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by Deborah Stone on Peaceful Pet Passage
Sam's Love and Devotion Returned

My Best Friend Sam, a shepherd mix, was treated with such care, dignity and love by the vet, I believe her name was Elizabeth, that came. She allowed us to share his story with her so she could know who he was in our lives. She was gentle and VERY Loving with him, us and Sam's brother/dog, Yukon. She gave us time, both before and after. She even stepped outside so Yukon could have time with Sam so he could lick his nose and say his good-byes. I have had many animals in my life, Sam was a Special boy. He was my Best Friend, my Confidante, my Protector and My Therapy dog, along with being a certified Therapy Dog. His place in my life cannot be replaced, and the vet gave him the peaceful and dignified passing he deserved. I STRONGLY recommend these people for Your four legged family member when their time comes. He was here at home with us, not being frightened by being in a strange place with anxiety reacting smells and sounds. Peaceful Pet Passage has helped Me, by knowing I was able to give him the Love and Devotion up to the end that Sam gave to me his entire life. Thank you.

by Jenny Foster on Peaceful Pet Passage
Monster at Peace

My husband and I were so impressed with the professionalism and compassion of the entire staff at Peaceful Pet Passage. From the conversations to arrange the in house euthanasia, to the actual day, and then our appointment to pick-up Monster's ashes; they made a difficult time a little less painful. They exhibited empathy; a virtue not often seen in our busy world. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

by Marcia Oster on Peaceful Pet Passage
Rocky is at rest

My husband and I can't say enough great things about your organization. It was a tough decision and your people were so caring and it made saying goodbye so much easier. I would like to add a tribute for Rocky with pictures to your site. Can you send instructions? Thank you again.

by Tonja Witmer on Peaceful Pet Passage

We had to make a very very hard decision when our beautiful German Shepherd Thor who was no longer able to use his back legs and was no longer eating or drinking, he was a wonderful part of our family for 8 years. When we contacted Peaceful Pet Passage, from the very first phone call, everyone was so sympathetic and wonderful to deal with, everyone was so helpful through this very sad experience. I do not want to think about this at this time because this is so fresh but I do have to say we will be using them again when we need to say goodbye to another furry family member. I would recommend Peaceful Pet Passage to anyone who has to go through this.

by Julianne Kraft on Peaceful Pet Passage
My Colby My Love

On October 5,2012 my little Colby passed away at home but his memories will last me my lifetime. It was a peaceful loving transition for him and for me. He was with his human friends and me (his mommy). I had our favorite 50's/60's music on. I sang to him some of our favorite songs as the event went through. He stayed on my stomach,chest and arms while I was in the recliner where we slept for many a nap. I talked with him of my love for him and all we had as close companions.
I first met Colby in early June of the year 2007. I had lost a Cocker Spaniel named lady about 3 months prior. Colby and I met through Beth Lobato of Canine Rescue and Colby was temporarily residing at Kinship Kennels just waiting for someone to love him would come visit. Colby was part Jack Russell and I wasn't quite sure if I wanted one. I had to go and find out as I was so lonely. I sat on a sofa at Kinship Kennels and waited for Colby to come out. Would he like me was on my mind. Beth came out with Colby to the outer area where I was waiting and he ran, jumped up beside me and KISSED me. I immediately said I wanted him. Who couldn't love a lover like that. It has been 5 and 1/2 years of love and companionship. He loved laying on the love seat in the upstairs bedroom's south window soaking up the sunshine while waiting for me to come home from errands. He would run out the back yard to meet me running as fast as he could and me yelling "run Colby run===run like the wind" I'll miss that little face tilted off to one side and the floppy ears. Talk? He would talk to me,with me and to whomever would listen to him bark. But rarely would I tell him to be quiet as I knew that in adopting an older dog that someday I'd do anything to hear that bark again and again.
Oh, the stories I could tell about Colby and me would take forever. When you saw one of us the other was there or not too far behind. Colby shed white hair everywhere. Just little love reminders of him. Oh what I'd do to have to brush them off the car seat,sofa and me again. It will take years to get all those "love reminders" from the house and car but to be honest I'm not in any big hurry. His hairs never really bothered me and it assured me he would always be around. He taught me unconditional love, patience and tolerance.
Since writing this I have received into my life another Jack Russell mix and I hope he and I have even half the relationship that Colby and I had and I will be satisfied.
Colby my love I will miss you dearly. Love, Mom
For old times sake I'll do a final send off I'd write at the end of all my correspondence: Love, Julie and Colby

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