few days of August 2021! There were 3 kittens that always were together. Mia went to my parents and Curly was staying here. Chestnut was to be adopted by a friend and the adoption fell through and I was able to keep this sweet, funny kitten. She was always something special and even though the 3 senior kitties weren’t fans of her she always needed to be with her human mama! She was like my oldest kitty, a big cuddle bug. I only had a short year with you and it was masked with a lot of time I had to care for a family member but I’ll always cherish the rubs and funny noises I received by being your mom. Love you always and forever, Chestnut❤️



Bridget Tapper

Our beloved Bridget! She was a rescue we brought home at around 6 months old and she gave us 17 wonderful years! She has four other furry siblings that she loved running around and playing outside with. She was always by our side and made any bad days better! She will forever be loved and missed!






Maggie Hankewycz

It’s with a sadden heart to tell everyone our Sweet Maggie Moo has crossed the Rainbow Bridge 🌈. (I’m sure your sisters- Sophia, Diva and brother- Felix will be there waiting for you). I wrote this tribute when you were first diagnosed with osteosarcoma in July because I knew in my heart I would be too crushed to write it now. You gave us 4 additional months to love you and try to keep you as pain free as we could until now. You were the light of our life. You had such an energetic personality which loved to run, play and go for walks. You always carried your stuffed animals where ever you went, whether it was your favorite moose or your pink bunny. You got the name Moo because eating and running were always your favorite activities next to going on a late night walk with your dad. You always followed your mom and dad room to room. Where ever we were you were close behind. We took car rides to the park, trips to the beach and countless events with other greyhound friends. You and Fanny were Always together side by side!! You have and will forever be a huge part of our family! ❤️ You left this world and were taken away from us way too soon. Run pain free chasing bunnies in heaven! It’s never goodbye we will see you again. 💔#Osteosarcomasucks
🌈 Rico’s Maggie 12/3/2012 - 11/2/2022🌈
Nicknames:(Maggie, Maggie Moo, Sugar Moo, Baby Moo, Sweetie Moo).

Cooper Jones

In memory of Cooper.
Cooper came to us when he was a pup. We had him for 15 years. He was a part of our family and loved beyond words. Cooper provided so much love and fun to our family. He loved the pool and chasing the kids all around and jumping in the pool. He is missed by us all. Rest in peace sweet Cooper.
Thank you Peaceful Pet for Passage helping us and Cooper.







Max Woolley

This is My Max. Thank you for the 4 years you gave me. You’ll always be in my heart…. I miss you every day…







Zeke & Silva Miller

Zeke and Silva had been the one constant in my life for 12 years. They had an amazing life full of adventures across the US, living in 6 different states. My little bears, you adapted to whatever life threw at us. You were my security and I will forever remember all the times you saved me from the world and myself. Only for a brief moment we are in this world, and for our beloved animals it is always too short. We will forever remember the two of you and keep you in our hearts. You watched over our babies and kept our home safe. I will never have the words to describe just how much each of you two truly meant to us. Stand strong together over the rainbow bridge, until we meet again.



Nestle Zienkiewicz

This little guy had a rough start to life. He was found in a barn and had four different homes before he came to his forever home with us. Nestle has been a part of our family for the past 12 years and will always hold a special place in our hearts. From singing along to brown eyed girl to cuddling on the couch, we will miss every bit of him. I already miss hearing his paws coming down the hallway to greet me after work. Nestle loved his Lamb Chop and playing fetch. He could catch a ball in the air like no other. We are going to miss you sweet boy.




Brady Myers

Our sweet buddy boy. Brady came into our lives when we needed him the most. He was the most handsome, kind, loyal boy. I'm not quite sure we were deserving of his love for the last 15 years but I am so grateful he was ours, and we were his. We miss you terribly and love you always.






Maddie Grace Odegaard

Maddie Grace was born on August 1,2010 and passed away at home on October 29, 2022. She was a sweet, precious dog who loved everyone she met. She had a gentle soul. She was also a silly, funny and happy girl who was always entertaining us with her antics. She will be forever loved. Until we meet again, my Maddie. Wait for me at the bridge.







Jessie Weyer

Our Jessie really liked being in the snow on the deck. She would give me that look, I'm not ready to come in yet! She also liked being in the back yard with us, under the maple tree. We miss her so much, and it seems lonely without her. Thank you, Dr. Morgan and Devin, for your kindness and gentleness with Jessie.



Benji Yocum

Benji was the bestest boy ever and was our baby boy. He loved his treats and always barked to remind you if you forgot to give him one after he did his business outside. He always seemed happy and loved to meet other dogs. We miss you terribly but it was time to say goodbye. Love you our sweet sweet little man ❤️



Stormy Testa

This sweet boy came to me as a stray. For more than 3 years I fed and sheltered him outside through all kinds of weather. He would be on my garden wall in the morning before I headed out to work and in the evening when I came home. One summer evening I was sitting outside and he came up the walk; took a look at me and jumped into my lap. As it grew dark I put him on the chair next to me and went inside to go to bed. The next morning he was still on the chair where I put him! I gradually introduced him to my other cats. He was huge and beautiful. Never a hair out of place and always clean. He was so heavy he sounded like a person walking around the house. His favorite thing was when my kids and grands visited for holidays. He LOVED people and being in the middle of any family gathering. He was handsome, sweet and a huge loving presence in my home. I will miss him for a long time. This photo is of him helping me work from home.



Gidget Sisti

We adopted Gidget and her sister, Gracie, 12 years ago. They were 11 months old husky/golden retrievers. They looked a lot alike, but Gidget was always the leader. She was more like her golden retriever mom. She loved to play ball and was always ready to go for a walk. Gidget knew to stop a half mile up the road at the neighbor’s porch for her daily biscuits. She loved meeting people and being petted when friends visited. Her fur felt very silky and smooth. She is missed so much by her canine sister and human parents.

CamiJo Long

She loved the snow, her walks when camping and danced around grunting like a crazy dog when she wanted a treat. She was a muched loved pet and we were so blessed to have been able to give her a loving home for 17 years. She is truly missed every day but will be forever in our hearts. We will miss her dearly. Thank you for the service you do.





Biggz Ammerman

Biggz was rescued from a kill shelter when his owner dropped him off at 14 years old, as if he was garbage. Our boy was far from that. J and Co Dog rescue saved him from euthanasia, and we fostered him as a "hospice foster". Our Biggie boy was in rough shape, and we didn't think he would have made it a few more weeks. So we loved him as much as we could, and we fed him the best food, he was very spoiled! All of this love, and yummy meals, let our boy live another 10 months. In the good months, he had energy, he wanted to play and to go places. He loved life, and we loved him in ours. It breaks my heart that we could only give him 10 months of love, but I truly hope that's all he remembers. Mommy and Daddy love you Biggie, and your siblings miss you dearly. We will see you again sweet boy, you are forever in our hearts.




Chloe Lang

First and foremost I want to thank you for your commitment and compassion. This was beyond difficult for me and my family. Chloe was a ray of sunshine each and every day in our lives for the last 12 years. She came to us by way of chance in which someone offered her to us when she was just five years old. She shared her unconditional love from the first moment we held her and never stopped. She was lively and funny on a near constant basis. Chloe was my “snuggle buddy” and we spent so much of our time together, as my family says she was attached to my hip. So, needless to say, I’m certainly feeling a little empty spot beside me where my bestie girl once filled. Although the moments of play and excitement on her part faded due to her health and age, she never stopped showing us her love until her final moments. In her final year or so, Chloe lost her sight and hearing. So, having her here in her home, her safe space, in her final moments, was beyond important to us and I know she felt comforted by that. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Fletcher Ferns

Here’s my Fletcher waiting for his dinner or treats and sharing the sofa with me. We liked to take walks and rides together and he loved days of resting on the sofa! We went camping and walked trails in PA State Parks. He liked to watch from under the table while I cooked. He was the best!





Katie Sack

Katie was a Therapy Dog for the College of Veterinary Medicine University of Tennessee for 4 years. She was known as “The Miracle Dog” because of her gentle, loving nature. She worked in a fourth grade class with 22 students for 4 years as well as a Assisted Living Facility in the Physical Therapy Unit. Everyone who met her was touched by her love.



Tank DiVito

2008 to 2022
Tank was a gentle soul. He warmed our hearts from the very first moment he came into our lives. We couldn’t have asked for a better dog. He was there from the very beginning of our family. It was truly hard letting him go. It gives us peace knowing that he had an incredible 14 years. We will miss him dearly but will see in again in the clouds.




Izzie Adams Dalton

This little beauty came into our lives sixteen years ago, and forever changed our lives. Izzie was the most loving and caring companion we could ever ask for. We all feel empty, right now, without her but our hearts are full with so many wonderful memories and valuable time spent with her. We will love and cherish you forever Izzie!!





Biscuit Lavetan

We lost Biscuit on 9/27/2022. She was a sweet girl who we all loved!







Gage Hollingsworth

Thank you so much for taking good care of my Gage.










Oliver Hurlburt

Oliver was the very best boy. He was sweet and gentle with our four children and was ALWAYS up for a snuggle. We miss him plopping himself in our laps and his little noises he would make to greet us. He was a once in a lifetime pet and we will never forget him. I hope he is having a ball waiting at the rainbow bridge and chasing every mouse and bug he can find.



Samantha Zeplin

Samantha - You are so missed. We only had 3 years together after I inherited you when Fred died. I know that you and Fred and your buddy Midnight had many years of fun. You were such a blessing these last 3 years (after you finally stopped barking at me!) and I enjoyed the many hours throwing 🎾tennis balls in the back yard - even at 2am! You are so missed!





Bobby Gibney

This picture captures Bobby's soul perfectly.
There are so many wonderful memories with Bobby. Our fondest memory was the first time Bobby "sang". For six months after we adopted him, he was a silent "bagle". We were sitting on the couch together and I started the "song". Once Bobby realized it was okay, he joined me in a duet. Until his last days, Bobby was always happy to belt out a tune when asked to sing..







Timmy Crist

We lost our sweet little Timmy on September 27th 2022. He was only 10 months old. Although he lived such a short life, he was actually full of life. He loved his human family so much especially his sissy, Mackenzie. He loved to run, take walks, ride in the car and do zoomies around the living room. And when he wasn't full of energy, he liked to take naps in our laps. We still can't comprehend why he was taken so soon but all we know is that he gave us so much joy and love. We will forever remember our sweet little boy. Rest in peace Timmy.




Stanley Dietz

We were blessed with Stanley for over 8 years, he filled our lives with so much joy and companionship, he is sorely missed. From the moment we woke up in the morning, until after the sun went down, he was eager to play ball. Many times he would fall asleep beside you with a ball in his mouth. He was my best friend, and my wife's protector. His little sister Camden is missing him as much as we do. Hope to see him again one day at the Rainbow Bridge.




Natalia Schardt

Natalia was my beautiful girl. So soft and very furry. Sometimes I called her my beauty queen fur making machine! She enjoyed walking and hiking and love. She was loving in her own way but also a bit independent. She wasn’t a cuddle dog, but came to me for loving. She was well traveled and enjoyed taking many trips. She also enjoyed going to work with me and I always said she was the happiest one at work. She loved my son as well and the mention of his name made her tail wag and body moved. Natalia was beautiful girl and I miss her so much.






Athena Powell

My sweet Pitbull Athena turned 10 on Sept 25th, she passed on Wednesday 28th of 2022. I had her since she was a baby we are heart broken. She was such a lil human. I will miss her greeting me as I get home from work, our walks and car rides, and the relationship she had with her cat sisters, Sip. Athena, you will forever be loved. She was with us for 10 long and wonderful years. She was always sweet and loving to everyone she met. She will always be in our hearts.


Lily McCormack

17years ago Lily came to me as a stray right after I had my beloved basset put to sleep. My sister,Trudy, made the mistake of calling her Merle’s angel so we just had to keep her! I was only 16 at the time so she’s been with me through it all from breakups, moving houses, multiple other pets, three babies, etc! She put up with a lot over the years but she was one tough kitty! Always holding strong to be there for me even in her old age taking care of me up until it was time for me to let her go. She was a wild jungle cat but she was also the ruler of the house. Even though she was nicknamed b**** cat she was still the sweetest when she wanted to be. We miss her so much already. Love you lil lil 🌈 nov05’-9/26/22








Gunnar Fauth

We rescued Gunnar when he was 5 years old. We were his 4th home. All that he wanted was love and a safe place to call home. He was always such a gentleman and a very good boy. It was so hard to let him go, but we knew it was for the best. When he left us, he took not only a piece of our hearts, but a piece of our souls too! We miss you, sweet Gunnar. Run free!










Kody Gentile

Kody came into our lives when we adopted him from a local humane society on September 17, 2016, and it was love at first sight for all of us. He immediately took over our house and made us a family. Kody had a big personality and always let us know what he was thinking and feeling. He was a total momma’s boy; wherever mommy was, Kody was right there with her. He was beyond loyal and was very protective of his family. He was so incredibly handsome and he knew it. Everywhere he went, he was constantly complimented. He absolutely loved snow and going for rides in our pick up truck. Kody will aways be a huge part of our family and will always be greatly missed. He really was the best dog we could ever ask for and our home will never be the same without him.


Kody Riley

Kody was a wonderful dog. The best dog anyone could ask for and we miss him lots.





Stella Guise

Stella was honestly, the best dog we could of ever asked for. We got her as a puppy, and she was part of our family for the past 13 years. Stella was friendly and excited to see everyone she came in contact with, especially our neighbors, who would stop by to pet her. Some of her favorites things were going to the beach with us, her daily walks, and swimming in our pool. From the edge of the pool, she would pass a beach ball back and forth with her nose to our hands while we stood in the pool! Stella was fiercely loyal to us and a great companion and protector! We miss her so much ❤️




Ammo Myers

Our dog Ammo, crossed the rainbow bridge on Monday September 19, 2023.
Ammo was loved by everyone who crossed his path. He loved to snuggle on the couch and always made sure that everyone was tucked in for the night before he went to bed. He loved his treats, rides in the truck, and walks in the park. His wiggle butt was always going the moment you walked in the door and could make any bad day better. Seeing him was the pick me up you always needed and he is missed every day. We love you Ammy. Thank you for your help in easing Ammo's pain.




Hunter McMaster

Hunter a pit bull was 15 years old when he passed on 9/20/22 at 3:01pm. He was rescued by my wife when he was around a year old. She had no idea that he was deaf until she got him home. Hunter had 3 brothers and a sister. Two pit bulls, one King Charles cavilier, and a bulldog. He literally was the most amazing loving dog, he loved everyone and even though he was deaf he listened/watched hand signals. He was the goodest boy and he will be missed by many people.




Ry Kay

If the kindest souls were rewarded with the longest lives, Dogs would live forever… ♥️♥️♥️









Vinnie Oldfield

The gravesite of Vinnie’s adopted grandparents. Vinnie would come with his adopted Daddy to visit them. Vinnie also visited his grandmother with his Daddy and Grandfather while his grandfather was still alive. Now Vinnie’s ashes were placed on his grandparents’ gravestone in between their names for his memorial service. Vinnie’s Final Farewell Ride was escorted by his Daddy and many bikers on motorcycles and friends in cars and trucks. He is very much loved and missed by many.
Vinnie’s adopted Daddy



Archie Hoffman

He came into the house as a bold kitten and remained the ruler of the roost throughout. Jealous of others early on, he finally allowed me to give him the love he always deserved. Ended up being a sweet lap kitty.
I appreciate so much the kindness and care of Dr Elser.
Always in my heart my sweet Bubba.







Louie Hoover-Kocher

He was such a good dog he was my gentle giant. Was playful and got along with other dogs and people too. He is so missed. Loved the snow. Thank you for your kindness and service.






Layla Deardorff

Our sweet girl has been a party of our family for the past 12 years. She watched both of our boys since they were babies and guarded them like a momma bear. She was goofy and loved to play around. She passed peacefully and lays in the back corner of our yard to watch the beautiful colors of sunset each night.





Winnie Traverse

Our Winnie was such a loving and faithful companion. She followed us around, slept snuggled up with us, loved the water, loved to be held and carried around and was the appointed dog trainer of 3 dogs over her 15 year life. Winnie was one of a litter of 5 who had been born to a feral mother under a shed. She was diagnosed with diabetes at age 6 and had twice a day insulin shots for the last 9 years, but she didn't mind and dutifully allowed me to put her in the carrier for frequent visits to the vet that she HATED. So when her time came, we chose PPP as our final gift to our girl. She passed peacefully at home in my arms and is buried under a new tree in our back yard. Thank you, Winnie, for being such a joy in our lives and thank you PPP for making the end stress free for her.



Kodi Thomas

Kodi was the biggest fluffiest and sweetest dog you would ever meet. He loved to howl with his family and snuggle. Our hearts miss him dearly. He was the best boy!









Bandit Petroski

When my boys were young I decided that every boy should have a dog. I saw an add in the paper for Australian Shepherd, and cow dog puppies. That weekend friends invited us to their house to see their new pup. Here it was from the same litter I had saw in the paper. We loved their little Joey. I kept thinking about these puppies. The next weekend I said to my husband about seeing if we could get one. He said you don't even know if there are any left. I called the number in the ad and the guy said he was in Kentucky at a horse show and he had the pup with him. He said I have a lot of people interested in this dog but if you meet me at the house tonight at 8 pm he is yours. My friend and I headed to his farm in Strinestown, to meet him. We pulled up and this herd of dogs came running up to us and my Bandit was right in the middle. He was the first dog I ever had and he was wonderful. The kids loved him and we took him everywhere. He loved people and he loved being with us. He would even go visit the neighbors on my right, I would have to call and sure enough they would say he is over here in the kitchen visiting. He also loved to visit on the left too. They had a yellow lab named Angus who loved to play Frisbee. Bandit would not retrieve but he would chase Angus down steal his frisbee and drop it just over the line in our yard. Bandit figured out that Angus could not cross over into our yard because he had an electric fence. Bandit was very protective of me. He didn't want me on the kids trampoline. Every time I got on it Bandit would bark at me and if that didn't work he would steal my shoes because he knew that would get me off. Bandit was a great companion. When my mom was sick everywhere she went he was right beside her. In the last couple of years wherever I was at is where he wanted to be. He lived a good long life of 16 and a half years. He truly blessed our family and we loved him so much.

Gizmo Rauls

My little 14 pound shih tzu, Gizmo, was a fierce warrior who protected me from the monster who lived in the ice maker. Each time he heard that grinding noise that indicated ice was being made, Gizmo charged the freezer, barking and twirling around, hoping to scare that monster into submission. I think of him every time I hear ice being made. RIP my warrior.



Tessa Webb

Sweet Tess, rescued and adopted in 2010. One of the most gentle creatures to ever walk the earth. She never knew an enemy 2 legged or 4. She’s in our hearts forever, she was a blessing in our lives.








Diesel Qualls

Diesel Mechanic Qualls
From the time that we brought Diesel home we knew he was the missing piece to our family. He always had a smile for you when you walked through the door and always had kisses ready. When you were sick he stuck beside you and would cuddle all day if that was what you needed. Watching him grow into the amazing dog that he is was the most rewarding thing that we could ask for. From cuddling on the couch eating popcorn to watching him open his bark box every month Diesel always was happy. He is truly missed everyday by everyone who ever met him. Diesel will always have a spot in our hearts. We know thatDiesel will always be watching over our family and will be protecting us. It is not goodbye but I will see you later. We love you babyboy and you are always on our mind.

Bashful Thomas

My best friend…. I’m not sure where to begin… I can remember the day we adopted you like it was yesterday, I walked into the SPCA expecting to leave with a Pit Bull I saw online. But then we saw you… your sad little eyes, I couldn’t walk away… you were the epitome of your name, Bashful, everything made you jump and you hated hearing the other dogs bark. The minute they handed me the leash with you on it I knew you’d be coming with us! You were 8 years old and when you got to our home you became the epitome of an old man, you slept in the sun and only got up for snuggles, food and outside times. You were my sidekick, everywhere I went you did too. You protected me when I needed it and comforted me when you knew I was down. You just turned 11 on August 1st, and I hate that we didn’t have more time with you. A part of me will always be with you my boy! My heart will never be the same without you! We love you so much! Keep an eye on us baby boy! Until we meet again ❤️❤️❤️




Lily Weiler

Tribute to Lily…
“Lily never met a person she didn’t love, an ice cream bowl she didn’t want to lick, or a bunny she didn’t want to chase. She was the best fur-baby and big sister her family could have ever dreamed of sharing a life with. While her family’s hearts are shattered and they feel lost without their girl, they know she is in a better place. Thank you, Lily, for giving us a love we could never measure. We will always love you.”




Cocoa Mailtand

Cocoa with her favorite toy……mommy and daddy’s socks! She will be dearly missed for eternity…..





Clyde Staub

Clyde had many health issues in his 9 years but always took them in stride and was a happy boy. We cherished every moment with him and will miss him beyond words. Rest in peace good boy.






Dominic Earnest

Dominic was one of a kind and he was my best friend for the past 14 years. He would never leave my side. He loved going on walks, car rides and of course getting dog treats. We will miss him so much but know he’s running pain free at the Rainbow Bridge. Until we meet again…💙





Bootsie Harper

Our sweet and handsome Bootsie…
Bootsie was born October 2010 in New Orleans to a stray momma and an organization that specializes in fostering and adopting cats from kill shelters took him and his siblings to Ohio to find them each loving homes. I’ve always been more a dog person myself and never intended on getting another cat honestly but back in December of 2010 that changed. Our 17 year old daschund Pugsley had to be suddenly put to sleep after being paralyzed from a back injury. Just days afterwards, my husband had to leave us to head back overseas to complete his last 6 months of his year long deployment. We all took it hard, but my younger son was just a mess. It was too much on him and it was hard seeing him so upset. As a mom, I was willing to do almost anything to see him smile again. Well…he said he would feel much better if he could get a kitty and that is the story of how Boots (aka Bootsie) came into our lives. He has been quite the character. Many times we referred to him as our ‘dog-cat’ because he seemed to act more like a dog than a cat oftentimes. We’ve had several friends say they normally don’t like cats but love Bootsie. He loved to play, he loved to snuggle and he LOVED to eat! He has been known to even get into trouble a few times for swiping food right out of your hand, off of your plate, etc., if you gave him the opportunity. He has always stayed around 19-20 lbs, so quite the big boy. The thing I love the most about him is that he gives the sweetest big hugs. I’ve never known another cat to give hugs - but Bootsies are the best. He wraps his arms around your neck and hangs on tightly. ❤️ Sadly, cancer attacked his poor body and his weight began to decrease drastically. We had to make the tough decision to call Peaceful Pet Passage to have them come to our home and help him pass peacefully to end his suffering. We are sure are going to miss this rotten boy and all of his shenanigans. 12 years was not enough 💔

Zoey Stouffer

Zoey Stouffer, known also as Baby Girl, was beloved by her family for her constant support, love, and silliness. Despite being about 90 lbs, she was told, and truly believed that she was the tiniest of all dogs often wanting to curl up with Dad on his recliner, forgetting herself when flopping on a lap or feet, and leaning on anyone strong enough to hold her weight. Zoey loved her bother Brooks and would greet him with full body wiggles when he would came home. Her imperfections, such as taking up 3/4 of the bed and always wanting the last bite of food, were made up for through her loyalty to, and love for, her family; especially her Dad who spoiled her often. Her unique skills included watching TV and telling time. She would often let her Dad know when it was time to go to visit grandma’s house by prancing back and forth to the door and must have watched the movie Max 100 times. Her greatest quality was her ability to bring love, warmth, and compassion to our lives. Zoey was a gentle giant who has left an immeasurable hole in her family’s life and home. She will be forever loved and missed.


Bo Mercer

Remembering Bo Dirt
From the time he was born, he was a force to be reckoned with. He was wild and crazy. Always keeping us on our toes. So rotten and so smart. The only deaf dog in our pack, and the only one to know every trick in the book. His favorite things to eat were crunchy fruits and vegetables and of course, tissues. He was loved immensely and a huge part of our family. His favorite human was his mama. They had a very special bond. There will never be another dog that can take his place. Bo was very special and I hope that he is by our side again one day.



Henry Leonard

Thank you so much for going out of your way to help us. Here is our Henry.







Marley Kolanda

Marley will be truly missed.










Zoey Payne

A little bit about Zoey
Zoey was the sweetest dog ever, she loved her family so much! This little girl was a foodie, she loved Pup cups from Dunkin’, cheeseburgers from McDonalds, and just about any food she could get her paws on. She also loved car rides and of course playing ball! I’d like to think she loved her family more than she loved food but I can’t say for sure. We will surely miss taking her for her evening walks, she would always rush to the door to make sure we weren’t leaving her behind. RIP our sweet girl!






Ruger Rank

Keep chasing that ball Big Guy, Momma Loves.









Misha Krotow

Elder Statesman, Diplomat, and Chuck-It Ball Lover Beloved German Shepherd Mix Misha peacefully left this world just before noon today, surrounded by his loving family. A Russian émigré, Misha became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 2011 and readily accepted American customs, though he never let go of his Russian Street Dog sensibilities (I’ll take your love then leave me alone. I have a job to do, people). His first sibling was Ripley, the big green feathered creature with whom Misha practiced a lifelong détente. His senior world was rocked when, at age 9, his parents brazenly brought Archer home. Misha was a superb older brother and Alpha, and delighted in Greco-Roman wrestling with his brother. He was a delight to all he met, and often was found surrounded by neighborhood children loving on him. In his 12+ years nary a USPS/UPS/Fedex/DHL or Waste Management truck went by his home without him, and the household, knowing. Misha loved hikes on the AT, running cheetah-like across a field for his Chuck-It ball, and guarding his yard from nervy interlopers that included chipmunks, squirrels, and rabbits. Misha will be deeply missed by all. Misha is survived by his 3-year-old Shiloh Shepherd brother Archer and 34-year-old Yellow Nape Amazon Ripley. In lieu of flowers Misha requested that you all love your fur, feather, and scale family members today. Please consider at-home veterinary euthanasia when the time comes for your beloved pet. Rest easy, good dog Misha, Archer has the watch.


Toby Gantz

In order to honor my beautiful boy Toby, I will tell a little back story. I found him and his 2 siblings on the Gettysburg battlefield when they were about 7-8 weeks old back in 2004. I gave one brother to a friend and kept Toby and his sister, Missy. Missy never really lost most of her wild streak and would not let me pick her up or really show any affection. She died a few years back. A few weeks after they came to our house, I was shocked to come home from work one day to find baby Toby cradled in the crook of Fred's (my late husband) arm. That was the first time that he trusted us and it only got better from there. He was a very large cat and taller than almost all of his other siblings. Most of them were afraid of him and gave him a wide berth. He was never really mean to them, but would give them a little swat if they were on his nerves. He was very affectionate with us and was pretty healthy until this past year. I will love you forever Toby. Also known as Big Bear, Big Boy and Toby Meister Boo Boo Man.

Mochi Geppi

Mochi lived a short life, but one that was full of unconditional love. He was full of life and any chance he could play, he would do so. He was in love with his family, but the love he shared with his fur siblings was far more great. He greeted them each rising with purrs, kisses, and rubs. We miss you so much Mochi, but we know you are with Nicky and Rogan. Forever and always.







Rogan Geppi

There was only 1 Rogan in this world for that I’m sure of. And I know everyone that knew him would agree with me completely. Him and I were bonded from the moment we met, but Rogan was the kind of soul you had to share with the world. For he was too loving and kind not to. We all hold him close to our hearts forever and always. You are missed my king, but we find comfort knowing he is with his brothers.







Mia Ensminger

I said goodbye to Miss Mia on August 16, 2022 just 3 months and 1 week after saying goodbye to her brother, Max. She was one of the best, the most boisterous, outspoken girl that I have been allowed to call mine. Her and her brother were hands down the best foster doggie parents I could have ever asked for. They taught the fosters that have come through so much. I know she missed her brother and they are back together. They take a piece of us when they go but they leave a memory never to be forgotten or replaced. I miss her everyday, my heart is broke but I know she is happy and running with her brother and the other furkids that have gone before her. RIP my baby girl Miss Mia 😢



Ozlo Wilburn

Ozlo was a wonderful family companion. Very sweet and loving disposition. Always wanting to be near his mom. He loved car rides, food of any kind and chasing trains. He will be dearly missed. 🤍





Spanky Wolf

Spanky was a very special puppy who was not with us for a very long time. She was very loveable and affectionate. She loved her chicken/sweet potato wraps. They were her favorite treat. Losing her has left a huge hole in our life. She is dearly missed and loved.





Buster Rynard

I want to first express a heartfelt thank you for coming into our home and helping our sweet Buster find his peace. He suffered so much that last day and I felt relief the minute she got here.
Buster was the sweetest Angel and he lived an amazing life for 15 years. He was spoiled by our kids and grandkids and probably the most by me in his last few years bc he was my only “child” left at home. He was just the sweetest, fluffiest little guy and was happy to be anywhere his family was. He loved swimming in the creek daily, going on hikes with us all the time and being at our cabin with us just rummaging around in the dirt and the woods. I took him kayaking with us too and he would just sit between my legs taking in all the sights. He loved life best when he was outside goofing off with us! The funniest story about him was the one I shared with the young lady who was here that day, he was the best “trade” for the boyfriend our teenage daughter had that my husband didn’t like LOL. Who knew that all we needed to do was get a dog to get rid of him! I’m so thankful he isn’t suffering anymore and although I miss him so, I’m glad he’s at peace. Thank you all for what you do.❤️

Bella Brady

Feel the love of 20 years in a paragraph….
We got this beautiful kitten from the SPCA during a back to school shopping trip. They had an exhibit at the mall and our daughter instantly fell in love. Bella was fiercely independent, ruled the roost and was the Queen of her cat, human and dog brothers and sisters. Later in life, she persevered through 8 years with diabetes, insulin injections and neuropathy. At the end, we, like many of you made the difficult decision. At 20, our sweet girl had the best life and spent her last days soaking up the sun in her favorite place. Miss you Bella Rose🌹 ❤️





Luckee Goetz

Luckee was simply the best boy ever. He brought so much joy to our family. He went to heaven on August 10, 2022. We were honored and blessed to be able to call him our friend and our family. We will forever miss him and forever love him. You will always be part of us “Ducker”. ❤️❤️❤️





Wycie Wasileski

"Recently, our sweet beagle-basset Wycie (pronounced “Vee-Chee”, from the Polish word for "howl") ended her battle with cancer, at home and surrounded by those who loved her. For fourteen years, she was the source of endless love, joy, and solace. Ever playful, gentle, and patient, especially with her dachshund sister Wapa, her being a part of our family was a truly wonderful gift. Goodbye, sweet girl." Thank you again. You helped ease her passing.



Kady Mentzer

Kady was very loving and loyal to her entire family for 14 years, she is truly missed everyday.









Buddy Lightner

Here is a picture of Buddy from our last Thanksgiving. He loved getting treats from the table that day.  We were told Buddy was surrendered by his original owners who said they were going to leave him in the woods if no one would take him. After being shuffled around many homes he made his way to ours. He got along with our very unfriendly dog which was amazing. He had severe allergies ear infections and constant itching and was miserable for awhile. We apent a lot of time and money to get him comfortable and he wound up living a good long happy life. He was my greatest companion during my pregnancy and insisted i hold all 80 lbs of him every day so he could rest his head on my belly. He was so gentle and patient with our daughter all thru her 6 years with him as her best friend. We will never forget him.


Miley Berry

Miley may have been 15 1/2 years old, but she was always young at heart. She was the boss in our house, always showing who ran the show. She was the ultimate lap dog, always attached to your hip. She loved animal crackers and rotisserie chicken. She loved us unconditionally and our hearts are empty she's no longer with us. We will miss her tremendously! Thank you for your kindness and compassion.










Maestro & Genevieve "Jenny" Cogliano

Our dear pets, Maestro and Genevieve ("Jenny") - 2006-2022.
They were born to the same litter, although they were very different in size and personality. Jenny was a tiny, sweet girl, who loved snuggles from her girl... and Maestro was always a bit of a grumpy old man, fiercely loyal to his two boys. They were so closely bonded during the 16 years we had them, their passing together was a beautiful ending to a wonderful life. We will miss them, but we thank you for the peace and caring that you provided to them - and our family. Whatever doubts existed were replaced with a lovely memory. We thank you for the care and assistance you provided during what was a very difficult week for us.



Diamond Saum

March 2014-August 2022.
Our Diamond girl brought us such joy over the 8 years we had her with us. She joined in on so many major milestones. From being a BIG part of our marriage proposal (the ring was tied to her neck hence how she got her name) to our marriage, moving into our first home together, the births of our 2 boys and their transitions into toddlerhood, and every moment in between. She was as gentle as could be but kept a close watch over her humans at all times. She was with us through many ups and downs and is so deeply missed. She blessed our lives in more ways than we realized. And the best thing we could do for her was to make that difficult decision and help her cross that rainbow bridge so she no longer had to be in suffering and could live her last few days to their fullest. We will cherish our memories with her forever. RIP baby girl. We’re looking forward to seeing you again.

Patches Freet

In memory of Patches
His birthday was August 26th, 2011. He passed away August 5th, 2022. How do you say goodbye to someone that has been there through it all with? August 5th 11:20am he got his wings and crossed the rainbow bridge. This is literally one of the hardest things I have ever done is put my best friend down. I can tell you when I say I am going to miss Patches so much it’s an understatement. He's been my rock, my crying shoulder when no one else was. He loved chewing bones, car rides, ice cream, and so much more. I just want him to know how much I loved him & to thank him for getting me through so much. My love for you bubba is endless and you will never be replaceable. Rest Easy My baby boy. I will always love you..


Stormin' Norman Weber

Devotion, Courage, Greatness
Those words can't encompass all that he was. I wished SOOO hard to have a Lassie to sleep by my bed just as Timmy had. I got one 45 years later and he was more than I could have wished for. He had a large vocabulary and a long memory. He kept me sane during the pandemic. He traveled across the country and back by automobile with me, keeping me calm on the road and safe in hotels. I believe that he saved my life on 3 occasions and I know that he prevented serious harm to me. I trusted his instinct about people. He put me to bed each night and when I fell asleep, he went on duty, laying by each door for a part of the night then by my bed or at my door in the morning. He gave hugs and little piggy grunts when dinner smelled especially good. He talked a lot and only in one volume. He loved chasing squirrels, rabbits, and deer. He was either a step too slow or just enjoyed the chase because he never harmed any creature. He was always happy and ready for anything. He did not like the FEDEX truck and would bark nonstop until it left. It arrived one day while we were in the back yard. By the time I reached the corner of the house, all I could see were treats flying out of the truck and Norm happily playing a game of 'find the treats'. He allowed us to drive 'Norm's truck' and he rode shotgun, leaning on the armrest. He enjoyed the treats at the bank drive thru or the pieces of bacon at the fast food places. Everyone who saw him, said how beautiful or how soft he was. He ran like lightening in the early years and he could bury a bone while you blinked. In May, he was diagnosed with aggressive cancer that was already in his spleen and liver. They gave us 3 weeks to 2 months prognosis. Being without Norm is like losing my breath. Dr. Morgan gave him the most gentle passing ever at our home last Wednesday(8/3/3022). She was compassionate and did not rush us as she explained each step. We've been through this before but we felt more caring and respect from her. Thank you Dr. Morgan and PPP for providing a service that is so necessary.

Blue Nelson

Blue crossed the rainbow bridge on 8/3/2022. She loved sun bathing for hours on end, stealing tissues, sneaking drinks from our pond, hunting birds in the yard, and claiming the warmest spot in bed. She was fiercely loyal, incredibly jealous, and a fighter until her last breath. We could not have asked for a better dog, we only wish that we had more time. We know she has joined her sister where they’re going to bask in the endless sunlight until we greet them at the end of our lives.





Maisey Aulenbach

In memory of Maisey
On August 2, 2022, we said goodbye to our beautiful Maisey. She wore many hats in our family including best furry cuddler, football watcher, loyal study buddy, coworker, therapist, greeter, secret keeper, and coziest nap partner. Maisey was born on Christmas day 2006. Each member of our family loved her greatly and misses her terribly. Rest in peace Maisey, until we meet again.




Zoey Balciar

We lost a family member peacefully on August 2nd, 2022. Her name was Zoey and she was born in 2004 which made her 18 years old. She has always been a unique outdoor cat. Whether it be hunting small animals (mice and rabbits), never taking to cat toys in general, being a little skittish at times, always being able to figure out if there were meds in her food, and surprisingly wanting to go out when it’s raining. Zoey always loved spending her summers outdoors in the warm sun where she liked to sunbathe. Most importantly she was a loyal cat and was an integral part of our family’s daily routine. She loved greeting us after a workday and waited at the top of the stairs when it was time for bed. Our family will continue to miss and love her forever. I have attached a photo of her as well. I also wanted to thank the vet that came to our house for the euthanization, Mary. She was very accommodating and made everyone, including Zoey, feel very comfortable for this hard situation.

Diesel Beck

Diesel His birthday was May 9th, 2012 He passed away August 2nd, 2022. How do you say goodbye to someone that has been there through it all with me? Well, Diesel decided he was going to go before his appointment in the morning. August 2nd 12:29AM he got his wings. Holding on to him as he took his last breath. Oh my heart! I'd never forget his sweet face. This is literally one of the hardest things. I can tell you when I say I am going to miss Diesel so much its an understatement. He's been my rock, my crying shoulder when no one else was, my swimming buddy, my just lay & relax dude, & most importantly my best friend. He loved bird hunting, chasing his ball, lying in bed with me, going on rides, & getting his pup cups. I am so saddened we have to see them decline. I just want him to know how much I loved him & to thank him for getting me through so much of my adulthood. My love for you BooBoo is endless. Rest Easy My Big Sweet Boy!

Isabella "Izzi" Weber

This is where Izzi was the happiest. They say bulldogs can’t swim. …….. Izzi could. She would stay in the pool all day if we’d let her. She would stand on her raft for hours catching tennis balls without loosing her balance. Can you see her smiling? That’s the face we’ll never forget ❤️




Zoe Blankenship

My sweet precious girl!
Peacefully at rest.
Zoe was a rescue. As a tiny kitten she was left behind in the street to die. Through the kindness of foster humans, she survived and then was put up for adoption. She had lived in a kennel all her young life until we adopted her. Precious. A polydactyl crossed eyed little girl! Her fur family, siblings, Ginger and Maggie. Her humans, my husband Carter and I. She always was a big purr box playful and interested in all what was going on around her. 2020, she was the lone survivor of the house. She and I battled with our losses, Covid and the sale of our home. Together Zoe and I sold the house, packed and bought a new forever home. Zoe listened to me and I to her. My constant companion. Such an angel. 2021 we adopted Onyx, another rescue. She had the joy of this fur ball growing up. Zoe’s age 16 and a rather large tumor in her left paw never stopped her from enjoying her home, her humans, and Onyx. She was peacefully released of her earthly body by Peaceful Pet Passage. I am ever so grateful for their love and passion for Zoe and myself. A brilliant coral rose marks her grave in my yard. Her spirit runs free. No other love like a cat❤️🐾

Nicky Geppi

Nicky was so incredibly kind hearted and sweet to everyone; he never met a stranger. He was born special needs, he was a hydro kitty, only given a few months to live at 4 weeks old. He lived to be 13 years old. He was a huge fan of cuddling and giving kisses to anyone that would receive them. He loved to eat, truly. Nicky would eat anything and everything, always sampling food to make sure it was up to standard. Lol….He had a very odd meow, and he was extremely vocal, letting you know he was there, and to please give him a pat on the head, or a kiss. Nicky made sure everyone knew they were loved and important to him constantly. There was only one of him, because he was one of a kind. There has never been a more gentle, loving soul. We love you sweet boy! We will see you again one day Nicky.


Heinz Ellenberger

Sweet Heinz
Loved hanging out and chilling with us, our dog and our friends and their dogs. He was a lover! His favorite toys were empty toilet paper rolls. He would bat them all through the house and then lay on them so the dog couldn't get them.☺ We love you and miss you Heinz.





Nixon Bartholomew

Nixon was such a wonderful cat. Super sweet personality, used to actually play fetch with my hair ties, would chatter at birds in window feeder and loved sitting near the open windows in the spring. She was originally a buddy to my older cat who had also passed and great companion to our German Shorthaired Pointer. She will be missed so much.



Zoey Dodge

Zoey was a cuddle bug who loved being with her humans and lounging in the sunshine. She came to us 14 years ago as a feral 3 month old kitten. Over the next few months she came to love hanging out with her humans and her feline companion Moe. She is dearly missed!





Pixie Ross

On July 25, 2022, just a month shy of her 17th birthday, we said goodbye to our sweet Pixie. I had Pixie for half of my entire life and all of my adult life since I was 19. Born on August 31, 2005, Pixie was the happiest, sweetest, friendliest Chihuahua. For 2 years, she was a therapy dog for KPETS, where she spent time every week with nursing home residents and the Dementia/Alzheimers wing that absolutely adored her and looked forward to her visits. Pixie also made visits to schools, rehabs, and libraries where children practiced reading to her. Pixie’s favorite things to do were playing with all of her favorite stuffed toys, playing fetch with her tiny tennis balls, wrestling with her Chihuahua siblings, tattling on anyone who broke the house rules, racing around from room to room, and of course spending hours sleeping in blankets or on our laps. Pixie’s most notable features were her extremely long tongue that always stuck out and her little piggy snort noises which earned her the nickname Miss Piggy (among many other names). During Pixie’s final 5 months, she lost enough mobility that she became dependent on me to take her to her potty pads and help her stand steady for food and water. She had different barks to let me know each of her needs, and it will take quite some time for me to adjust to a life where I’m not her 24/7 caregiver, checking on her every 2 hours. In the very end, Pixie began to shut down, giving me the gift of knowing it was time without hesitation or agonizing over a decision, and trusting us to get her safely to peace. Pixie is sorely missed by so many that knew her in person, from pet therapy visits, and even just from the adorable photos on social media. While there will never be another Pixie in our life, she will live on forever through the great memories she gave us all. We love you and miss you oh so much Pixie. Losing you has left a hole in our hearts that can never be filled, but we know without that hole, we never would have known you at all.

Kane Breski

7/06/2006 - 7/22/2022
Kane was the best fur baby we had. He was gentle, best temperament, didn’t know a stranger. Loved to go for car ride. Our heart and home feeling the loneliness without Kane.




Taylor Mae Wallet Jordan

February 15, 2009-July 21, 2022
It was 13 years and 3 months ago we brought this precious little puppy to our home in PA from a foster home in DE! We named her after Sean Taylor of the Washington Redskins! Not only was she super smart and beautiful being a mixed German Shepherd, Chow and Golden she was the most loyal dog anyone could ask for! For 13 years she was by my side and protected me! She was my everything! I knew this day would come and I really thought I was prepared! WRONG!!! 💔 I’m numb! Peaceful Pet Passage made this heart wrenching process so much better for all! Thankfully Stuart Polansky was here with me too! I couldn’t have done it without him 💝!



Brodie Peters

January 9, 2008-June 20,2022
Brodie never met a stranger! He loved children and was always ready to lay on a lap! He enjoyed camping with his Mom and had his own chair, because you know he was a person and could not sit on the ground around a camp fire. His camping buddies were forever sneaking him hotdog and steak treats! He had many people who loved him and would argue over doggy sitting him! He loved his bunny that he slept with from the time he came to us as a baby until he left us. He will be forever missed but never forgotten! Thank you to all who came to visit him and say goodbye.

Stella Falk

Stella was our sweet cat who loved her evening field trips outside. We miss her company and how she liked to harass the dogs. RIP sweet girl.







Maya Falk

Maya had terrible breath. She stank, itched, and barked. She bit if you picked her up and she ran away. She was terrible on a leash, cost us money, cost us sleep and had a goopy eye. Maya was always under our feet and not good with strangers. She sometimes peed in the house. But we loved her, miss her terribly, and are sad and broken hearted that our time with her is over.





Shiloh Goulart

In 2004 our family moved to York from Maryland. Our 11 year son had just left all his friends behind and it was decided that having a puppy to keep him company until he could make new friends would be a good idea. So we rescued a beagle mix puppy from a pound nearby. She was only about 2 weeks old and had been taken into the facility after having been found as a stray. We adopted her and took her home. Our son named her Shiloh. Shiloh came equipped with a terrible case of Mange, which had caused the fur on half of her body to fall off. She was actually a pretty pitiful sight. When my husband came home and saw this sorry excuse for a puppy, he asked us if we had lost our minds. As time progressed, due to the fact that Shiloh had joined a family that enjoyed camping and travelling, Shiloh became a very well travelled dog. She has been as far North as Maine, where she toured Acadia National Park, and as far south as Florida, where she toured Everglades National Park, and as far west as Texas. She also spent time in Shenandoah National Park, the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Assateague National Seashore and many other places. Shiloh was also known for her education. While our sons were in college and in Law School and Grad School, Shiloh could be found laying next to our boys while they studied with her head resting on them in such a way that she appeared to be reading the textbook herself. When our son graduated law school, Shiloh was said to have been the world's first Legal Beagle. In 2012 we tragically lost our oldest son. Because of Shiloh's calm demeanor she was able to be of great comfort to our family at a time when it was desperately needed. Shiloh always had the ability to know when someone was having a difficult time throughout her life. She naturally had the ability to calm and comfort anyone who was distressed. She was very instrumental in our family getting through that terrible ordeal. It was not until the day after Shiloh had been put to sleep that we looked up the meaning of the name Shiloh. It has two meanings, first is Gift of God, and the second is Peaceful One. There is no way our son could have picked a more fitting name for the puppy he got all those years ago.

Jenny & Kyra Rolon

They will be truly missed.







Sully Meckley

It didn't matter how cold it was outside, Sully loved being out in the snow.













Oliver Jarman

On July 16th, 2022 we lost our sweet boy Oliver. Words can't describe how much we miss him. His sister's miss their cuddle buddy and his brother misses him chasing him away when someone is eating. We miss hearing you snore. It's the silence that makes it more heartbreaking. We will forever cherish the memories we made with him over the past 14 years. Thank you again Peaceful Pet Passage for making this process easier for all of us.




Dezilu Nelson

Our beloved cat, Dezilu, left us on June 24, 2022 to join his canine sister MooMoo in pet heaven. He wandered into our lives as a stray cat taken in by our daughter Jessica. He was an indoor cat from then on. He loved being around people and when we got MooMoo as a puppy he bonded with her instantly. They were buddies until her death 14 years later. He was a good boy who loved to cuddle and purr with all of us, sleeping under a blanket and sunning himself at the deck glass door.
He will be forever missed.


Riley Chambers

We had to say good-bye to our sweet boy, Riley, at age 16. He basically grew up alongside our children. He was a sweet boy, as long as no speck of silver showed through in his food bowl! He was a rescue from West Virginia. He was the runt of the litter, but he grew so big that we used to kid about having a DNA test to see if he had some wild cat in him. RIP Riley. We still look for you when we walk into “your room”. Enjoy your time over the rainbow bridge until we meet again.
Don’t speak unless you can improve the silence. - John Lennon





Indiana Goetz

Indiana-12.5 half years of the very best times! My loyal handsome boy it’s not goodbye, just until we meet again.










Bert Wolaver

On December 18, 2011, BERT was adopted into our home, and captured into our hearts. He loved his forever family, as much as we loved him, and will for eternity be very special to us. We believe Bert traveled an estimated 15,000 miles in the back seat of our vehicles, including four times on road-trips across the country. He loved every mile, traveling with his family. But he mostly enjoyed his daily "walking adventures", whether to explore his surroundings, bark at the rabbits, sniff at a new scent, meet other dogs (and people), or simply finding the right "wee wee" spot. Every day, he loved to go out on a golf cart ride near his home. He even enjoyed his own bicycle "dog cart", and the occasional rides in the country.
People who knew Bert, loved him for his unique temperament. He was always friendly towards everyone, even strangers, while those who knew him, often lovingly described his Schnauzer stubbornness, unique personality, pleasant patience, and occasional sense of desiring his own way. His least favorite time of year was the loud noises of July 4th, when we would cuddle with him on the sofa, turn the TV/music volume up, and just make him feel secure in our arms. In recent years, BERT loved to take long naps, but was always "front-and-center" for his next feeding.
We are blessed with the certainty that on July 12, 2022, at 9:30 am, BERT became a living (no longer sick) eternal doggie park resident. GOD'S WORD says that "HE preserves the animals", so with that promise, we know our dearly loved (and sadly missed) BERT is in his eternal home.
Thank you to the staff at Peaceful Pet Passage, for walking with us through this valley of sorrow, for the dignity and love you conveyed to us, and especially the tender and loving care shown to BERT.

Kada Weigel

In loving memory of Kada Weigel April 23, 2007 to July 9, 2022, our “Pennsylvania” Puggle
Kada was our namesake Ka for Kathy, da for Dave. I will never forget the day we met. You, in the back of the kennel, pushing yourself through all your brothers and sisters. I said, I think that one wants to see us. I bent down, you reached the front, you gave me a kiss and I knew you were the one, the runt of the litter, all 4 pounds of you. You were full of life, energy and personality from the day you entered our lives until the day you left us. When you were diagnosed with kidney disease, I was told with diet change and meds, maybe a year. I told you we were going to fight the battle and beat the odds, we did for almost 4 years. I was so glad you were still allowed your veggies in your kidney diet because there wasn’t a veggie you wouldn’t eat…my “veggie” girl!
The day you had to leave, you laid on the floor, I sat on the chair, you looked at me and I said, “today we have to part, I don’t want it to be but we must, for now, so you don’t have pain/suffering.” I told you, “I would handle the suffering of saying goodbye because I didn’t want you to ever hurt.” You stared at me the whole time I talked and somehow, I feel, we made peace with our separating.
Your last ride, you sat on my lap and I did something I had never done with you, I opened the window and told you, “feel the wind in your face and smell all the smells.” I’ve seen others do this but I always wanted to protect you. I wanted to make your last ride, a “joy ride.”
We reached your final destination, you walked inside, you seemed calm and relaxed, you didn’t bark, at all, while we sat in the room, you always barked, we could never get you to stop, EVER! I feel telepathically somehow you were letting me know the hard decision I had made was for the best and you were ok with it. We had a lot of that telepathic goings on in our 15 years together, why would today be any different.
They gave you something you had never had before, a Hershey’s kiss, you sniffed it and walked away. They said, Kada you are being a good girl to the end. And, you were, always!
I am so glad we took you to the beach in May because you loved it there. I now have all the memories and adventures we shared, tucked in my mind and heart. And, I have my hand with your paw in it, the last picture we shared together…connected forever, until I meet you at Rainbow Bridge. I miss you tremendously! 💔

Pumpkin Rickards

My precious and sweet Pumpkin. Even though your time with me was brief, having rescued you just a year and a half ago you filled my life with love. You were the sweetest and most loving boy and so brave until the end. I will forever miss you and will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you so much.




Mhysa Fullam

The hardest part of having a pet is the day you have to say goodbye.
Our Mhysa was a fighter so young, having puppies when she was still a puppy herself. Then she was abandoned with her babies on the back side of Mount Rainier, Washington. Soon after, she rescued us, and later fought IMHA twice. So this time when she got sick and then the tumor was found, it was devastating how quickly and completely she declined. We only had 8 years with her, but 8 years with a loving and loyal companion is definitely better than none. She loved us and our kids completely. The thought of the house without her is heartbreaking, but watching her in pain is just as bad.


Buddy Woodrow

Buddy protected his family and his yard!!! He loved being outside in his yard. Buddy was a great brother to his three younger brothers Teddy, Archie and Roscoe as well as his younger sister Abby… He will be deeply missed and never forgotten… Love always, your human pack (family)






Scampy Curtis

You recently helped us lay our beloved 16 year old cat Scampy to rest. No family could ever ask for a sweeter, more well behaved pet. We have been blessed to have had Scampy in our lives. Always one for routine naps and feeding, she also would approach us with a sing-songy meow and shoulder roll on to her back, indicating petting and love need to ensue 💙 Purring was always in order..... Thank you again for your kind assistance during our challenging goodbye and Scampy's send off to the rainbow bridge to reunite with Shadow and Sparky. 🙏 The Curtis Family




Kanie Quintana

Kanie was my sweet baby. A lot of people was afraid of him but he was only protecting me. I’m so sad that he left me. I can’t believe that he is gone. My heart is broken. I miss you so much Kanie.








Lill, Shug, and Moon Bale

In loving Memory of our beloved Shugar Bear, Lilly Pad and Moonie- Lilly and Shug passing in June 2022 Moonie's passing August 31,2021 Shug , Lill, and Moonie all are together 'again' in heaven. You made my life beyond joyful. Our sweet memories and our loved shared will always be a part of me that will never fade with the passing of time. Each one of you are forever etched in my heart and I am truly grateful for your love and all the moments I was blessed to spend with all three of you. Our every day walks, to camping at the Cape, to Knobeles , we just all loved being together. I am so sad for missing you, but knew when you needed me to release you from my care back into god's loving arms as he called for you. I will keep your love and memories close in my heart forever and ever. I was the 'lucky' one to have you all to love and to cherish for the time we were BLESSED with. 'I love you and miss you" always and forever. Forever grateful, forever missing you. Mom
My mission is to rescue from shelter's as many dog's as I can in my lifetime. So many dogs and animals in shelter's that need us. Hope you all reading this would consider opening your heart and home and save a life (or) live's. To all those that rescue animals and provide a loving home, I want to say 'Thank You'

Ziggy Siegrist

Sadly, on July 2nd(2022), I lost my 13 year old Lab to cancer. Honestly, he had the best life ever! He was silly and loving and spoiled! I’m heartbroken but I know he is at peace. Thank you to Dr. Morgan who peacefully helped Zig cross the Rainbow Bridge.








Red Muth

In Memory of Red
Our sweet boy passed away June 28th(2022). We loved him with all our hearts and will miss his silly face and his goofy personality. He was the most loyal, easy going and best puppers anyone could have asked for. He was always super friendly to everyone he met and always put smiles on our faces. He was always there to greet us when we came home. We know he is no longer in pain and that he is laying on his favorite blanket in the sun in heaven. Love you always bubbers. Rest in peace our sweet Red.




Sassy Cohen

Our sweet Sassy who was partially blind and deaf, who had dementia and third stage kidney failure, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Monday, June 27th, 2022. My husband and I rescue senior Chinese Crested dogs. Sassy was our fourth Chinese Crested and our third senior rescue. She was my shadow, as she followed me everywhere. Run free pretty girl. Your memory will always be a blessing. We love you. ♥️🐾



Sadie Wertz

In memory of my Sadie ❤. My best friend and fur baby for 12 1/2 years. You were so kind and special right up till the end. You'll be in my heart baby girl until we meet again. Love you always and forever ❤ 🐾











Sadie Hestor

Today(6/27/2022) we had to put down our beloved Sadie(Sissy). She was diagnosed with carcoma cancer on her back which has grown near the size of a softball in a month. We had a great day and she got to do what she loved to do right up to her passing. She had a super peaceful passage right here at her home. Her head on my lap and her paw on her dad's arm. So at peace! We owed her that honor. Rip u lil hog hunter! We will see ya later! This pic is from earlier in the day and even though she was in pain she still wanted to hunt hoggers.







Bella Thoman

Bella was our everything. She was a prima donna who loved being dressed up for the neighborhood. In fact, for Halloween, she and I would dress up alike. She loved kids and all the attention they gave her. She was one of the four-legged favorites at the campground as well as the home neighborhood. Bella loved her groomer who she saw every four weeks. We made sure she had her hair pulled up on to the top of her head so she could see since her hair was long. She is surely missed by us and everyone who knew her.







Finn Wolgemuth

Finn was a senior dog when I met him, but we bonded quickly. We both enjoyed the outdoors. We both looked forward to mealtime. We both suffered from mild arthritis. We both loved chasing rabbits. (No wait--that last was just Finn.) He was a wonderful companion to grow old with.
Thank you, Finn for sharing the last part of your life with me. You are missed. ❤️







Nikki Sipe

I would like to thank you for your services on June25th, 2022 on helping our old girl Nikki pass over the rainbow Bridge. She was born Nov 26th, 2009 and passed peaceful with your help on June 25th, 2022. I thank you from the bottom of my ❤️









Rosco Mallein

6/25/2022 was one of the hardest days of our lives. We said goodbye to my heart dog, Rosco. He was the most loyal family dog ever. The 11 years we got with him surely doesn't seem like enough but he was so ready to go over the rainbow bridge and being selfish to have him here longer wasnt fair to him. He gave this family a joy that will never be replaced. We can't thank PPP enough for making the worst day somewhat easier. R.I.P Rosco you will always have your paw prints on our hearts.




Alyx Taylor

I lost my best buddy and pal Alyx or as I called him BooBoo on 6/21/2022. He was 13 years old. He and his sisters were abandoned on the property of a friend whether by the momma cat or a human no one knows. My friend was in her late 90's and not capable of caring for them so I took them in. I found a wonderful home for his two sisters and we ended up keeping Alyx. They were about 4 weeks old at the time. Alyx was the smallest weighing only 8 oz. but he never hesitated to let everyone know who was boss. I miss him terribly, the little things like his sad little eyes. He used to get on the counter when I would come home to see what I brought him. He was always with me when I would sit down to watch tv, work on the computer or read the paper. I miss the little head butts when I wasn't getting his canned food fast enough or if I was in another room when he wanted to eat, he would start knocking stuff off the counter. At night he slept above my head. Even though I have 3 other cats my house is so silent. I guess Alyx was the life of the party! Alyx lost his life to a very aggressive, fast moving stomach cancer. It happened so fast that I am stunned. About a month before he died he had his yearly at the vet. Blood work, everything was normal with nothing being detected at that time. He had no symptoms of cancer. He started being picky with food to the point that I took him back to the vet. She felt some swollen lymph nodes but could not at that time extract cells to do testing. He got some meds and bounced back. We took him off the meds and things went back to the same. This time the vet could feel a large mass in his abdomen. He started to decline rapidly. He lived only 5 days after his last vet visit. For me the most difficult and sadist part is the final journey for drop off to be cremated knowing that you will never see that little face again. He was in a lot of pain. He is now pain free and happy somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you buddy!

Mollie Minnick

Mollie was a very spoiled dog from 6 weeks old to 15 yrs. We picked her up at a shelter in OC and it was the happiest day of our lives. Neighbors fell in love with her as much as we loved her. They would bring her treats when they didn’t have a dog, our mail lady would give her a treat and a rub when she delivered our mail. She would hear the ice cream man’s music coming from 3 blocks away and would race to the front door to let me know the ice cream man was coming and she would run out to the truck and stand up at his window and bark telling him what she wanted. When we went on vacation and had a dog sitter and the ice cream man would get out of his truck and put a cup of vanilla ice cream inside the fence for her. She saw all the grandchildren through crawling and walking and loved having them. Always happy to see the kids. Jumped up in bed with me when the door closed behind the hubby going to work. He never knew she slept with her head on his pillow. It was one of the hardest days in our life to say goodbye to her and we are both broken hearted. You will forever be in our hearts and on our mind. We love you Mollie and miss you more than we can describe ❤️




Tiger Anderson

Faithful friend for 18 years, she lived a great life and will be greatly missed❤️









Alfie Weaver

Alfie was a good cat. Came to us at 10 weeks old. He was laid back and a lover. Adjusted to every change and just wanted attention from everyone all the time. He turned 15 this year. And slowed down significantly. He will be missed by me, my kids and grandkids. He was a good cat.




Noona Shuff

Thank you again for helping us as we said goodbye to our Noona. She was a feral kitten found abandon on a military base in Georgia in the spring of 2007 where I worked as an Arabic linguist. A friend of mine with experience in hand raising kittens took her in from the on base vet, and planned to keep her. I helped hand raise her as both my friend and my husband were deployed at the time. My friend felt that animals should earn their names so that it fit. So for several months Noona was just kitten. My friend eventually decided to get divorced and move home, but wasn't sure taking Noona was a good idea. She left Noona with me so I could find her a good home. I never did find another home for her as she just became part of the family. I honored my friend's wish and let Noona earn her name. She would climb up my leg to get to the bowl when I was filling it with food, she could chase a laser almost the whole way up a wall. She was crazy and as such earned the full name Bajoona Majnoona which crazy kitty in an Arabic dialect. We ended up calling her Noona for short. Over 15 years I have so many memories that now make me smile and cry. I remember her snuggling my pregnant belly when I was pregnant with my children. I remember her being terrified of ceiling fans for months when we moved into our first home. I remember how she terrorized our friends' cats when they watched her because she was so full of energy and just kept wanting to play. One of my favorite memories of her was how excited she was while riding int the back of our car on the way from Georgia to Texas. I put up netting and let her roam the back so she could eat, drink, and use the litter box as needed. She loved watching out the window and bounced back and forth from window to window. I will always remember her loud rumbling purr that you could hear from the next room and how while we were in Germany she would force all of our friends to love on her. From a quiet skittish cat she blossomed into a cuddly, loving girl. We will miss her so much.

Rocky Heisey

On June 21,2022 4:45pm. My handsome boy Rocky, pure bred boxer, was laid to rest in my home. I rescued him from a broken home at the age of 1 in July 2015. He was very fit and full of energy. He didn't like men, I rescued him when my husband was out of town and when he came home, Rocky would not let him in the house. It was a rough start and I almost re-homed him for being aggressive. But he soon found out he was loved by all, and he LOVED everyone! He loved being outside, especially hanging out with the neighbor dog, an English bulldog named Daisy! He loved her! He loved my grand children and protected them. He loved treats and loved to eat. And most of all he was very spoiled!



Pumpkin Johnson

Pumpkin was a faithful companion right to the end. He will be missed immensely.











Abbey Heckert

We weren’t looking for a third dog but there she was this cute yellow puppy alone at the park. We were at a picnic and it was getting dark and no one came for her. So we took Abbey home and she became part of our pack. She was fiercely independent and let her fur brothers and sister know she was the queen bee. Her favorite pass time was playing with the carpenter bees in the yard. We will forever be grateful that she came into our lives. 6/7/2022




Sparky Smeriglio

In memory of our sweet, stoic Sparky.
Thank you for giving our family 13 years of pure love. We miss you so much.







Bug Schmidt

Bug was much more than our furry family companion. He was the steady center of a family that was anything BUT steady. He was the much-needed constant in a home that endured nothing but change. In many ways he kept us going. This is the story of how he helped us, and why we were so blessed to help him in return, when his journey was completed:







Miss Foxy Zielinski

I grew up reading Tasha Tudor books and loved her magical stories featuring Corgis so when I bought my first house on my own I was fortunate enough to stumble across and ad for Welsh Pembroke Corgi puppies in my area. Seeing all of those tiny fur balls running around made it hard to choose one but I had no intentions of breeding so I asked for the smallest one. Miss Foxy was not only the smallest but had the biggest attitude and that never changed, she was always small for a full grown Corgi and even with larger dogs in the house she was undeniably the boss lady. She would bark when we'd come home and when we'd go outside and when it was dinner time her commanding bark would rouse the rest of the household into a frenzy. It has been terribly quiet since her passing, the other animals and I miss her dearly. It was time of course to let her go, at 16 years of age she had certainly lived a long, full and adventurous life with us and we could ask no more of her. Her back legs started to show weakness some years earlier and we made accomadations , the past few months though she was starting to show signs of front leg weakness and her daily living and quality was suffering so we knew it was time. She didn't like her vets much anymore after she had repeated procedures to fix a scratch on her eye so I really hated the thought of the vets office and techs being her last memory and my last memory of her. I made the call to Peaceful Pet Passages and set her appointment for two days later which gave me time to make her favorite foods and show her some extra attention. Our house is chaotic so I chose to have the procedure done at the Mechanicsburg location. It's such a beautiful facility and the vet was very calm and not at all rushed, the whole thing was nothing short of peaceful. I picked up her cremains a few days later and the presentation is really beautiful. I'm planning to use the beautiful box to store some objects that were her's as her ashes have been placed under a rose bush called Grace and Grit which was a suitable name for such a lovely and cantankerous lady.

Tommy Peters

On behalf of the Peters family, we would like to thank Peaceful Pet Passage and Dr. Elser for taking such good care of our boy during his last hour.
We rescued Tommy in 2007. He was about 7 months old when he joined our family. Tommy was a sweet, silly, loving, smart, bossy boy! He loved cuddling on your lap, sitting on the back porch and going on boat rides. He was always ready to snuggle or play. Our sons grew up with him. We have so many wonderful memories. Rest easy little buddy. You are in our hearts forever!




Wesson Wyatt Draisey

Sunflowers and Sunshine🌻☀️










Charlie Banazsek

Charlie was way more then a pet for us he was a part of our family. He was my boy, he was my first kid ( I always tell my kids that). He was my protector and such a integral part of our family. We had 11 wonderful years with him but not nearly enough. Charlie loved his stuffed animal baby and wood sleep him, he also loved to hide bones and special treats out in the yard. He had the best smile if we were gone for a long day or returning home from a long weekend he would give us the hugest grin like I have never seen on a dog I just know that his heart was so happy with us. I am so thankful for peaceful pet passage it was such a beautiful thing to be able to surround him in his last moments just loving and petting him well he enjoyed being out in the yard with us. ❤ he will forever be in our hearts and the memories will stay so close to us.


Boo Kitty Music

Boo kitty was dropped in our lap when my mother suffered a stroke and could no longer care for her. Not being cat people we halfheartedly accepted Boo into our home. Of course the first thing we did was change her name from Honey Bunny to Boo Kitty. After a week we feel in love with her. The more she grew close to us the more we spoiled her. She became a wonderful cuddle partner, companion and light on a bad day. We will miss her greatly. Side note…Thank you for all your assistance and professional manner you walked us to the end.




Taylor Coble

I want you to know how genuinely glad I am that you exist, and took such wonderful care of my girl- allowing her to go pain free and with me there. I had her since she was 5 weeks old, and she passed at 14. She was very sick, and I knew it was time. We were one another's only home companion for the last 7 years- she was truly my everything. Her name is Taylor, laughingly known by all as Princess Elizabeth Taylor Jane Coble The Fig, affectionately know as The Fig or Figgy. I loved her more than anything- she passed on 6/4/22 and it took me all of this time to get up the courage to write this and pick a photo from the millions on my phone. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for the most wonderful service that you provide.



Duke Mayberry

How do you describe something you love so much in just a few short sentences? How do you choose just one picture to represent a lifetime of love? My husband said he wanted a dog that would look like it would eat you if you came on the property and were not welcome. We got that in Duke; but little did strangers know - Duke loved everyone once you came inside. Inside there were no strangers, only new friends he could get lots of pets and treats from. We were lucky enough to have Duke for 9 years, we brought him home just a few months after we bought our house. He was such a big part of our family and now the house is so different without him. Duke was my husband's first dog and his best friend, and to say he is broken without him is an understatement. They were like two grumpy old men always grumbling to each other. Our youngest son is 11 now and they grew up together, chasing each other around the house like crazy little beings on a mission. Our other dog Ellie, who is anxious and very submissive, is so lost without her "big brother" to follow around. We always called him our big, dopey boy because he was just that. He would look at you with his giant head, and his one ear that was much smaller than the other, and you just felt loved by him. He could scare an unsuspecting person walking on the sidewalk and convince them to cross the street with his bark, he could clear a room in 10 seconds flat from one of his "rottie farts," and he could melt your heart when he rolled on his back for belly rubs with his big paws flailing in the air. Duke got sick very quickly, in a matter of 4 days we went from "okay," to this point where we had to say goodbye so suddenly. It's been a few weeks now and I still can't decide if it was easier because we didn't have to watch him suffer for a long time, or if it's harder because we weren't prepared to let him go. All the thoughts run through your head - we didn't take him on enough walks, or car rides, or give him enough treats or pets - but the truth is he was so very loved. We are a family of 6, there was always someone to give him all the love. My husband keeps saying we won't ever find another dog like him, and he's right, because like people all dogs are different. We will continue to love Ellie and maybe love another dog again later in life, but they won't be our Dukey-boy. We will forever miss him. They are all good dogs, aren't they? But it's soul crushing when it's yours.

Haylie Webb

Haylie came to us over the 4th of July in 2012 and what a great adventure we had together. Haylie was a blessing to our family. She enjoyed being outside and playing in the snow in the winter. We quickly learned that she loved her human's food and as many treats as she could get. She had times where she would go outside, turn around, come back in and stare at the treat box just waiting and then drooling for her treat. During the pandemic she was Judy's constant companion and work buddy while Marc went into his office. She would lay beside Judy and wait for lunch, she knew she would get half of whatever Judy made. Even when her back hips started to hurt, she kept on going, playing with her toys and wanting to play tug. At the end, Haylie knew it was too hard to go up the steps to bed, so she had a new bed in the kitchen where she could see Judy and Marc first thing when they came downstairs. The hardest thing was knowing that her quality of life was not like it should be and helping her cross over that Rainbow Bridge. We know she is in Heaven playing fetch and running freely. We miss her with all of our hearts and that is where she will always live.

Lucky Garcia

Our favorite hello and hardest goodbye. We love you Lucky forever.













Chloe Standiford

We took Chloe in when she was 9 months. She needed a home and I didn’t want her going to a shelter. She was a ‘crazy Lab’ who ultimately became my ‘sweet girl’. I will fondly remember her following me everywhere, including when I would vacuum. I miss the thumping of your tail when I would pet you. I will always love you. You’re forever in my heart and I hope I will see you again. Chloe was my ‘sweet girl’. She was a handful when we got her at 9 months, so much so I wondered if she’d ever settle down, but she did. Crazy Lab thing. I will miss your tail thumping when I would pet you. I miss you so much already. I will never forget you. You are forever in my heart and I will see you again.

Cuco Thompson

Until we meet again my best friend. Always in my heart and never forgotten. Thank you.





Madison Self

This is a picture of our Madison taken on March 29, 2015. She was rescued as a puppy in September of 2006. She was a beautiful and gentle girl, strong as an ox, but a bit willful and stubborn at times. In her younger days, she loved to play ball and sail through the air to catch a frisbee. She was truly loved by all and she will be missed. Love you forever Miss M.







Symon Enders

Symon was a 15 year old Australian Shepherd who just loved to play ball and frisbee. He preferred blue balls and frisbees. He was such a "herder" and loved to guard new peeps in the brooder. He devotion and love will be missed and never matched.








Daisy Complese

Daisy was born 2-19-2011. Over the 11 years she was with us, she not only became a well loved member of the family, but also a Service Dog, Therapy Dog and earned her CGC with the American Kennel Club. Daisy had a loving personality, and easily drew people to her. She would lean into hugs, give gentle nudges and preferred to sit on your foot instead of lean against you. She was and amazingly brilliant, helping to train over 1000 puppies and young adult dogs (alongside her human) to be the best dogs. Thank you for helping to keep her memory alive.







Nala Ness

Thank you so much for everything you've done for Nala. We gave Nala the best life we could and gave her so much love. We miss her terribly, it’s been a really rough time for us. I will recommend your services to everyone I know, thank you again so much.




Kendall Overmiller

Kendall loved her people! She liked to snuggle, give kisses, sunbathe, and take daily walks. Kendall was very gentle and patient with our daughters and other children. Kendall beat cancer six years ago when we were told she may only have nine months to live. We will never forget when she was a pup and she would get the "zoomies" and run all around the house, bouncing off the furniture.
Kendall was loved and will be deeply missed by all who crossed her path. She was the most loving, sweet, loyal, and affectionate dog, we have ever met. Love you, sweet girl!





Bella Wise

We lost our sweet Bella on May 5th, 2022. Our hearts are broken, we miss her dearly. She was the sweetest Puggle ever, very attached to her Mommy. She loved Car rides, food and treat’s she never could get enough off. Her Sister Katie loved her too, she was Bella’s little shadow. You will be so missed my sweet love, I will never forget you. 🌈 Rest In Peace 🌈







Cadeau Exley

This is Cadeau. His name means gift in French, and he truly was a gift. Cadeau was the sweetest cat I've ever met. I literally never heard him hiss in the whole 18 years he lived with us. When I brought another cat in or a strange human came to visit, he was always the first to greet him/her with "Hi, I'm Cadeau. I love you." He was always a real cuddle bug. We shall miss him terribly.







Nala Desiderio

Nala was the most loyal and patient companion. Everyone referred to her as my shadow. She followed me everywhere and loved to cuddle. She was so easy going and didn’t have a mean bone in her body. She always made me feel loved and appreciated. I miss her so much and would give anything to hug and kiss her one more time. Rest easy little girl. I love you always.







Samson Stouffer

Samson, We couldn't have asked for a better dog. We only had 6 years with you but in those 6 years there was so much love. You loved walkies, and hiking in the mountains and swimming. Best friends are never forgotten. We love and miss you , Samson.








Shadow McDonald

I did want to share how smart Shadow was. She would retrieve her pup cup from the freezer herself. Grab the newspaper from the driveway. My kids and husband would get mad at her because she was all about me😂😂






Simon Siegelman

SIMON (aka “The Bowdy”)
9/23/2003 - 5/10/2022







Elly Gibble

"Elly was my everything for 11 years. THE best bday gift I have ever gotten myself and the most loyal best friend a person could ask for. Unconditional love, every day. Didn't matter what came my way, she was always there. She licked my tears and cuddled me through many heart aches... only to hold out to see that I made it through this last one. I will forever love you my Elly-stinker-roo-magoo. My heart... my best friend, the best puppy in the world!"




Twiggy Taylor

Twiggy, our 16 year old Jack Russell passed over the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge on May 3rd 2022. We adopted her from YCSPCA at age 11 and enjoyed 5 wonderful years with her. We loved her so much and miss her every day. Rest In Peace my little girl ❤️






Howdy Loomis

Our big guy Howdy has moved on. He was with us the last three years of his life after we adopted him from a shelter. Howdy was a mellow older guy who loved to cuddle up, take walks, and naps. He had a distinct personality and was loved by all who knew him. I know he'll have fun in that big grassy field with no fence, and who knows, maybe we'll see each other again.







Lady Layla Dodge

Lady Layla had the sweetest disposition. Always ready for a belly rub, playing outside in her fenced-in yard, going camping or for a walk. She loved to talk! She was just a special little girl and will be greatly missed.







Skye Scarborough

Our sweet boy "Skye", always ready for a walk and never missed a meal!!








Sydney Mohney

In loving memory of Sydney
11/01/2008 - 4/30/2022
Sydney was just 3 months old when we rescued her. She decided she would come home with us and not her sister. A mix of sheltie sheep dog and border collie she was definitely a herder by nature. Always trying to round up the kids and family in one room. And she hated it when we were on different floors. She talked to us every morning and whenever we got home. Not barked, but talked. We would have full on conversations. Her most favorite thing to do was chase the squirrels out of the yard and keep guard of the house. She even tried to protect us from animals on the tv. Jumping, barking and trying to get at it. One time my FIL Was watching cowboy and western movies. Cowboys started riding their horses on a chase and Sydney lept into action barking and jumping at the tv until the horses had run out of view. Then she ran to the back of the television to see if she could wrangle them there. She protected us from it all. Barney the purple dinosaur, Jurassic park creatures, scooby doo and the ghost monsters…you name it. She loved us fiercely and we loved her just as hard back. Her arthritis started to really take a toll on her and this once high energy, full of life pup, could no longer chase the squirrels. When they would run across the lawn in front her and she wouldn’t even bat an eye we knew her time had come. We all miss you so much and there will never be another like you. I hope you are chasing squirrels up there and protecting all the people.

Sal Bennawit

Sal gave all of himself to anyone around. He drooled, protected, cuddled, and loved everyone. He was our big boy and we joked about his size and odd sounds saying he must be part dinosaur. But with a huge body came an even bigger heart. He was the most loyal, cuddly, and loving dog I have ever had. We will miss everything about him, even the drool. He has left a big whole in our hearts and home but I am glad that he is no longer in any pain and is running around at the Rainbow Bridge.




Vinny Bradley

Vinny was known as my angel baby... I got him from a rescue in 2010 and he was my sidekick ever since. He was abused as had a bb in his chest from before I got him and he spent the rest of his life traveling with me and exploring all the life changes from my mid 20's into 30's including 4 kids and twins! Vinny was my best friend and meant a lot to everyone in my family. He will be so missed by everyone.




Grace Walter

This beautiful girl graced our presence for 15 years. Originally adopted from a shelter in West Virginia, she moved throughout her life multiple times from Florida, Virginia and finally Pennsylvania. She was the best cat and the reason why our cat family eventually grew. She wanted nothing more than fish-flavored cat food, sleep, pets, sunshine and a sidewalk to roll around on. Although she was pretty easy to appease, if she didn’t have her way, she was persistent and LOUD. She made sure you heard her from any location in the house. If she wanted to be pet, you got a paw to the face. She was a girl who knew what she wanted. If cats can be kind, she was it. She never harmed anyone or anything. She accepted any new cat that came to the house - and there were many. She was a friend to any human and would cuddle and demand pets from anyone. She always made her family laugh especially when she would run. She had many nicknames, including Gracie, Gray Gray, Suckle Pig (suckling - a habit she had since she was a kitten), Snaggle Tooth, and Gray Beard. Her aunt used to joke that she looked and should have been named Tulip because of her sweet and delicate face. It was only fitting that she passed when tulips were at their peak. We love you, Grace. I am sure your brother Jackson was there to greet you. I am so thankful for your calm and consistent presence throughout your life. It’ll take so much time to stop looking for you sleeping peacefully on the bed. The world feels a little less beautiful without you in it. Until we meet again.

Lewy Carado

Lewy joined our family on September 23rd 2018. We rescued him from an emergency hospital where he had received care after being dropped off with a broken leg. Sadly his leg had to be amputated and when no one claimed him, he joined our family! He was a barker!!! He barked at everything and everyone. But he was a snuggler, he loved being held and carried and was so appreciative of anyone's attention. During our four short years together, he experienced many camping trips to Potter county and Knoebels Grove. He went to Dewey Beach, Delaware, Myrtle Beach South Carolina and many places in between. His favorite food was salmon which he enjoyed up to his very last day. He slept in our bed and he will remain in our hearts forever. We miss you so much, Lew-Lew! Thank you for your compassion at the end of Lewys life. He was a happy boy!

Ace Miller

In memory of Ace. He will be truly missed.










Hercules Conway

Our boy rescued us April 27. 2019. He was a Speranza Animal Rescue boy thanks to Jose and Kristy who found him on a Philadelphia shelter kill list and drove there that day (my birthday ironically) to get him and fostered him for Speranza Animal Rescue. Laurie at Speranza suggested we meet Hercules. This boy "had me from hello"! He was the perfect fit for our family. He was my shadow, my protector. He was wonderful with all children he met from newborns and up. He did amazing with every situation we expose him to. He loved car rides, pontoon boating. camping, trail walks (walks in general especially when "his boys and or girls" (our great nephews and or nieces) were holding the leash) But our boy got pretty sick back in February of this year, not eating or drinking normally and then he just stopped eating and drinking. We had to hospitalize him for 2 days. He had lost 20 pounds in just 7 days. Diagnosis was open - lymphoma; chronic inflammatory hepatopathy. We brought him home with meds and planned on loving him until he was no longer comfortable. But he actually bounced back within a couple days. Starting eating bland diet the day we brought him home and eventually got back to his normal 3 meals a day. He put 15 pounds back on and was his normal happy go lucky self. Then about a week ago we started noticing he was losing some weight again, but still eating 3 meals a day until this past Thursday. He just stopped eating and by mid day Friday not drinking, our boy was crashing hard. We called Peaceful Pet Passage and Dr Morgan came to our home Saturday 04/23/22 to help our boy cross the bridge. She was the kindest soul. She took time to show attention and love to Hercules, making him feel comfortable with her. Which spoke volumes to us. She treated us with the utmost respect and kindness. Hercules left his extremely large paw prints on many hearts. Ours are broken, but we like to think this was not good bye, it’s til we see you again. Until then, we have love ones in heaven who welcomed him and the next stage of spoiling began😢.❤🐾

Peanut Cordova Estrada

He is with his favorite toys. I called him “my boo”. We will miss him forever and no other dog will ever take his place in our hearts. He was the sweetest dog and funny. He acted bigger than he was. Everyone who met him loved him and made imprint in their lives forever they said. He loved his picture taken he would always pose. He helped me through my divorce and was always by my side. He felt my pain and sadness and knew I needed him.




Hunter Wilson

In Memory of Hunter 💙
9/12/2012 - 4/22/2022
Our beautiful boy, Hunter, was so loved and spoiled by the entire family. He was our faithful companion until the very end when he was taken way too soon by cancer. We had planned to give him a cupcake before he went to heaven but we weren’t sure if he would eat it as he hadn’t been able to keep anything down. As we started taking the paper wrapper off of the cupcake, he grabbed it and devoured it in one gulp. Paper and all! That is a typical Hunter move that we will never, ever forget, lol! 🤣 We will Iove you forever, sweet boy! We are so thankful for Peaceful Pet Passage and that we had the opportunity to snuggle and kiss Hunter at our home as he passed. They turned a tragic situation into a beautiful memory that we will always treasure. 💙

Cinnamon Sinopoli

Cinnamon “Buns” Sinopoli crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge, Tuesday April 19th, 2022, peacefully in the arms of her loving father. Cinnamon was born April 6th, 2008. She was rescued by Weimaraner Rescue of the North from a shelter down south in Louisiana where they were not taken good care of. She found her way into her dad’s arms in March of 2016 right before her 8th birthday. This is where she enjoyed the next 6 years of her life of being spoiled, sleeping on the bed and lying on the couch that she claimed as her own. She lived the best life! Cinnamon enjoyed running and hiking with her dad and brother Joe. She would follow her dad everywhere in the house and especially when he was outside mowing the lawn. She never left him out of her sight for too long. Then as she aged and could no longer climb the stairs, she would wait patiently for him as he got ready for work, but if he took too long she would let him know it. She always barked at stranger and friends alike. Every time her dad came home from work, she was there to greet him with the utmost excitement and kisses. She is survived by her brother Barry and her loving dad. She is preceded in death by her brothers Max and Joe. They will be eagerly waiting to great her on the other side. Please give your pets some extra hugs, kisses and treats tonight in honor of my girl, Cinnamon. She will be forever missed. Always and Forever My Girl.

Franco Heffner

Franco was a giant. He was the sweetest little monster puppy that wanted to explore the world and love all. He greeted everyone with the loudest welcome. He loved his walks, his foodies and his daddy. He traveled with us wherever we went. He made the deepest impression on our family and friends. He was loved unconditionally and will be forever missed. His paw prints are permanent across our hearts. We are struggling greatly. He was our Franco.
2/2007 - 4/2022




Burke Shade

Burke also known as BTJ. A 14 year old multi poo. Loved to bark and play with his toys especially his taco. Will be missed by many. Upstairs now with his buddies Barks and Woody J.








Sue Scullen

A Boy Named Sue was our family pet for 14 1/2 years. We couldn’t have loved each other anymore. We have thousands of very happy memories with him but this picture captures how he spent most of his life, with his favorite toy which we all called squeaky. He didn’t play with it much after my father died, who was his very best friend. We’re hoping Pop-Pop was waiting for him across the rainbow bridge! We would like to thank Peaceful Pet Passage for making this transition easier for all of us, especially taking the stress away from Sue. With love, the Scullen family






Tay Stoudt

My baby girl, Tay, always enjoyed going for rides in the car, laying outside on a beautiful, warm, and sunny day. She loved playing tug with her favorite toys. She had this cute little quirk about her where she would shake her head from side to side to when she was happy or excited. She used to make a funny little snorting sound whenever she anticipated something exciting was going to happen. We love you Tay and you will be forever missed and in our hearts. RIP beautiful baby girl. Special thanks goes out to Peaceful Pet Passage for allowing our baby girl to pass peacefully at home without fear or stress. She passed with dignity and respect.


Remington Stago

Our beloved boy Remington has left a giant hole in our hearts.










Ali Dolan

This is about beautiful boy Ali. For nearly 13 years he was a very special part of our family. My sister found him running down a country road in 2009 while me and my husband were visiting the same town for our Anniversary. With no shelters open and no one claiming him over that weekend we brought him home back to PA. Our teenage son Patrick was so happy and vowed to help take care of this young, malnourished pup. We made an appointment right away as we knew there might be some risks with his health. The Vet confirmed Ali was 7 weeks old and either got trapped in barbed wire or was used as a bait dog. His stomach was also very swollen from worms, which the Vet told us he wasn’t sure if the medications would be a cure but we brought him home and gave him all the love and care we could. Ali made a full recovery and my son gave him the name “Ali”, after the boxer and because he said he knew he was a fighter and would be ok. Ali and Patrick became the best of friends. Sadly a year and a half later our son was killed at the age of 19 and we soon realized how close they were. We could see Ali was mourning the loss of our son too. So we vowed to take the best care of him for our son and the next 11 years we grew closer to this beautiful boy then we ever imagined. Ali was our family and the connection we felt to our son through him is more than words can convey. Ali had a personality very similar to Patrick and his days became full of adventure. Car rides, trips to the park, to the River, with day trips being his favorite. But home is where Ali loved to be too, playing frisbee and chasing it on our property became his favorite, taking walks, running, laying on the swing while our daughter read to him and soaking up the sun on a warm day. And learning new tricks fast made us realize he was the smartest dog we had ever known. If he wanted to play he was sure to let us know. He would come Over and nudge our arm, or bring his frisbee to let us know he wanted to go out and play. He did that right up until the end of his life. Still taking walks, wanted to run even when his back legs were getting weak and having lung cancer. He was a fighter for sure and although he is missed terribly, we are so grateful a friend referred Peaceful Pet Passages. Our good ole boy had visitors all week and we went for his last car ride April 8th with family and friends coming out to give him hugs and say their goodbyes. We stopped for ice cream, and our daughter had him an early birthday party. We lifted Ali on his favorite swing that afternoon, giving him lots of hugs and kisses while telling him what a good boy he was, that we will miss everything about him and how he truly rescued us. As he fell asleep we told him our son Patrick would be waiting for him and how happy he would be To see his best friend again. We were blessed to have Ali in our lives. Although a part of our hearts went with him, he will always be close to us in spirit and we will continue to share his life, his story and how he truly saved us. Sincerely The Dolan Family and all who loved our beautiful boys.

Axel Reish

Axel, you were the cutest puppy and such an obedient partner. You were always there through thick and thin. You led our pack for years, taught them your crazy bad habits, that we will continue to treasure in the rest of our boys. We will miss yelling your name to get your feet off the counter, searching for your next treat. We will miss all your stinky kisses and farts. We will miss your happy tail always wagging. You introduced us to a whole new world of fun, love and family. You are our original boy who got us involved in dockdogs. We have made so many amazing memories together and we are so happy we got to share them with you. We miss you so much. You are forever our Axel, Bubba Brown and old man. Until we meet again, we love you so much! 🧡💩


Katie Clare Bodman

Katie was the best. We miss her so much. Her sweet face, her bark announcing whoever was coming in, her wiggly walk…everything❤️ Thank you PPP for helping us through this difficult time.








Sadie Troutman

Sadie Willow
8/15/06 - 4/08/22
Sadie was only 4 months shy from her 16th birthday. Some of her nicknames were bugaboo, love bug and Sadie love. We adopted Sadie from the Human Society on 7/01/13. I actually had to pull over on the way home and secure her leash to keep her in the back seat because she kept trying to come up front and just kept licking my face non stop like she was saying thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ve had dogs my whole life and Sadie was the most affectionate of them all. She had to be laying on you or next to you at all times. She loved greeting new people. She loved car rides and walks (although in her older years her arthritis couldn’t take it). She wasn’t a big fan of playing fetch, she would just chew the ball to pieces but her favorite playtime was tug of war. I am so thankful that I was able to spend the last 2 years working from home, by her side. We became even closer. Sadie was my best friend. I believe she was that once in a lifetime (soul dog). She could make me feel so at peace and loved. She got me through some very tough times. I am so thankful for Peaceful Pet Passage. Sadie passed so peacefully in the comfort of our home snuggled with us. We held her until her last breath. Until we meet again my Sadie love. Thank you for choosing us that day. Love you forever and always. 💕

Murphy Kelley

Murphy had the most gentle disposition of any dog I’ve ever known. He just wanted to play with everyone he met- dogs, cats, ferrets, ponies, sheep, donkeys- it didn’t matter- he’d wag his tail and if they seemed frightened he would lie down and just be with them. I’d find him with kittens asleep on top of him and he wouldn’t move. He went everywhere with me for eight years. He was quiet and shy. He went blind when he was about six but got around well and I loved him dearly. He was all I had and losing him has left a wound that will never heal. I mourn this dog as I mourn for family that I have lost. He was really very special. Rest peacefully my loving friend, Murphy. I miss you so much.



Annabelle Grace Heffelfinger

I hope it is true that one day I will be reunited with you again! I never thought I would love an animal as much I love you. I had 15 amazing years with you and even that is not enough. You were my bedtime buddy, my co-worker, my tail! It hurts like hell Annabelle Grace. I love you!











Buck Wentz

Our sweet boy Buck. One week shy of 11 year old Lab/Rottie mix. He was so loved and well deserved spoiled baby. He loved roaming his 16 acres checking out all areas. Loved his family. ❤️
Thank you for all you did and making this time easier for our sick boy with cancer and us.



Jackie Cunningham

This is our "baby girl" Jackie. She was a rescue. We had her for 15 years. She was family and we miss her every day. We have so many wonderful memories that we can cherish. Peaceful Pet Passage was a blessing at a very difficult time. We really appreciated their wonderful service.




Butters Harrison

You saved me just as much as I saved you. You’ll be in my heart forever. I love you, Butters.












Gordon Lockwood

Memories? My kids wanted a dog. A few weeks later, without telling anyone, I went and picked up Gordon. My family was pleasantly surprised! He was great at catching a soft dog frisbee. He loved being outside. He followed my wife everywhere in the house. Needless to say, we really miss Gordon.





Cutie Mumford

This is Mr Cutie. He was the sweetest most loving cat any owner could ask for. He was bought as a birthday present for my then 5 year old daughter and was a baby. He loved playing with his toys and sleeping in bed with me to cuddle. He loved playing hide and seek with my daughter and I. We have so many wonderful memories of our amazing Cutie that we will never forget. Thank you to Peaceful Pet Passage for helping us through this difficult decision to lay our beloved Cutie to rest. We will love you forever and always and will never forget you and the impact you had in our lives ❤️❤️❤️



Junior Simon

Jr was so loved by everyone. So smart and alway wanted to be with Wendy or me. He always loved his yard, family and friends. We had him for almost 14 years.











Earl Porr

Earl was my sun seeker and my shadow. He loved our long days at the pool. He would lay where ever the sun and I was. He is so missed and so very much loved! So grateful for the kindness from all at Peaceful Pet Passage!!!!






Zane Brennan

"My handsome boy, I miss you. Thank you for bringing joy to my life!"







Jasmine Schoenberger

To our dear Jasmine, We will always remember your sweet spirit, love for the outdoors, and passion for adventures. We all watched you grow with our two daughters over these past fifteen years and you made our family complete. You leave behind your best friend Bentley, who will truly miss his sidekick. You have our hearts, always. Thank you again Peaceful Pet Passage for being there for our family! With love, Jess, Paul, Mia and Hannah




Sam Hess

Monday March 21st, 2022 was one of the hardest days for our family. To say that a dog becomes part of your family is an understatement. Our boy Sam was the best dog a family could ever ask for. He always wanted to be with us. Loved us unconditionally and loved our girls. Got super excited to go for walks and go play at the dog park. Loved pizza and french fries.The past year as his illness got worse that amazing personality he always had diminished and he became horribly depressed and seemed lost. His medications were no longer helping. Our house has felt so empty without him. We miss him so much but know he is much happier and no longer in pain. He will always have a place in our hearts. As hard as this decision was Peaceful Pet Passages made it a beautiful and natural process. So glad we chose them for our sweet Sammy boy. 🐾🌈




Karley Frye

Karley is going to be missed very much. She has a beautiful temperament she just went with the flow even if it was something she didn’t want to do. She liked to snuggle and was always waiting for me to come home.






Cain Mulrooney

Last week (3/22/2022), Liam and I had to make the most difficult decision as pet parents. Tuesday, the best boy in the entire world crossed over the rainbow bridge. He had a great long life and was surrounded by love and passed in the comfort of our home. Cain has gotten tired over the years, but he’s held on—last week his body finally caught up with him. I won’t remember him the way he was his last two days, all I will remember is the dog that loved to chase us around the house. The dog who would steal cookie dough and pork loins off the kitchen counter. The dog who would insist that when he was ready for bed, we all had to go to bed. The dog who used to keep the birds and nests warm with his giant clumps of fur. The dog who had the smelliest breath and the stinkiest farts. The dog who used to steal whiskey and destroy toothbrushes. The dog who hid butter in the cushions of the couch. The dog who welcomed three kids to his pack without question. The dog who did everything to be there for us. The dog who saved Liam and I both from our darkest times in the last 8 years. The dog who was the best we could ever EVER ask for. Thank you for everything, bubba, I know you’ll be with us always, and you’re finally at rest and no longer in pain. Sleep soundly, sweet prince 🌈🐺

Harley-Starr Endres

This my my babygirl Harley-Starr whom was recently layed to rest with Peaceful Pet Passage. She gave us 16 great years of so many laughs & love. Her personality was like no other I have ever found. She loved camping with the family, going "bubyes" for car rides & ice cream, long walks in the parks, & just playing with her sissy Spirit! She loved so unconditionally and I sure hope she knows how completely loved & missed she is! ❤




Nyko Farabaugh

Nyko was a super active Aussie who loved frisbee and ball and wrestling with his sister. He was so cuddly and thought he was a tiny lap dog. We will forever miss him.







Henry & Shirley Lawson

Monday March 14, 2022.
It was devastating to have to euthanize both my Chihuahuas at the same time but they were both getting to be pretty frail and sick in their older ages of 18 years. Both of my babies were rescues. Henry was an abused dog and I’m not sure who rescued who they are but it became such a wonderful relationship. He protected me and would never let anyone hurt me. Unfortunately, he was A little too protective at times but that’s how Chihuahuas are. Shirley was a little bit older. She was one of the 180 Chihuahuas that two brothers were raising in north-central Pennsylvania for breeders. She was a breeder and came to me through a rescue organization when my pug passed away, and I thought I would lose Henry from the loneliness. She was so shy and would not even bark. With a lot of tenderness and care especially from Henry, she finally started to socialize and they became inseparable.. Thanks to you and your wonderful team they will not have to be apart even in death as they were so part of each other in life. As many of us say I am not sure if I rescued my dogs or they rescued me.

Cooper Stoltzfoos

In loving memory of Cooper.
Even though we didn’t get nearly enough time with him, he made sure to fit in a lifetime of love and memories with us in the 4 1/2 years we got. He was truly the kindest soul. Cooper was incredibly gentle, goofy, and loving. He was a constant cuddle buddy and adventure partner. As long as he was with mommy he was okay, no matter what we were doing. Regardless of what health issues he was going through, he put on a happy face for his family and tried to enjoy every moment. We adopted Cooper when he was around 6 or 7 years old and he excepted us as if we were his only family all along. He was the true definition of resilience. Cooper will forever be missed. Rest easy sweet boy.


Buddy Gruber

This is Buddy about six months old. He loved to fetch sticks larger than him . He loved to play catch with tennis balls with a squeeky in it and he would make that ball sleek. Buddy also loved golf cart rides and most times when you parked he would stay on. Thank you so much for your service. God bless 🙌 🙏 ❤




Farah Helfrich

Our Little Butterball. WE LOVE YOU.










Sullivan Dash

My wild child. So snuggly, so beautiful. Intelligent and fearless at home, but a large case of stranger danger with unknown people. We all miss you so much, the youngest and smallest but the biggest personality. Lost to unrelenting bladder blockages he was almost three😢.






Jacs Miller

Jacs was the alpha of our pack. She trained all of the other younger dogs and kept visiting dogs in line. Even as she got older, if you got a toy out, she would turn into a puppy again. She was such an amazing dog and we will miss her so much.











Daisy Dukes Rohland

Daisy Dukes Rohland
(June 1, 2010 – September 27, 2021)
With a very heavy heart… My sweet Daisy passed September 2021. 😢 She was absolutely the best pup, and a true member of our family for over 11 years. Although my heart is broken, I know that she was incredibly well-loved and taken care of. And I’m so pleased that my three young men were able to have such a sweet pup during an important part of their lives. We so greatly miss her sweet disposition, receiving her “high paw” when we would come home, that sweet snoring, and of course, that wiggly butt! I miss you so much, Daisy! ❤️🐶



Petey Karns

Petey was the best boy and he loved helping other dogs! 3 years together was definitely not enough, but he helped hundreds of dogs gain confidence to be around other dogs with his sweet and approachable personality. He was the best boy a dog trainer momma could ask for. We will miss him every day for the rest of our lives.





Oliver Lex

Oliver was with us for 14 years, he road in the car since we got him and went to work with us for years, he was always a pleasant, I miss him very much. Oliver’s last road trip to the beach. He is greatly missed.



Edison Jackson

In memory of our sweet Edison
01/22/2005 - 03/02/2022
Edison was there with us (not necessarily in this order)with the purchase of our first home, the built of our second home, he was there when we brought our three children home from the hospital, he was there for us, with us, especially daddy (he was daddy's little sidekick), through thick and thin, he was there for us every single day for the past 17 years. Edison absolutely loved life and he was very much loved by every single person who met him.One thing he was crazy about was his blue ball. He would play with that ball until he was completely exhausted. Edison was more than just a "dog" he was our little Edison! As the years passed, we were dreading the day for you to go. Life without you was unimaginable, but after 17 years, here we are, missing your presence but we know you are pain free. Now that you have your vision back, go find Acadie and go play, be free!! Edison, you may have been small, but you had a very large presence in our home, like a friend of our said, you were a miniature giant dog. We will forever miss you big guy. We love you!!

Delilah Howard

I just wanted to say that Peaceful Pet Passage was so professional and yet so kind today (3/3/2022) with caring for Delilah in her last moments of life. That young veterinarian was so loving and gentle with Delilah. They were also very patient with me trying to make this decision. They kept telling me how beautiful and unusual she was. The vet encouraged me to let my little dog Hope say goodbye to her kitty friend. I sat down and held her and Hope sniffed her all over but then she was done and more interested in some new human friends. I wouldn’t have thought of that and was grateful they did. It was so peaceful for Delilah. She never appeared stressed. These are sad moments- hard moments- but my poor baby girl did not have to leave her home. I miss her, but I am relieved that I made this choice.

Takota Harbold

Takota Harbold
November 04/2006-February 23/2022
In loving memory of our little boy, Takota. There are no words to express the heartache we feel. He filled our home with so much love and joy. He was always faithful and by my side. We love and miss you little boy, but feel your presence everywhere we look.




Maisy Njau

Though Maisy was a fearless and adventurous cat, she was nicknamed Mama as she felt it was her job to look after all of us. Over the last 18 years, Maisy always found new things to climb up, fall down from, get stuck on, or chase. There was never a dull moment with our little mama, and the hole in our home without her is immeasurable. She was and continues to be as we regale tales of her ornery doings, such a source of light and laughter for our family. Maisy loved the outdoors, sitting on the deck with us in the summers, letting the sun warm her fur as she chewed on the catnip we grew just for her. As the catnip comes back in our garden each spring, we will think of her and the joy she brought into our lives. We love you, Mama. You are truly unforgettable.



Norbert Sulzer

On 2/25/22 We lost our beloved Norbert. He was born in our home and lived with us all his fifteen years. He was sweet but timid, which made us love him even more. Norbert was huge for a cat. And the best cuddler. Our beautiful big boy will always be loved, missed and remembered. Until we meet again. Your loving family, The Sulzers













Sadie Free

In memory of our sweet Sadie
June 14, 2010- February 23, 2021
Nearly 12 years ago you came along just when we needed you most. With you our broken little family healed a little. You made those long “kids at Dads” stretches a little less lonely and those “days at moms” a lot more lively. For nearly 12 years you was there for every celebration we had, and every tear shed ready to provide comfort or protection, whichever the situation needed and sometimes it was both. We shared every snack, you alerted us to every delivery, and made sure we were greeted at the door everytime we came home. Our dear sweet Sadie was crazy, sassy, and cranky all at the same time…and she put up with our shenanigans without complaint. While we knew this day was coming. We still weren’t ready. We can’t Thank Dr. Morgan Enough. Her compassion, empathy and calmness and Sadie pass peacefully cross the rainbow bridge and helped her humans get though a very difficult time.

Kody Tracey

We adopted Kody (pit bull and pug mix) when he was 8 weeks old, a month before I graduated high school. We were inseparable from day one. I am in recovery from alcohol and hard drug abuse. Before getting sober, I was miserable and used to lock myself in my bathroom with every intention on ending my life. Then I would hear the scratch on the door. My fur baby, my guardian angel, my Kody Bear saved me every time with that small reminder that he would always be there for me and that he needed me. The time that I actually went through with my suicide attempt was when I was in North Carolina without him. I didn’t have him there to remind me or share any kind of hope for me to stay in this world. I’m grateful that God allowed me another chance at life so that I could be there for him, his entire life. I am now 5 years sober. I got to watch Kody also be there for my human babies. Elliott (1 yr old) and Jackson (5yr old) loved him almost as much as I loved him. I’ll never be able to say enough how thankful I am to have been alive to watch my three sons and fiancé together. I almost missed all those wonderful family moments. Kody crossed the rainbow bridge on February 21, 2022. He began having seizures which ultimately led to in-home euthanasia. He would have been 14 years old on March 18th. He never left my side, he slept with me every night, he followed me into every room, he cuddled me while I cried, he snuggled with me on the couch, he sat at my feet when I was eating, he was ALWAYS there. And now, he’s just gone. I miss him so much, it hurts. The last day of his life consisted of a walk around the neighborhood, six different tennis balls to play with, cuddling with family and a NY Strip for dinner. I get through my days knowing that Kody had an amazing last day on earth and moved on peacefully. I will forever carry him in my heart ❤️

Toby Ebersole

Toby was my kayaking buddy ❤💕













Cooper Heiland

Cooper was the sweetest boy. He loved everyone. Even though he was over 100 lbs, he was gentle. I was his person, he followed me everywhere. He loved the dog park, car rides, going to the drive thru for a cheeseburger, and belly scratches. I will miss him and love him always. ❤️





Diesel Zirkle

Diesel Zirkle
Sept 9, 2015 - Feb 15, 2022
Diesel was loved tremendously by all who had the pleasure of meeting his handsome face. With his stunning appearance, to his sweet and gentle disposition, it was impossible not to fall in love with him. Diesel loved people. He loved greeting everyone and anyone. He was a hundred pound lap dog, and if given the opportunity, would prove just that. Diesel's favorite pastime was hanging out in the garage with dad, going "bye-byes" in the truck, front porch sittin', or lounging on the deck at our family camp. We swore he knew every week that it was Friday, and was anxious until we'd pack up to head to camp. He was his Momma's boy (and heart) and always at her heels. Diesel hated a leash, but would walk right with you in public, when allowed. Although he looked intimidating, there wasn't an ounce of him not filled with love and kisses. Though his presence was massive, his love was even greater. His absence has left a void in our hearts that will never be able to be replaced. Love and miss you forever, our boy. Love Daddy, Momma, Laina, Ellie, Hadley & Lily.

Macy Ambrose

Tribute for Macy Ambrose
"Macy was an old soul for her entire life. She most valued her people and her pack over exploring or seeking out new friends. Macy had her canine pack that consisted of her sister from another litter and her older, much smaller, brother, as well as four feline siblings with whom she was patient and tolerant. One of those feline siblings, Ava, claimed Macy as her puppy and would seek Macy out for naps and snuggles, which Macy learned to love. Freshly fallen snow, a sunny day in the early spring, or the first cooler days of fall were her absolute favorite for simply laying in her yard, listening to the sounds, smelling the smells, and feeling the breeze in her face. Macy's calm demeaner and love of the simple joys of life was an example for her humans to strive to follow. Macy taught us to slow down, love those around us, and enjoy the little things that life provides us just through her approach to her life. Macy's life was full of love from everyone that had the privilege to meet her, a full belly from never encountering meals or treats that she didn't enjoy, and the softest pet beds and furniture that she insisted were not nearly as comfortable as the floor. She was the atypical Labrador mix dog who was completely extraordinary as the best dog ever encountered. There will forever be an absence in our lives from her passing that can only be tempered by the knowledge that we were honored to be her chosen people. Macy will always be missed and loved forever."

Barkley Varano

Barkley had such a love for people and made new friends wherever he went. He was a very loving and loyal companion until the end. A memory that I will never forget about Barkley is the countless walks we took together with him pulling the leash and leading the way. He truly loved his walks!





Logan McCandless

(AKC Magnificently Dashing Lord Logan)
May 17, 2004 – February 2, 2022
I have lost my soulmate and I am devasted. Logan was the sweetest, most precious soul ever. He loved me unconditionally and I him. For the last 17.8 years this little black pug boy has been by my side through address changes, career changes, relationships, the deaths of my parents and close friends, and everything in between. I cannot imagine moving forward without him here. He was loved by everyone and touched so many people’s hearts. Logan, I became your mom when you were 6.5 weeks old, and I held you as you took your last breath. Your unconditional love was comforting in my worst times and reassuring in my best. I always had a sleeping buddy, a travel buddy, and a snack buddy. We were inseparable from the start. Going everywhere, exploring, soaking up the world together, being Canine Good Citizen certified and being an Animal Assisted Therapy Dog for Caring Hearts Pet Therapy. As we aged, trips became shorter, sleeps longer, and adventure was harder to find. It was a blow when you were diagnosed three years ago with collapsing trachea and then soon losing 90% of your sight, but you managed so well. Such a smart boy but recently your mind began leaving you sooner than your body. I loved you so much that I did not want you to cry out in fear, in anxiety, to not be the smart, loving boy you always were. I remember all the times that you licked the tears off my face over the years, you were my comfort. Now I had to be yours. Through it all your loyalty to me never wavered and your love never faltered. You lived 17.8 years and every moment from beginning to end you were loved! I was your human, and you were my handsome, smushy-face smudge. I love you so much Logan and I am so blessed to be your momma. I know you are pain free, running and playing with your friends. You have been reunited with my parents (your grandma and pop-pop), your Uncle Roger and Winston and the Original Hampden Kennel Club is now complete. Thank you for sticking with me for so many years and being my rock for so long. Rest in peace my precious pug boy … you changed your mama’s life forever. Such an AMAZING boy! You are deeply missed and deeply loved forever! Though I know it will get easier, it does not help the heartbreaking ache that I feel and the hole from your absence with never completely heal. In the words from Speranza, “It’s not goodbye, just see ya later.”

Takara Earnest

Takara came into our lives after the very painful loss of our dear Akita Akina. My husband was not quite ready for a new dog at the time, but when her owner stated that she needed a home where she could be treated like the queen that she was and he saw Takara's picture, he said, "we can get her if you want her". She was rescued from a dear lady in Washington, PA and did not take to most people that came to the house to meet her so her owner was having trouble finding her a home. We were not even at the house 10 minutes when Takara turned her back to my husband (who was sitting on the couch) and plopped herself right down between his legs. She had picked her new Daddy. That began a 10 and a half year relationship that was so, so special. We have so many fond memories of our girl "the queen". She was our "boss lady" who ran the entire household - Akita brother, cats and mom and dad included. She was our clown who used to bounce around like Tigger when she was happy. She was our girl who had her pics taken with Santa Paws and by the third click of the camera was glaring into the lens as she did not like her pic being taken to begin with and I am sure she knew Santa Paws was the vet. She was our hiking buddy who also loved to walk around the neighborhood and bugged to go on walks until the very day that she died. We will never forget our Takara. She will always remain in our hearts.

Charlie Basore

Charlie was rescued from a kill shelter in 2009. He was terrified and abused in the first 3 years of his life. There were many stipulations to adopting him. I adopted him in 5/2/2009. He was a work in progress; however I did have and other baby that showed him the way and he responded well. She passed in 2019 and Charlie became king of the house. Charlie was kind, loving, and a great dog. He saw me through the loss of 2 pets and the loss of my son. He was a rock and a great companion. He was my heart.




Gracie Mae Galena

When I needed a hand, you gave me your paw. I will love and remember you always.










Georgia Klinedinst

On Monday January 31st, 2022 we had to say our goodbyes to our Georgia, just four days after her 13th birthday. Words can not express the heartache we feel on losing our Georgia girl. She was our best dog and we loved her so much. Unfortunately cancer got the best of her and in the end we had to make that awful decision. We can’t believe she is gone our home is not the same. She will be missed so much. 💔😭





Boost Coulson

We got Boost in 2012 and found him from a "free kitten" sign at PetSmart. Boost was a truly magnificent cat who was quite dog-like and would play fetch as a kitten. Not only was he our child, he was our best friend, companion, and made our family whole. Some of my favorite memories with Boost was him being my study buddy during all of my schooling, traveling with me to Philadelphia for Pharmacy School, taking him on cat-cations, always having him walk me to the door when I was leaving for work, always being there to greet me when I got home, having him in the bathroom with me while I got ready, him rolling around on his back when I did abs, and having him stand on his back legs while I fed him cat treats. As he grew up, he adopted the name "Hairy Houdini" because he would push on the weak spots of the screen doors to try and escape and he stretched out the screens in the motorhome windows on his cat-cation. We loved his bold, playful personality and the fact that he only loved us. We will cherish each and every moment we had with him. Words cannot express how much he is missed. We did everything in our power to try and save his life but he was telling us in his final days that he didn't want any further testing/treatments. His final weeks were filled with him watching birds from his cat castle, a lot of tuna, cuddling under blanket forts, and a ton of hugs and kisses. We will love you forever, Boost.

Foxxy Simonsen

Foxxy was a sweet little girl (whom I called “pretty kitty”) who loved her treats & loved being on your lap.







Bailey Barnes

Bailey always had left hind lameness and hip pain. She never let any of her disabilities keep her down. Bailey loved everyone and everything. She was my best friend and always brightened my day even when I had a bad day. She is missed tremendously because she inspired all of us to smile all the time. Bailey never met a dog or person she didn’t like. She loved her toys and best of all her treats. Even though Bailey had hind lameness she loved to go to the dog park and interact with all her friends. She would run and fall but always got up and ran again. It broke my heart when she could no longer run or walk. Bailey still didn’t let that get her down. She loved to go outside and lay in the grass and bark at all her friends. She always thought she was in charge of her home and surroundings. While outside laying in the grass she would try to crawl to get to other dogs walking by. She never let anything keep her down even when she could not walk. She always wanted to play and talk to everyone walking by. She had many friends that would walk by and bring her treats. She would get upset when they left because she loved everyone and didn’t want them to leave. I have rescued many dogs whom I loved very much, but Bailey was a little more special because of her big heart and love for everyone and everything. I miss her tremendously and will never forget the love she had for me and everyone. Bailey was my baby and best friend.

Henry Replogle

In Memory of Henry
June 15, 2007~January 31, 2022
He was just a puppy when he came home with us on Christmas Eve in 2007. Days, weeks and years pass and he goes from a fuzzy puppy to a gray-faced little old man. When young, he was often called "Oh Henry" for some type of mischief he got into or the many destroyed doggy beds. He was also called Mr. Fuzzy Feet or Fuzz Man. In 2010 we nearly lost him to a tumor and pancreatitis. When he recovered our veterinarian said we had received a miracle. We will miss him and cherish our memories. Thank you to Winding Hill Veterinary Clinic for their excellent care for 14 years. Special thank you to Peaceful Pet Passage for helping Henry cross the Rainbow Bridge.



Jeff Willis

We are focusing on the memories! Good and bad. A decade of crazy Jeff. Trampoline jumping with Jon. Riding in red truck with Jon. Running away… “welp Jeff’s gone. ” Most relentless food beggar. Annoying barker. Loved the grandbabies. Accepted any pet who came to his home. Had that bucket list trip to Rehobeth. Jeff was a happy dog even when we were mad.








Cammy Steyers

Of all of the pets we have had over the years, Cammy was absolutely the best!!!! Well tempered & loyal to a fault she was there for all of us in good times & bad!!! She will be eternally missed but blessed us with 15 amazing years & she is now reunited with her Daddy in Heaven!!!




Jackson Walter

Jackson (aka Jack-o, Yakson, Yakkie, Henry Lickelsworth) was a great snuggle buddy and a faithful companion for 13 years. He was a stoic guy and moved 8 times during his short life, from places in Florida to Virginia and finally, Pennsylvania. Although he didn’t care for other cats much, he tolerated them as best as he could. Jackson had the sweetest, smallest meow. You could never hear his purr motor but could always feel it under his neck. He never bit or scratched (except when provoked by a wayward foot). He loved his humans. He loved to lay under the covers of the bed and in the sun. As the king of the house, he kept everyone in their places. He was spry in his golden years, up until he got sick, and loved to play and jump chasing a string on a stick. He enjoyed his catnip and would roll in it and eat it, defending it from other feline intruders until he had enough. He was a handsome boy with white whiskers on a black face and beautiful green eyes. He was a lover of turkey and earned his nickname, Henry Lickelsworth, by weirdly licking practically anything he could. Above all, Jackson was a good boy and he was loved. We miss you, Yakkie. Forever in our hearts.

Boomer Perkins

Our beloved Boomer passed over the rainbow bridge on January 11, 2022 at the age of 14 surrounded by his family. Although the pain of that day still resides with us it will never overshadow the 12 years of his life Boomer gave us. We are so grateful we chose to rescue the mutt with the old man face. There is certainly a ball launcher throwing an endless supply of squeaky balls where he is with all the wildlife he could ever want to chase. And not to forget an endless buffet of eggs and cheese. See you at the rainbow bridge our sweet sweet Boom Boom. Thank you for your unconditional love and being the best bubba Gabby and Madden could have ever asked for. 🌈🐾

Aspen Willinghan

In loving memory of our dearest Aspen. They say that pets are more than just animals, they are family. There are no truer words than this when describing our beloved Aspen! He was a son, a brother, an uncle, a nephew, a grandpup, and our best friend! Aspen had the sweetest, most loving disposition and wanted nothing more than to please his family. He was a "velcro dog" and had a very different and unique relationship with each of us. From very playful moments to snuggling on the couch, he meshed well with the family from the very beginning. God placed him right where he was meant to be. We pray that he knows just how much he is loved and is missed. You will forever be in our hearts and memories! Missing you today, tomorrow, and forever. Rest easy, until we meet again. Luvs!!


Toby Lilley

Toby loved a good holiday party.
RIP – 2005-2022





Elle Perry

Our beloved Elle passed over the rainbow bridge. Elle was a spry 15 years old and would have turned 16 in April. She was my first dog and was absolutely family. Elle has been with me (us) through many major events including a marriage, the purchase of our first home, 2 births, 2 major job changes, 5 deployments, multiple vacation/camping trips and the purchase of our second home. Elle accompanied us to many family gatherings and was loved by anybody that interacted with her. She had the sweetest disposition and loved to meet people. Elle has meant so much to me and I definitely gave her a lot of love. She owed my family nothing for the many great memories we have of her. We will miss her greatly, and she leaves a huge void in our hearts that could never be filled. She passed peacefully in her bed at home surrounded by her pups, Mommy, Daddy and doggy Uncle. I love you, Elle, and I’ll never forget you.💔🐾

Logan Young

We were so blessed to have rescued you 12 years ago. You have brought so much joy to our family and you will be sorely missed by Skittles, Luna and Boomer. The cats will not miss you though… We will forever love you “Loggie boy” Now you are free to run with your old buddy Bodie. We know that you will always be first in the treat line. Until we meet again my sweet boy.





Bella Stasiak

She was a great listener and loved her Greenie treats right up to the end.










Lorenzo Conrad

Lorenzo Conrad
7/8/2010 - 8/9/2021






Chantz Confair

We lost our dear Chantz on January 9 2022 at 2:30am. It was a sudden unexpected passing over the rainbow bridge. We were all asleep but woke up for some reason at 2:00am and all I can say was there was a higher power that woke us up so shortly before his untimely cross over so that he wasn't alone. We were so excited to have rescued him at age 2, 7 years ago. He brought us such joy and as it turned out, he rescued us in so many ways. I have no doubt he is still with us in spirit while enjoying all the french fries he possibly can. What delight he brought to all of us and we will miss and love him until we meet once again.



Thor Nair Betz

I would like to thank all of you at Peaceful Pet Passage for being so kind to us and helping us to take care of my baby Thor to put him to rest .This was the second hardest thing I had to do. Your staff from the vet all the way till Thor stopped breathing was extremely patient and understanding .Especially when Thor knew someone was here and he saw the muzzle he thought it was his leash. When he reacted the way he did I was having second thoughts but I knew in my heart he just got excited and would have been back down not able to get up in an hour. Even though I was in my bedroom with Thor she made sure everything was taken care of and that I knew what would happen next. I took a little longer holding him after Thor passed. The gentleman that was here to take Thor out was also very kind and told me to take my time there was no rush. They helped me get 2 paw prints so I can get one tattooed on me . Then I asked to bring my other dog Anna in to say goodbye. I have enclosed 4 photos I wasn't sure which ones to pick I have so many. Again thank you to you and your staff. When the time comes for Anna I will call you first.

Jesse Boy Fuhrman

My Dearest Jesse Boy, It is with a heavy heart I write this…. When I saw your eyes on the internet at 3 months old I knew I had to have you! So Daddy drove me 3 times to Caring for Creatures in Palmyra VA! 3rd trip was a charm, that day you came home with us beside our Girl Haley for the long ride. You sat up the whole time looking out the window. You came into my life afraid of everything, but you left my life a whole, happy, loving, outgoing boy! The love and devotion you gave me will remain in my heart the rest of my days, you fulfilled my life. Jesse my boy loved to go for car rides and especially when we headed to the lake! He loved to swim and could not wait till I threw the toy! He loved to get a bath and be groomed. The trust you had for me allowed me to do everything to you and with you. Until we meet again my dear Jesse boy over the rain bow bridge, my heart, my love and my companion!! You’re loving Mom Cindy and Daddy Kerry, your sister Gabrielle, can’t forget your Brother Dakota, Missy Kitty too!

Percy Shank

Percy was a stray who stayed. After posting him everywhere and nobody coming forward, we decided to make him part of our family. Percy was a wonderful boy, with the howl of a Beagle and the playfulness of a Jack Russell. He was a true chow hound, a cuddle bug, and our little shadow. We were blessed to have him in our lives. We miss him immensely and he will forever hold a very special place in our hearts.





Arie Guenther

Memory.. Arie was 18 years old and from the moment I saw this beautiful white kitty I knew she had me wrapped around her little paws..Arie loved to sneak in the bathroom and join you in the shower. She loved playing in water all her life. She was loved and is greatly missed by us. Amazing how these animals fill our homes with joy. I am thankful that we had the time we did.





Zoey Swartz

Sweet girl Zoey gave us 16 years of joy and unconditional love. She let us know what she wanted, and always got it! Forever in our hearts. We miss you sweet girl.









Oliver Nissley

From the moment I saw Oliver peek his frightened little head around the corner of that rescue, I knew he was meant to be ours. We brought him into our home and gave him all the love he had been deprived of for the first 18 months of his life and so, so much more. He was our Handsome Man, our Best Boy and my Best Friend. He brought so much happiness and joy to our family and we are forever grateful for him. Although we didn’t spend as many years with him as we would’ve liked, those 6 years were full of love and precious memories were made each and every day. Run free now Oliver, and we’ll see you when we get there.



Riley Rill

Riley was a great addition to our family 12 years ago. She loved to play and snuggle. No matter where you sat, she would be right beside you or would lay on your legs. Riley gave the best kisses. She had her little “smile” that always made us laugh. I loved that Riley and the cats would sleep together on the couch. It made for one happy pet family. Her favorite snack was a carrot. We miss you terribly Riley 😘❤️





Pepper Chasler

Our sweet little girl, Pepper, was a very gentle and loving empath who brought us tremendous joy and unconditional love. She didn't like to cuddle but always needed to sleep or nap alongside us, placing her little head against us. She was nervous in the car or near water but loved to chase rabbits in our garden or play with her stuffed groundhog. We miss her every single day.





Pippy Baugh

Anytime we were gone she would sit in the front window and as soon as she spotted the car she would dash to the door to greet us. She loved to walk in the 6” of curb next to the street, a dog sized sidewalk for her sassy walk. She was a foody! She had definite preferences and would start pestering us to fix her food way before it was time to eat. Once she finished she went to her bed to roll around and voice her content. She was a talker! She was a dear companion, and is already very missed! Her little body is gone but she will never be forgotten -love is forever!


Piper Hamberger

Rest In Peace our sweet Piper
💔 4/2008-12/15/2021
Our hearts hurt so bad losing our Bengals to cancer only 5 months apart. I keep asking God why because it just doesn’t seem fair. Piper we love you and miss you so much. You had so much spunk and energy and now with Jack your brother here it is so quiet and empty. I know you are no longer in any pain, and you are with your soulmate Leo. He greeted you in heaven and you two are grooming, snuggling and playing together and you are meeting your brother Ali for the first time. Our hearts are so empty without all of you. You are our children and until we meet again in heaven please watch over us. We will always love you our sweet precious girl. 💔💔💔


Mollie Oestereich

Mollie was a “tweenie” wirehair wild boar dachshund. She crossed the rainbow bridge on Jan.2 of 2021. She was 14 1/2 years old. She loved to walk everyday at least a mile or so with her buddy Maddie another mini dachshund and her Mom Margie who was a standard Doxie who left us in Nov. of 2019. As you can see in this picture she was our “doxie on the shelf”. Her favorite place to be in the kitchen where all the action was. Her other favorite thing to do was sit in the backyard in the sunshine for hours and she could stay out until the sun set. Even in the cold. This little lady will be missed. RIP Mollie.





Petey Karns

Petey was the best boy and he loved helping other dogs! 3 years together was definitely not enough, but he helped hundreds of dogs gain confidence to be around other dogs with his sweet and approachable personality. He was the best boy a dog trainer momma could ask for. We will miss him every day for the rest of our lives.






Mandy Ferguson

My memory of Mandy is a simple one. My wife came home one day with this small rescued dog. I never liked small dogs, and at first Mandy and I didn't get along. Over the next twelve years she became my best friend / daughter. Over all that time, Mandy became my dog more than my wife's. We were so proud to be part of her life. She will deeply be missed by us. I hope God blesses everyone with a friend as wonderful as ours.