When a new companion animal comes into the family, we do not stop to realize that the average life span for our beloved companion could only be about 10-14 years. A relatively short time compared to us as humans. We concern ourselves with giving them proper obedience training, making sure they receive the best health care, and we spend loads of time loving them.

Although no one likes to think about the loss of a dear friend, death is an inevitable part of life. Choices that seem difficult now, will seem impossible at the time of loss. When faced with the death of our companion animal, most folks are not prepared to make the difficult decision relating to their final rest.

Peaceful Pet Passage is dedicated to the sensitive care of your companion animal. We have established the “first of its kind” pet funeral home and cremation facility, providing direct post-life care exclusively for families with companion animals.

For those of you who consider your companion animal to be part of your family, we are here to help you through a difficult time. We are Peaceful Pet Passage. We are dedicated to “honoring your companion animal’s life with unparalleled integrity, respect, and dignity.”

Please take time to learn more about our services and why we are the only responsible choice to handle the cremation and memorialization of your devoted companion animal. We assure you that we will meet and surpass your expectations for a final tribute to your companion animal.

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