What is Video Certified Private Pet Cremation™?

Why should every family demand a video certification of their companion animal’s Private Cremation?
Because without video certification, there isn’t any proof that YOUR pet’s remains are in the urn that is returned to you.

In the United States, companion animal death care is a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme perpetuated on companion animal families by companies who pose as pet cremation service, but are actually mass disposal facilities (incinerating hundreds, if not thousands of pets per week) for both animals and medical waste. These services are offered to unsuspecting clients, through veterinary clinics.

Companion animal death care is totally unregulated in most states. However, the human death care profession falls under federal, state, and local guidelines. If a human funeral director is discovered doing something unethical or illegal (such as cremating more than one body at a time), there are legal and civil penalties. This is not the case in companion animal death care. The reason for this is that states view companion animals as property, not family.

How do you protect yourself and your companion animal? It’s simple. There are only two ways to guarantee that your companion animal is privately cremated. The first way to guarantee the service is to witness the cremation. The second way is to have a video certification recorded on DVD, and given to you as the guarantee.

Video certification must be accomplished as follows:

  • There must be two cameras. The first camera must be directly in front of a crematory, so that when the door is opened, you can see that the crematory is clean and empty. Once the visual verification of the empty crematory chamber is complete, camera two will be activated to see the companion animal’s body being placed into the crematory. AT NO TIME WILL YOU ACTUALLY SEE THE CREMATION PROCESS INSIDE THE CHAMBER.
  • The second camera must be off to the side of the crematory, to record all activity in the room where the crematory is located.
  • There must be two separate DVD recorders.
  • When the recorders are running, there must be a visual posting on the screen with the name of the cremation company, the time (hours, minutes, and seconds), and the date the cremation is performed. The recording must continue until the cremated remains are removed from the crematory. The DVD recording must be finalized, which will lock the information on the DVD, so it cannot be changed in any way.
  • A copy of the DVD must be given to the family, as their guarantee that their companion animal was cremated by itself, and that the cremated remains are only of their companion animal.

Sample Video