About Us

Our Mission

Our pets are not only our companions, they are part of our families. We care for each other, each offering what only we can provide. Our pets know us inside and out. They are joyfully at our sides when we are happy, and they remain steadfast companions when we are troubled. We share every moment of life, and they place their ultimate trust in us. Our beloved animals rely on us to do the right thing. To do the very best we can for as long as we can.

And they trust that we’ll take good care of them when it’s time to part.

Saying goodbye is the hardest part. When is it the right time? Can you help alleviate any pain? How do the mechanics of euthanasia work? Can I bury my pet? Is there a place I can visit to remember?

We’re here to answer all of your questions. We’ve been here for more than 26 years, and our goal is to treat each and every family with compassion. We can help guide you through the euthanasia process at home, or here at our facility. We offer both cremation and burial services, all right here in south central Pennsylvania on our 25-acre campus in Mechanicsburg, and your beloved pet will be treated with respect and never be turned over to a third party broker. We’re your neighbors, and we treat you as such.

Afterward, many of our families find comfort by visiting the Pennsylvania State Pet Memorial. Located on the grounds of Golden Lake, it is peaceful, quiet and a fitting tribute to pets we have loved, lost but never forgotten over the years.

We encourage you to call and visit 717-691-9214. Peaceful Pet Passage can help you when it’s time to provide the final act of love and kindness we can offer our old friends.

Staff Bios

Rob Lauver

Born and raised in Camp Hill, PA, Rob worked for/with his father since age 9. Rob graduated from East Pennsboro High School and continued to work with his father until he opened Golden Lake Recreational Pet Camp in August 1987. While owning/operating the Pet Camp, Rob attended and graduated from West Virginia Canine College. As he established a loyal clientele at the Pet Camp, clients would ask him if their pet could be buried at Golden Lake since they loved it there so much when they stayed at the Camp. This is what helped to create Companion Animal Cremation Service, the PA State Pet Memorial and now Peaceful Pet Passage.




Amy Sue Lauver

Having grown up in Dillsburg, PA, Amy graduated from Northern High School and had a secretarial career prior to her commitment to Golden Lake Recreational Pet Camp as Camp Secretary. Over the years as Camp Secretary, Amy became quite attached to her pet guardians as well as their pets. Amy, as softly as she can, recommends our pet funeral home services when seeing client’s pets with issues at Camp that the owners may be “second guessing” what they are seeing at home.

Amy helped out in the background of the pet funeral home for many years and has become the Emergency Call Service Receptionist for the Peaceful Pet Passage, Companion Animal Cremation Service, and PA State Pet Memorial in May 2012.

In her “spare” time, she loves going to the beach, and reading.


John Keen

John was born and raised in New Jersey. He graduated from Cumberland Valley High School and continued his education at Harrisburg Area Community College where he acquired his Associates Degree.

Having been with the company since 1992, John is the Office Manager for the Peaceful Pet Passage, the Companion Animal Cremation Service, and the PA State Pet Memorial. John is typically the one that will take phone calls during the week and help clients through the process of setting up an in-home euthanasia appointment, and cremation or burial options. He, along with Amy, finalizes the veterinarian’s schedules in relation to in-home euthanasia.

John and his wife, Deborah, enjoy gardening in their back yard as well as relaxing with friends on their home’s deck.


Dr. Elizabeth Carney

Dr. Elizabeth (Garver) Carney grew up in the Seven Valleys and Spring Grove areas of York County, spending her childhood days on a dairy farm feeding calves and milking cows. After graduating from Spring Grove High School, she attended Penn State University and received a B.S. in Dairy and Animal Science. She then attended veterinary school at Iowa State University.

After graduating, she moved back to York County and practiced companion animal medicine at Shiloh Veterinary Hospital and Old Trail Animal Hospital. She also gained experience working with many kinds of animals, including livestock, rodents, rabbits, and zoo animals, while working as a veterinarian at Penn State College of Medicine in Hershey, PA.

Dr. Carney feels called to provide in-home euthanasia services for pets. She believes it’s the very least we can do for these special animals who provide us with unconditional love and companionship. Her goal is to make the last moments of your pet’s life as peaceful and pain-free as she can. She knows how concerned and anxious you are feeling, and she wants you to know she will be there to help you and your pet through these difficult moments.


Dr. Mary Riordan

Dr. Mary Riordan grew up in Western Massachusetts riding horses and as an active Girl Scout. She graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a B.S. in Animal Science then attended veterinary school at Tufts University in Massachusetts.

After veterinary school she completed a large animal internship at Tuskegee University in Alabama and became a clinical instructor before moving on to mixed large and small animal private practice north of Atlanta. She later moved to Pennsylvania and worked with horses for several years before coming to Peaceful Pet Passage. She has experience with dogs, cats, many types of farm animals and exotic pets.

Dr. Riordan appreciates the time she spends with pet owners and their beloved companions in their final moments together at home. She feels that relieving pain and providing peace is one of the kindest things we can do for our pets when the time comes.


Tom Krepps

Tom was born and raised in York. He graduated from York Catholic High School. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1970 and served his country for the next two years. Tom then spent 32 years as a mail carrier in the York area and retired from the Post Office in 2005. Tom has volunteered at the York County SPCA. He loves all animals, especially dogs. He loves to read and to take vacation in Las Vegas.

Tom utilized Peaceful Pet Passage’s euthanasia and cremation service for his own dog, Princess, in June of 2012. He was very appreciative of the caring attitude and quality of service he received. He decided to ask about an employment opportunity with the company and was hired in August 2012. Tom states that he lost his best friend but gained a new family.

Tom’s goal is to transport your pet with the dignity and respect they deserve and that you expect.


Laurie Plank

Laurie grew up in South Central Pennsylvania and spent many summers in the rural mountains of Juniata county where she developed her love for the natural world. She graduated from the University of California with a B.S. in Biology. Later in life she went on to pursue a Master of Arts in Ecopsychology, a field that studies the importance of connection to wild nature in the development of the human psyche.

Laurie loves being a grandmother, hiking, swimming, kayaking, cross-country skiing, yoga, and the spirit that moves in all things. She also loves all animals, and considers them friends, family members and teachers. She believes that we humans have a duty to care for our non-human companions, and that includes helping them cross over at the end of their lives.

On Christmas day in 2015 Laurie’s sweet Golden Retriever, Topaz had to be euthanized at the emergency vet. Laurie knew she didn’t want Topaz’s body to be sent out to the mass incinerators where so many pets end up, but who was going to take care of Topaz on Christmas day? Laurie had read about Peaceful Pet Passage, and decided to give them a call hoping that they might return the call the next day. Instead she spoke with Rob, the owner of Peaceful Pet Passage, who said he would come get Topaz right away. Laurie wanted to transport Topaz herself, so on Christmas day Peaceful Pet Passage opened their doors and helped Topaz complete her journey with all the dignity and respect she deserved.  A few years later when Topaz’s brother Beau needed to be euthanized Peaceful Pet Passage was there again. This time Laurie asked them for a job, and today you’ll find her assisting John in scheduling euthanasia appointments. Her goal is to make this really difficult time a little easier for those seeking to help their animal companions cross the rainbow bridge.