About Us

Our Mission

Our pets are not only our companions, they are part of our families. We care for each other, each offering what only we can provide. Our pets know us inside and out. They are joyfully at our sides when we are happy, and they remain steadfast companions when we are troubled. We share every moment of life, and they place their ultimate trust in us. Our beloved animals rely on us to do the right thing. To do the very best we can for as long as we can.

And they trust that we’ll take good care of them when it’s time to part.

Saying goodbye is the hardest part. When is it the right time? Can you help alleviate any pain? How do the mechanics of euthanasia work? Can I bury my pet at home? Is there a place I can visit to remember?

We’re here to answer all of your questions. We’ve been here for more than 26 years, and our goal is to treat each and every family with compassion. We can help guide you through the euthanasia process at home, or here at our facility. We offer cremation services, all right here in south central Pennsylvania on our 25-acre campus in Mechanicsburg, and your beloved pet will be treated with respect and never be turned over to a third party broker. We’re your neighbors, and we treat you as such.

Afterward, many of our families find comfort by visiting the Pennsylvania State Pet Memorial. Located on the grounds of Golden Lake, it is peaceful, quiet and a fitting tribute to pets we have loved, lost but never forgotten over the years.

We encourage you to call us at 717-691-9214. Peaceful Pet Passage can help you when it’s time to provide the final act of love and kindness we can offer our best friends.

Staff Bios

Dr. Mary Menut (Riordan)

Dr. Mary Menut (Riordan) appreciates the time she spends with pet owners and their beloved companions in their final moments together at home. She feels that relieving pain and providing peace is one of the kindest things we can do for our pets when the time comes.

Mary grew up in Western Massachusetts riding horses and as an active Girl Scout. Graduating from the University of New Hampshire with a B.S. in Animal Science, she went on to attend veterinary school at Tufts University in Massachusetts.

Following veterinary school, she completed a large animal internship at Tuskegee University in Alabama and became a clinical instructor before moving on to mixed large and small animal private practice north of Atlanta. She later moved to Pennsylvania and worked with horses for several years before coming to Peaceful Pet Passage. She has experience with dogs, cats, many types of farm animals and exotic pets.


Dr. Morgan Elser

Dr. Morgan Elser grew up in Chambersburg, PA, where much of her family still resides. She first moved to Boston, MA and received a B.S. in Behavioral Neuroscience from Northeastern University. Afterwards she worked for a few years as a vet tech/assistant in small animal clinics before attending veterinary school at The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH.

Following graduation from veterinary school, Morgan took a position with the USDA working with livestock. This work took her to Waco, TX for a few years and then to rural Maryland so that she could be closer to family.

In her spare time, Morgan and her husband, Jason, enjoy renovating and working on their 200 year old farmette in Gettysburg, PA and spending time with their ever-growing group of pets and farm animals.

Dr. Elser is proud to have joined the Peaceful Pet Passage family in 2022. She is passionate about providing as much peace and comfort as possible to both pets and their owners in their time of need.


Dr. Victoria Sverduk

Dr. Sverduk pinch hits as a relief veterinarian for Peaceful Pet Passage. She is the owner and veterinarian at Buffalo & Beyond Veterinary Services, PLLC which she started in 2016. She has lived in the Lake Ariel PA area most of her life and thoroughly enjoys working with clients that she grew up knowing as well as meeting and establishing new client relationships. When she’s not busy working as a veterinarian she is spending time with her husband, twin boys, two dogs (CC & Bauer) and their many farm animals.


Rob Lauver

Rob’s been surrounded by animals virtually his entire life. A Pennsylvania native, he was born in Millersburg, and raised in Camp Hill. He has called Mechanicsburg home for the past 30 years, living on the grounds of Golden Lake, a 25-acre campus tucked away on Andersontown Road. A graduate of West Virginia Canine College, Rob ran the area’s premiere boarding facility, Golden Lake Recreational Pet Camp. In addition to his beautiful dogs, clients would often find Rob with a pet skunk peeking out of his jacket, acting as a goodwill ambassador and educating anyone who was interested in learning more. His life creed is simple: always do the right thing and act with integrity.

Over the years, Rob’s respect for his own animals, as well as those of his clients, led him to create Companion Animal Cremation Service. Today the grounds at Golden Lake serve as the final resting place for many of the animals that spent countless happy hours at the pet camp, as well as new clients captivated by the serene location and the beautiful granite monument designed to honor our companion animals.

That same respect and integrity led to the creation of Peaceful Pet Passage and Pennsylvania State Pet Memorial, and most recently, the Pennsylvania State Working Animal Foundation, the only tribute of its kind in the United States. “Every animal deserves the respect, dignity and comfort of a peaceful passage. They are, after all, our family. Our goal is to ease the struggle, and comfort both pets and their owners. We are here to honor them.”

In Memory of Rob
Robin "Rob" Lauver passed away on Friday, September 17, 2021. Robin was born in Harrisburg, PA to the late Boyd and Helen Lauver. He was a best friend, husband and a successful business owner. He was a grand entrepreneur driven by the goal to make all things better. He always thought outside of the box and poured all of his energy into everything he did. His legacy of Peaceful Pet Passage and helping families at the most sensitive time of need with their beloved pets will carry on.

Amy Sue Lauver

Amy keeps Peaceful Pet Passage running smoothly. A Dillsburg native, she spent long hours working with, and becoming fond of the clients at Golden Lake Recreational Pet Camp. Serving first as Camp Secretary and later as client advocate, it was only natural that Amy would move into her current position as Bookkeeper and Office Records Management of Peaceful Pet Passage. In her spare time, she loves reading and taking care of her pet skunk, Edee. {Sake R.I.P December 7, 2023}





John Keen

John has been helping families here at Golden Lake since 1992. Born and raised in NJ, John is a Cumberland Valley graduate who went on to obtain his Associate’s Degree from Harrisburg Area Community College. He currently serves at the helm as office manager for Peaceful Pet Passage, the Companion Animal Cremation Service and the Pennsylvania State Pet Memorial. John’s calm demeanor serves our clients well as he handles the scheduling of in-home euthanasia, and answers questions about cremation services. Working together with Laurie, Kelsi, Alex and Brigitt, John does his best to help our families by attending to all the details.


Laurie Plank

Laurie has a keen understanding of how we connect with nature. With degrees in biology and ecopsychology, the study of the interrelationship we humans share with the earth, Laurie understands the science of how and why.

Losing her faithful companion, sweet golden retriever Topaz in 2015, and sibling Beau a few years later, gave her the personal insight, and desire, to join our team and help others, offering the same compassion she received.

Laurie works with John, Kelsi, Alex and Brigitt to talk with our clients and schedule euthanasia appointments, assisting families to peacefully help their beloved pets over the Rainbow Bridge.




Kelsi Jo Mowry

Born and raised in central Pennsylvania, she has always had animals in her life. In 2005, her mom moved to Perry County to a farm and really got her thinking that she would love to work with animals in some capacity.
She has always been interested in science, mainly anatomy and physiology. She studied to become a veterinarian technician in Phoenix, Arizona after graduating high school and worked as a vet tech for 2.5 years before moving to Japan. While living in Japan she worked as the Lead Kennel Attendant at Misawa Air Force Base before returning to PA. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their two amazing fur babies, and hitting the golf courses!


Alex Benet

Alex began working for Peaceful Pet Passage in August 2022. She joined with the purpose of helping families and their pets in any way she can. She loves listening to client's stories about their pets and hopes to provide compassion in one their hardest times.  Alex has grown up with many pets and has always loved and connected with animals. She has had dogs, cats, small animals as pets growing up but her favorite being pigs.  She spends her free time pursing her hobbies of arts/crafts, baking, and visiting parks with her huband. 

Mike McKinney

A lifelong animal lover, after 27 years in the countertop/kitchen sales field, Mike found his job unsatisfying and decided to find something that gave him a sense of purpose. Having used the services of Peaceful Pet Passages for his families beloved dog Luna, when a job opportunity came across his email he decided to call.
He is very happy and content with his place there contributing to something he considers a wonderful and needed service for animal owners and lovers.
Mike is married to his high school sweetheart and together they are one girl short of the Brady Bunch! In his spare time Mike enjoys working on his yard and spending time with his family and most especially his granddaughter. He also looks forward to visits from his grandson and can’t wait for more grandkids! With family in Florida and South Dakota Mike looks forward to seeing more of the country in the coming years as well.


Jerry Hess

Jerry was born and raised in Baltimore County MD. He married and moved to Shrewsbury PA in June 1990 and still resides in the same home. He, unfortunatley, became widowed in January 2014. He has one son who owns a home in Harrisburg and married at the end of 2023.
Jerry retired from nursing in July 2021 after employed as a nurse giving care in four different hospitals and a rehabilitation center spanning over 33 years.
A month later after retirement, he came on board part time working for Peaceful Pet Passage. They were there for him when he had to make that difficult heartbreadking decision to put his precious pet dog, Katie, down after 16 years. Both the vet and driver displayed calm, patience, and compassion. Jerry shows the same dignity and respect to other pet owners and their pets just as the vet and driver showed to him.


Steve Turbett

As a child Steve was taught to have three prayers to carry through life. It is a Native tradition.
The first prayer was to help people to heal, The second was to help the animals. By working at Peaceful Pet Passage he has fulfilled that. Steve's other job is owner of Whitebear Energies where he helps heal Body, Mind, and Soul with his hands.
Steve was born and raised in Lisburn and celebrate its history whenever he can.
Peace, Prayers, Love, and WhiteLight




Carl Thompson

Carl joined the Peaceful Pet Passage team in October of 2021 as a substitute crematory operator. Born and raised in Steelton PA, he graduated from Athens High School and then spent four years in the Army Reserves. His full-time job when not on duty at Peaceful Pet Passage involves fabricating granite and marble countertops. Carl is married and has 4 children and 3 grandchildren. In his spare time, he enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and riding his motorcycle. He also does volunteer work for his church when needed.






Rick Schuchart

Having spent 20 years in golf course maintenance and 12 years in landscaping, Rick decided to semi-retire and work part-time in a similar position. He joined the Peaceful Pet Passage family in May 2022 as the groundskeeper. He takes pride in taking care of the property and making sure it looks its best!
Rick has personally used Peaceful Pet Passage’s services when he had 3 of his English Bull Terriers cremated after their passing. He was very impressed and satisfied by how caring and compassionate they were. He is quick to recommended them to family and friends when needed.
Rick has lived in Dillsburg for 30 years. He is married to Prudence (Prudie,) a local Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. They are currently bull terrier parents to Fillmore and Madison. Rick has named all of his fur babies after U.S. Presidents. Rick has had 7 bull terriers over the last 30 years and LOVES the breed!


Brigitt Morrow

Brigitt was born and raised in New Cumberland, PA. She loves running, playing basketball, going to the gym, and spending quality time with her daughter. She also enjoys nature walks and hikes by rivers, lakes, or creeks.
She has always had a strong connection with animals. When she was a teenager she volunteered for a few months as an intern at a pet store, and loved it. She grew up always having animals and can't think of a time where she didn't have a pet of some kind. She's had hamsters, guinea pigs, cats, a dog, a snake, and Bubba the chinchilla. Animals are definitely more than just pets, they are family.
Brigitt is so happy to be a part of a company that values and respects that aspect of being a pet owner, knowing just how important these animals are to us.