Cremation Options

It’s amazing and heartbreaking to realize how quickly time passes. Although it seemed like yesterday when your pet was new and small and growing like a weed, their life spans don’t match our own, and all too soon, we’re reached the end. It’s bittersweet. We’ve loved them through training. We did our best to provide the best health care. We watched these wonderful creatures take their places in our family, and now, we need to let them go. As life begins, so it ends. Thanks to you, your companion animal had a home and a family; and your lives were both the better for it. After a long history of love and respect, we’re faced with their final rest. Like everything else we’ve done along this journey, we want to do it right. Your pet lived and played and loved life here in south-central Pennsylvania, and there’s no need to look further to arrange for their final rest. All of our services take place here in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Your companion animal is privately transported and cremated here on our grounds. We do not utilize third-party brokers, and we maintain an unbroken chain of custody from start to finish.

Private or Memorial Cremation

A private cremation is a single animal cremation. We offer Video Certified Private Pet Cremation. Families that choose to attend and witness can have a sense of private closure during this final goodbye. Our staff is available to answer questions and provide guidance throughout the process. The remains are placed in a cedar urn with a brass nameplate and photo frame, and returned to you. You will also receive certification of a private cremation, as well as your own individual Video Certified Private Pet Cremation DVD. There are many animal hospitals that offer cremation services. Peaceful Pet Passage has been in business locally for almost three decades. We are dedicated to this community and we promise the following:

  • Emergency services 24/7. Every single day.
  • We will provide transport within four hours of notification.
  • We will perform your private cremation within 24-48 hours of receipt during a normal Monday-Friday work week.
  • Your family is welcome to witness the cremation, if they choose.
  • Present or not, you will receive a Video Certified Private Cremation DVD. We believe in complete transparency.
  • We will call you to set up an appointment for you to pick up your companion animal's cremated remains. They will be available at one of our offices at your scheduled appointment time or they can be delivered to your home for an additional fee. 

Certified Private Pet Cremation™ Full Disclosure Agreement (pdf)

A memorial cremation is the cremation of multiple pets (maximum of 10) in the crematory chamber. While there will be co-mingling of cremains, each cremation is handled with the same compassion and respect. No cremains will be returned to the family, but all cremains will be interred here in a memorialization column at the Pennsylvania State Pet Memorial. This is a more cost-effective approach for families that want their pets’ remains treated with dignity and respect, locally. You’ll know exactly where your pet’s cremains have been interred, and you are invited to visit and be comforted here on the grounds of Golden Lake any time. You also have the option of placing a memorial name or photo plate at the Pennsylvania State Pet Memorial where your pet’s cremains are interred. We promise:

  • We will provide transport within four hours of notification.
  • The cremains will be interred in a memorial garden urn located at the Pennsylvania State Pet Memorial in Mechanicsburg, PA.
  • You will receive a certificate of cremation.
  • Your companion animal's name will be placed on a piece of granite atop of the garden urn your pet's cremated remains are in. 

Certified Memorial Pet Cremation™ Full Disclosure Agreement (pdf)

To Celebrate & Honor

Regardless of which option you choose, know that we will handle your beloved pet as we would handle our own. With compassion, respect and dignity. To help ease the transition at this difficult time, we are here to answer any questions. Many folks are comforted by founder Rob Lauver’s book Saying Goodbye with Dignity. We provide each client with their own copy to help ease the pain of loss.

  • Dedicated, marked vehicle for pet transport.

  • Inside of vehicle showing cloth “sleeping bag” and stretcher.

  • Walk-in refrigeration unit for short-term storage prior to cremation.

  • Cremation chamber used for certified memorial pet cremation.

  • Video recording equipment for certified memorial pet cremation.

  • Stainless steel garden urn is placed in the cemetery.

  • Adding cement to affix the urn in the ground.

  • Adding cement to affix the urn in the ground.

  • Placing certified memorial cremation remains into the urn.

  • Placing records of cremation into the urn.

  • Preparing urn for sealing.

  • Stainless steel lid is placed onto the urn.

  • Spreading stones over the lid of the urn

  • Placing black granite marker with engraved pets’ names on top of the urn.