For most of us, our companion animals are beloved members of our families. They give us so much love and, in return, they look to us to make the tough decisions for them when they are suffering due to advanced age or prolonged illness. The decision for euthanasia is never an easy one. We are faced with this agonizing decision when medicine can no longer alleviate the pain and suffering of our pet. It is a last act of friendship that requires both courage and love. There is a time when we know in our hearts that euthanasia is the only humane choice.

When that time comes and you and your family have reached the decision to provide for a peaceful ending to your companion’s life, you must then decide on a location. You want your friend to be without fear or anxiety. You want to preserve his or her dignity and comfort. Where can this take place?

A car ride when your pet is uncomfortable and in pain can be very stressful for everyone. If you have not traveled a lot with your pet, he or she may associate the ride with unpleasant experiences. Unfortunately, most pets go through stages of nervousness and fear in veterinary clinic settings even though your veterinarian has provided excellent care over your pet’s lifetime. It is quite natural for your pet to have associated anxiety in a place where he or she has received multiple injections, surgeries, and examinations. Without a doubt, your friend is much more comfortable and relaxed at home.

Our Facility

The memorial is a place where you can honor and remember your beloved pet by placing a permanent memorial in honor of that special friend. There are cremation, burial, and permanent memorial options available.

The memorial is constructed on a 2 1/2 acre site located at Golden Lake’s Pet Care Campus just outside of Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania. This location was chosen because of its peaceful and tranquil setting. When you visit the memorial, it will be a place where you can reflect on the good times you spent with your loving pet and share the beauty and serenity with nature and abundant wildlife that inhabit the surrounding rolling hills.

For pet owners who have had their pets privately cremated and would like a safe, tranquil, and perpetually cared for site for the interment of their pet’s cremains, we have several options available. These options can include garden urns, stone urns or memorial trees.