Burial Options

Formal Burial = Discontinued

If cremation is not an option, we offer formal burials that include a high-quality pet casket, a standard marker, a private lot with perpetual care, a certificate of burial and pickup service from your home or veterinary hospital, if needed. Sometimes the grieving process is made a little easier with a viewing. Together with a formal burial, this can help to provide closure for family members. While not required, we can provide a private viewing to offer a few moments of peace and solitude before the burial.

There are some folks that will never understand the strong connection we share with our companion animals. We do. We understand that it difficult to simply walk away and move on. As members of our family, we want to honor our pets. We want to remember and celebrate them. For us, it’s only natural. While we can’t turn back the clock, we can provide you and your family with a final resting place for your faithful companion. The Pennsylvania State Pet Memorial & Cemetery is located on 2.5 acres in the rolling hills of Mechanicsburg. The site is also home to the Pennsylvania State Working Animal Memorial. Together, they serve as a place to remember and honor these animals that hold a special place in our hearts. It’s a peaceful, quiet place. We invite you to walk through the tranquil gardens and read the inscriptions that have been placed on markers throughout the memorial grounds. Here, you’ll be comforted by the company of like-minded folks that wanted a special place to remember and reminisce. 

Living Memorial Trees Green Burial = Discontinued

For those families wanting a more natural experience, we offer a green burial on our hill of Living Memorial Trees. With a green burial, your companion animal is interred in a burial shroud. We plant a maple tree to designate the private lot, which receives perpetual care, and place a wooden mount to display your pet’s memorial photo plate. As with the formal burial, we will provide a certificate of burial and any transportation if needed from your home or veterinary hospital.

The images below show a formal burial at the PA State Pet Memorial and Cemetery

  • Viewing your pet may help with the grieving process

  • Your pet will be transported to the cemetery in our vehicle

  • Unloading of the pet

  • Casket is placed on straps to assist in lowering casket in to the grave

  • Lowering of the casket in to the grave

  • Casket in grave

  • Dry concrete is added to create a burial vault

  • Dry concrete is added to create a burial vault

  • Plywood added for strength

  • One more layer of concrete

  • Top soil is placed even with the ground

  • Leveling of the top soil

  • Leveled top soil

  • Grass is applied to the top soil

  • Grass is applied to the top soil

  • Pet marker is placed on grave

  • Closer view of the pet marker