What to Expect

We know this has been a struggle, and while you’ve made the decision, it still isn’t easy. We understand; we’ve been in the very same place. To help put your mind, and heart, at ease, we promise:

To give you and your pet time to allow the procedure to take place peacefully, respectful of both you and your beloved companion.

To answer any questions you have truthfully to the best of our ability.

To provide a pain-free experience to minimize anxiety, in your own home, or here in our Family Suite.

To offer compassionate care throughout the entire process, the same level of care we’d want for ourselves.

To provide skilled and experienced veterinary care. Our doctors are specially chosen for their commitment and compassion.

To include all family members, including your other companion animals, as you wish.

Part of the joy of sharing your life with a companion animal is their ability to live in the moment. Without concern for the future, they are content in the present. Surrounded by their family and house mates, your pet can relax, feeling secure and calm. We recommend choosing the area of your home where your pet was most comfortable. That sense of familiarity provides comfort for everyone, and lets your pet know that everything is all right. 

There is no need to hurry. We will proceed when you’re ready. We’ll answer any additional questions you have and listen to your stories. We will provide the same level of compassion and care for your family as we would offer our own. We know the greatest kindness goes hand-in-hand with the greatest sadness. Rest assured, though difficult, allowing your wonderful, amazing animal to be free of pain is the greatest gift you can lovingly provide, and we will be here to support you.

Before We Begin - Necessary Documentation

Before we can begin, Pennsylvania state law requires that you sign a permission form to proceed with the euthanasia procedure. You can download the form here. It gives our veterinarian permission to proceed and serves as verification that your pet has not bitten anyone within the last 10 days. 

What Happens - The Procedure

Our euthanasia process involves a sequence of two injections. The first injection is designed to relax, relieve pain and sedate. When you’re ready, our veterinarian will administer the first injection, just under the skin. Your pet will become drowsy, and won’t experience any pain. Your presence will continue to comfort and further relax your pet; they will feel secure and calm. We encourage you to stay nearby while your pet continues to relax. Full sedation can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes to achieve.

When your pet is fully sedated, it’s like being anesthetized. There is no pain. Our veterinarian will clip a small amount of fur to better reveal the vein used for the next step. The euthanasia drug will be administered intravenously. Your pet will not feel this second injection. Designed to work quickly and humanely, the medication moves to the brain and renders inactivity within seconds. The heart stops beating almost immediately, and breathing ceases within 60 seconds. Your beloved pet will not be aware of any of these changes, passing peacefully and quietly, surrounded by family.

Where - If Home isn’t the Best Option

There are some circumstances where your home may not be the best option, but you still want to provide a calm, quiet environment to say goodbye. If needed, we have a family room euthanasia suite that provides a home-like, comfortable and private space for you and your family. If you decide on this option, let us know and we’ll meet you upon arrival and help you get settled. The procedure is exactly the same as it would be in your own home. A quiet and dignified procedure designed to honor and respect your beloved pet.