I apologize for taking this long to send our thanks and best wishes to the entire staff of PPP. My wife and I, and "Abby's" little brother/ "Wes", have been grieving her loss since she passed on March 29, (2024) "Good Friday". She had stomach cancer and a large vascular tumor in her stomach that was pushing on her lungs and intestines. We held her as she drew her last breath at 1:24 p.m. I cannot say enough good things about the entire staff at Peaceful Pet Passage. I have had to put down several dogs over the last 40 years, bout in a vet's office after business hours, and in my home. PPP has far and away the best services and staff to make the passing of your families "pack member" as peaceful and perfect as you could hope for. "Dr. Mary" was wonderful, encouraged us to take all the time we needed to say our goodbyes, and even gave Abby and Wes some 'Bison Bites" as her final treat. Dr. Mary was gentle and affectionate, and Abby did not even whimper at the end. I was even more surprised with "Devin" came in with a portable, travel 'casket', and let us help put her gently into it along with her favorite toys and animals. It was a lovely end, all dogs should be so lucky to receive a loving passage to the Rainbow Bridge. We opted for a private cremation and PPP did a lover cedar box with brass clasp and a brass oval with her name and dates of her birth and death. She had just turned 13 on March 18. They plastic wrapped a bit of her fur for the inside of the lid, and a lovely cast impression of her front paw that we will cherish always. In closing, I would invite any potential client to call me with any question at all. I told the office staff to put a note in our file that my home number can be given to anyone who wants to contact me. Every single staff member obviously loves pets and treat everyone, be it family member or family pet, they do their utmost to make each animals passage ad peaceful as possible They provide a remarkable service to our community.
- Randall Higgins 5/30/2024

My wife Lona, daughter Kelli and I would like to express our deepest appreciation for all of the staff we came into contact with during Violet's euthanasia and cremation. You folks are wonderful, your professionalism, understanding and compassion are beyond words and it is something we will not soon forget.
- Mark Mitchell 5/10/2024

Thank you and PPP for all you do for us as we grieve our beloved furbabies. Please extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone at Peaceful Pet Passage for the compassionate and caring jobs they do!
- Beth Evans 4/30/2024

I can't say enough for how grateful I am for Peaceful Pet Passage coming to my home. They were absolutely wonderful and made Lucy’s passing so calm and peaceful as she laid in my lap.
- Bonnie Duncan 4/25/2024

We appreciate everything you guys do and Dr Elser was so amazing with him/us.
- The Fisher Family 4/22/2024

We are greatful for the compassion Dr. Morgan showed while making her difficult job peaceful. God Bless you all.
- Stephen and Cheryl Ford 4/12/2024

Thank you so much.... We couldn't be more grateful that we picked PPP and the relief it brought to us to have her go in her favorite spot on the couch.
- Laura D. & Alan Fishel 3/27/2024

Thank you again for your kindness and compassion during this difficult time for us.
- Kristy Kelley 3/26/2024

Our sincere thank you for your prompt response to our needs on 3/19/24. At the time we were in a state of shock at the sudden passing of our beloved P.K.. The gentleman that picked her up was absolutely wonderful.
- Bob & Missy Finnen 3/24/2024

We highly recommend Peaceful Pet Passage. Allowing Dandelion to be in the comfort of home made our difficult choice much less stressful for all of us.
- Kathleen DeNofrio 3/21/2024

Both Scott & I thank you so much for making this difficult time bearable.
- Renee Kepler 3/20/2024

Thank you again for all that you do and have done for our family.
- Lara Dean 3/18/2024

Thank you so much again for your compassion and services. You truly made the experience as pleasant and peaceful as it could be.
- Brandi Adams 3/13/2024

Peaceful Pet Passage was Great , It was not easy to say Goodbye to Cara but Peaceful Pet Passage gave us a lot of comfort.
- Tina Hughes & William Dodd Jr. 3/9/2024

Thank you Peaceful Pet Passage , we want to thank everyone for the support and professionalism through this difficult time. Dr.Morgan and the transport driver were patient, caring and supportive through the whole process with "Ralphie". Thank you from the bottom of our heart.
- Ken & Christina Bechtel 3/9/2024

Thank you for taking care of our Patches, my husband Doug, said you did a wonderful job with a small memorial where he could say his last goodbyes. 😒
- Mary Ripley 3/7/2024

Thank you for all you’ve done to ease her passing, and giving us the chance to recognize her.
- Brandee (John) Holmes 3/4/2024

Thankful for Dr Morgan and the staff at Peaceful Pet Passage.
- Ken & Cindy Workinger 3/4/2024

Thankful PPP, you made Jinx’s passing very calm & relaxing!!!
- Dawn Smith 2/29/2024

Hello, Thank you for all you guys did for us and giving Hoss the peace he so badly needed.
- Dara Crystal 2/26/2024

Hi. Thank you for making Semi’s passing so peaceful. We were all upset but appreciate everyone we interacted with.
- Melissa Menke 2/22/2024

Words cannot express how wonderful you guys are, thank you so much for taking good care of our Pebble's.
- Veda & Dave Mohabir 2/19/2024

Thank you for your professionalism and kindness.
- Julie & Bob Panchisin 2/13/2024

Dear Peaceful Pet Passage, We truly appreciate your service with our boy, Teddy this past Tuesday 2/6/24. It was truly a peaceful passage and although it was a difficult experience for my whole family, we take comfort in knowing that he was comfortable and with us in our home down to his last breath. Thank you for being there for our boy!
- The Morris Family 2/10/2024

Thank you for the card and for the gracious and kind way in which you handle everything about this process. πŸ™
- Bobbi Billman 2/2/2024

Thank you for honoring my Minnie’s memory on your website. Thank you again for making her so peaceful!
- Karen Pistilli 2/1/2024

Thank you so much for the gentle in home care you took with our Bindi girl. She was so loved.
- Deborah Fauth 2/1/2024

We are grateful to Peaceful Pet Passage for the kindness and care you showed us.
- Susan & Bill Stahl 1/31/2024

We can't thank Dr Morgan and the driver for the care and empathy she showed for us and Patches on January 20th (2024). We're so grateful we had this time with him in the comfort of his dad's lap and thru our tears.
- Tara Mummert 1/27/2024

Thank you Peaceful Pet Passage for taking care of Lorelei and making sure that she passed peacefully.
- Sam & Vicki Tauser 1/25/2024

Thank you for being so kind and thoughtful during this hard time for our family.
- Leah & Daren Donovan 1/22/2024

Thank you Peaceful Pet Passage for being so kind and gracious during this very sad time for us.
- Annika Shoemaker 1/19/2024

Peaceful Pet Passage was very helpful and kind when i needed them the most. They worked me in as an emergency even when there was no time available in their schedule. They gave us as much time as we needed and were so compassionate. My sweet girl got to pass away with peace and dignity in her own home and bed. Thank you to the staff at Peaceful Pet Passages for doing this for my sweet Cocoa.
- Jane Windell 1/9/2024

Thank you for your help during the difficult time of Bear’s passing. We will truly never forget him, and the love our 16 month old son had for him will live always hold a special place in our hearts.
- Megan & Kyle Welker 1/9/2024

I want to thank you again for everything. The way the Vet and driver handled everything was way beyond my expectations and I can’t thank you enough for how everything was handled.
- James Propst 1/9/2024

Thank you for providing such compassionate care to our sweet boy and genuine sympathy to our family when we said goodbye to Utley. We are forever grateful for your services.
- Jesse & Eric Mains 1/7/2024

We thank Peaceful Pet Passage for the caring way they handled her last moments.
- Flavia & Mitchell McFatridge 1/6/2024

Thank you and your organization for your kind assistance at such a sad time.
- Amy Korman 12/29/2023

It broke my heart the day I had to make the ultimate decision that I believe no one ever wants to face or do, but I can say that Peaceful Pet Passage from the vet who came to my house to the transporter and the final step in picking up her ashes the young lady whom I met with were all so caring and kind. If ever I am faced with having to go through it again I won’t hesitate to reach out to Peaceful Pet Passage again. Thank you so much for being so kind when I was at my worst.
- Gwen Stewart 12/28/2023

Thank you once again for taking such gentle care with another one of my babies.
- Breanne and Eric Zimmerman 12/22/2023

I just wanted to let you know that we were so grateful for all your help and support during this difficult time we had with letting go of our beloved Kylo. This was one of the most difficult decisions we have had to make. Your staff was absolutely wonderful. The time provided from start to end. Being able to hold him as he passed. Your staff is amazing and we appreciated their understanding and patience. The beautiful wooden box with plaque and the special care on how you wrapped his ashes in his favorite blanket. The paw print. Every detail. It made this experience a little more peaceful. We miss him terribly. But we have peace of mind knowing he is here with us safe and sound. Thank you so very much. Respectfully, Remembering Kylo !♥️
- Kim Snyder and Scott Slocum 12/20/2023

Thank you for your compassion and services during such a difficult time for our family! Thank you again
- The Krick Family 12/20/2023

Thank you for everything you do for our fur babies.
- Cheryl Hoffman 12/14/2023

Thank you Dr. Morgan and driver Steve for the at home compassion you both showed us. Having Harley at home in his final moments was a very special moment for us all.
- Greg & Chris Waltemyer 12/12/2023

The vet that came to the house, Dr Morgan Elser was so kind and gentle. We appreciated her very much.
- Sally & Luther Guise 12/8/2023

I would like to thank everyone for all their kindness and support through this hard time. Peaceful Pet Passage was amazing during the end of life for Madison.
- Jessica Black 12/8/2023

Thank you for the card! We appreciate that Peaceful Pet Passage exists as we wouldn’t want to do what we had to any other way. It wasn’t easy and the fact that we didn’t have to transport our Chase anywhere brought a lot comfort.
- Christine Marocchini 11/21/2023

Thank you Peaceful Pet Passage for your compassion, courtesy, love and respect to come to our home where Murph could greet you and not be terrorized by the vet office. Thank you for understanding our grief.
- Bev & Brint Hockenberry 11/8/2023

Thank you. We also appreciate the support, respect and compassion that was shown to Cooper.
- Joanne & Jack Ward 11/4/2023

Kind friends at PPP, I wanted to write this many times over, but it's been so difficult. Your staff was wonderful, by the way. Every step of the way it was a supported and compassionate experience. Thank you for that.
- Karen Miller 11/2/2023

Thank you for helping our Snoopy to the Rainbow Bridge.
- Montez & Gary Sattman 10/26/2023

Thank you, Dr Mary, for making her(Bella Bear) journey peaceful and dignified.
- The Herb Family 10/24/2023

The service you provide makes this very heartbreaking situation easier to deal with. Dr Morgan and Mike were so kind and thoughtful. We really appreciated it.
- Whitney Stover 9/27/2023

Dear Peaceful Pet Passage Staff: We miss Lacey very much, but we are comforted knowing she passed peacefully in her own home on her own bed. She gave us so much love. We wanted to be sure her last moments were not frightening for her in a Vet’s office. We are thankful for the service you provide. Everyone at Peaceful Pet Passage was wonderful, very kind and caring to us and to Lacey. She was treated like the Princess she was. Thank you all.
- Dan & Lynn Probst 10/16/2023

Thank you for making such a difficult time an easier and more peaceful process.
- Nicole Orr 9/22/2023

Thank you for helping to make our last moments with Smokey calm and comforting.
- George & Karen Deitch 9/18/2023

To Dr. Morgan & the Team at Peaceful Pet Passage: This note is admittedly long over-due. A few months ago, it became clear that our cat “Bubba” was not well and diminishing. In May, we scheduled Dr. Morgan to visit. After an evaluation, she confirmed that he was nearing his end and helped us in euthanizing Bubba to save him further suffering. We are so grateful that we found your organization. Dr. Morgan was wonderful to work with. She was compassionate, understanding and gave us all the time we needed to say our goodbyes. Being able to work through this difficult moment in the familiar comfort of our own home was truly a blessing. Thank you for doing what you do 😊. Best regards,
- John Belanger II 9/14/2023

I just wanted to leave a grateful message. We had our pet put down on the 28th (8/28/2023) here at our home and that was for Max and everything was amazing. I can't say enough about your service, I just wanted to thank you for this most difficult time and also the book with the things and sympathy card that was sent today. So heartfelt. So thank you very much.
- Beverly Bott 8/31/2023

Our vet recommended you, we had a 14 year oldd, 80 lb dog whose back legs were extremely weak.. We couldn’t get her into our car and she had started to lose control of her bladder and her bowels. We were extremely satisfied with your service. Would absolutely recommend you.
- Dorene Forney 8/24/2023

Thank you, Dr. Morgan and Peaceful Pet Passage for your sincere compassion during our loss.
- April Hansford 8/23/2023

Thank you for the sympathy card. We miss her dearly.
- Jill & Ryan Stenberg 8/22/2023

Thank you for your very kind words of sympathy for the loss of our dog Chloé. Thank you for your kindness & for giving us the opportunity to do this privately and peacefully in our home on our terms. Most of all, thank you to Dr. Morgan for being so understanding with the severity of our situation and squeezing us in to her already very busy schedule so last minute. We truly appreciate your kindness.
- Jared & Janine Bucher 8/17/2023

Thank you so very much for your kindness during our difficult time. Your professionalism is astounding.
- Debbi Chronister 8/9/2023

I just wanted to say what a positive experience this was. This is such a difficult time for families and being able to do this in the privacy of your home was such a blessing. Thank you so much for providing this service and making this difficult situation a little easier.
- Cheryl Groff 8/8/2023

Dr. Mary was amazing. Our sweet girl was outside under her favorite tree when she went to sleep. Even getting her remains as hard as it was was a beautiful experience. We have 2 more senior dogs and will be using Peaceful Pet for their crossing over the rainbow bridge.
- Kimberly Williams 8/7/2023

Thank God for Peaceful Pet Passage. I am so blessed to have Peaceful Pet Passage walk through this time with me of putting Randy down....
- Kelly States 7/29/2023

Thank you Peaceful Pets your compassion when we are at that place where we have made the hardest decision, there are not enough words.
- Marilyn Oestereich 7/20/2023

Sending so much gratitude to Dr. Do and staff at Kindred Spirit Veterinary Hospital for 15+ years of going above and beyond, as well as to Dr. Morgan and staff from Peaceful Pet Passage for giving Peanut the most dignified and peaceful transition from this earth.
- Stacey Connors 7/17/2023

I wanted to say thanks again to Dr. Morgan for helping us with such a hard day. She was so respectful of our last minutes with our girl. What a tough (emotional) job you have. Our fur babies deserve it; and We appreciated your kind service. Thanks again Dr. Morgan
- Lisa Loucks 7/13/2023

Thank you to Peaceful Pet Passage and to my brother, David Shelleman, for being with us today. Thank you to everyone who has already reached out to me with visits (even if I wasn’t home), phone calls, prayers, and positive vibes. Peace and Love. That’s the way Sassy would want it.
- Mark Shelleman 7/7/2023

Thank you Peaceful Pet Passage for helping my parents make this difficult decision a lot easier on all of us. I was home, with my family and for that I am grateful and at peace ❀️
- Courtney Salmon 7/6/2023

There are not enough words to say thank you to the staff at PPP for your compassion and professionalism during this difficult time.
- Teresa Douglas 7/6/2023

I would like to take this opportunity to say how professional and respectful Morgan and her helper were in helping our boy with his peaceful passage. I would like to thank them and your organization for making a very painful time a little easier to navigate.
- Chris O'Brien 7/6/2023

Thank you for the kindness and compassion you have shown us during this difficult time.
- Don & Chris O'Brien 7/6/2023

Thank you for helping us to be able to say goodbye at home.
- Rob Budzinski 7/5/2023

Thanks you so much for helping us during this difficult time of losing Auggie. We are especially thankful for the kindness and consideration shown to us by John
- Daniel Schleig 7/5/2023

Many thanks to everyone at PPP for comforting us on this day.
- The Sanders Family 7/4/2023

We got out to see the Memorial walls and were impressed. You folks do a fantastic job with the memorial.
- Ed Durborow 7/1/2023

A huge Thank-you to Peaceful Pet Passage. It was harder on me than I expected but at least I got to hold him through the procedure and tell him/show him how much we loved him and he could let go to be at peace. This company is so considerate and compassionate.
- Chris & Earl Knaub 6/16/2023

Many thank yous to Peaceful Pet Passage and Doctor Mary who treated Kemah and her family with such respect and allowed Kemah to remain in her home until her last day. We appreciate what you did for our family and cannot say thank you enough.
- Caitlyn McCoy 6/15/2023

James and I want to thank you for making Bruno’s crossing peaceful and dignified. You provided a service that is appreciated and priceless! Thank you!
- Melissa Laycock 6/10/2023

“Peaceful Pet Passages” So professional and So very kind and caring !!
- Angie Webster 6/8/2023

Peaceful Pet Passages has the most wonderful people. They are kind and compassionate and truly care about you and your pets. They have helped make an extremely difficult time a little easier to get through. I am so thankful to have found them.
- Margaret Loiacono 6/5/2023

Thank you Dr. Morgan for doing the job you do with such amazing compassion. It was peaceful for Grady.
- Karen Diller 5/26/2023

Thank you for helping Domino transition to her next adventure. So grateful Dr. Elser and Peaceful Pet Passage were there to give our Domino a wonderful ending to a joyful life.
- Kathy Hutcheson 5/23/2023

We appreciate your kindness during this process and tough time. Thank you.
- Jenn & Tim Bankert & family 5/22/2023

Thank you so much to Peaceful Pet Passage. You were very professional and very nice people. Thank you so much for this in such a difficult time in life.
- Darla Donley 5/20/2023

I would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for treating our girl with such dignity and love at the end. Her loss was so sudden that we are still reeling from it. It helps to know that she is free and not suffering. Thank you for being there in those last difficult moments. It means the world to us.
- Kathy Monte 5/1/2023

Thank you to Peaceful Pet Passage for helping make Smokie comfortable and guiding us through such a sad day.
- Debbie Fegley 5/1/2023

Thank you for making the journey of euthanizing her more peaceful. It was a positive experience during our heartbreaking time. Thank you again.
- MaryAnn Gordon 4/20/2023

One of the most difficult issues in my lifetime, has been to make the decision to euthanize one of my pets. Recently, my golden retriever of 13 years developed issues with her legs making it difficult to stand, sit, walk, and get in and out of my car for vet and grooming visits. It got to the point that I didn't have any alternative, I had to get her euthanized. Fortunately for me, I found Peaceful Pet Passage. Yesterday, I had Dr. Morgan Elsor and her assistant Devin come to my house to put my Taffy out of her pain. Dr. Elsor was terrific. She explained each procedure in advance so I knew what to expect. Taffy passed peaceful and painless. I can't thank Dr. Elsor and her assistant Devin enough for their professional services. I highly recommend when ineeded, give Peaceful Pet Passage a call. You will be thankful that the passage will be better for your pet and will give you peace of mind knowing that you were doing the right thing.
- James Rodarmel Sr. 4/13/2023

Thank you, PPP, for helping Banjo pass peacefully and with dignity. Your kindness and compassion will not be forgotten. From start to finish, we have been so impressed and appreciative. Thank you.
- Madeline Fortelka 4/2/2023

Thank you for taking care of my sweet Pita and helping her pass peacefully. Also, thank you for giving me the opportunity to post a tribute to her. She deserves the best.
- Sharon Ambruch 4/2/2023

I wanted to take a moment and reach out. Thank you very much for your amazing service and staff. I just wanted to let you know how much my wife and I appreciated your services during our difficult time. We are so happy and assured that you and your team took the best care of Charlie after his passing. I will be recommending your services to all of my friends. I’m sure your job is not easy, but we are very thankful for your services. Keep up the great work!!!! Thanks again.
- Danny Smith 3/30/2023

We would like to thank Peaceful Pet Passage and Dr. Elser from the bottom of our hearts for their compassion and professionalism during this very difficult time in our lives and a thank you to Devin too and how gentle he was with handling Jeter, it was such a comfort knowing Jeter was in such good hands. Thank you again for all the kindness and compassion that Peaceful Pet Passages has shown.
- Chat, Connie, and Mia Hannold 3/27/2023

I would like to thank you for the gentle peaceful passing of Beckham. Dr. Morgan Eiser was amazing!
- Diane Gabriel 3/24/2023

Peaceful Pet Passage has assisted two of our beloveds and we are grateful to have had their final moments happen in our home. Thank you Dr. Mary and PPP.
- Lori Flynn and Peter van der Meij 3/27/2023

Thank you for your services and all you do.
- Rachel Layton and Family 3/22/2023

Peaceful Pet Passage was the most wonderful and compassionate way to have our beautiful, loving, Ginger euthanized. The care, love, compassion and understanding was so heartwarming. Also having this occur in her surroundings and at home was beautiful. I am thankful to Peaceful Pet Passage for their compassionate and loving and thoughtful way of making a very difficult decision more compassionate.
- Carolyn Dorward 3/17/2023

Thank you, Peaceful Pet Passage for being there for us.
- Denise Shanahan 3/16/2023

Thank you for your kindness in helping Caesar cross the rainbow.
- Pam Zematis 3/5/2023

Definitely would use Peaceful Pet Passage services again. Thank you for everything.
- Scott and Irene Downey 3/2/2023

Thanks so much to Peaceful Pet Passage for making the experience as easy and painless as possible for both Pablo and us.
- Chad Fuhrman 3/2/2023

Thanks to Peaceful Pet Passage for what they do in trying to make it easier on us humans and taking care of our beloved pets.
- Cherly Lesh 2/25/2023

Thank you for the time and compassion you showed our family and Belle.
- Steph Landis 2/14/2023

Hello and my heartfelt thanks for the loving compassion you showed not just my sweet boy Ra but to me and my family, HIS family, while helping him to peacefully pass to whatever lies beyond. It has been difficult and remains so to be without him but we know we did the right thing and, with your help, allowed him to pass on with all the dignity and peace that the God of the Sun deserves. Thank you for all you do. You are angels on earth.
- Dan Kehoe 2/11/2023

We cannot thank the staff of Peaceful Pet Passage enough for their compassion and professionalism during this very difficult time in our lives.
- Justin E. 2/9/2023

Thank you so much for your kindness, patience and professionalism during this very difficult time for us.
- The Folckomer's 2/2/2023

We had a great experience with Peaceful Pet Passage. Our whole family was present when we said good bye and we never felt rushed. All our questions were answered. As a family we can not thank you enough.
- Michelle Mowery 1/24/2023

Thank you so much for your wonderful services. It was my first home experience and you guys made it a very nice experience.
- Danielle Winn 1/23/2023

Thank you for your kindness and consideration as we said good bye to our precious Bernese Mt dog, Glory on Jan 17th (2023). She was the light in our lives for the past 8 years; the third of our Berners which we have had over the past 30 years. She was beautiful, loving, beloved by our friends and the neighborhood. We were blessed seeing her leave us in peace in her yard where she was most happy. Glory will remain in our hearts always. Thank you for your care.
- Sharon Norris 1/20/2023

Thank you for such kind and caring people that helped us with the passing of our pet. They were very patient, and understanding. We highly recommend them to family and friends. It made a difficult time a little less stressful.
- Art & Tammy King 1/20/2023

Thank you so much for coming to our home to lay my dog to rest. Knowing he was in the comfort of his own home with his family gave us so much peace. You are a blessing.
- Molto Bella Salon & Justine Kline 1/13/2023

Thank you so much for the caring and kindness.
- Linda Burke & Michael Webster 1/10/2023

I was able to drive up to see my Oreo’s final resting place. It is a very nice setting, hope to get up in the spring because I am sure it is even prettier when all the plants are in bloom. So glad this is available for those of us who live in apartments or have no one to ‘pass’ their ashes down to
- Kathy Kornbau 1/12/2023

I’m thankful to Peaceful Pet Passage for helping Sampson's transition to be stress free, and for the compassion of the vet and staff.
- Samantha Riddle Bainbridge 1/11/2023

Thank you again Peaceful Pet Passage for making my final moments with Charlie cherishable and helped end his suffering. You have been patient and wonderful.
- Alex Kline 1/5/2023

Amy...I would like to take a minute and tell you a little story about your staff. 3 weeks ago, after 2 1/2 months of elevating suffering we made the painful decision to lay to rest our loving Golden Lab Cooper. I know we did the right thing by ending his suffering and he is in pain no more, but it was the most heartbreaking decision we have ever had to make as a family. From the time we made the initial call to your facility, your staff started the process with care, concern, sympathy and warm information. Once the process was scheduled, your Veterinarian, Dr. Morgan Elser, arrived 1st, and her demeanor. calmness and professionalism soothed our entire room even Cooper seemed to relax! She was very explanative and all the while remaining calm and warming to us all. After that passage was over, she called in the transport driver and even that gentleman was calm, easy and extremely patient while we closed out our good-byes. It was an extremely gut-wrenching time for our family, but I can say that with the help and warmth of your staff, it all went as smooth and "Peaceful" as it possibly could have. Your staff is truly an asset and should be commended in the highest regard for their kindness and sympathy! Thank you as a personal friend to you and your staff! Merry Christmas "PPP", you truly are angels in these trying times!
- Chandles Wells 12/19/2022

Thank you again for all your support!
- Jacob Mercer 12/12/2022

Thank you very much for the card. I appreciate all your organization has done to help my sweet boy Wesson cross the rainbow bridge.
- Melissa Berrier 12/8/2022

Thank you so much for coming to my home. It made it so much easier than coming and going to the vet. As sad as it is, your services made it just easier. Thanks for all you do!
- Becky Shelly 12/7/2022

Thank you for your services. Dr. Mary was so compassionate and patient.
- Cheryl Silfee 12/3/2022

Thanks to Amy Lauver & Peaceful Pet Passage for their extremely respectful, caring, professional, sympathetic treatment of our family during this time...
- Chandles Wells 12/2/2022

This was the hardest decision but Peaceful Pet Passage gave my husband and I comfort.
- Melanie Stouffer 12/2/2022

Thanks to Tails End for allowing us to adopt Odie all those years ago and to Peaceful Pet Passage for coming to our home!
- Megan Bortner 12/1/2022

Thank you for making Raleigh’s crossing of the rainbow bridge dignified, comforting, and peaceful. It was one of the worst days of my life, but the way you did it I would recommend your services to anyone.
- Andrew Diodata 11/29/2022

I was blessed to be there today when my moms cat got put down. It was for sure one of the hardest things to go through especially when she was in our lives for the past 12 years but it was much needed for her not to suffer with cancer anymore. I 1000% reccomend Peaceful Pet Passage for at home euthanasia. They were so wonderful and kind and answered any questions we had and it was wonderful that she was able to stay home where she was with everyone who loved her and comfortable. Hug your fur babies tight, life goes by so fast and it breaks my heart they can only be around for a short part of it πŸ₯ΊπŸ’”
- Shannon Reid 11/22/2022

Choosing Peaceful Pet Passage was the best way for Carley to get her wings. I’m so happy I made that decision.
- Dawn Boll 11/18/2022

I can't thank Dr. Morgan and Peaceful Pet Passage for all the compassion shown to us at this difficult time! I told Owen to be waiting for me when my time comes.πŸ’”
- Susan Bachant 11/16/2022

Thank you, Peaceful Pet Passage, and Dr. Mary for helping us through the hardest day of our lives. God bless you for the valuable service you do!
- Michelle Baker 11/9/2022

Thank you, Dr. Morgan and Devin, for your kindness and gentleness with Jessie.
- Linda & Jack Weyer 11/1/2022

Thank you for the card. It is so nice that you want to honor our pet's memory on your website and FB page. Thank you for the service you do.
- Cathy Long 10/28/2022

First and foremost I want to thank you for your commitment and compassion. This was beyond difficult for me and my family.
- Jennifer Lang 10/27/2022

I want to take the time to thank the employees that came to my home. They were beyond perfect, and by no means do they have an easy job. They were kind, patient, respectful and understanding. This was one of the hardest things I have ever done, and your employees provided the support we needed during this time. Not just for us, but also for our sweet boy. We have a lot of pets, and we will definitely be using your services, and recommending them. You managed to make the worst day of a pet owner's life more bearable. As much pain as we felt, we knew he did not feel any, and that brought us peace for him.
- Courtney Herring & Cory Ammerman 10/27/2022

I want to take this time, again, to thank you for the quick visit after us calling you. You allowed our baby girl to transition peacefully without any more pain. Thank you so much!!
- Larry Dalton Jr. 10/25/2022

Thank you, Dr. Elser for coming to us so quickly in our time of need so Oliver did not have to suffer any longer. Your compassion and professionalism was such a blessing to us. We were glad we didn’t have to take him to a vet because he always freaked out at the vet.
- Mandi Hurlburt 10/15/2022

Thank you to everyone at PPP for taking such great care of our little man in our time of need.
- Victoria Crist 10/10/2022

Thank you, Peaceful Pet Passage, for your compassion. As I held him, you were so very caring. We will never forget how you have helped us.
- Beverly and Ed Fauth 10/5/2022

Thank you so much for caring for her and about her.
- The Guise family 9/30/2022

Thank you to everyone at Peaceful Pet Passage that was involved in this process.
- Trisha McCormack 9/28/2022

Thank you for your help in easing Ammo's pain.
- The Myers Family 9/27/2022

I appreciate so much the kindness and care of Dr Elser.
- Barb Hoffman 9/22/2022

Thank you for your kindness and service.
- Carolyn Hoover-Kocher 9/22/2022

Thank you, Winnie, for being such a joy in our lives and thank you PPP for making the end stress free for her.
- Celia Traverse 9/20/2022

Thank you for everything you did for our Lily. It was the hardest thing I’ve experienced in 35 years of life, yet the only positive I can take away is how peacefully she passed. That is solely due to you all. Thank you.
- Amber Weiler 9/7/2022

Thank you so much for coming out for Zoey. We were very pleased with how you made her feel safe and comfortable at home. It was important to us that Zoey have a peaceful passing surrounded by her family, and we are very grateful for the service you offer.
- Alexis Payne 9/2/2022

Good morning, I would like to say Thank You for your services. Being in the comfort of your own home and not having to make that dreadful drive to the vet’s office makes a difficult decision a little bit easier.
- Marci Rank 8/30/2022

We are so grateful to you and for all you've done for our family, most especially Misha. Thank you so much. Peace,
- Geri Krotow 8/30/2022

Thank you for your card and for the amazing care we received from Dr. Morgan in assisting our Blue in crossing the rainbow bridge. Losing a pet is never easy, but you made the process as peaceful as possible and sent our girl on with dignity.
- Brianna (Renee) Nelson 8/8/2022

I want to express a heartfelt thank you for coming into our home and helping our sweet Buster find his peace. He suffered so much that last day and I felt relief the minute she got here.
- Natalie Rynard 8/23/2022

Peaceful Pet Passage made this heart wrenching process so much better for all! Thankfully Stuart Polansky was here with me too! I couldn’t have done it without him πŸ’!
- Renie Jordan 7/31/2022

Thank you again Peaceful Pet Passage for making this process easier for all of us.
- Danielle Jones 7/27/2022

Thank you for your services and letting us help her rest. The hardest part of having a pet is the day you have to say goodbye.
- Carly Fullam 7/16/2022

Thank you to Dr. Morgan who peacefully helped Zig cross the Rainbow Bridge.
- Linda Siegrist 7/12/2022

Purring was always in order..... Thank you again for your kind assistance during our challenging goodbye and Scampy's send off to the rainbow bridge to reunite with Shadow and Sparky. πŸ™
- The Curtis Family 7/11/2022

Thank you for your kindness during a really tough time. Sincerely,
- Michele, Ron & Connor, Red's family 7/9/2022

Hello would like to thank you for your services on June25th 2022 on helping our old girl Nikki pass over the rainbow Bridge. She was born Nov 26th 2009 and passed peaceful with your help on June 25th 2022. I thank you from the bottom of my ❀️
- Billie Sipe 7/6/2022

We can't thank PPP enough for making the worst day somewhat easier.
- Angela Mallein 7/2/2022

I can't thank you enough for having such a service for keeping pets comfortable in their last breathe! I was so at Peace with the whole experience. I Will never go to a vet for this process again. I will spread the word about this wonderful business. Warm regards,
- Lisa Heisey 6/25/2022

Yesterday (6/17/2022) our boy, Ruger, departed this world with dignity with the help of Dr. Morgan. She is an angel. From the moment I started talking to her, I was comfortable. She made the entire process for my boy so relaxing and it was like he was only laying down for a nap. He passed peacefully in my arms. Thank you, Peaceful Pet Passage and Dr. Morgan. She (and the driver) made an absolutely horrible day less terrible with their compassion and care they took of my Roo.
- Haley Stark

I just wanted to thank you for including my dog Winston to your memorial. My wife and I just went to the memorial the other day. I was amazed how nice the place was. You put a lot of effort in making this place nice. I am glad my dog is part of the memorial. Thank You so very much.
p.s. We still miss Winston.
- Thomas and Sandy Shank (May 2022)

I want to thank Dr. Morgan. She was unbelievably kind and patient through the process. She understood my pain but was also able to make light of the situation, the perfect balance. She was extremely understanding, and unbelievably gentle with my dog, Nala. A huge thank you for being by my side through the process.
- Aviva Desiderio

Thank you so much for your kind card. I can't Thank You all enough for your caring ways. From the first second of making the call to the very end. Everyone demonstrated such support and kindness.
- Teresa McDonald

Thank you Peaceful Pet Passage for everything you did to help us through this difficult time.
- Jessica Gibble

Thank you so much for your work and for honoring our beloved family member. Warm Wishes,
- Marcie Walter and family

Thank you so much Peaceful Pet Passages for everything. You made the most difficult time as a fur parent so “easy”. You had the utmost compassion and love for our family. We truly cannot be more thankful to have had the support of Dr. Morgan and the rest of your staff. We know our baby was in great hands in his last moments, and we can’t wait to get him back. Love,
- The Mulrooney Family

Thank you so much for your service. God bless πŸ™Œ πŸ™ ❀
- Cindy Gruber

Thank you for the kindness and respect you gave while caring for our Nyko last week (March 16, 2022). We appreciate it.
- Trista and Greg Farabaugh

Good morning! Well it’s as good of a morning as it can be. I want to thank you Dr. Morgan for your loving care for Henry and Shirley in their last hours on Monday March 14, 2022. It was devastating to have to euthanize both my Chihuahuas at the same time but they were both getting to be pretty frail and sick in their older ages of 18 years.
- Dori Lawson

I just wanted to say that Peaceful Pet Passage was so professional and yet so kind today with caring for Delilah in her last moments of life. That young veterinarian was so loving and gentle with Delilah. They were also very patient with me trying to make this decision. They kept telling me how beautiful and unusual she was. The vet encouraged me to let my little dog Hope say goodbye to her kitty friend. I sat down and held her and Hope sniffed her all over but then she was done and more interested in some new human friends. I wouldn’t have thought of that and was grateful they did. It was so peaceful for Delilah. She never appeared stressed. These are sad moments- hard moments- but my poor baby girl did not have to leave her home. I miss her, but I am relieved that I made this choice.
- Laurie Howard

I want to add that Peaceful Pet Passage was wonderful. They made a terrible day for me and my wife much easier than I know it would have been if it wasn’t for them. The veterinarian and their staff that came to the house were so understanding and comforting to both my wife and I. Bailey passed peacefully and I believe we will see her again. I’m 74 years old and have witnessed some miracles in my 74 years and the day Bailey passed I observed hundreds of geese flying by who all of a sudden broke their normal V formation and for approximately 10 seconds formed a shape that looked like a dog’s face. I was traumatized by Bailey’s passing, but I know and feel what I saw was true and a message from my Bailey.
- Elmer Barnes

Thank you for being so compassionate and understanding when the dreadful day came. I would recommend your services to anyone facing the most difficult decision to help their loved pets to transition to the rainbow bridge.(10/25/2021)
- Jennifer Rollason

I am so grateful for having Peaceful Pet Passage to take care of our Chloe. Our first experience with PPP was with Chloe's sibling Jasmine in 2020. There was no doubt that we would contact PPP to take care of our Chloe. The caring and compassion that is shown from the first phone call until Chloe was carried out is so comforting. Chloe and Jasmine will be forever in our hearts, they are together again. (10/25/2021)
- The Heist Family

I am so grateful for the compassionate services of Peaceful Pet Passage. Unfortunately, I lost my two boys Coach and Casey within one year of each other, Coach (Lhasa Poo 13.8 years) on August 17, 2020, and Casey (Shih Tzu 14.8 years) on Sunday, August 8, 2021. Last year Dr. Carney, came to my house to put my boy Coach in his forever sleep after a short illness with Lymphoma. I was grateful for Casey and me to be with him in our comfortable home we shared together. I lit candles and played peaceful music to make it more comfortable. Dr. Carney was very professional, gentle, and compassionate handling Coach. I was able to say goodbye holding my boy for the final time. A little while later Dr. Carney brought Taylor, the driver into my house. He came in quietly and took Coach away in a very respectful, peaceful way. I received his ashes in a timely manner and appreciated the appointment to pick them up and to see the grounds and memorial wall being built. This July, Casey became ill, he had been dealing with kidney and heart disease. His illness progressed very fast. Unfortunately, I had to take him on a Sunday to Shores ER Veterinary Hospital in Harrisburg to be euthanized as an emergency. I had hoped to use Peaceful Pet Passage and was going to request Dr. Carney, however the timing of Casey’s illness did not allow me the decision. I did call PPP from the Shores Veterinary Hospital to arrange Casey’s transportation and cremation. They responded immediately and I left the hospital knowing he was in good hands. I received his ashes within a few days. He and Coach are together again. It is a very difficult experience saying goodbye to a loving pet, I am very happy I was able to utilize the services of Peaceful Pet Passage. A neighbor had recommended their services, they had to use it twice for their dogs within a year of each other. It’s never easy, but knowing your pet is no longer sick or in pain is a relief. Thank you for your service, compassion and letting me say good-bye with dignity.
- Mary St. Ledger Baggett

Dear Peaceful Pet Passage,
Thank you for helping us to say goodbye to our “baby” in a way that he deserved, with compassion. Our lives have been changed forever by the love and loyalty that he showed us over the past five years.
- The Reeder family

When the decision was made to say goodbye to out little Mimi I was so glad I found Peaceful Pet Passage. I was so wonderful that you were able to fit us into your already full schedule this week. Our Mimi was able to enjoy the morning sunshine on our deck for one last time and it was so peaceful. I don't recall the vets name but she was wonderful, caring and compassionate. As a former vet tech who assisted with many people saying their final goodbye to a faithful companion your service made it much easier. Thank you so very much.
- Wendy Todd

Dear John, We are so thankful we came (June 27,2021) to finally see our dogs names on this amazing wall! We truly enjoyed meeting you along with Rob and Amy! We were overwhelmed by the visions Rob has and are so inspired by his dedication to making them happen! Thank you! Sincerely,
- Marshall, Kathy and Hana Vosburg

John, Joe, and everyone at Peaceful Pet Passage. Thank you so much for the kindness and caring that you showed us during this very difficult time. It was very comforting yo know that Misty was taken care of so well. We appreciate everything. Blessings,
- Tracy & Jeff Godboldte

Thank you so much for helping us with my mother and her cat Bear. I will highly recommend you to everyone who is in need of compassionate euthanasia for their pet. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate all you have done.
- Susan McKee

Dear Peaceful Pet Passage, Thank you so much for your patience and compassion when we were saying our goodbyes to Buddy and Beanie. Our fur babies grew up with our children and this was their first loss of pets. It’s been a hard two weeks (5/29/2021) and we hope it gets a little easier as time goes on, but right now it still hurts and we miss them so much.
- The Poole family

You made a very hard day a little bit easier.
- Carl & Kelly Durf

When our dog's health was failing, we knew our time with him was limited. He was so special and loving to us, so we wanted to take care of him in a special way at the end of our time together. Peaceful Pet Passage was highly recommended to us and that couldn't have happened at a better time. We lost our Rocky aboout a day after speaking with them, and they were wonderful. He passed away in the early morning hours on a Sunday (5/23/2021) and they came to pick him up shortly after I called them. Everyone we dealt with was very caring and compassionate. They were so gentle with him, which was greatly appreciated during this difficult time. We are so glad we chose these wonderful people to take care of the beautiful family member we lost.
- Lisa & Matt Evans

Thank you for your compassionate service. We were more at ease here at home than at a vet's office. Kava was also more relaxed being at home than in a sterile environment. Thank you again for your caring service. We will recommend you to anyone who needs to have a pet put to sleep. God Bless,
- The Wayne Bream Family

Dear Rob, We want to thank you & let you know how much we appreciated your taking care of Bentley. As hard as it was to say goodbye, the vet was wonderful. Again, thank you for everything.
- Barb & Gary

In remembrance of Tucker. My family & I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone at Peaceful Pet Passage. You made one of the most difficult days of our lives a little bit easier with your compassion & professionalism from our first call straight through to our last good-bye. We knew we had make the right decision by calling your company. The staff was very caring & sweet. All of our questions were answered and the reassurance of our difficult decision gave us peace of mind. Being able to hold him right through to his last breath, by his favorite at our pond & knowing that he is finally at peace, made our hearts break a little less. We would recommend your services to anyone. Thank you.
- The Werner Family: Ryan, Lyndsi & Zoe

In memory of Sylvester John, Thank you so much for the time you gave us back in September when we initially called to learn about the details of your service as well as your kindness and professionalism in February (2021) when it was time to move forward. "There is always, always, always something to be thankful for" - Anonymous
- Jennifer & Corey Ingram

Dear All, Thank you to everyone for assisting us with Sophie's passing. It was such a sad time for us, and you made it easier. You made everything so tranquil. Sophie did look like she was sleeping peacefully when she left with her little lamby tucked between her paws. Sincerely,
- Sally & John Kashner

lf ever there was an appropriately named enterprise, it is Peaceful Pet Passage. It seems like only yesterday that our grief and our gratitude coalesced in the graceful passing of our beloved greyhound, Flip Fralick. Flip raised his head for his final, dutiful, deep and rich ``woofs" from his osteosarcoma-induced immobilization on his dog-bed when the PPP vehicles crunched into our driveway (11/19/2020). After that, even he seemed to take comfort in Dr. Riordan's skilled approach to freeing him from his pain. Unfazed by Flip's obnoxiously enthusiastic greyhound sister, Breeze (Whom Dr. Riordan so aptly dubbed "the labrador of greyhounds"), Dr. Riordan calmly took control as Flip, my husband, and I felt only vaguely aware of the gentle transitioning taking place. She affectionately scratched Flip's back while inserting the anesthetic as our family cuddled. She patiently nurtured ample time as my husband and I managed both tears and covid-19 facemasks until Flip was thoroughly beyond cognizance. Flip's paw print will always make us smile seeing his "signature" S.L.O.-wonky toes/toenails. Our apologies for not remembering the driver's name, but once he smoothly scooped Flip's body onto the discreet gumey, Dr. Riordan gently adjusted Flip's head into a comfortable position on the pillow - a respectful detail that we instantly appreciated. When the driver, Dr. Riordan, and our Flip glided out of the front door, all three were as quiet as ghosts exiting a surreal dream. We have inwardly grieved a little bit every day of the blessed and beautiful two months since Flip's osteosarcoma diagnosis, so we were conflicted by the wave of calm and gratitude when it was over. Yes, there is grief and emptiness too . . . but the peace of being able to do the right thing at the right time for our beloved Flip . . . that is an experience like no other. It's what transformed a nightmare into an inspirational dream. It still feels miraculous. When Flip's name joins that of our Fish (panel #6) on the granite wall, we suspect that he will not be the last of the Fralicks celebrated there. Thank you for transfemng the peace of the memorial's grounds through all of your representatives and processes that honor Peaceful Pet Passage's name. John is as much of a ``lifecoach" (exuding calm, quiet-space, and pressure-free perspective in addition to his professional expertise) as a customer service representative. He has a gift for patience, tolerance, and guidance of the befuddled at a harrowing time. I would say that he was born to do his work, and it seems that the entire staff has found their calling. Certainly, the covid-19 pandemic has distorted a lot of traditions, but we will forever be grateful for it placing us on the path to your team aiding our family and our Flip on the next part of our journey from the jumping-off-point of our cozy home. We apologize that this "thank you" isn't more concise, but the details in life matter. Your organization respects that . . . and we give you our gratitude in-kind. .
- Val and Scott Fralick

Making the decision to say goodbye to our dog Zeus was one of the hardest things we have ever done. Zeus was a beloved part of our family for 11 years. When the reality hit that it was his time to cross over the rainbow bridge, a friend referred me to Peaceful Pet Passage and I am forever grateful. From the very first phone call, the staff expressed nothing but compassion and understanding. They were able to fit us into their schedule very quickly. I want to especially thank Dr. Mary for making Zeus comfortable during his final moments on earth (11/30/2020). She took her time and gave us the opportunity to talk about Zeus and all of the crazy things he did as a pup. Knowing that Zeus passed away in his yard where he loved to be gives me and my family so much comfort. I cannot thank the staff at Peaceful Pet Passage enough for bringing some light to this difficult situation and for giving our Zeus the best goodbye we could have given him.
- Dylan Rhoads

It has only been a few hours(11/3/2020) that Dr. Mary Riordan helped our Major Tom, cross over into peace and tranquility. I don't have the words to express the caring and loving way she helped him and us during this difficult time. The assistance in setting up the appointment was so helpful and caring, giving us the information needed to proceed. I recommend this service rather that the cold sterile process in an office not to mention that the trauma to our pet and us is drastically diminished. Once again thank you Peaceful Pet Passage, Dr. Mary Riordan, Laurie, and the entire staff. We will be forever grateful for helping our Major Tom, a loving cat to find peace and tranquility.
- Bob and Missy Finnen

You and the members of the staff, helped Jim and I On Tuesday October 27, 2020. Say goodbye to “Baron Maximilian of Dauphin “ ( Max ) . Dr. Mary Riordan was very kind to us and very gentle with our good boy Max. He was ready to go and she treated him with dignity and eased him out of this world with out pain. She made certain that he was deeply asleep and totally suffered no pain. We are forever grateful for the kindness and compassion shown to us, Max and our other two dogs. It is never easy to say goodbye, to a beloved family pet but Max’s last memories were in his home, with his family that loved him. Forever grateful,
- Sheron and Jim Row

Thank you again for your very considerate staff. Dr. Mary was wonderful with Cocoa. The driver was very gentle and considerate with handling my pet! I appreciate John's kindness in making the arrangements.
- Patty Lipsett

Good afternoon. We used your services almost 2 weeks ago, August 3rd (2020), for our dog, Scrappy-Doo Lander. I'm sure you may hear this all the time, but I just needed to reach out and tell you how very grateful and appreciative I am for not only what you do, but how you do it. I truly felt my pet was treated with such dignity and respect and I could have not asked for a better experience in saying goodbye to him. We literally found out our dog was dealing with kidney failure on that Sunday and thought we might have a couple days yet to schedule his peaceful passing at home, but he seemed to take a turn for the worse overnight and we didn't want to have him suffer any more than necessary. Dr. Carney fit us into her schedule the next Monday. I cannot thank you enough for your quick response to us and working with us so my sweet lil boy could be comfortable and relaxed in his own bed and at home...truly exceptional service and compassion. And then we were able to bring our dog for his private cremation all the same day and everything just seemed to fall into place so beautifully and peacefully. What a blessing you all were...and continue to be from the tribute pages to the memorial. I am so grateful I found Peaceful Pet Passages. What you do is truly wonderful. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!!
- Megan Lander

Though it's been several months since we made the heartbreaking decision to help our boy, Tucker cross over the rainbow bridge, I can honestly say that I still find comfort in knowing that he passed with his loving family around him, his four-legged brother touched his nose as if to say "Rest now" I got this." - The compassion that was shown to our family by people who truly understand the love we have for our pets showed through every person we came into contact with at Peaceful Pet Passage. I recommend them to anyone who is faced with this decision.
- Juanita Neifert

I can't say enough about how wonderful everyone at PPP was! It was such a heartbreaking decision to have our Shepsky mix Koda put to rest. "Dogs are people, too" I always say. It was a great comfort at such a difficult time to have compassionate, professional people to help us. Thank you for providing this needed service, and for being so great to deal with!
- Laura & Ralph Kiner

Last week (4/8/2020) we realized our much loved and beautiful cat Tango was no longer able to fight his illness. We made the very difficult decision to “let him go”. We read about your services and decided it would be much better for Tango to pass away in his own home. Dr. Carney came to our house in the afternoon and couldn’t have been more caring or compassionate. She gave us all the time we needed to say our final goodbyes. We can’t thank you enough for this wonderful service. It was the best we could give our precious boy on his final day.
- George and Marianne Sproull

When we realized our sweetest male cat, Biggie Boy, was too ill and not going to get better, we were heart-broken to discover we would not be able to be with him as he took his last breath due to our vet's COVID-19 protocol. When I shared our troubling news with my daughter in South Carolina, she generously reached out to Peaceful Pet Passage and made arrangements for Dr. Mary to come to the house. Dr. Mary was very kind, explained each step before she proceeded, and gave us as much time as we needed. I was able to hold my adorable Biggie as he peacefully took his last breath. We will forever be grateful to PPP for being available and so caring during a very difficult time. From my daughter's initial phone call, to the dignified delivery of Biggie's ashes a few days later, EVERYONE at PPP was genuine and a welcomed blessing. Thank you!
- Charlotte McCleery

Saying goodbye to our beautiful Caboose was incredibly difficult, but Dr. Carney was wonderful - calm, compassionate, and caring. Caboose left us gently and peacefully. I can not speak highly enough of the service we got from PPP. Everyone we spoke to on the phone or who came to our house was wonderful. I would recommend them to everyone.
- Sallie Spanswick

Today we made a very hard decision to put our beloved cat, Suki to rest. She was a true love but petrified of people, especially males. Due to the COVID-19 virus, I was tormented if any vet would come to our home to allow Suki a peaceful passing. Mary, the vet was wonderful. We were able to hold Suki throughout the sedation and injection without her experiencing any distress. I am so grateful that during this very difficult time, we made it the most comforting experience for our sweet cat to her very end. Thank you, John and Mary!
- Holly Wagner

I must say I am completely blown away by the services I received from you guys. From the initial phone call to set up my appt to receiving a sympathy card from you today.... Absolutely amazing. The level of care and compassion you provided me is hard to find in this world today. I just wanted to thank Every single person that I encountered through this journey for everything. Above and beyond isn't enough to describe what you provide. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making this difficult time a little brighter through your kindness. ❀ Turkey's Momma,
- Sarah Merani

We were left with only one option with our dear Ace and I just didn't know what to do or who to call. I remembered someone telling me about Peaceful Pet Passage and I made the call. They cared about our situation and I felt like we were the only people they were focused on. We had such caring people come to our home and made us and Ace very comfortable. We were overwhelmed with sadness but we knew we picked the right people to help us through it. Thank you.
- Jamie Smith

Our cat Vegas was loved and pampered for 14 years. Even when he got a little bit spunky. During the last two weeks he stopped eating and lost a lot of weight. We wanted to make his final moments in the security of our home because we loved him and he loved us. This was a difficult decision for us but it was a peaceful and loving passing. Thank you to Dr. Scott and Bob for your care and respect for Vegas during his passing and transport. They were very respectful, compassionate and professional and allowed us all the time we wanted after his passing. Peaceful Pet Passage provides a loving service to the pet PLUS the family! Highly recommend!
- Kathy Keller

Mr Marley
Marley was our main man. Coolest cat and best companion. He lived almost 17 spoiled years. Dr. Carney and PPP fulfilled our mission to make sure Marley left this world feeling loved and secure in his own home. Hardest decision to make but also one made out of love. Dr Carney was so sensitive and caring - and made Marley's journey over the rainbow bridge one of dignity. Tom was also so gentle and loving when taking him away. Best decision we could have ever made. Thank you for this incredible service.
- Sherri

Our One Of A Kind Bruttus
The decision to help our Bruttus make his journey over the rainbow bridge was one of the hardest decisions our family has ever been faced with. He lived 17 long and happy years with us. Dr. Carney was so delicate and understanding of the situation and never once made us feel rushed to do anything. Tom was so gentle and loving in the way he transported Bruttus. He also gave us all the time we needed with him before he gently placed a pillow under his head and placed him in his travel bag. Tom also showed us a photo of his beautiful pup that he had to make the same hard decision with. He gave us all a hug and let my dad help him carry Bruttus to the car. They were so quick getting Bruttus back to us, we got him the very next day. Thank you to Peaceful Pet Passage for making this heartbreaking day a little easier.
- Britta Lipka

Our Deepest Thanks
It's taken us a few months to write this sincere thank you to Peaceful Pet Passage. Losing our precious little Mr. Gizmo was truly one of the most difficult days of our lives. Dr. Carney came to our home just a few hours after we called. Her professionalism, patience, and compassion will never be forgotten. She explained each step to us as she helped him cross the Rainbow Bridge while we both held him on our laps and never once made us feel rushed in any way. Even after she gave him a sedative, Mr. Gizmo still stood up and kissed the tears from both of our faces. Dr. Carney's understanding and love was remarkable. After he had crossed over, Tom came in to transport him to the crematorium. He, also, gave us all the time we needed to say our final goodbyes and then handled Mr. Gizmo with such great care as he wrapped him in his favorite blankie and placed him in his travel bag. He even suggested that we put one of Mr. Gizmo's favorite little toys in to be cremated with him. When it was time to leave, Tom even stood up and gave me a big hug. Words simply can't express how wonderfully we and Mr. Gizmo were treated by these people. Our deepest thanks to them. We shall most definitely recommend Peaceful Pet Passages to every one of our friends.
- Jim And Carolyn Tracy

On 22 May 2017 I had to have my German Shepherd, partner, best friend, family pet/companion, Fado, euthanized. While it was the right thing to do, he was in pain and in failing health, it was just so darn hard. The understanding, compassion and care shown by everyone at Peaceful Pet Passage made a very difficult time somewhat easier. I couldn't imagine having my guy spend his last few minutes in a cold, sterile veterinary office. Thanks for all that you did for Fado and me.
- Doug Parson

Thank You Is Not Enough
At a very difficult time in our family's life, after making the decision to put our pet cat to rest, we could not have asked for a better way to do so giving Sadie the easiest and most comforting relief from her life ending illness. Dr. Carney and the staff at Peaceful Pet Passage were absolutely wonderful! Dr. Carney was patient as we spent our final moments with our pet. She was kind and gentle to Sadie and our family. Sadie simply went to sleep. Upon her passing, Sadie was carefully and comfortably wrapped and taken away. Thank you for helping make this as painless as possible for Sadie and our family.
- Jim O'Connell

Caring Beyond All Expectations
We can not say enough good things about the care and respect given by the entire staff in ending our dog's life in peace and dignity. Our dog Timber was never a fan of going to the vet's office so having an alternative that put him at ease and in peace at home was a real blessing. Dr. Carney did not rush things and was truly compassionate for our situation. John and Tom handled the business and transport matters with true grace and kindness. We could not have asked for a more caring, dignified end to our companion's life.
- Steve Kreckman

Right off the bat, John was so sympathetic and helpful on the phone. He went out of his way to make sure we would be taken care of the next day. For this being the saddest day of our lives, Dr. Carney made it a little more bearable by being so sweet with our girl Clara Belle. Dr. Carney explained everything that was going to happen and allowed our other dog to be present the entire time so he could understand what was happening. That meant so much to us. When you have a sick dog, Peaceful Pet Passage is definitely a better alternative to taking your pet into the vet. This way they can be comfortable in their own surroundings with their family for their final moments. We also appreciated Tom and his suggestion of cremating our girl with her favorite ball. Such a sad day but the staff of Peaceful Pet Passage really helped us get through the day. We can't thank them enough!
- Kristen Gregory

I wanted to thank John and Dr. Carney for the help they provided. They were compassionate, understanding and very professional when I finally decided we needed to say goodbye to my mom's cat of 17 years. Doing this is never easy, but not having to worry about the stress on both human and pet related to leaving her home and being transported to a strange place made calling Peaceful Pet Passing the only choice. Dr. Carney arrived on time at our home and after a short visit allowed my mom's beloved cat to pass peacefully in her own surroundings. I honestly can't say enough about their dedication to the compassion and respect in this difficult time. Thank you so very much.
- Kirby & Lori Hoke

I just want to thank Dr. Carney for giving my old girl the peace and dignity she deserved as she passed. Dr. Carney was so very compassionate and didn't rush the process at all. When Tom the transporter came he even gave me a hug which speaks volumes to me. My 13 year old beagle/boxer Hailey is very much missed but I know she is at peace thanks to Dr. Carney and Peaceful Pet Passage.
- Christie Stoudt

In January of 2006 I picked her... she was mine Macy Mae.. she was my baby to spoil, and my family did. I can say she was the best dog ever, she never chewed on anything, she was good with the cat, excellent with the other dogs, in fact our neighbor had a golden, and Macy thought she was that big, she would run and run with her. Macy went to the vet in December of 2013 and we learned she had tumors in her breast ducts, and they said take her home and spoil her you could have 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years, I was fortnuate enough to have almost 3 years. Today I took her to Peaceful Pet Passage. And Dr Carney and Tom were excellent, it is a beautiful quiet place to take your pet. They let Macy smell around as we discussed her conditions, I got to hold my baby girl through the whole process and they were so gentle and kind with her and myself. It's a hard decision to make for my four legged kid, because that is what she was my kid. Peaceful Pet Passage made sure that it was not stressful on Macy or myself. Again, Thank you Dr. Carney and Tom. May God Bless you in all that you do to help everyone through this grieving period in our lives.
- Kim Good

Thank You!
Aug. 10th. 2016 We want to thank you for such a wonderful service that you provide. You really helped us with this very difficult time. John, Dr Carney, and Tom are all wonderful and so very helpful. And also Rob who we had help from in the past. You helped make this day a lot more bearable for us and our Skylar girl. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!
- Stacy And Mike Spurrier

Thank You
We want to thank Dr. Hill and Tom Krepps for their caring and compassion. Tom was so gentle with our 13-year-old pug Dudley at the end of the procedure. It was a relief for us to see that. Especially after the trauma of having to put down a cherished and loved member of our family. And we owe Dr. Hill a tremendous amount of gratitude. As I’m sure some of the other families may have been feeling, we were hesitant to go through with the procedure up until the very end. Wondering if we were doing the right thing. Was it too soon? He spoke to us frankly and directly and we felt an instant trust with the man. He explained everything he knows about the breed and what he was seeing in just the short time he observed Dudley. It relieved so much pressure from us in telling us we were doing the right thing for our little buddy. This was something we craved but didn’t get from our regular vet. We are emotionally destroyed, yet relieved that our little angel is no longer suffering. If you ever have to do this for a loved pet, this is the best way. It’s in your home, where you and your pet feel the most comfortable. I can’t thank them enough for treating Dudley with the dignity that your loved one deserves.
- Tony, Theresa and Nick Fazzolari

Our beloved Ziggy came into our lives almost 15 years ago. My first daughter was bit by our dog at that time and was hospitalized with over 40 stitches. We did not think that we would ever have another dog. But, at 3 years old - she begged and begged for a puppy. Needless to say, we gave in and brought home our beautiful boy - a sable colored sheltie/collie mix. He was so good with our daughter and he put our fears aside of what could possibly happen again. Over the years, 7 years later, we brought home another little girl from the hospital. He again showed that he was a gentle loving soul. Ziggy was loving, playful and we had a lot of holes in our girls clothing as he loved to "heard" around them. They loved him and we knew we could not imagine life with out him. Years continue and he still protected, loved and stayed faithful to our family. As years continued, we noticed he was not jumping up in our bed, he wasn't going up stairs and started to decline. Then our poor boy lost his hearing. He never stopped loving. He had a personality on him that I can't even describe. So, we used simple sign language with him. Now came the urinating and pooping in the house. We started to see him declining more and more. I heard about Peaceful Pet Passage but could not bring my self to watch the video of the in home euthanasia. When we finally watched it through tears, we knew this is what we had to do. We needed to keep him comfortable and in his own environment. I called and spoke with John at Peaceful Pet Passage and through my tears of finding out details, John was amazing and truly cared. We made an appointment and the day arrived. We really contemplated canceling the morning of because we just weren't sure we were doing the right thing. Dr. Carney showed up and we were already crying. We told her our concerns and told her we were not sure. She watched Ziggy for a bit and interacted with him and did confirm that he would not get better. I guess it is natural to feel selfish and want to keep them around forever. After his soul left us, Dr. Carney asked if we wanted to be alone with him for a little. And, we did. They gave us time to grieve for him in private. When they placed Ziggy in his "sleeping bag" they were so gentle with him and I knew he was taken care of. We did have Ziggy cremated privately. John called to let me know that Ziggy was ready to come home. I met with Rob and he was also extremely nice through my tears. He gave me Ziggy and explained all about the memorial wall and all that they do there and I knew that we made the best decision for Ziggy. Thank you Dr. Carney, John, Rob and the rest of Peaceful Pet Passage. You all are amazing and thank you for taking care of our Ziggy.
- Michelle & Dennis Boyer

Thank You!
I would like to thank your entire staff for your professionalism and compassion. Losing a beloved pet is so difficult, but losing them in the privacy and comfort of your own home makes it more bearable. From my first phone conversation with John, to Dr. Carney who allowed me the time to cry and share my feelings for my cat of 20 years, to Tom who placed Jazz so lovingly and gently into the "sleeping bag" to be transported to the facility, it was truly a peaceful experience. God bless all of you for providing such an exceptional and much needed service to the community.
- Sallie Shepherd

Dr. Hill just left our home and he provided us with an amazing peaceful passage for our beloved 13 year old Sydney Sue! We were so blest to give our dog a final gift of rest in her own familiar environment. Dr. Hill was a compassionate professional and took his time as he explained the procedure. We are so grateful Peaceful Pet provides this service.
- Vickie Wolf

Thank You
I want to thank the entire staff at Peaceful Pet Passage. I can not say enough good things about your staff and the services you offer. I have been unfortunate to need your services four times in the past five years. I am extremely grateful your services exist. I strongly recommend Peaceful Pet Passage to all pet owners, when the time comes, that they must say goodbye to their best friend. Dr. Carney, Rob and John are truly compassionate, reassuring, caring, kind, loving, professional and understanding people. They clearly display a high level of respect and appreciation for their clients of the two AND four legged kind. Thank you so much for all you have done for my dogs "Nikki and Buddy", my cats "Simon and Yoda" and my family. God Bless You All.
- Nina Peiffer

Thank You For Being So Very Kind
My tears haven't dried yet but I feel compelled to write this review sooner than later. Dr. Carney provided compassionate & professional care for our 18+ year old cat, Sydney today. Dr. Carney was patient, kind, and loving in everything that she did. Dr. Carney, I'll always remember your empathy during our last minutes with "our girl." Also, I want to say thanks to Tom and the loving way that he transported Sydney from the home. This was a tough day for us but you provided the exact service that was deserving for our family members. Bless You.
- Doug Albert

Thank You
Dr. Carney,
Your professionalism and compassion today was very much appreciated. I strongly recommend Peaceful Pet Passage to any pet owner, and although very traumatic for us, our pet was comfortable in his own home - and passed peacefully.
- Dan

Thank You
Dr. Hill and Tom,
Thank you so much for your unlimited compassion you showed my family, and our late dog, Toby, on Monday, June 29. It was one of the hardest days of our lives, and the two of you made it much more bearable.

Dr. Hill, your professionalism, compassion and love you showed our family, especially our sweet Toby, is something I will never forget. You made us so comfortable and you made Toby so comfortable as well. Thank you for taking the time to talk with us, get to know Toby, and for being so gentle and caring for him. You truly are an incredible person and I am so thankful you were there with us. You made the process a beautiful end-of-life ceremony and for that, I am forever grateful.

Tom (van driver), thank you for your delicate touch and your sweet, kind and caring words as you took Toby from our home. It was so incredible thoughtful for you to ask if we wanted to send his favorite Toy with him to his final resting place. I didn't even think of that - but I am so thankful you did. You were so professional, patient and attentive to our needs. Thank you for showing our sweet Toby so much respect and dignity.

Thank you, Peaceful Pet Passage, for making one of the most difficult days of our lives much easier on our hearts. It was a beautiful passing that we will remember forever. It was a beautiful gift to Toby, allowing him to pass into Heaven, at home, surrounded by his loved ones.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
- Karyn Rapsey

Thank You
Thank you so much for making it possible for us to be able to send our Maggie on her final journey at home in her own bed with no fear and those she loved nearby. I wish I could remember the names of the vet and driver, but was just too distraught at the time. They were so exceedingly kind and professional. A service like yours has been sorely needed for a long time and I have already recommended you to a number of friends in the area who have pets.
- Victoria Acworth

Epicly Accommodating
My precious scottie of thirteen years was unexpectedly and rapidly shutting down. It was a Saturday. I called. They came. Dr. Hill was amazing. He listened, studied my dog clinically, and reassured me I was making the right decision. My heart selfishly did not want to let go but I had to be courageous and make a decision which was the best for my little boy JoeJoe. He fell asleep in my arms looking out at the garden he loved. When another staff member came into my house the first thing they did was give me a hug. These people understand the hurting and excruciating sorrow.I am so tremendously grateful for their service and support.
- Tina Van Schilt

Compassionate And Understanding
Thank you so much for your caring and understanding, Dr. Carney. Having you come to our home made our last moments with Tucker much more bearable and less stressful. We would highly recommend this service to anyone.
- Andy

Thank You!
I just want to say your staff is AMAZING. I couldn't make it back to Pennsylvania to say goodbye to Jake but I know we were all struggling with the decision that needed to be made. After your staff left my parents house and I got that dreaded phone call, I honestly expected to hear that it wasn't a good experience because Rotties' tend to be stubborn. I could hear the relief on my mothers voice. She was so at peace and she said it was such a wonderful experience in such a difficult time. Both of my parents had nothing but good things to say about your vet that came to the house and we all agree, Jake went peacefully and is no longer in pain! We cannot thank you enough and I know we will be recommended your company to anyone we can if they are struggling with the difficult decision for their pets! Thank you again for all you have done for my family.
- Kady Luke

Thank You
December 29, 2014
Peaceful Pet Passage helped our senior cat "Theo" across the Rainbow Bridge on December 10, when we knew he had used up all of his nine lives. I had bookmarked the site on my computer as it became apparent that we would need their services in the near future. I read the testimonials and " what to expect". I knew that if it were possible, I didn't want bright fluorescent and a stainless steel table in the vet's office, and we got our wish. Theo chose his own spot, and two of our other cats were in the room when he left us. Dr. Carney was terrific. We shed a lot of tears, but knew that we had done the right thing for him. Afterward the cat that was closest to him came up and smelled Theo's paw. The cats did not look for him afterward. No "they took him in the carrier and he never came back." I highly recommend this service. Everyone was so caring.
- Judie Biller

Compassionate Caring Staff It has been three weeks since Max died. It is still difficult to talk about his death when people ask me how he is doing. I tell them about the wonderful staff at Peaceful Pet Passage and I highly recommend your services to them. As a pet parent I am grateful to have found you. It was a loving, peaceful, and caring way to say goodbye. Thank you!
- Anita Alleman

What a blessing to have this service available. The compassion of the entire staff is a blessing. In the more recent years my husband and I have adopted seniors (we're Labbies) which comes with the added responsibility of knowing we may not have them long. Most have had a tough life along the way. Being able to say goodbye in the comfort of our home is the best blessing for our fur baby and us. Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough.
- Kim

Thank You
This was the 2nd time in the past year that I have turned to PPP to help my family say good-bye to a family member. I've had the pleasure of meeting both Dr. Carney and Dr. Hill, and the compassion from both doctors was extaordinary. Thank you so much for the services that you offer, I am forever grateful to have found you.
- Gia Prediger

Compassionate Staff
Dr Carney was very compassionate and patient with us. John was great on the phone. We called on a friday evening and Dr. Carney was here the next day. She is truly remarkable and we thank her for her service.
- Randi John

Wonderful Service
We can't thank you enough for the wonderful service you offer to families and their pets. Everyone we came in contact with a PPP was compassionate and caring. We will highly recommend your service.
- Deb Royer

Caring And Compassionate
I want to thank you again for your compassion during a most difficult time. The staff of Peaceful Pet Passage are so caring and compassionate, I just can't express my thanks and appreciation enough. As I communicate with friends in the area about Ivory's passing I am also sharing the experience that we had with Peaceful Pet Passage. I could not have asked for a more perfect way to let her go. Thank you!
- Vickie Wolfe

A Special Note Of Thanks
A special note of thanks to Dr. Carney and the warm staff at Peaceful Pet Passage. The services you offer to the pets and their people are appreciated more than words can express.
- Kelly Roeder

The Gift Of Passing
First of all, I wish to thank you for allowing us to give our little man the gift of passing peacefully at home surrounded by family. Dr. Carney was fantastic, not only helping us understand what was going on and offering condolences, but giving us space to have our grief process as well. While this is never a service that you wish to recommend, I will certainly sing your praises.

Again, thank you for what you done for us. You truly are angels with a special calling.
- Christa Stauch and Family

After three short years with my pit bull Oscar, he was finally succumbing to the leukemia that he was diagnosed with in July 2014. The rapid decline of his health was heartbreaking, and I made the tough decision on August 15th to peacefully put him to sleep. Peaceful Pet Passage was the best group of people to help me with that decision. Their professionalism and care is comforting on such a difficult day. I cannot thank them enough for the amazing services they provided for Oscar.
- Megan Kitzmiller

These Guys Are Angels
"These guys are angels from heaven. I lost my Precious last Monday, April 28th and they were there to help me through this very difficult day. John, Tom and Rob you are doing something wonderful for our furry friends when their time comes to cross the Rainbow Bridge."
- JoAnn Wade

I Recommend Them
I had a wonderful experience with them. They came to our home to put my loyal companion to sleep and were amazing at letting us work thru our feelings as well. I recommend them to anyone who has to find the courage to humanely euthanize their beloved pet.
- Autumn Moon Navarro

Thanks So Much
Thanks so much for the help of Dr. Hill and Tom Krepps for taking a very tough situation and helping our Lab, Sandy to an end with peace and dignity. Their love and respect for the pets and their owners is evident through the entire process. I did not want to take Sandy to the vet for this service since she was reduced to a trembling mess for regular checkups. We were able to say goodbye to our best doggie friend in the warmth and comfort of our own home.
- Tom Leonard

Thank you for making such a devastating day so much more peaceful and loving for my sweet girl, Ella. She was surrounded by her family, held until the last minute, and the sun was shining on her face. I am heartbroken, but truly appreciate the compassion and care you provide during such a difficult time.
- Carrie Voutsas Reichwein

"Thank You" Doesn't Seem Like Enough
When my Codi passed away unexpectedly recently, I had no idea what I was going to do. I found Peaceful Pet Passage online, and the top notch reviews made my decision easy. Thank you SO much for picking him up from my house and taking care of him. Tom was wonderful and so respectful, and John was just as lovely when we picked up his remains a few days later. The memorial wall was an added bonus, and I can't say enough about the professionalism and the necessary services you provide. "Thank you" doesn't seem like enough.
- Jennifer Schaefer

Thank you so much for everyone's kindness and compassion throughout the entire process. Dr Carney was great and her actions and words express how much she cares for both your pet and us as the pet's owner. Tom was nothing less than first class with special attention to little details that mean so much to pet owners when he came to get Heinz. I continue to tell everyone I know how comforting you all made me feel in such an unpleasant and sad situation.
- Gary Rodriguez

I want to express my deepest thanks and gratitude to PPP for their continued compassionate service to me and my family. My Boston Terrier, Tyler, was the 2nd home euthanasia they provided and it could not have gone smoother. Dr. Elizabeth Carney was very professional and compassionate with me and my sweet boy. She really cares about your pet and the need for them to be at home, where they are in familiar surroundings, comfortable and loved. I have also used the crematory on 4 separate occasions and I would recommend them to everyone. Their choice of services and the compassionate respect they show to you and for your beloved pet is phenomenal. They are all true angels to our pets at this difficult time.
- Barbara Sadler

Magoon Aguirre Thanks to John, Rob, and Tom !! for helping with the passing of our girl (Magoon) be more laid back and calm .. really appreciate everything! Big Kudos to you guys and what you do !! Peaceful indeed. :)
- Gus Aguirre

Rocky Troy
They handled our loss with dignity, grace and compassion. And they loved Rocky because Rocky had been a camper at the kennel for almost his whole life. So they knew him as well as we did. The care and compassion for Rocky was awesome.
- Jeanne Troy

Our Little Boy Mishka
John & Rob - We cannot thank you enough for the compassion and respect showed to us in the passing of Mishka.
- Maria & Michael Berner

A Peaceful Transition... Choosing Peaceful Pet Passage was the final gift of love that I could give to my dog, Rockie. Thank you, Dr. Carney for helping me to give her a peaceful passing from this life, in the quiet and comfort of her own home. Your compassion and expertise helped me to keep my composure in my dog's final moments. I now know that it was the right time, and that her beautiful spirit has been set free from her ailing body. Many thanks also to John and Rob, for your help and compassion in dealing with those who have just experienced a tremendous loss.
- Earl Gallagher

Thank You So Very Much For Everything.
We want to thank John and Dr. Hill for being there for us during the passing of our much loved cat, Bandit. John was very compassionate, patient and helpful on the phone during an extremely emotional and distressing time. We have recommended your services to others and appreciate you caring about making the passing of our best friends as peaceful and comfortable as possible.
- Angie And John Hoff

Thank You For Your Warmth And Compassion. We would like to thank Dr. Carney for her great compassion and caring she showed us during the in-home euthanasia of our little princess, Daisy Mae. She explained everything before she did it, did not rush us in any way and displayed great compassion for my husband and I during this very emotional time. We would also like to thank John who was wonderful during the cremation process and allowed us to experience as much or as little of the process as we wanted which gave us the closure we needed. We would recommend your services and employees to anyone who loves their pets as much as we do and wants the VERY BEST for them in life and death.
- Jennifer & David Schumacher

Much Care And Compassion I would like to thank Peaceful Pet Passages for helping Midnight pass with as much dignity as possible. She was 18 1/2 years old, and although just a "mutt," she was our mutt and a very special part of our family. John, you were so helpful on the phone when I called needing your service. Dr. Carney, you were so kind and compassionate. It made this difficult decision seem like the most natural thing. Tom, you treated Midnight like your own. I believe you might have shed a tear for her and for us. I can't put into words how much our family appreicated everything you've done for us. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Thank you!
- Karen Henry

Dear Dr. Hill and Tom, Thank you both for the courtesy and compassion you both displayed at a very upsetting time for us. The care you took in making Teddy very comfortable just melted our hearts. And, the time you both spent talking with us made us realize that yes, we did make the right choice in selecting Peaceful Pet Passage as Teddy's transition to Heaven. God Bless You Both.
- Rick, Sally, And Lacey Gilds

Thank You For Allowing My Sweet Girl To Pass With Dignity
I lost my sweet sweet Vienna on April 4, 2013. She was a 15 1/2 year old Weimaraner; and like most Weimaraners she was extremely active and always getting into things throughout her long life, which made me love her all the more. When she came to me after the death of my father, I promised her that I would never let her suffer and that included making the tough decision when the time came. What seemed like something that came on suddenly, I now realize-hindsight being 20/20-was something that was coming for sometime-the early signs being very subtle. I could have allowed her to continue until she died naturally from a heart attack, but one look into her eyes told me that, that would be wrong. I wanted her to die with grace and dignity. She gave me so much and I wanted to give something back to her. Dr. Brenner and every one at Peaceful Pet Passage were wonderful. I was able to take as much time as I wanted before before my baby girl crossed that rainbow bridge to meet up with my father, her original owner. I will always be grateful for the kindness and understanding displayed by Dr. Brenner and all of the people at Peaceful Pet Passage. I could not have given a more beautiful gift to the love of my life.
- Annamarie Jackson

Our Heartfelt Appreciation
Dear Dr. Carney:
Words can not express our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for your help in easing Bubba's passage last Wednesday (5/22)... You were so kind and comforting to him during the process that I really don't think he was distressed in the least bit. He appeared to be very peaceful...
We apologize for the tight quarters involved but that was where he preferred to spend his last few weeks...
Thank you so much for your assistance. This is a wonderful service offered by Peaceful Pet Passage and you are an outstanding and caring Veterinarian and person....
- Pat & Gene Hughes

The Utmost Respect
"There are no words to describe how thankful we are for how you handled our Newfoundland, Baron, this past Monday. Dr. Hill was wonderful. He took his time, spoke at length with us, provided reassurance, and gave Baron the utmost respect as we said our goodbyes. And Tom, who came by afterward to take Baron away, is perfectly suited for this tough task, I must say. I was pleased to have helped him place Baron on the stretcher. After all, he DID weigh 150 lbs; we couldn't have expected him to do that ALONE! Tom exhibited compassion and empathy. Not only that, but he treated our precious friend with the respect and dignity he deserved. We are SO very thankful for you all..."
- Ernie Verna

We Will Miss You
It has almost been a year since our black lab Abby was taken to Peaceful Pet Passage to be put down and go to doggy heaven forevermore until we meet once again. Abby has remained in our hearts and I'd like to thank PPP for their service in making Abby's trip from here to heaven a complete success. We will miss you Abby forever and love you forever
- Derik Jakob Sherman

Waiting At The Rainbow Bridge
Peaceful Pet Passage was so wonderful when my fiance and I had to make the decision to have our 16 yr old shepherd Gabby put down. It was a difficult decision, but it had to be done and the vet was so wonderful! Explaining the process and how gentle with Gabby she was. It's been 1 1/2 years and we miss Gabby so much. We are grateful that her final moments were pain free when she slipped away. We know she is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.
- Penny Druyor

In A Place She Was Familiar With
You helped us get through a very difficult day when we put our St Bernard brandy to rest. Coming into our home allowed us to say goodbye on our terms in a place she was familiar with. thank you.
- Lisa McCutcheon

Dignity He Deserved
I would highly recommend Peaceful Pet Passage when you have to make that difficult decision to send your faithful companion to heaven. They took the best care of my beloved Tucker & treated him with the dignity he deserved.
- Dixie Miller

Peaceful Way To Say Goodbye
Saying goodbye to one of your babies is a very hard and painfully emotional time. We cannot thank Dr. Carney, Tom & the rest of the staff enough for making that time a little more bearable. We said goodbye to our baby, Molson, on December 22nd. He passed so peacefully while lying on his couch, with his favorite blankets, surrounded by love. We could not have asked for a more loving, peaceful way to say goodbye and to thank him for 12 years of love and companionship that he gave to us. Thank you all for your kindness and thoughtfulness through such a terrible time. We are so appreciative to you and all you do, not just through our difficult time, but for all those out there that have to say goodbye to their babies.
- Kerri Eisenhart

Final Dignity & Respect
Thank you for what you do for our loved ones...giving them their final dignity & respect...
- Kathy Marchinetti- Reynolds

Absolutely Wonderful
Absolutely wonderful, losing a beloved pet is the same as losing a family member to me. Thank you for your compassion. Sharing your page for others.
- Connie Sills Klein

Caring, Compassion And Professionalism
I know I will never be able to adequately express the gratitude I feel towards Dr. Benner, but I did want to at least say thank you for the caring, compassion and professionalism that she showed when she came to help my Dante. The gentle ease with which she brought my beloved 17 1/2 year old cat the dignity and peace he deserved in his passing was one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever been given. My most sincere thank you, Dr. Benner. The good work you do is a blessing for those you help.
- Linda Sendler

Thank You For Your Services
Even though I am not over my boy's death, you made it easier on me and especially my boy. Noah would have been so scared had I taken him to the vet to be euthanized. He was very calm the entire time you were here. Thank you for your services.
- Teresa Dougan

Thank You So Much
Thank you so much for making time in your schedule for us today. You made the hardest decision I ever had to make so much easier and your knowledge and wisdom helped me realize that I did the absolutely right thing. RIP my sweet Princess ...
- Chris Zimmerman

Thank You
A very special thank you to Dr. Benner for laying our dear oldest poodle Sir Isaac Conroe to rest on November 3, 2012. Sir Isaac lived with us for 15 years and he was our very special little man in fur. Dr. Benner gave Sir Isaac the love and dignity he so deserved. Thank you Dr. Benner.
- The Zimmerman Family

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Amy, John, Dr. Deb and all the staff of Peaceful Pet Passage. I was astounded to discover that this service existed and even more amazed with the compassion that was shown to us during this time. Thank you from Sam's family !!
- Natalie Muza Barbush

Our Pets Are Family
I would just like to say I think what you are doing is great. To give pet the chance to be at home just like humans is the best thing that they can have. Our pets are family and should be treated like that..I am so thankful that you are there for the family. Thank you
- Mary Philbrook

Thank You Dr. Elizabeth Thank you Dr Elizabeth, for your caring way and taking time with Tabu.... I knew when she was wagging her tail wildly as she took her last breaths, that Bear was there to greet her.....
- Debbie Huber Steffek

The Best Way To Say Good-Bye
After almost 15 years of unconditional love and companionship, it was time to return the favor and put our terminally ill Belle down before she broke a bone. She still thought she was a puppy even though her body was gradually succumbing to the ravages of cancer. Belle was terrified of the veterinary hospital. Every trip to the vet was traumatic for her even though Dr. Davis was the kindest veterinarian we have ever encountered. Because of Belle's fear, euthanizing her at the veterinarian wasn't an option for us. Instead, we used the services of Peaceful Pet Passage after talking to John several times on the telephone over the course of a year. His compassion with me in my moments of grief confirmed in my mind that this was the way to go. This was truly the best experience we have ever had saying good-bye to a much loved pet. Dr. Carney and Tom arrived promptly for the scheduled appointment. Belle wasn't the least bit threatened by them since they were in her house. They were incredibly compassionate and kind toward our family allowing us the time we needed to say our final good-byes to Belle. Dr. Carney explained the entire process to us while we were saying our farewells. The entire process was as peaceful and trauma free for Belle as I could have hoped for. I wish there would have been a service like this available 10 years ago when we put down one of our other best friends. I would highly recommend Peaceful Pet Passage to anyone who has to say good-bye to their best friend.
- Barb Blazek

It Was Time To Say Good-Bye
When I woke up yesterday, I knew my friend of almost 13 years, Willie, was trying to tell me something. It was the day we knew was coming for quite a few months, and dreading terribly. It was time to say good-bye. I had heard of Peaceful Pet Passage from a friend, made the phone call, and Dr. Carney was at my home within hours. My faithful friend did not have to suffer any more. Dr. Carney was courteous, compassionate, and kind. She left me know that I was making the right decision, which gave me peace of mind. She talked to Willie and I as if we were lifelong friends ...... I could go on, but I especially want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to Dr. Carney and the staff at Peaceful Pet Passage for helping us through a stressful day.
- Brenda Sue Jackson-Willwert

My Sweet Girl
Thank you Dr. Carney and the staff at Peaceful Pet Passage for being so kind, understanding and thoughtful today. Dr. Carney, you made a difficult situation easier with your kind words and compassion for me and my dog Molly during her passing this morning. You did not rush me and you allowed me to take my time to say goodbye to my sweet girl. And being able to accomplish this at home in Molly's environment saved her any undue stress. You are all very special people for what you do everyday. My deepest gratitude, Danielle Blake.
- Danielle Stein-Blake

What A Wonderful Service
Thank you for your help and kindness with Miss Kitty. You made a difficult day for us more bearable. What a wonderful service you provide. Kerstetter Family
- Nina G. Kerstetter

Destiny Was The World To Us
You made the day so special to my husband and I. We never expected to have two people come into our home and ease the pain that you and John did. Destiny was the world to us. I would of takien a bullet for her life. I don't know how we will get pass this, But I will also remember that DOG is GOD and you two were GOD to us. God Bless You Both
- Donna Singley

Thank-you all for a very difficult time peaceful. Dr. Benner is an angel--thank-you for our Merlyn's easy transition!
- Carol Howe

My Dog Passed Surrounded By Love
Dr. Benner is doing God's work...both she and John were so compassionate and comforting during this difficult process. They accommodated my wishes (in the yard with me laying alongside my dog) and the time I wanted so that my family could be there with us. Dr. Benner made sure I understood the process and took the time to explain everything as well as provide emotional support. She further eased my mind by reassuring me that my 16 year old dog had a tumor which I would have had to detect within its first cell formation to possibly have made a difference. My dog passed surrounded by love, from me and my family but also from Dr. Benner. While I wish I could change the outcome, I wouldn't change the experience that Dr. Benner and John afforded me. I highly recommend using this service to anyone who must go through this heartache.
- Mindy Campbell

My Beloved Ginger
Dr. Benner was so kind when I had to say good-bye to my beloved Ginger on Aug. 20. Ginger gave me 17 years of love, companionship, comfort and healing. I'm so grateful that at the end Dr. Benner could so gently and painlessly open the gates of heaven for her. Ginger will always be my: Tigress of the Tundra Stalker of the Savannah Huntress of the Night Queen of the Jungle.
- Ellen Lyon

I wished to thank everyone at Peaceful Passage for their kindness and compassion. No matter how many times you go through having to make this decission it is never easy. This is the first time that we had someone come to the house. We had a 12 year old Akita/Shephard mix that was being treated for cancer for 1 1/2 years. She went down fast at the end and it would have been painful to try to take our 88 lb. baby to the vet. She was in her special place in the house and it was a peaceful end. My other dogs were able to say goodbye. Dr Benner was very caring and did not make you feel as if we needed to rush through this. We also used their private cremation. Again I want to thank everyone for your kindness and making it easier for us and also Penny. I would use your services again and reccomend you to anyone. Our Gratitude
- Judy, Larry and Zeke ,Bessy and Gemmi

So Grateful For Compassion And Kindness
I have wanted to share my appreciation for the services provided by Peaceful Pet Passage for quite some time. However, the emotion related to losing our loved one, in this case, Tilly, a 13 year old Golden, in May of 2011 has been overwhelming. Dr. Benner was so kind, and patient and respectful of us and Tilly. The last time Tilly had been to the veterinarian, it had been a traumatic experience and we vowed we would not put her through that when it was her time to cross over. We shared memories, and explained the momentos we put in Tilly's grave, and got nothing but kindness and respect from Dr. Benner and her team member. Tilly was able to transition from this life, in our backyard, a place where she spent countless hours as a part of our family. The peace we experienced as a family at such an emotional time was invaluable. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the kindness and respect you showed us and our Tilly. You helped us through a very difficult time with such compassion.
- Tammy

Thank You
Thank you to John & Dr. Carney for your caring and compassion when we had to make the difficult decision to have our beloved Tanner go to heaven. The kindness and patience that you showed while we made our decision and cried buckets of tears was more than we expected. It was nice to know that you thought of our girl as more than "just a dog". You not only treated us with respect, but you also treated her with respect. We cannot thank you enough.
- Melissa Bruck

Kind Words And Compassion
"Thank you Dr. Carney and the staff at Peaceful Pet Passage for being so kind, understanding and thoughtful today. Dr. Carney, you made a difficult situation easier with your kind words and compassion for me and my dog Molly during her passing this morning. You did not rush me and you allowed me to take my time to say goodbye to my sweet girl. And being able to accomplish this at home in Molly's environment saved her any undue stress. You are all very special people for what you do everyday. My deepest gratitude, Danielle Blake."
- Danielle Blake

Our Beloved Dixie
Feb. 28th, 2012 @ 5:01 pm

Thank you for your quick and excellent service, Our Beloved Dixie has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and is at Peace thanks to Dr. Carney. Everything was so peaceful the way she handled her last minutes. We are very grateful for the service that you provided. God Bless all of you at Peaceful Pets for offering such a great Service to our Beloved Pets. Words Truly cannot express our appreciation !! Dixie is now Free of Pain and probably playing again with Our Beloved Lucky & Kacey.
- Terry & Carol Romberger

Olivia’s Peaceful Passage
A Heartfelt and Factual Testimonial to the Care, Respect, and Dignity Provided for a Family and Their Beloved Dog by Peaceful Pet Passages By K.C. Wenger

Over the last year, Rob and Amy Lauver at Golden Lake Recreational Pet Camp provided loving care for Olivia, our failing, 15-year-old German Shorthair Pointer, when we were out of town. During that time Rob, Amy and I had many discussions on aging pets, holistic and traditional treatments for their health challenges, and the options available to loving pet owners as our beloved companions lose their youth, health, and quality of life. It’s not an easy topic for any pet owner to engage in. Rob’s educated, passionate commitment to the correct and responsible care of animals in life and in death made the conversations educational, as well as, inspirational. Through these conversations I also gained an awakened understanding of the in-home pet euthanasia and personal pet cremation services provided by Peaceful Pet Passages. Rob created this service company, in partnership with Veterinarian Dr. Deb Benner, as a more comfortable, dignified, and documented alternative to the “less than transparent” pet euthanasia and cremation practices made available through other sources. As this past summer wore on Olivia’s health continued to deteriorate. I, like every other pet owner who doesn’t want to face the fact that your trusted companion may soon no longer be with you, kept looking for remedies to help Olivia have more good days than bad, walk freely in the grass, or be able to navigate the stairs to spend one more day with me in my office. Dr. Davis, Olivia’s vet, supported me in my efforts with appropriate pain medications and nutritional alternatives that brought Olivia some relief. The doctor also reminded me that we are our companion’s keeper and are entrusted with the responsibility of the true quality of their life. I prayed that when the time came for Olivia to leave us that nature would be kind and let her slip into that good night peacefully in her sleep. I didn’t want to be faced with the decision of sending her off across that rainbow bridge before I knew it was her time to go. Rob and I had talked several times about the importance and responsibility of my making an overwhelmingly painful decision before allowing what seemed to be an impending catastrophic health event to occur and cause Olivia great and unnecessary suffering. On the evening of July 29th, the day that Olivia’s muscular control failed to the point of her no longer being able to stand or walk without falling, I found the strength to call Rob and say, “it’s time, she can’t do this anymore.” He assured me that I was making the right decision for Olivia and that he and Dr. Deb would come out to our home in the morning. The morning of June 30th, before they arrived, our family gathered around Olivia. We cuddled with her on her big dog bed in our bedroom sharing sentiments, memories, tears, and whispers of thanks to our loyal and loving family member and companion of 15 years. Rob and Dr. Deb arrived and spent unhurried, empathetic, supportive time with us and Olivia, right there on the floor beside us, explaining that the first medication was an anesthesia much like the twilight sleep that a Dr. uses in humans for surgery which creates a sense of euphoria and wellness. Olivia would feel no anxiety or pain and be very relaxed. Then when Olivia was fully relaxed and sedated, and we were ready, a second injection would be administered that would quickly and painlessly move through her old body causing her heart to stop beating and she would pass quietly and gently. As was promised and our devoted companion deserved, the medications worked as described and our precious Olivia slipped into rest peacefully and quietly, comfortably draped across my lap, head resting in my arms, in her own bed, surrounded by the family that loved her. After allowing us more time to hold her and say final goodbyes, Olivia was gently carried out to the waiting pet hearse on a small animal stretcher, wrapped in a blanket with her head on a pillow. She was given a private, documented cremation that afternoon. Her cremains were respectfully returned to us in small wooden box with an engraved nameplate. Our family thanks and commends Rob Lauver and Dr. Deb Benner for having the knowledge, integrity, commitment, and fortitude to provide this compassionate and dignified service for loving, responsible pet owners and our deserving animal companions. I personally give my deepest thanks to Rob for educating me and enabling me to find the courage to provide this final act of love and friendship for Olivia. It is our family’s hope that this personal account will help others facing this painful decision find the strength to do the right thing when the time comes for their beloved pets as well. With Much Appreciation,
- K.C. Wenger, Dan Dorsheimer and our Family

The Best It Could Be
After 16 years and 4 months of devotion to me, I had to make the decision to let go of my beautiful Keesha. She still felt a duty, but I could see she was tired. Dr Carney arrived and introduced herself to Keesha, to us, and to Keesha's companion dog, and told us what to expect. She was so caring, gentle and compassionate. It really was the best it could have been, for all of us. I will be forever grateful.
- Suzy Shaffer

Bringing My Jackson Home
Thank you for bringing my Jackson home the same day as he passed. He never was away from home and he is now back with me. This service you offer is amazing. Comforting. Dignified. I thank you for how you respected my Jackson and how you respected my loss. I am at peace knowing he is at peace. Thank you for your blessed service.
- Gwendolyn Hickey Babcock

I Can't Thank Her Enough
I lost my best friend on April 9th 2011, and I can't overstate how much the kindness and professionalism meant to my family and I during a very difficult time. I believe a pet should be somewhere safe and feel secure during their passing if it can't be naturally. Dr. Benner provides care and true compassion when helping our beloved friends cross to the bridge. I can't possibly thank her enough for what she did for me and my Kiyah. Thank you!
- Dawn Reed

Respectful Treatment
It is our wish that no one should ever have to take their loyal pet to a veterinarians office for that final act of love. We are so grateful that you were available to come to our home where, after spending the day picnicing with our handsome boy under our shade trees, we were able to say goodbye, peacefully and privately. Your respectful treatment of his body after he had left it and the way he was placed into a soft, quilted, ruffled blanket was not lost on me. We are and will forever be grateful for the best goodbye memories possible and what truely was a peaceful passage.
- Cynthia And Peter Ho

More Grateful Than You Will Ever Know
Thank you so much Dr. Beth for being there when Cassie (and us) really needed you. We are more grateful than you will ever know for helping our sweet girl cross over the rainbow bridge.
- Melissa Harlin

Compassionate Service
Mike and I would like to thank Dr. Benner, Bob and John for your concern and compassion that you showed us in the services that you provided for our dear Taffy. We appreciate that you fit us in before the Christmas holiday at such short notice. We will definitely recommend you to others.
- Marie Bowman

Grateful Beyond Words
Two days before Christmas 2011, I learned the cause for my beloved Weezie's bloody nose and trouble breathing/eating was likely cancer in her nasal passages and sinuses. Steroids and antibiotics gave her a little relief and gave us our last Christmas together. By the 27th of December she had taken an obvious turn for the worse. I was told about Peaceful Pet Passage and called. John, Dr. Benner and Rob were incredibly gentle with both of us, and gave my Weezie a most loving and humane passage. I miss my girl terribly, and I still cry when I think of having to say goodbye - but I am grateful beyond words for being able to send her on the next part of her journey, without pain, surrounded by love and peace.
- Shelly Shultz

Express Our Gratitude
Today we lost a best friend. Our boy Zeke had a wonderful, fulfilling and loving life from the day we adopted him from the Humane Society in 2002 up to today when we had to put him to rest. We can't express our gratitude to your staff for expressing such compassion and professionalism during this tough time. Dr. Benner and Rob were the consummate professionals and made his passing very comfortable and peaceful.
Thank You!
- Scott & Tracey M

I would like to thank Dr. Carney for being so wonderfully kind and thoughtful during such a difficult time. I was so grateful for the warm and home like setting of your facility, it really felt like a loving place. Dr. Carney explained everything and was so sweet to my cat, giving her lots of pets and sweet words. I am so thankful that your service exists because I cannot imagine going through this in a sterile vet's office. Thanks for all you do.
- Kristen Edwards

It is so hard to say goodbye, our 10 1/2 year old Goldie was my little princess. We were thinking that she would pass peacefully in her sleep. But she was struggling to breath and kept looking at me for help. With the compassionate help with John expressing that she was suffering and reassuring me that assisting her into the next passage would be the right thing. Dr. Hill came to our home and provided a peaceful rest for my girl. He assessed her condition and reassured us that it was time, he was patient with asking us if we were ready to proceed. Tom the driver, was so respectful in providing us time with her and petting her before professionally preparing her for transport. All of the services that we received from the first phone call to the end was professional, compassionate and truly helped our family through this tough time. I have laid other pets to rest with actually going to the vets office, it was stressful for my pet and rushed. Peaceful Pet Passage offers such a wonderful service to both the pet and the families. Thanks so much for being available at short notice and providing the great service you have.
- Mary Ealey

This morning at 11:45 Dr. Carney gave us the greatest gift of saying goodbye to our boy after 13-1/2 years. There are no words to express her kindness to Riley and to my husband while we said,"goodbye!" Riley died peacefully and pain free on his own bed in front of the fireplace... his favorite place to lay. From the moment I called this morning John on the phone put me at ease, Dr. Carney was so special and to Tom who so carefully and respectfully petted Riley before he took him away! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! You were our 3 angels today.
- Beth Witsik

After having Yogi as a member of the family for ten years, it became time to have to make a terrible decision to euthanize him. This was the hardest decision I have ever had to make, but the folks at Peaceful Pet Passage certainly made things easier. They are kind and compassionate. They took time to talk to me about Yogi before doing anything. During the procedure, Yogi was made comfortable in his own surroundings and time was taken to ensure he would be at ease. They involved me every step of the way, allowing me any time I needed for grieving. I am glad I contacted them to perform this service. It was the best thing I could have done.
- Sue Lambright

Peaceful Pet Passage is the only way to help your beloved pet pass over. The entire staff was kind, courteous, caring, yet very professional. All aspects of Maggie's passing was handled with total respect and dignity. Most importantly, Maggie was at home with her family. Thank you so much.
- Bryon & Emma Newman

Nikki Doodle
Our Nikki Doodle was almost 20 years old when it was sadly her time. We contacted Peaceful Pet Passage. From the first phone call, to the in-home euthanasia, thru the cremation... the entire staff were kind, caring and professional. They made us feel very comfortable and feel that Nikki Doodle was extremely important to them. We know she was handled with care. We love and miss our Nikki Doodle. And we thank Peaceful Pet Passage for helping us through this. God Bless You All.
- Meloy / Morrett Family

My Beloved Mario
Submitted 12/8/2011

My beloved Mario, who was only two years old at the time, needed to be euthanized on May 5, 2010. I was devastated by this loss. I received the phone number of CACS from my vet and called that afternoon to make arrangements for him to be cremated. I was very upset, and John was so kind and sympathetic. We arranged for the cremation the next day. From the time I walked into the facility until the time I walked out with my "boy," I was treated with understanding, respect, and compassion. Thank you for allowing such a sad experience to be as peaceful as it was. I will bring all of my animal companions to CACS when it's their time. Thank you for your kindness.
- Mary Lindsey

Sam's Love And Devotion Returned
My Best Friend Sam, a shepherd mix, was treated with such care, dignity and love by the vet, I believe her name was Elizabeth, that came. She allowed us to share his story with her so she could know who he was in our lives. She was gentle and VERY Loving with him, us and Sam's brother/dog, Yukon. She gave us time, both before and after. She even stepped outside so Yukon could have time with Sam so he could lick his nose and say his good-byes. I have had many animals in my life, Sam was a Special boy. He was my Best Friend, my Confidante, my Protector and My Therapy dog, along with being a certified Therapy Dog. His place in my life cannot be replaced, and the vet gave him the peaceful and dignified passing he deserved. I STRONGLY recommend these people for Your four legged family member when their time comes. He was here at home with us, not being frightened by being in a strange place with anxiety reacting smells and sounds. Peaceful Pet Passage has helped Me, by knowing I was able to give him the Love and Devotion up to the end that Sam gave to me his entire life. Thank you.
- Deborah Stone

Monster At Peace
My husband and I were so impressed with the professionalism and compassion of the entire staff at Peaceful Pet Passage. From the conversations to arrange the in house euthanasia, to the actual day, and then our appointment to pick-up Monster's ashes; they made a difficult time a little less painful. They exhibited empathy; a virtue not often seen in our busy world. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
- Jenny Foster

Rocky Is At Rest
My husband and I can't say enough great things about your organization. It was a tough decision and your people were so caring and it made saying goodbye so much easier. I would like to add a tribute for Rocky with pictures to your site. Can you send instructions? Thank you again.
- Marcia Oster

We had to make a very very hard decision when our beautiful German Shepherd Thor who was no longer able to use his back legs and was no longer eating or drinking, he was a wonderful part of our family for 8 years. When we contacted Peaceful Pet Passage, from the very first phone call, everyone was so sympathetic and wonderful to deal with, everyone was so helpful through this very sad experience. I do not want to think about this at this time because this is so fresh but I do have to say we will be using them again when we need to say goodbye to another furry family member. I would recommend Peaceful Pet Passage to anyone who has to go through this.
- Tonja Witmer

My Colby My Love
On October 5,2012 my little Colby passed away at home but his memories will last me my lifetime. It was a peaceful loving transition for him and for me. He was with his human friends and me (his mommy). I had our favorite 50's/60's music on. I sang to him some of our favorite songs as the event went through. He stayed on my stomach,chest and arms while I was in the recliner where we slept for many a nap. I talked with him of my love for him and all we had as close companions. I first met Colby in early June of the year 2007. I had lost a Cocker Spaniel named lady about 3 months prior. Colby and I met through Beth Lobato of Canine Rescue and Colby was temporarily residing at Kinship Kennels just waiting for someone to love him would come visit. Colby was part Jack Russell and I wasn't quite sure if I wanted one. I had to go and find out as I was so lonely. I sat on a sofa at Kinship Kennels and waited for Colby to come out. Would he like me was on my mind. Beth came out with Colby to the outer area where I was waiting and he ran, jumped up beside me and KISSED me. I immediately said I wanted him. Who couldn't love a lover like that. It has been 5 and 1/2 years of love and companionship. He loved laying on the love seat in the upstairs bedroom's south window soaking up the sunshine while waiting for me to come home from errands. He would run out the back yard to meet me running as fast as he could and me yelling "run Colby run===run like the wind" I'll miss that little face tilted off to one side and the floppy ears. Talk? He would talk to me,with me and to whomever would listen to him bark. But rarely would I tell him to be quiet as I knew that in adopting an older dog that someday I'd do anything to hear that bark again and again. Oh, the stories I could tell about Colby and me would take forever. When you saw one of us the other was there or not too far behind. Colby shed white hair everywhere. Just little love reminders of him. Oh what I'd do to have to brush them off the car seat,sofa and me again. It will take years to get all those "love reminders" from the house and car but to be honest I'm not in any big hurry. His hairs never really bothered me and it assured me he would always be around. He taught me unconditional love, patience and tolerance. Since writing this I have received into my life another Jack Russell mix and I hope he and I have even half the relationship that Colby and I had and I will be satisfied. Colby my love I will miss you dearly. Love, Mom For old times sake I'll do a final send off I'd write at the end of all my correspondence:
- Julianne Kraft

Nitanee's Final Resting Site
Submitted 3/13/2010

If one has never experienced the heartfelt joy of loving a pet, then ones’ soul truly remains untouched by the greatest joy imaginable. With that said, our story begins.... It was a sunny day in September of 1996 when a 5 week old Pug graced my life. She was an adorable puppy. Her name was Nitanee. As I reminisce, a smile instantly forms. She quickly became the most important being in my life, always by my side. Years passed and I married. I was truly blessed, as my husband loved Nitanee as much as I did. We became an instant family, just the three of us. Nitanee developed health problems at the young age of two, but we were always able to keep those problems under control. That was true until that dreadful day in September of 2008. Nitanee was 12 years old. In July of 2008, my husband and I had noticed signs of something terribly wrong. In our hearts, we knew 'it would only be a matter of time'. I shudder to even type those words, let alone live through them. Knowing what was ahead, we began to discuss in great detail, the specifics of Nitanee's final resting site. We knew we wanted her to be buried. It was imperative to find a location that would allow us to visit her grave, as it was critical for us to be able to mourn her passing, yet honor her life. I began searching the internet for local pet cemeteries. It was then that I found the PA State Pet Memorial and Cemetery. I scheduled an appointment to discuss preparation of burial details. I was greeted by John, a true gentleman. After sincere discussion, I knew instantly that we had found the most perfect eternal resting location for Nitanee. Although very difficult for us to accomplish, details were arranged. I left the PA State Pet Memorial and Cemetery that day with tears streaming. Knowing the next time I would be there would be for the funeral of our precious family member. Yet also feeling a sense of relief. Aware that when that day did arrive, we would be prepared with burial details and Nitanee would be treated with utmost respect. Those last three months of Nitanee’s life were heartbreaking. A brain tumor was surmised. Gradually, she became disoriented. Weight loss became apparent, and ultimately loss of ability to walk. On a sunny day in September of 2008, we made an appointment at our veterinarian's office for Nitanee to be treated. I'll never forget the emotions felt while transporting Nitanee that day. My head ranting 'we can fix her with medicine' my heart aching with 'this is the end of our journey together'. After Nitanee's medical assessment, her Doctor gave us the horrifying briefing. Nitanee was in congestive heart failure, she was struggling, her quality of life shattered. We were advised that there was nothing more that could be done to treat her. As I look back at that day, those words, that room, the whole scenario, it is still hard to comprehend. We struggled to find the courage within to sign euthanasia documents. A sedative was administered. We held onto her tightly and told her over and over again how much we truly loved her. How thankful we were that she gave us unconditional love. Earnestly repeating just how much she had meant to us throughout her years. Then...a second injection was administered. Within seconds Nitanee entered eternal peace. When leaving the veterinarian's office, we placed an immediate phone call to the PA State Pet Memorial and Cemetery. It was a Saturday, and within minutes our phone call was returned by Rob Lauver. In that moment, the detailed planning of three months prior proved to be crucial, as we were in no condition to make informative decisions at that time. Rob and John took care of all arrangements and our grieving process instantly began. Our family members were notified and Nitanee's funeral was to take place the following Tuesday. Providing a modest funeral for Nitanee allowed not only us, but our immediate family members to mourn as well. It was comforting to have them by our side. Nitanee was laid to rest on a luscious green hillside, in an unpretentious coffin. Her favorite pink blanket and stuffed toy surrounded her. Six pink roses were placed on top of her coffin and prayer was offered by a dear friend. A magnificent Maple tree adorns her grave. Tranquility is all around her. The compassion shown by Rob and John was apparent during my initial visit to the PA State Pet Memorial and Cemetery. It continued, throughout the funeral process, and still continues to this day. My husband and I are eternally grateful for their efforts, providing a safe haven for Nitanee and many animals so dear to others. We visit Nitanee often. Always thankful for the PA State Pet Memorial and Cemetery. Forever mindful of the consistent care and dedication that is so clearly evident when walking the beautiful grounds of the cemetery. In life, Nitanee gave us immense happiness. With her passing, it is humbling to have been able to provide Nitanee with the respect that she so richly deserved. Rob and John, from our hearts, we sincerely thank you for all your endeavors and selfless acts of kindness. For what you have done and contiue to do, we are eternally grateful.
- Colleen & Amir Ceric

<blockquote class="wpcr3_content">
<p style="text-align: left;">I can't say enough about how wonderful everyone at PPP was! It was such a heartbreaking decision to have our Shepsky mix Koda put to rest. "Dogs are people, too" I always say. It was a great comfort at such a difficult time to have compassionate, professional people to help us. Thank you for providing this needed service, and for being so great to deal with! <br /><strong>-&nbsp;Laura & Ralph Kiner</strong></p>

I can't say enough about how wonderful everyone at PPP was! It was such a heartbreaking decision to have our Shepsky mix Koda put to rest. "Dogs are people, too" I always say. It was a great comfort at such a difficult time to have compassionate, professional people to help us. Thank you for providing this needed service, and for being so great to deal with!
- Laura & Ralph Kiner

Dear Peaceful Pet Passage, Thank you for your diligent care of Keke and Fluff Fluff. We appreciate you very much!
- Alyssa Lehman, Adriel Shank

Thank you to the staff at Peaceful Pet Passage, for walking with us through this valley of sorrow, for the dignity and love you conveyed to us, and especially the tender and loving care shown to BERT. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.
- Cliff & Kathy Wolaver 7/21/2022

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