Pre-Planning For Your Companion Animal’s Post Life Care

Pre-planning allows you to gather information about cremation options that are available to your family, and to arrange the post-life care of your companion animal. This will eliminate the distress and confusion you might feel at the time of your companion animal’s death.

Most companion animal guardians have little knowledge of the services that are available for their companion animal’s post life care. By becoming knowledgeable about all of your options, you will be better prepared to make well thought out decisions, and eliminate regrets and heartbreak, when you discover that the requested services were not handled properly.

The decisions you must make include:

  • Will you need pick-up service?
  • Does your family want to be present for the cremation?
  • Would you like the complimentary urn, or would you prefer to choose a display urn, or do you have a special request for the final disposition of your companion animal’s cremated remains?
  • Would you like to have your companion animal’s cremated remains delivered to your home?
  • What is the cost for these services?

After you’ve answered these important questions, pre-planning for these services would be advantageous for most companion animal families.

Our payment plan allows you to make fixed monthly installments before the time arrives, minimizes the financial impact upon you and enabling you to provide for the welfare you’ve chosen for your companion animal. All payments made to the pre-planning account will be deposited into an escrow account at First National Bank, under your name and social security number. At the time of cremation, your signature is required to release these funds to Peaceful Pet Passage for providing said cremation services. Once you have made the first payment, there will be no increase in the cremation fee (for pre-planned companion animal), no matter how long it is until you use this service. Any special order items will be paid for at time of pre-planning.

If your pre-planned companion animal passes away before your account is paid in full, the remaining balance will be due at that time.

Pre-Planning Cremation Agreement (pdf)

To arrange a pre-payment plan, select either of the following options:

Option 1 – Call us at (717) 691-3004 to arrange to meet with a representative at our office or at your home to arrange for a cremation pre-payment plan.

Option 2 – Fill out the following form and submit to us. A representative will contact you to review your pre-planning information and for you to obtain a price for the cremation of your companion animal and details of the monthly payments.