In our hearts, we know when it’s time.

Our companion animals are beloved members of our families, and in return for the unconditional love they have provided over many long years, it is our responsibility to make their passage as calm, peaceful and pain-free as we can. When we have exhausted treatment options, and the pain medications can no longer overcome the inevitable, we know it’s time to make the decision to free our faithful friends.

This last act of love is heartbreaking, but it is also the most humane. We’re here to help, to ease the transition and to make this time easier for both your family and your pet.

Whether in your own home, or here in our living room suite, you’ll be fully supported by folks that have walked this same path. Your beloved companion animal will be surrounded by family, preserving both their comfort and their dignity.

Call us, and we’ll guide you through, and answer any questions you have. We’re here to help.